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Best Kara Danvers podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Kara Danvers podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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In Supergirl's Attic, cohosts Cycles and Vv explore and analyze the world of the CW's Supergirl. Join us to unpack the show's characters, themes, plot, and messages for a deeper understanding of the show and a richer fan experience.
The Podcast looking at the character of Kara Zor-El from her first appearance in 1959 to her most recent appearance in her current Rebirth Title.
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Episode 50: Worlds live, a hero dies, Earths collide. Join Supergirl's Attic as we discuss the concluding hours of Crisis on Infinite Earths, how the characters were served, the themes, quality of storytelling, and what this means for the future—and the past—of Supergirl.
Episode 49: This week on Supergirl's Attic, we dive into the development of Kara and Alex as mentors and the role models who have shaped them throughout the five seasons. Join us as we discuss which mentorships soared, which crash landed, which were lost to the Phantom Zone.
Episode 47: Crisis is upon us as Supergirl's Attic races to discuss gods, pods, and paragons before the wave of anti-meta hits. Join us as we break down how hope remains at the bottom of Kara's little boxes, the superior SuperBat friendship, and the ever honorable Martian Manhunter.
Episode 47: This week on Supergirl's Attic, we dive into the concepts of trust and control and discuss why Kara trusts people as far as she can throw them (very far), Alex's mind alteration anxiety, J'onn J'onzz's phases of faith, and more. Then, we answer your questions about 5x08, “The Wrath of Rama Khan.”…
Episode 46: This week on Supergirl’s Attic, we explore the concept of vulnerability as Kara shows Lena “Krypton on Earth” only to experience the Solitude of the Fortress, Alex bangs her head and it rattles Kelly’s heart, and J'onn risks it all to open his mind to Malefic. Then, we answer your questions about 5x07, “Tremors.”…
Episode 045: This episode of Supergirl's Attic, we examine Kara, Alex, Lena, and Andrea's moral foundations, how far they are willing to go for those they love, and how far love has gone in shaping their values. Then, we answer your questions about episode 5x06, "Confidence Women."
Episode 044: In this episode on technology and connection in Supergirl, we browse Kara's history to find the source of her aversion to virtual reality, decrypt whether or not more data is always better, and mine the data on the application of VR by Kelly, Brainy, and the researchers of our Earth. Then, we answer your questions about 5x05, "Dangerou…
Episode 043: This episode of Supergirl's Attic, we investigate Kara's reporting skills as demonstrated "In Plain Sight" in 5x04 and build a conspiracy board of connections back to the important mentor figures—Cat Grant, Eliza Danvers, Snapper Carr, and more—who have shaped Kara into the journalist she is today.…
Episode 042: From emotional space to outer space, this week we examine the boundaries that inform the relationship dynamics of Supergirl and how healthy boundaries function. Featuring: Kara's glass pod of emotions, Lena's bulletproof boxes, J'onn's shape-shifting ethical boundaries, and more.
Episode 041: In our first themed episode of Season 5, we revisit Kara's Supergirl reveal to Lena and examine how coming out narratives have shaped the identities of our heroes. Get to know the "Stranger Beside Me" as we tackle 5x02's truth and tech themes through the lens of LGBTQ experiences.
Episode 040: Supergirl is back with a bang, bangs, and the Super gang! Join us at Supergirl's Attic as we investigate the clues 🔎 for this season's major storylines: Lena's plot to unmask Supergirl, Kara's crusade for truth, and J'onn's mysterious estranged brother.
Episode 039: In our last episode before Season 5 kicks off, Supergirl's Attic provides absolutely true and provable answers* to questions that have tormented our listeners. Who is the Martian Manhunter's inner Disney Princess? Who is a casualty of the Pineapple Pizza wars? ...What is TikTok? * Made with bits of real meta, so you know it's good.…
Episode 038: This episode of Supergirl's Attic, join us in turning our ears to season 4 for musical meta on the bond between the Danvers sisters, J'onn's martian identity, and the Super vs. Luthor dance-off.
Episode 037: Whether you're playing chess or Dodge The Heat Vision as kids, siblings arm you for the game of life like no one else—for better or worse. Join Supergirl's Attic for a closer look into the sibling dynamics of the iconic Danvers, Luthor, and Olsen families.
