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Podcast by Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield
Eelke Kleijn's Upcoming GigsThu 24 May, 18 Former Sugar Union Terrain, Groningen, NetherlandsSat 26 May, 18 Moin, Hamburg, GermanyFri 08 Jun, 18 Radio 1, Hilversum, NetherlandsFri 22 Jun, 18 Terra Solstice, Negev District, IsraelSee the full listing here by GigaToolsBookings North America / Mexico: paul@spinartistagency.comBookings Latin America: ian@analog-a.comBookings Rest of World:
Our Mission: To Hear Christ's Word, preach His Word, Live His Word, and share His Word!
Depakine y Macharley72 haciendo de las suyas
Love + Radio
Nick van der Kolk’s Love and Radio features in-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews with an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. Get inside the mind of a rogue taxidermist. Find out what it’s like to experience a stroke firsthand. Or spend time with an artist who gives away her life savings every night. You’ve never heard anything like it before. Love+Radio is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at
Welcome to the KELS podcast, where amazing things happen.
Cyberpunk afficionado, tech editor.
Some of the best of the historic Grown n' Sexy Soul Mix Podcast by DJ KEL-WIN! Download NEW AND ALL DJ KEL-WIN! Mixes at
Crazy Gone Love
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The call of God has less to do with cultural engagement and more to do with the Church, being the Church. Introduction to 1 Corinthians
Former PGA TOUR Champion Steve Elkington and Scottish host Diane Knox team up to bring you the latest from the world of golf.
Former PGA TOUR Champion Steve Elkington and Scottish host Diane Knox team up to bring you the latest from the world of golf.
Grote Kerk
Cortgene 8, Alblasserdam
Real Estate Training for Agents on Prospecting (Getting Leads), Listing, Selling, Buyers, Getting Referrals and More!
Hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Kelo G recognized his interest in the DJ scene at an early age. As time progressed, he has focused on developing his gift, with professional training as a DJ/ radio announcer/ master of ceremonies/ host, graduating from both the Institute of Broadcasting Careers (IBC) and the Oral Communication Institute (OCI). With age, his vision grew… In 2009, he established his own company, Global NTT. Kelo G’s skill transcends the boundaries ...
Pastor Phil Ballmaier concluded the series on the Book of Genesis. In the Hebrew, Genesis translates as ‘Bereshith’ or beginnings. As we explore the life of the first man, Adam and his descendants we uncover a multitude of rich history.
What two women (with a whacked sense of life) would talk about while having drinks.
Kelt Wizzel
This is just an intro about me.. (keltwizzel)
The Book of Exodus is the continuation of the Book of Genesis which is why the Hebrew text begins with the word “And”.The word ‘exodus’ means exit, and the theme of the book is deliverance.
Pastor Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove has just completed the entire Gospel of Matthew Sermon Series. All messages can be found here.
Killa Kela Podcast
Podcast by Killa Kela
Kell's Watch & Tell
The podcast where I watch stuff and tell you what I think.
Welcome to We are a combination of an on air radio show at KTLK AM 1130, Minneapolis, MN and our online and on demand “business reference library” of over 100 interviews with business advisors, in podcast format. Our mission is to help business owners to: increase enterprise value, improve profitability, control expenses and formulate an exit strategy for the business.
Port Kells Church
Port Kells Church
Victorious Christian LivingA Journey Through the Book of JoshuaPastor Phil Ballmaier journeys through the Book of Joshua in a series he's entitled, "Victorious Christian Living." This series is a vital resource for all those who have chosen to foll
Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered is a podcast covering hunting politics, public lands, and conservation topics; even a few things you didn’t need to know. The best hunters you’ve never heard of join Randy to answer questions from the Hunt Talk web forum, share ideas, reveal tactics, and give perspectives unique to public land hunting.
Glory 2 Glory (G2G) Is the radio ministry of "Calvary Chapel Of The Harbour" G2G is a verse by verse bible teaching radio show tougt by Pastor Joe Pedick Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel of the Harbour
Elk Horn Baptist Church
Yinmbla, Hadamadenw foli nioko ko kodonw, silameya be lazuli ke kata bara ni hala la yini man, barakelaw ka hake dibaliya kololow, niemoko ka hake bara kela kan.
Brad Kells' Podcast
An Audio only Podcast to accompany my Video DJ setsFor more info go to - or
West Elk Word
The West Elk Word covers current and public affairs throughout the Gunnison Valley: from news and notes, people, places, music and the arts, recreation, mountain culture and everything Gunnison Valley. The West Elk Word can be heard live most Saturdays at noon MT on 90.3 KBUT Crested Butte, CO or streamed worldwide from Thanks for listening!
