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Best Joemartino podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Joemartino podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Collective Evolution show, hosted by CE's founder Joe Martino, explores everything CE covers in their news, media and education including current events, consciousness, disclosure, health, conscious commentary and more. You'll also get updates on everything going on behind the scenes inside CE. No matter what we talk about, we'll always get to the deeper conscious reason why it's playing out and what we can do about it.
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Joe discusses why YOU are an important part of this world, and how your small actions play a role in our world in ways more than we often realize. You hold the key to a new world, we'll outline how to use that key effectively.By Collective Evolution
Zuckerberg testified before the House Financial Services Committee a couple of weeks ago and while most of the conversation was about Facebook's Libra, congressman Bill Posey had some questions regarding vaccine content on Facebook. It may have caught Zuckerberg off guard, because he revealed some damning truths.…
Looking at our world today, we're either putting all our faith in maintaining the struggles of today or we're expanding and opening our minds to new possibilities.. and having those conversations.By Collective Evolution
CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch uses a hidden camera for months to show how CNN works on the inside. We explore the implications of what is revealed in his video footage.By Collective Evolution
A parallel many haven't considered, why was there so little attention paid to Standing Rock in the media yet Greta Thunberg is the world's biggest star at the moment?By Collective Evolution
Joe talks about how you can reflect on connection in your life, determine whether various aspects of connection are missing, and then how you can re-connect with yourself deeply.By Collective Evolution
People often say our political and economic systems are broken, when in reality they are not at all - they function exactly as they are designed to. It's time we look at shifting consciousness to create a new system.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses Jordan Peterson's highly controversial thoughts on climate change that precisely match that of CE's findings over the past 10 years. While Peterson's thoughts don't match mainstream rhetoric, he's not wrong about what he brings forth as facts and observations.By Collective Evolution
A brand new study out of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has confirmed that there is no possible way World Trade Centre 7 could have fallen due to fires. Evidence points to a controlled demolition. They will make the data from this study available and completely transparent to the public shortly.By Collective Evolution
People are claiming Trump has stopped chemtrails. The rumor traces back to Serial Brain 2, a YouTube channel that attempts to decode Trump's messages. Joe discusses why we have to start thinking more critically and bringing in intuition.By Collective Evolution
A story that is just not getting enough attention, Patrick Byrne is bringing attention to a 'soft-coup' that has been going on in the US since 2015-2016. What is that coup exactly? We discuss our thoughts on this as this story develops.By Collective Evolution
We're back! In this episode, Joe Martino talks about a recent Time article discussing the danger of conspiracy theories and why the mainstream now has to take them seriously due to the fact that they are apparently tearing apart society.By Collective Evolution
1000s of bones belonging to what is believed to be about 12 bodies have been found in an area of the Vatican where they shouldn't be. We dive into an analysis that includes the story of missing girl Emanuela Orlandi and how this entire story could reveal satanic rituals and pedophilia in the Vatican.…
Joe provides a different perspective on what Q might actually be in the scheme of Intel. Is it a plan to awaken the world? Or the changing of leadership? What does this mean for humanity's awakening?By Collective Evolution
Joe chats with filmmaker Michael Mazzola about the recent Epstein arrest and what that means for the elite. They also converse about censorship and the metaphysics of everything.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses what to do if you find yourself in a situation where news of what's happening in the world makes you angry or upset. Do we just walk away from knowing about what's going on? Or is it showing us something about ourselves. Let's explore.By Collective Evolution
An alegged Google Insider went to an investigative journalist to expose how Google plans to interfere once again with the US elections. This story, if entirely true, is a BIG one.By Collective Evolution
In this episode, we explore why the Russian collusion narrative may have been a huge coverup for something else, specific to the Obama administration.By Collective Evolution
Left-leaning mainstream media has taken a run at independent conservative media in getting them banned from YouTube... did it work? Was it truly justified? Let's explore free speech more deeply.By Collective Evolution
Joe and Arjun discuss the controversial science of cloning and explore what the Raelians have alleged done in the field. Of course, the conversation isn't without some deep thoughts on consciousness.By Collective Evolution
Finalizing our discussion on climate change, we explore the ultimate question: are we effectively dealing with and preparing for possible climate changes that might change the way we grow food, live and are sustained?By Collective Evolution
Joe & Richard dig through the science to determine what the play for pushing C02 so hard truly is, and how it's pulling us away from seeing the actual environmental issues we face.By Collective Evolution
We discuss the idea of global warming and climate change as we understand it here in 2019, is our planet truly warming?By Collective Evolution
Joe & Arjun discuss underground military bases and underground city lore. Let's attempt to separate the fact from fiction.By Collective Evolution
Joe talks with fellow CE team member Amanda Monteiro about her journey into born again Christianity and how and why she left. This picks up from our previous podcast about 'new agers' moving into born again Christianity.By Collective Evolution
Are free energy technologies even real? Who has vetted them? We tell our direction experience with them and discuss some of the key factors to consider when it comes to free energy.