Episode 036: From having nothing but his “Witt”s to "Winn"-ing over Cat Grant, from “red shirt" blues to not throwing away his Schott for the future, Winn has grown from zero to hero in the few years we’ve known him. Join Supergirl’s Attic as we hack into our friendly neighborhood IT expert’s brain and decode what makes Winn Winn.…
Episode 035: Supergirl's Attic returns for another look at the Danvers sisters, joined by a special guest: fan artist Comickergirl! Join us for a sweet escape to Midvale in this special commentary watch-as-you-listen episode.
Episode 034: This week on Supergirl's Attic, we take a super's eye view of season 4. Join us as we discuss the super family's journey, break down this season's themes, and analyze both the show's explicit and unintentional messages.
Episode 033: In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, join us as we take a look inside the minds of Super Fans.
Episode 032: This week on Supergirl's Attic, super friends and arch enemies fly to Shelley Island for a history-making battle of wits and wills. Join us in discussing which moments made the season four finale soar and which arcs never quite made it off the ground.
Episode 031: This week on Supergirl's Attic: Eliza, Lillian, Mother Russia, and Mother Earth appear for a Mother's Day fight of the fams. Join us as we discuss how Alex remembers her sister has a second job involving annual battles to the death, Brainy forgets how to feel, and Kara proves—once and for all—that she is a Disney princess.…
Episode 030: Season four of Supergirl is winding down but the stakes are amping up! Join us as we discuss Alex and Kelly's bond over martial law and metaphors, Lena's tactical—but not strictly practical—heels, and the gradual unveiling of the secrets which threaten Kara's home.
Episode 029: This week on Supergirl's Attic, Kara and Lena blow open little boxes and a big case, James ventures into his attic of the mind, and Nia Nal gives the aliens and humans of National City something worth dreaming for.
Episode 028: In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, mind games abound as Supergirl and Lena work together to uncover the truth, Alex tries to sway Col Haley to disobey orders, and James and Brainy look inward for answers.
Episode 027: In this episode of Supergirl’s Attic, emotions are running high as Kara feels the weight of the world bearing down, Mind M'yrnn ignites J'onn’s anger, and James shows signs of a trauma-related disorder, as well as something a little more extranormal.
Episode 026: Chess isn't the only mind game Lex Luthor is playing in this week's episode of Supergirl. It's a battle of nature vs twisted nurture as Lex attempts to conquer Kasnian Kara's mind and stifle her compassionate heart.
Episode 025: Kelly the psychologist comes to Supergirl just in time for this trauma-themed episode. Join us as we break down J'onn's breakdown, Danvers family drama, Brainy's boxes, and Luthor family dynamics.
Episode 024: This week on Supergirl's Attic, our favorite American Aliens prove that we are stronger together as Brainy, Nia, J'onn, and Kara Zor-El march for alien rights. Join us as we also appreciate Nia's heart eyes for superheroism, James' eye for photography, and Alex's murder eyes for Lockwood.…
Episode 023: This week on Supergirl's Attic, Kara dons a Super Space Suit, Nia and Brainy train in the Fortress of Solitude, and the Super Friends assemble to fight The Elite. But this comic-book style battle isn't in easy black and white, as the Space Family navigates complex questions of morality and loyalty in their battle against extremism.…
Episode 022: Hearts are under attack in Supergirl's Valentine's Day episode! From candy hearts to human ones, no one is safe—especially the viewers. Join us as we discuss Nia's debut as a superhero, super-soldiers, and the heart of the show: the Super Family.
Episode 021: In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, we uncover the secrets behind Kara's secret identity. From Kara Danvers' glasses, pastels, and cowardice to Supergirl's brightly-colored command, her dual identities adhere to one of the biggest staples of Super stories. But would this disguise hold up in the real world?…
Episode 020: This week on Supergirl's Attic, the trio falls back on old habits to cope with their very new problem, siblings of all kinds clash, and Nia is given a super-sized push toward becoming a hero.
Episode 019: In our longest episode of Supergirl's Attic to date, we devote a lot of time to our favorite topic: the Danvers sisters and their Space Dad. Join us as we laugh, cry, and discuss the game-changing twists and turns of "Suspicious Minds."
