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I am a proud, Christian man. I believe that Scripture is truth and if something does not line up with Scripture, it is a lie. I love nothing more than regularly learning about the God who loves me, His Son who died for me, and His Spirit that resides in me. I hope you all will have a listen and hopefully hear something that speaks to you. I do not claim to be a bible scholar, but I can say that I know Jesus and what it is like to have a relationship with Him. I will be sharing everything bas ...
We are devoted to exalting the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all of humanity. It is our heart and mission to provoke the Body of Christ to an unabandoned love and pursuit of Jesus. Podcasts bring you the latest in Christian music happenings at the JFH. From interview highlights to news coverage and even episodes of our mockumentary "The Hideout," you'll be in the loop. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store
The JFH Podcast
Tune in to the Jesusfreakhideout Podcast, hosted by staff members Mark Rice and Chase Tremaine, as they have in-depth discussions about all things Christian music alongside your favorite artists and fellow staff writers.
Jesus Is The Word
This show is dedicated to my mentor Jesus Christ the Messiah with Biblical Study and discussions on many Biblical topics by a radical Christian. This Christian is not your normal Christian and is a product of the Jesus Freak Era of the Hippie days of the 60's and 70's. He is a man of God although he rocks, he still loves Jesus with all his heart, mind and strength. Remember Jesus is the Word and William T is a radical Christian..
JFreaks is a fresh new Christian talk show. Listen in and get a refreshing perspective on life from the point of view of a bunch of Jesus freaks, but don't FREAK OUT. Just listen.
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The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us now. What more can you really ask for than that? Become a supporter of this podcast:
God loves you, and this segment is full of Scripture that proves it. Today, I explain that you are God's masterpiece, that He loves you, and that you should love Him too. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The God who created you loves you. Know that first and foremost. With this podcast segment, I tell you a little about me finding God and His love, and why you should embrace His love too. Become a supporter of this podcast:
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "The Faith of Abraham"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Approval Games"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "What Blessings God Has for Us Now!"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Get Over It!"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "In Their Misery They will Seek God"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Restore Me to Full Health"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Stop Mixing Worry with the Word"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Remove the Source of Temptation"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "God Watches Over Our Plans and Paths"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "How We Should 'Walk'"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Things Will Become Clear in the Days to Come"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Be Merciful and Blessed"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "The Benefits of Our Righteousness in Christ"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "How to Maintain Your Peace"
Mark and Chase are joined this week by well-known producer and solo artist Aaron Sprinkle to discuss their music collections and listening habit, where all three get to share their stories about tapes, CD's, and vinyl records. Sprinkle will be back in next week's episode to debate EP's versus full-length albums.This episode is sponsored by Jona ...…
In continuation of last week's episode, Mark, Chase, and Mason discuss Underoath's discography, including pre-release speculation about the band's first album in 8 years, Erase Me. Mason and Chase also offer their post-release thoughts on the album, with an analysis of how the lyrics wrestle with Christianity.This episode is sponsored by Eufaul ...…
Today I am talking about complacent Christianity. Have you been lazy in your walk with Christ? Here is a list of things to do and keep in mind during your Christian journey. This will ensure that your walk is no longer comfortable, easy, and enabling of laziness. Thanks everyone, and God bless. Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor. ...…
Joining Mark and Chase on the show this week is JFH's own Mason Haynie, where the three discuss Underoath's discography in-depth. The conversation begins with a debate around Cries of the Past's 5-star review, as the hosts then follow the band's career all the way up to 2010's Disambiguation. Tune in next week to hear the trio's thoughts on Und ...…
This week's episode features an intimate and extensive interview with Phil Joel of Newsboys and Zealand, discussing the Newsboys United Tour, Zealand's latest album, and what God has been teaching him over the past few years of playing music. Mark and Chase also preview the new Andrew Peterson album (out this week) and give tribute to the ten-y ...…
Mark and Chase invite fellow staff writer Scott Fryberger on the show to announce the winners of this year's JFH Awards, revealing who you, our readers and listeners, voted for as the best artists and albums of 2017.The JFH Podcast is hosted by Mark Rice and Chase Tremaine, with music, production, and editing also by Chase. The podcast is execu ...…
