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Best Kdrama podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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A podcast to help you with that raging Kdrama addiction — because fangirls shouldn’t have to spazz alone. General topics include but are not limited to, Korean drama (how much we love it) and Kpop (we like that too, well — some of it) — basically anything even remotely related to Korean entertainment. With your hosts Stephanie and Cherry Cordial. (Formerly Crazy for Kdrama Podcast)
Two queer friends watch Korean Dramas and talk about how great they are! They're so great!
A podcast about Korean dramas, music and whatever else we want brought to you by India and Cheryl. Some language and content are for mature audiences.
Kpop Hot Pot
Welcome to KpopHotPot where we discuss everything KPOP, Kdramas, News, Gossip, Rumors and recall of own KPOP stories. Each episode we will go over the news and have reviews plus weekly segments and fanout over our love for all things korean. We will discuss everything from BTS, Super junior, A pink, B1a4, BIGBANG, Girls Generation and EXO plus more. kpophotpot.org check out website and email us at kpophotpot@gmail.com! Email us questions, comments or if you have recommendations and shout outs!
Podcast by The Asian Drama Fangirls
A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things! Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don't hold back and get into it all. Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and reviews with us to ...
A simple tagline: Anything But Anime. Hallyujuku is a show about East Asian Pop Culture starring a pair of non-Asian goofballs. Petey Rave and Brandon Cooper (aka King Kaz) will cover everything from Music, Dramas, Food, and more with an honest and, at times, un-P.C. approach.
K-obsession Podcast
What you call obsession, I call passion. Join us while we talk, share and discuss everything from kpop, kdramas to TV and celebrities!
Zero DB Podcast
Hey there! Thank you so much for joining me! If you are a drama enthusiast like I am, then this podcast is for you! Join me as I talk about my favourite guilty pleasure (Kdrama) and follow me along as I leave reviews thoughts and opinions about them. I hope you enjoy this podcast. Xo. Iri
My sister may not watch Korean dramas, but I sure do. Listen as I try and explain all the craziness that occurs in K-dramaland. Be ready for misunderstandings galore- Abbie just loves to tear apart all my descriptions! Take a listen and choose a side!For more info on our podcast: http://rarapop.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/podcast-my-sister-doesnt-watch-dramas/
Welcome to Two Peas in a Dramapod! What are we? We create gifs for asian dramas and provide a weekly podcast with news, recaps, and reviews. What are we not? We are not Asian Drama experts nor are we experts on Korean or asian culture. We can offer our opinion. And that’s what we do. Our Korean, Japanese, or Chinese will suck. Count on it.
Fangirl Boss
Kdramas. Period dramas. Fangirl news. Blockbusters. Fangirl like a boss!
Tea with Ianeira
Listen to me go on and on in my broken voice about books, movies, series, music and kdramas. If you are a student or someone who can relate please listen to this!
Welcome to the AsianDramaCast! Want talk about all your favourite KDramas, JDoramas and series from HK, Taiwan and Mainland China? Your hosts Jo, Gin and Jo will track them down, massively overthink them and share the conversation with you!
Kpop + Kdramas. If it has to do with Korean pop culture, we want to talk about it. Come grab your AfterNOONA delight!
Podcast by KimmyLovesKorea
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Continuing KChat’s trend of checking in with upcoming dramas, this b-side we’re talking casting news that excites us, really excites us, news that bums us out, Cherry tries to make a date with Leverage, and then we see if a quiz can really tell us how old we are by our Kpop choices. To read the complete show notes, please visit the official web ...…
Today we go over the Avengers of kpop, SuperM in depth. From the members to Jopping and to how they can compete with BTS. We also cover some fan hate. As always we want to give a huge thank you to our supports and patreons.By Jonny, Erika & Kimi.