Joe discusses Doreen Virtue's exit from "the new age movement." We'll talk about this whole idea of "the new age movement," separate the fact from fiction and get into the subtleties that have people confused.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the reality that just simply knowing information is not going to lead to change. Further to that, the true depths of where we must go to create change involves stripping away the old to get to your authentic self. We'll talk about how to get there.By Collective Evolution
Joe and Arjun discuss a WikiLeaks document Arjun discovered while searching through their database. It referred to a US moon base that was destroyed by UR (USSR).By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the question that has many who believe Trump is here to save America confused as they watch Trump continually push 5G. Enough of the crap, we're going to get to the bottom of what people are deeply missing.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the Black Budget with CE journalist Arjun Walia. The two unpack what the black budget is and what evidence is available to explore this topic in detail.By Collective Evolution
Join Joe as he goes through some recent headlines and explores the consciousness behind why they happen. What is it going to take to change our world? We must begin to expand our mind and what we think is possible so we can start having DIFFERENT conversations than just how to force new ideas into the small boxes we live in today.…
We've pushed for it since the beginning: honest, balanced and unemotional attention on what is REALLY happening with vaccines, injuries, vaccine science and where we go from here. Let's have a look.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the CFR linked and Big Pharma funded 'fake news watchdog' NewsGuard. We explore the thought processes behind their ratings and how the world of 'fake news watchdogs' is misleading people into accepting half truths.By Collective Evolution
Joe & Arjun discuss the contactee phenomenon and explore the vast research that exists chronicling, through science, what many contactees are experiencing and reporting. This subject is often one of ridicule but the information available paints a fascinating picture for humanity and where we're headed.…
Joe discusses the idea of 'The New Age Deception'. He goes through 10 alleged thought fallacies that come from 'the new age movement' as pointed out by many who observe it, including Mark Passio. Is there truth to these fallacies? Is there more to the story? This one goes into a deep discussion on how we can address many of the issues we face a ...…
Joe discusses the story in detail and explores some of the biggest take aways from society as this story unfolded. The episode ends off with important reflections on how we must take personal responsibility for not only stories in the media but our reactions to them.By Collective Evolution
Joe goes back to 2009 when Collective Evolution was first getting started. This question has come up a lot over the years and it has also been one of the major pain points and learning lessons for Joe as his journey progressed. Those early days formed much of why CE is what it is today and how it has kept such solid credibility and authenticity.…
Joe discusses the Yellow Vest Movement and the sweep it is making across the world. He dives into some deeper reflections about what our political system truly represents and how this relates to what the Yellow Vest are asking for. Ultimately, we explore a solution to our current challenges in what is called the RIC. Referendum Initiated by Cit ...…
Joe discusses what appears to be a very common occurrence amongst people in 2017. A specific set of spiritual lessons, if you will, seemed to be experience by many people and many companies around the world. Joe shares his personal story with this and what he took from it.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses a topic on many people's minds coming out of the spiritual community, THE EVENT. What is this? What does it mean? Can things really change all in one go from one source like this? Joe discusses this in deep detail and covers a key factor not many are considering.By Collective Evolution
Joe sits down with Amber L'Estrange & Jenna Pennrose of the Mother Loving Future Podcast to discuss the subject of conscious parenting and how we can bring deep conscious understandings to the forefront of raising the next generation of humans!By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the potential narratives shaping the 'mail bomb' situation that saw pipe bombs sent to Clinton, Obama, Soros, and CNN. Are we reacting to early? Do we know enough facts? What may be the narratives here? Explore in this podcast.By Collective Evolution
Joe sits down with film maker and homeopath Ananda More to discuss her film Magic Pills and some of the deeper details behind homeopathy. With such a controversial past, homeopathy deserves an open and fair discussion about what's really going on and what the science and case studies are saying about it's effectiveness. Learn more and follow th ...…
Joe (@joemartino29) chats with Ryan Di Somma (@standup911) about some deeper aspects of 9/11 and other events in our world. Not so much about the facts and tid bits, but more about the deeper messages and reflections that come as a result. We also dive into some great reflections for the alternative media community as a whole. How are we proces ...…
Joe discusses the ever important subject of evolving media and the various blind spots we have when looking at current affairs and spirituality. The world of media is in desperate need of a shift in media, and it's here.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the entire idea behind 'raising your vibration' and what that actually means. He also discusses some key techniques that are very impactful and practical on how to begin cleaning up the denser energies around your life.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses the deeper reason as to why Trump is president, we're talking collective consciousness here. People have been asking us this question for over a year now, and we finally put one big concise answer on this. Note, the divide taking place within the Deep State is a power struggle that doesn't mean suddenly 'the good guys' have taken ...…
Joe discusses how various types of external energies actually affect us. Astrology, planetary/collective energies etc. What do this energies actually bring out in us? What can we do about them? Moving past the spiritual bypassing.By Collective Evolution
Joe discusses how collective consciousness plays a role in how quickly or slowly our world changes. Why no free energy? No ET disclosure? Why is Trump president? We explore how all of this comes down to us.By Collective Evolution
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