Jesus Freak by dc it 5 stars? In this episode, our hosts are joined by Russ Shipp of the band Rusty Shipp, whose album Mortal Ghost was voted by the JFH staff as the #2 best album of 2017, to discuss what the music business is like for an indie artist and whether dc Talk's classic still deserves its perfect rating.This episode is spon ...…
Staff writer Nicole joins hosts Mark and Chase for a freewheeling conversation about musical upbringings, forming garage rock bands, loving music you once hated, pronouncing unusual dog breeds, and much, much more, alongside an in-depth review of the ten-year-old eponymous debut from Children 18:3.This episode is sponsored by Tooth and Nail Rec ...…
In this episode, Chase is joined by David Zach, the singer of Remedy Drive, to discuss the band's latest album The North Star as well as David's involvement with The Exodus Road, an anti-trafficking organization. Chase and David discuss the writing and recording of the album, the way art can impact people, and the place that fighting injustice ...…
Chase and Mark talk about Norma Jean's album "Wrongdoers" and Chase interviews Josh Smith of Ashes Remain
The sixth episode of the JFH Podcast features Michael Weaver as we talk about the JFH's Top 10 picks of 2017 - and revisit Lecrae's album "Rehab"
The fifth episode of the JFH Podcast features Timothy Estabrooks as we talk about CCM Magazine's picks for Top 100 Albums of All Time
The fourth episode of the JFH Podcast brings in Timothy Estabrooks to talk about Copeland
The third episode of the JFH Podcast reminisces about the GRAMMYs
The second episode of the JFH Podcast brings in David Craft to talk about The Send
In the first episode of the JFH Podcast, Chase and Mark discuss Sara Groves, Michael W. Smith, Propaganda and Delirious
A look into the Book of Acts and what Obedience means and what the ramificaitons are of walking out in obedience in faith.
A new study by the Barna Group came out recently titled- Silent and Solo: How Americans Pray. Derrick takes a few minutes breaking down what the report reveals about prayer in America, and sends out a call to join in Unified Corporate Prayer.
Derrick was provoked by the Lord while watching a move, that movie, and what the Lord showed him might surprise you! Come on the journey and be challenged and encouraged!
Derrick and Heather take a few minutes to talk about a foundational practice as ancient as time to help strengthen and build your faith.Also hear about a 30 Day fast that is being called for September 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017.*Websites mentioned in episode ...…
A brief introduction to our new series called "Fatih Builder"
Derrick takes a quick look, only scratching the surface, as to why RevolutionFireMinistries exists.
Frank and Mabel had been married for 40 years. Frank turned 60 a few months earlier, and they now were celebrating Mabel’s 60th birthday. During the birthday party, Frank walked into another room and was surprised to see a fairy godmother appear before him. She said, "Frank, this is your lucky day. I’m here to grant you one wish-what would you ...…
Why does God save us and allow us to remain sinful? There are few "problems" more relevant and significant than this in the Christian experience. A person sins and is immediately confronted with the question, "How can I say I love God when I obviously don't love him enough to stop sinning?" Some then wonder why the Lord allows sin to linger. So ...…
waiting on Christmas is some thing we do every year. Waiting on Christmas was also important in the Biblical days as well! Come listen to this waiting on Christmas sermon. This sermons author is unknown but I like this particular sermon. The sermon has real letters written to Santa by children. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Worshipping ...…
It’d be quite a story, wouldn’t it? I can see the headlines now...Christians Who Play Charades or Pretenders in the Pews. It would confirm what many already believe -- that the church is full of hypocrites. It’s difficult to believe Christianity is true when so many of its followers lead such contradictory lives. That reminds me of the man who ...…
All across America there are gangs killing rampantly. Motheres are killing children. Fathers are killing families and then themselves! True love is hard to find for most people in this world however Jesus is the cure for this dreaded disease of lack of TRUE LOVE. Sunday at 7 am EST, Jesus Is The Word will be discussing this topic. Come listen l ...…
Ever since the beginning of creation, when the first creatures came from the hand of God, there has always been someone, somewhere, unhappy with his position in the universe. Being unhappy is a cancer that destroys peace of mind. A life without contentment is full of disapointments and anger. We must learn to be content right where we are. God ...…
I have decided to continue this show as your host with a new style. Yes, this is your show. Yes, you the listeners. I have been studying the Bible for many years now, and actually have a wealth of knowledge to share. However, this new style I'm referring to is going to be "really getting into the meat of the Word (Bible)." I will be reading scr ...…
On September 4, 2012, we got the opportunity of asking Mac Powell a few questions
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Unwholesome Talk"
J.M. Farro reads her inspiring devotional message, "Whine or Worship"
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