The Maknae and Kmuse discuss the many works by the talented scriptwriter Park Hye Ryun. Lee Jong Suk stars in many of her dramas and we debate on which role suited him best. Dramas & People Mentioned: While You Were Sleeping Dream High Page Turners I Can Hear Your Voice Pinocchio Park Hye Ryun Lee Jong Suk You can also find us on: iTunes Google ...…
We watched episode 4 of Netflix's Love Alarm (JoAlarm). Robby has big snake experience and Michael has a real thing for Boris Karloff.
Class is in session! In honor of ATEEZ’s comeback, the ultimate Kpop Teacher, Ms. SaraG is back! In this lesson we learn all about the history of ATEEZ from KQ Fellas to today, about each of the members, and answers a very important question, just how many main dancers can one group have? To read the complete show notes, please visit the offici ...…
In this episode of Hallyujuku, the boys are back to discuss SuperM’s debut and their ambitious plans, the latest developments in MNet’s survival show controversies, and some more dunking on YG. All that, plus new tunes from ZICO, CLC, Dreamcatcher, and Se So Neon. Get in on it!By Petey Rave & Brandon Cooper.
Secret Boutique came out of nowhere and won over our makjang loving hearts. Come join The Fangirls as they share their latest guilty pleasure drama and why everyone should be watching with them. You can also find us on: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher Twitter – @amberkmuse @DramasKimchi @kimchidramageek @kdramaJen Facebook – https://www.fac ...…
We watched episode 3 of Netflix's Love Alarm. Robby sings a serial killer version of a Disney song, Michael recaps one of the Never Ending Story sequels, and we recorded this in the dark.
Thank you for tuning in for another episode of So Here's What Happened! After a mini hiatus, Carolyn and LaNeysha are back with a new episode where they discuss their top picks for August, which includes Wu Assassins, Ryuko Vol. 1, Netflix's newest romantic comedy Falling Inn Love, and much more!Top Reads Ryuko Vol.1 Top TV Shows Wu Assassins W ...…
Cherry’s back from her adventures in the post apocalypse, which means we’re back! It took us a minute to figure out where we left off, but turns out, A-Side, a little bit of what we’re watching, and some very exciting Kpop news! To read the complete show notes, please visit the official website.
The Fangirls finished Arthdal Chronicles and we could not wait to let off some steam, and tell you how we feel about the end that is not an end at all. If you're as upset as us, come join us for this special bonus episode, and hopefully you'll feel better when we're done. You can also find us on: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher Twitter – @a ...…
This month we grant a patron's request and do a fangirl stalking of Baby Oppa aka Yeo Jin Goo. Join us as we let you know which of his dramas you must watch ASAP and which ones you need to be a diehard fan to enjoy. To listen to this episode, and other previously released Patreon episodes, follow the link below to our Patreon page. We would lov ...…
We watched episode 2 of Netflix's Love Alarm (Joalarm). It's Spooky Time! We get extra spooky when Michael talks about The Conjuring universe and Robby makes up a lovely spooky time song.
Come join The Fangirls as they discuss the famous meme about which drama is going to save you if you are kidnapped. We take this and several other scenarios and have a bit of fun, kdrama style. You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas & People Mentioned Love and Destiny Sky Castle Moment of Eighteen Pinnocchio Designated Surv ...…
We watched episode 1 of Netflix's Love Alarm (Joalarm). Robby is shocked to see some man titties, Michael named everyone after Scooby Doo characters, and we're deeply unnerved by this premise.
In this episode of “Carolyn Talks…” she speaks with contemporary romance writer Rebekah Weatherspoon about creating stories about love, sex, romance and characters we wish were real.
HELLO! Today on our show we will be discussing Super M! Then reviewing Everglow Adios, Itzy Icy, CLC Devil and Red Velvets Umpah Umpah. As always a huge thank you to our patrons Gabby, Filmi Girl, David, Jorge, Melissa, Anna, Colin, Avery, Danielle, & Hanhna.By Jonny, Erika & Kimi.
