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The Ka-Chat
Life is a highway. Come ride it all night long with John and Lucas as they take a look under the hood of Pixar's 5th best franchise.
PRAGMAGICK is the AUDIO GRIMOIRE conjured and curated by RocknRoller and Reformed Ruffian Keats Ross (of Dakota Slim, Revel Rosz) to document and discuss pragmatic and metaphysical concepts that inspire and enhance the creative process.
DJ Jose Calderon
2 musical shows plus multiple collaborations involving a variation of Latin rhythms transmitted weekly through, a 24 hour Latin music online radio station. This includes variations of salsa, such as guarachas, guaguancos, guajiras, mambos, cha-cha-cha, boleros, baladas, latin jazz and much more. These shows also honor the pillars of our Latin music, such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, La Lupe, Machito, Tito Rodriguez, Graciela, Olga Guillot, Rolando LaSerie and so many m ...
OffPlanet Radio
No Limits...No Boundaries
OffPlanet Radio
No Limits...No Boundaries
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Listen. Yes, we have now watched all the feature length films in the Carsverse. That's great. A momentous occasion. But I have to gloss over that fact, because we did a pretty big goof. As a matter of fact, we did a lot of tiny goofs over the course of the past several months, in that we did not actually know the name of this movie until the da ...…
Boleros Con Soul - 10-13-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
The episode art was divined by the Disruption Generator component #99: “BRIGHTLY” by @outletpress via @wethehallowed www.DISRUPTIONGENERATOR.COM INTERVIEW #29 “INTENT” Carla Abrahamsson, Photo: Vanessa Sinclair Carl Abrahamsson on ‘Occulture’ WATCH THE EPISODE: EPISODE NOTES: It’s your bipolar host with mommy issues, Keats Ross, and I’m here wi ...…
10-11-19 The Mambo MachineBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Hey uh, Hollywood? Just wanted to let you know, you might want to make some room. Cause your two favorite Carscasters are coming crashing right in. That's right folks. We decided that the fame and fortune that The Ka-Chat provides wasn't quite enough, and so we're grabbing a new golden goose. So come peek in on our brainstorming session for our ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 10-7-2019 - Recordando a Jose Jose El Principe De La CancionBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
What a week! Finally on my feet after a recent back injury sustained trying to play a DAKOTA SLIM farewell show in Portland before the big relocation to Colorado! And what do I do? I decide to wince the night away on my back in an empty room, microphone in hand, on this (new) eve of my departure by gabbing to the lovely Niish & Jerry Cthulhu of ...…
So no one TOLD you life was gonna be this waaaaaay. (honk honk honk honk) You got it folks, this week we're diving into all the different ways the denizens of the Carsverse find to entertain themselves, from video games, to movies and TV, to as much discussion of porn in the Carsverse as we can physically handle. So... not much. We also talk ab ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 9-30-2019 - Materias de GrammyBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - September 29, 2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
9-27-19 The Mambo MachineBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Note: The episode art was conjured by THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR from ERIC MILLAR & OUTLET PRESS. The component was “AGENDA“. Niish via Twitter EPISODE NOTES: This incendiary conversation with the wonderful artist, musician, podcast host and badass witch, Niish, is two hours long. The convo speaks for itself, so I’ll leave the preamble out of it. ...…
Alright. I'll be the first to admit. This one has more than a few reaches. John talks about a theory so nonsensical that I am currently breaking my rule to keep it vague who is writing these. But we cover some ground! I think. Honestly, I can't remember. We do talk about the movies The Country Bears and Tommorowland for a little bit. So if you' ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 9-23-2019 - SALSA NUEVABy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - En Mis PensamientosBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
The Mambo Machine 1st anniversary show - 9-20-19By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Oh shoot! We're dropping a new type of episode on y'all! (If we ever, ya know, do this again, that is.) Welcome to the first of our series of deep dives into individual characters, Auto-Biographies. (Listen, Lucas is going to refer to it as "Profiles in Car-age" during the episode, because that was the name he first came up with, and while he s ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 9-16-2019 - Lo Que Sea/WhateverBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - Camilo Sesto Te ExtrañaremosBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
9-13-19 The Mambo Machine with special guest Rick Rivera PART 2By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Hello everyone, this is you captain speaking. Please return your seats to their full, upright position, as we are making our final descent to The Ka-Chat. On your left you will see a couple of young men examining a strange little movie, Planes, a spin-off to the main Cars movies. If you look closely you may notice some odd details, including a ...…