Episode 018: This week on Supergirl's Attic, we read a Martian's mind! Join us as J'onn J'onzz takes center stage and we analyze his Martian American journey, relationship dynamics, and overall evolution from trauma-induced seclusion to his current beloved Space Dad status.
Episode 017: In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, spend the holidays with the Danvers family as we unpack a listener's request topic: Kara, Alex, and Eliza. (And none for Jeremiah Danvers.)
Episode 016: In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, we discuss the Elseworlds Crossover, featuring the super cousins, the long-awaited introduction of Lois Lane, and indisputable proof that the Danvers sisters have the best bond on any earth. Then, we turn our lens to storytelling choices and tackle the crossover's incomplete narratives, superficial…
Episode 015: It's Supergirl's winter finale! Join us on Supergirl's Attic to discuss "power"plays, historical significance—from battlefields to comic book shelves—and Supergirl's yearly identity crisis as the stakes are raised in the final episode before the crossover.
Episode 014: We go full sci-fi in this episode of Supergirl's Attic as we delve into 4x07's references to Frankenstein! This week, James and Kara are trapped on (Mary) Shelley Island, Adam and Eve tempt Lena into questionable science, and Space Dad crushes all of our hearts beyond even Lena's ability to repair. Special guest @anevolutionarymatter a…
Episode 013: This week on Supergirl's Attic, the space fam comes together for Thanksgiving, but even pie isn't free from controversy in an episode "stuffed" with debates. Join us as we discuss questionable life choices, the reappearance of Best Mom Eliza Danvers and—most importantly—pie.
Episode 012: This week on Supergirl's Attic, Kara embraces the power of the press, J'onn rocks a badass fedora, Agent Liberty reenacts a really old bible fanfic, and Alex and James make some difficult choices.
Episode 011: This week on Supergirl’s Attic, the Danvers sisters remind us why we love them, robots have feelings, and Kara stares at a wall! Join us as we dig into our heroes’ fears, questionable coping mechanisms, and how 4x04′s title, “Ahimsa,” ties all these stories together.
Episode 010: With the Girl of Steel out of commission, we shift our focus to a man of steel—however, he’s no Superman. In this episode of Supergirl's Attic, we discuss the weight of this story detailing a descent into extremism, plus the historical and current-event ties present in this twist on an alternate-POV episode.…
Episode 009: From the White House exterior to your local pizza shop, nowhere is safe in the aftermath of the reveal that President Marsdin is an alien. In this episode of Supergirl’s Attic, we discuss world-building, how characterization intersects with politics, and—most importantly—secret identity hijinks.…
Episode 008: Supergirl is back and ready to take on the world—or so she thinks. Rising anti-alien sentiment in National City complicates things for Kara, but makes things super interesting for us! Join us as we analyze the premiere of Supergirl’s 4th season.
Episode 007: This week on Supergirl’s Attic, we answer your questions about the Danvers Sisters. We discuss how they complement each other and how much they’ve grown as sisters—from pod landing to plane landing and beyond, and more. (Covers seasons 1–3)
Episode 006: This week on Supergirl's Attic, we take a leap of faith, diving into the themes of belief and religion and exploring how they have impacted the various characters—from the faithful to the fanatical—throughout season 3.
Episode 005: In this episode, special guests Nos (@ultranos) and Anevo (@anevolutionarymatter) lend their respective engineering and medical expertise as we analyze the science of Supergirl and discuss the important role it plays in the show.
Episode 004: This week on Supergirl’s Attic, we take a closer look at the mothers of Supergirl and how their various parenting styles—from the super to super-villainous—have formed our main female characters, shaping the very cores of their arcs. (Covers seasons 1–3)
Episode 003: In this episode of Supergirl’s Attic, we use our super-hearing to discuss how the music of Supergirl—from Britney’s voice to Blake Neely’s score—has influenced season 3.
Episode 002: Join us as we round up the Supergirl spoilers released during SDCC 2018 and consider how these exciting developments will shape season 4! (Bonus Game: eat a donut every time Cycles mentions Hope, Help & Compassion)
Episode 001: In the first episode of Supergirl’s Attic, we discuss the themes that have shaped Season 3 of Supergirl—such as acceptance and identity—and how they’ve impacted each major character’s arc from the start of the season through the finale.
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