Stephanie loves Molly. Molly loves Stephanie. Both Stephanie and Molly love The Rose and would really like to tell you all about their experience at the LA concert. Featuring military-like aggression, random squeeing, kpop concert lectures and Idol moments. To read the complete show notes, please visit the official website.…
School is back in session which makes us take a moment to reminisce about our favorite (and least favorite) high school kdramas. Come find out which dramas we would recommend as we play Marry, Kiss, & Dump the high school edition. You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas Mentioned School 2015 Heirs Boys Over Flowers Sassy Go ...…
We watched Oldboy with special guest London! Michael thinks this film is "too sad", Robby finally saw Cruel Intentions, and London keeps us focused on the most important thing: incest.
Stephanie and Cherry are super excited to meetup in person this weekend! Stephanie is excited to stand in line to wait for The Rose and, turns out, so is Trooper Molly! Stephanie and Cherry are also excited to talk about what they’re watching, both good and bad, old and new. Lesson learned? When you put your mind to it, you too can sit on a cou ...…
While at the Toronto Internation Film Festival (TIFF), Carolyn had the opportunity to speak with director Amy Jo Johnson about her new film Tammy's Always Dying, written by Joanne Sarazen Tammy's Always Dying is a Canadian entry in the Contemporary World Cinema Programme at TIFF19.
Join us in this Cozy Chat where we let our inner fangirl out and tell everyone why Melo is my Nature is one of the best dramas of the year! You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas Mentioned Melo is My Nature Be Melodramatic And if you have more questions that need answered, come chat with us on social media at the following ...…
We watched the final episode of Netflix's Abyss with special guest Kate! Kate comes in with zero context of the show so far and we attempt to fill her in while Robby takes us to Area 51 and Michael does Michael (again).
On this episode, we commemorate f(x)’s 10th anniversary by discussing the departures of almost all the members from SM Entertainment, we talk about Makestar stepping in to try to make good on Sonamoo’s 2017 project TS Entertainment seemingly abandoned, update you on the info on Bighit and Source’s “Global Girl Group Audition”, and give props to ...…
Youtubes, moving on, side salads, twins, house rules and more in the land of Hallyu. Join Cheryl (twitter.com/cherylfornia) and India (twitter.com/dramaversal) as they navigate the lovely and the ridiculous of Hallyu.You can like/follow/subscribe to us on Soundcloud, iTunes & Google Play. You can reach us on Facebook.com/DRAMAKANDY, Twitter.com ...…
This episode is brought to you from Stephanie’s closet, ie, the recording studio, the office, the home new of all her kpop regalia. This episode we’re talking about the weirdest things found in a Kpop CD, we wonder where all the flower boys have gone, discuss the best and worst way to divorce, read some listener emails and finish of finding out ...…
In this episode of “Carolyn Talks…” she speaks with actor Thom Allison about playing Pree, the mercenary turned bar owner with a heart of gold in the hit Sci-Fi series Killjoys.
This month The Fangirls discuss all those secondary actors who we think should be making the leap to leading lady/man stardom. Come find out who has caught our eye and see if you agree. To listen to this episode, and other previously released Patreon episodes, follow the link below to our Patreon page. We would love to have you join us for even ...…
We watched episode 15 of Netflix's Abyss. We fight about baristas, talk about Spiderman, and because of social awkwardness have to kill a man from a train.
Here is our review of Saturday of KCON LA 2019. We also go over our top 3 kcon concert moments from the past 5yrs. Thank you for your love and support :)By Jonny, Erika & Kimi.
And Cherry for the win! Or, should we say, Cherry’s new viewing set up for the win, as she’s watching dramas like gangbusters! Stealing the drama-watching crown like a villain. Let’s talk about what she’s watching and check in with Stephanie as she currently is binge-watching No Mercy, like she doesn’t know it ends all before breaking in with s ...…
Join The Fangirls as they battle it out over the current airing Romantic dramas. Come find out the intricate judging of various factors and who will become the ultimate winner. You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas Mentioned Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Hotel Del Luna And if you have more questions that need answered, co ...…
We watched episode 14 of Netflix's Abyss. Robby and Michael love Hee-Jin, hate Cha-Min, and just don't understand what the fuck is going on with this sweater.