Boleros Con Soul - Con un pesar en el corazonBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Note: You are listening to the edited version of this conversation. For the full, unedited episode, complete with the full (and personal) LOVE CHAOS DIALOGUE, please subscribe to the PRAGMAGICK PATREON. DEREK HUNTER of LOVE CHAOS EPISODE NOTES: The Following is an excerpt from the foreword, “Unbind: Faith In Doubt”, I composed for Derek Hunter’ ...…
PLAY BALL! This week, we are diving into the exciting world of the sports of the Carsverse. It's uh.... mostly racing. Almost entirely racing. Really, it's just racing and one demolition derby that is also sort of a race. But that doesn't stop our intrepid hosts from finding an hours worth of content for you lovely folks! Even if a lot it is ta ...…
EPISODE NOTES: This episode, we leave the woowoo for the weird, well, the wonderful of what could be considered an “outsider artist” – by which I mean, someone who has created and conjured wonderful works of art far outside the confines of scenes, streams or currents. Allow me to gush for a moment – I have been a fan of John Schmersal’s for the ...…
Ok, so usually we record these weeks in advance to create a buffer, but this one is urgent, so we recorded this last week. I don't really know how to say this, but it's happening. Jaguar has decided to slap some eyes on a self driving car, without considering the terrible consequences their actions will incur. So we have to do it. And despite s ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 8-26-2019 - 100 Años de Beny MoreBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - 8-25-2019 - Recuerdo a Beny More-Celebramos Su CentenarioBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
8-23-19 The Mambo Machine With Joe & RickBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
This week, we're finally giving everyone what they've been clamoring for. That's right, we're talking about the fashion of the Carsverse. What are the latest trends in paint jobs? Who is the hottest name in tires? And what's coming up for windshield wipers? Well, we answer.... almost none of those questions. Honestly, we establish pretty early ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 8-19-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - 8-18-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Mambo Machine 8-16-2019 - Joe Mannozzi III and Nahyra PerezBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Interview with Nahyra Perez Mambo Machine 8-16-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Sonidos Colombianos- 8-16-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Folks, I'll be honest, this one is a little all over the place. At one point, John brings up a subreddit about dragons having sex with cars without in any way connecting it to what we're talking about, and Lucas doesn't even question it. And it gets weirder from there. Join us as we explore organized religion within the Carsverse, from Car circ ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas... - 8-12-2019 - The Live Music ShowBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - 8-11-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Oh, shoot! We've finally watched all the Cars movies! That's probably good, it was getting harder to justify, ya know, making a podcast about them without doing that. And I mean, we still have the Planes movies, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it. Anyway, this time we do a deep dive into the third and most recent installment to the C ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas...con DJ Jose -8-5-2019 - New Music MondayBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - 8-4-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
HARDCOVER UNBOXING & EXIT INTERVIEW The DISRUPTION GENERATOR • Eric Millar of Outlet Press & his Custom Arcana WATCH THE EPISODE: EPISODE NOTES: This podcast is and always has been about the creation of your own folklore, of your own mythology, and I couldn’t ask for a better example than the DISRUPTION GENERATOR. This will be somewhat of an un ...…
If a single one of you tweets or emails us or something to tell us there is a typo in the title, I'll know you didn't actually listen to the episode first. Which, I guess has no real consequences? But.... still don't do it. Anyway, this week, we decided to take a pretty hard left turn, and just do a deep dive into one user profile on the Pixar ...…
Salsa y Algo Mas...con DJ Jose -7-29-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Boleros Con Soul - 7-28-2019By (DJ Jose Calderon).
The Mambo Machine 7-26-19 - Interview with Melody Capote from the Caribbean Cultural CenterBy (DJ Jose Calderon).
The Mambo Machine 7-26-19By (DJ Jose Calderon).
Man. They grow up so freakin fast, don't they? Just brings a tear to your eye. In today's episode, John and Lucas look back at the carefree days of youth these Cars experience. For, like, 10% of the episode. The rest of it looks at some of the more unpleasant areas of aging and childhood, from re-examining the horrifying idea of Cars giving bir ...…
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