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Jim Schowalter, President of Minnesota Council of Health Plans joins Paul & Jordana to talk about the rising cost of Prescription Drugs.
Paul & Jordana visit with Dr. Brian Yablon & former nurse Carol Engelhart about Single-Payer sytems. What are they & how do they work?
Congressman Jason Lewis joins Paul and Jordana to talk about the Affordable Care Act & the challenge of trying to contain costs while insuring everyone.
More listener reaction on the Brett Kavanaugh sex assault allegations. Later in the hour, Paul visits with Dr. Abraham Verjovsky to talk about the Senate passing a bill to battle the opioid epidemic.
Frank Vascellaro has a look at today's top stories. Weather therapy: Flooding & possibly a few tornadoes for tomorrow Later in the hour, Paul gets listener reaction to the sex assault allegations against Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh
Mike Max joins Paul Douglas to recap the Twins win over Detroit & reports of Jimmy Butler requesting a trade from the Timberwolves.
More from Paul & Jordana on the sex assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Also Kris Atteberry stops by with a preview of the Twins game vs. Detroit.
Prince has one of his songs used in a Capital One Commercial Weather Therapy: Record rainfall & when can we expect the first frost Beyond the Headlines Mike Max on sports.
A Minnesota state senator is under fire on social media for his tweet about allegations of sexual misconduct against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Paul & Jordana take calls on this.
A women has made allegations that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavenaugh sexually assaulted her when they where in high school.
Paul and Jordana talk about Viking kicker Daniel Carlson losing his job after 3 misses yesterday. Then, how do negative political ads sway you?
Attorney Mike Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant joins Jordana to talk about Paul Manafort pleading guilty & what it means going forward Also Jordana asks what makes you happy in this week's Happy Hour
Jordana starts the hour talking about stories of sexual improprieties of coaches & their athletes. Later on in the hour she asks what should we do with migrant kids & their undocumented relatives fear of coming forward to sponsoring the kids.
Jordana starts the show talking about Paul Manafort pleadeing guilty & agreeing to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. Tim Lammers has his weekly movie reviews & David Kaplan-Executive Director for Nechama talks about how you can help with the clean up from Hurricane Florence.
Paul and Jordana hear both sides of the argument on a tip credit. Eli Edleson-Stein is an organizer with the Restaurant Opportunity Center and Jennifer Schellenberg heads a non-profit that advocates for a tip credit.
President Trump rejected that over 3,000 people died from circumstances caused by Hurricane Rico. Paul chats with a meteorologist at ground zereo if Hurricane Florence, Paul and Jordana go Beyond the Headlines, then Mike Max on sports.
A chef blames President Trump for the problems in Puerto Rico then Paul's day Volker share stories from his youth during wartime in Germany.
The tip credit is causing heated arguments in St. Paul. We hear both sides then take listener calls.
Frank Vacsellaro with headlines of the day. On Weather Therapy, Paul speaks with a town manager in North Carolina as they await Florence, Paul and Jordana go Beyond the Headlines, and finally the new iPhone was revealed today. What are the new changes?
Frank Vascellaro with headlines of the day, Paul chats with Mike Veeck of the St. paul Saints as he is in Charlston evacuating his daughter from her home due to hurricane Florence. Then, Bob Woodward defends his deep sources.
Today is the 9/11 anniversary. Paul Thomas lost his dad to suicide and founded an organization to start dilogue about suicide and tells us about a fundraiser concert next weekend. Then, one out of ten school-aged children are diagnosed with ADHD.
Is the violence in N Mpls. becoming a problem for rea businesses? Then, On Tech Talk we learn about medical devices being hacked and held for ransome.
Is the violence in North Minneapolis becoming a problem for area businesses? Paul Douglas speaks with Jonathan Weinhagen, the president and CEO of Minneapolis Regional Chamber about this issue.
Frank Vascellaro on headlines of the day, Paul talks about Hurricane Florence on Weather Therapy, then calls on President Trump's decision to get the DOJ to find the anonymous op-ed writer.
Paul reviews Hamilton then chats about retrofitting out parents homes to keep them safe as they age.
There are three majour forces that drive change in our econonmy and society.
Paul tells us about the whereabouts and strength of Hurricane Florence then chats with a resident of Willmington, NC, Janice Giggey, as the storm encroaches on her neighborhood.