This week, we discuss BTS getting a much needed and much deserved break, Chinese K-Pop stars parroting government propaganda, and a former Idol School contestant coming out as bi. All that, plus new tunes, including THE BOYZ, Red Velvet, ITZY, and more!By Record Breakers Crew.
Who knew that E-sports could create such a romantic backdrop for our adorable OTP? Come join us as we chat everything Go Go Squid. You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas Mentioned Go Go Squid And if you have more questions that need answered, come chat with us on social media at the following locations: Twitter – @amberkmus ...…
We watched episode 1 of Netflix's Abyss. Robby introduces us to the studio ready butt scrub and Michael thinks you should just rub old coffee grounds in your ass.
In this episode of "Carolyn Talks..." she speaks with actor Sean Baek about his role as mercenary - and in her opinion softy at heart - Fancy Lee on Killjoys, and his experience being on stage and television.
Welcome to part 2 of our patron episode. This week we will be discussing Gabby’s request of Eden - Suffering for Love, Colin’s request of Swincle - Shake your Body, and Jorge’s pick for Urban Zakapa ft Beenzino- Thursday Night. Huge thank you to all of our Patrons Gabby, Colin, Filmi Girl Kara, Anna, Avery, Danielle, David, Jorge, Melissa, and ...…
Special trip, special episode! LizC, Cherry Cordial and I hang out in LA for a packed K-overnight! We are wowed at the Monsta X concert despite Kihyun’s broken rib and LizC’s desire to rally a fan chant. We’re then both wowed and not so wowed by the BTS exhibit. You know, before LizC almost gets herself kicked out. (Though we’d put our money on ...…
So many dramas and so little time. Or should I really say, so little sleep? Come find out what The Fangirls are watching and see if there are any shows that you have to watch. You can also find us at: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Dramas Mentioned Hotel del Luna Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung My first first Love Mr. Temporary Watchers Doctor John ...…
We watched episode 12 of Netflix's Abyss. Michael reveals why she carries a giant cello case with her and Robby takes us to a digital world to battle with digital sex monsters.
In this episode of "Carolyn Talks..." she speaks with Costume Designer Trysha Bakker on the last day of filming for season 5, about creating intergalactic fashion for the characters of hit sci-fi show Killjoys and her career in the film and television industry.
The beginning of the end...Join Cheryl (twitter.com/cherylfornia) and India (twitter.com/dramaversal) as they navigate the lovely and the ridiculous of Hallyu. You can like/follow/subscribe to us on Soundcloud, iTunes & Google Play. You can reach us on Facebook.com/DRAMAKANDY, Twitter.com/DRAMAKANDY, and DRAMAKANDY@GMAIL (tell us if you want to ...…
As it’s been a not so hot minute, we’re revisiting some newsy topics: stuff that makes Stephanie go oooohhh, the SM Supergroup, surprising Lee Seung Gyun news, talk about how Four Wheeled Restaurant can’t seem to catch a break, OMG AMOG, and then delve into just how deep we’ve sunk into Kpop. To read the complete show notes, please visit the of ...…
On this edition of Talks, Petey & Kaz sit down to discuss the upcoming super group from SM known as SuperM. Will this bold strategy be able to challenge BTS’ throne?By Petey Rave & Brandon Cooper.
While at San Diego Comic-Con, Carolyn had the opportunity to speak with Anvar about his role, shooting on location in various cities around the world, and what starring in a film like The Operative in this current political climate, is like.
It is time for Kdrama Jen & Kmuse to share why you should be watching some serious Sageuks. And just to make it easy, they share their favorites that you can start ASAP. To listen to this episode, and other previously released Patreon episodes, follow the link below to our Patreon page. We would love to have you join us for even more drama chat ...…
We watched episode 11 of Netflix's Abyss. Robby falls in love with an old timey gangster and Michael doesn't trust the eyebrows or the man attached to them.
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