Dr. John Wald, the Medical Director for Public Affairs and Marketing at the Mayo Clinic joins Paul to talk about the growing sports clinic practice in downtown Minneapolis.
The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine practice caters to some of the biggest sports stars. Then, the federal government lifted the stay on mineral mining near the BWCA.
Paul is joined by Todd Nelson who is a meteorologist for the Minnesota Twins. What does he do and why does a meteorologist need to be at every home game?
Paul Douglas is broadcasting his show live from the Target Field Plaza. He chats with Mark Anderson of Gull Dam Brewery about making a successful brewery. Tim Lammers has movie reviews, then Mark who is also a corporate pilot, talks about the trends in flying and flying safety.
Paul Douglas and Don Shelby speak with David Zoll, a constitutional lawyer about the 25th amendment in light of the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times by a senior White House staff member.
North Korea wants to denuclearize before President Trump leaves office, Weather Therapy with Paul, and a comparison/contrast of President Ronald Reagan with President Trump.
As the economy looks good, employment is up, investments are doing better. Then why are there so many income inquities? Then on Work It, a resturant in South Minneapolis is hiring former felons and givng them a chance to acquire skills needed to make it on the outside.
How does the 25th amendment work. Many have been talking about Presidetn Trump's future after the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, Don Shelby then gives a journalistic take on this op-ed.
A senior White House offical released an op-ed piece that the New York Times published anonymously. Paul and Jordana speak with Jane Kirtley of the Silha Center about the rarity and validity of this.
Day 2 of the Brett Kavenaugh senate confirmation hearing then what could make the 100 passengers on teh Dubai flight get sick?
A Trump Administration insider wrote an op-ed piece that was published anonymously by the New York Times, Paul talks about Hurricanes Gordon and Florence, then Paul and Jordana go Beyond the Headlines.
Paul still can't get his internet cable buried after 10 months! The Pulling Together Tug-O-War takes place this Saturday and a Minnesota company is helping to make the Baltimore School District water healthier.
Frank Vascellaro with headlines of the day, hurricane news on Weather Therapy and then, Paul and Jordana go Beyond the Headline.
The senate confirmation hearing of Brett Kavenaugh and Bob Woodward's book Fear is getting some early play. Paul and Jordana play back a phone call with Woodward and President Trump and take your calls.
Nike is using Colin Kaepernick for their Just Do It campaign for their 30th Anniversary. Paul and Jordana take your calls on this. Then, Susie Jones chats about the recovery of one of the pairs of Ruby Slippers that were stolen from a Grand Rapids Museum 13 years ago.
The senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavenaugh got off to a rough start and just got rockier as the day ensued. Politico reporter, Adam Cancryn was there and shares highlights of the day with Paul and Jordana.
Paul and Jordana from the State Fair, with Terry Walker McLaughlin-MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is making some folk see red with her change in rules that give more rights to those accused of sexual assaults on college campuses; and Roxanne Prichard-Center for College Sleep, University of St. Thomas. Schoo ...…
Paul and Jordana broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair. This houron the show: Bob Kudele-Professor of International Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs on the NAFTA trade deals with Mexico & Canada Judy Keen-Star Tribune Reporter on the Gubenatorial debate at the fair. Happy Hour.
Paul & Jordana broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair. This hour on the show: Weather Therapy-Top 10 states for Naural Disasters Lisa Najarian-Twin Cities Lyme Foundation Beyond the Headlines Mike Max with Sports
Paul and Jordana broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair. This hour their guest are: Mike Veeck-St. Paul Saints owner Tim Lammers-movie reviews Randy Shaver- Kare 11 News anchor
Paul and Jordana broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair. This hour they talk to: John Keller-Executive Director, Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota on the governmnet denying passports to Americans who live aklong the border of Mexico Work IT: What does it take to come up with an idea for a business & make it successful, particularly at the Minn ...…
Paul and Jordana are broadcasting from the Minnesota State Fair. This hour on the show: Jeff Stein-Reporter for the Washington Post on a student loan federal officer stepping down because the Trump administration won't protect student borrowers Weather Therapy-We might get an extra month of summer Beyond the Headlines Sue Zellickson-The Philant ...…
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