Pointing People to Life in Jesus
Kelly Dean is a hard-working musician living in the Houston, TX area. When he's not working, what does he like to do for fun?...he likes to play music. This podcast contains recordings done in his garage, sometimes solo, sometimes with friends joining in. Send Kel your request, and he just might record it for you!
EG Kerk Pretoria Oos's Podcast featuring speaker Ds Johan Botha
Elks Kids Podcast
D.A.P. - Helping Build Stronger Communities
New Beginnings celebrates the courage, wisdom and creativity of people creating change . We explore change both welcome and unwelcome and how it causes people to shift and pivot in these new experiences. Join Karen and her guests as they discuss topics in the worlds of business, education, health, and the arts.
Kela will work out, investigate fitness regimes and speak to health experts in an effort to change her lifestyle. And she'll sweat!
Follow EGBC's Bible-based expository sermons here as we journey through the Word step by step.
Pastor Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove begins the New Testament Book of James. The James who wrote the epistle that bears his name is regarded by most, if not all evangelicals, to be James the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ. James was n
Elk Horn Baptist Church is located in the heart of Kentucky in a city called Campbellsville. We are a Soul-Winning, Life-Changing Church. For more information about Elk Horn please visit our website at
Dusukuna siri Be Bara sara Boyan, Abe Bara Barika Heli Na dokoyora, Aba to Ibe Bara sara soro Heli Nima A barake, Abe Itanka kabo Cheitana ka Malasali Ma.
Sunday MorningsDay By Day, the outreach teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove. May these study tools help you to grow in Christ, Day by Day.
Gateway Church - Elk Creek Campus
Through systematic Bible preaching, Elk Grove Bible Church Pastor Jon Mroos dives into the Word in ways that will transform your life.
Messages by Central's Pastors and Ministry Staff
Podcast by FBC Elk City
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This week we're chatting with our podfam! Carlene and Jill from one of our favourite podcasts, Breaking Beauty, dropped by the pod to tell us all about their beauty stories, their top products and drop some sweet Canadian knowledge on their favourite homegrown brands.We've been trying out all the latest on launches from Hourglass, Fenty, Glossi ...…
in Melanie's own words... The best conversations often happen over coffee. Melanie Scroggins is the host and producer of the Over Coffee podcast where she digs deep to uncover helpful insights for living life more intentionally. Each episode, Melanie invites inspiring people with genuine stories, in-depth knowledge, and first-hand experience on ...…
It’s a shame that Great Balls of Fire was actually a really fun show because that means it’ll be back next year. Samoa Joe came incredibly close to beating Brock Lesnar and winning the Universal Title… but he still lost. Now him and Roman Reigns are jockeying for the next shot at Lesnar for Summerslam. What’s the best path going forward? We’ll ...…
The latest foundation launches from Natasha Denona, Tarte and Benefit Cosmetics while the main feature shines a light on all that is great and good in the drugstore and on the high street – bargain hunters rejoice! We’ve also got the first ever Full Coverage giveaway so remember to check us out on Twitter @FullCoveragePod for your chance to win ...…
WWE has got us incredibly excited for Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar! Paul Heyman has done his job to sell the match as the dream encounter that it is and we can’t wait to go along for the ride. Plus, Smackdown’s tag and women’s divisions are both so much fun right now. Hopefully that rubs off on RAW soon? And Danielle finally gets to talk about Lu ...…
Jenna Moffat is the Co-founder of Clickability, a rating and review website for disability services that is best likened to Trip Advisor. Needless to say Jenna has a passion for social change which saw her starting her career as a carer and then social worker. Jenna was drawn to working with people with disability however quickly became frustra ...…
This week we've gone from live in Las Vegas to hiding in the brewcave... can we still hold it together while surrounded by beer? Seems unlikely. As well as reviewing new product launches of Urban Decay and Kate Somerville, we're sharing our highlights of the week and discussing the skincare and beauty lessons we learned (or failed to learn) fro ...…
We’re tagging in Lindsey Kelk to talk with us about the last show before WWE’s big PPV weekend! And while Smackdown didn’t have that much happening, how can you not love the Usos and Breezango constantly putting together brilliant promos? But we’ll explain why that’s good… and a potential problem for the tag team scene. And Braun Strowman is of ...…
This week, the team is joined by comedian and podcaster, Hannibal Buress to take a special look at the music of Triple H! From his early WWF days as Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the modern King of Kings, we promise you’ll never hear his music the same way again. Plus, Nation of Conversation will still break down all the news of the week. That incl ...…
On this episode, we're live from Las Vegas and we're tackling the big stuff - reviewing new products, recovering from Magic Mike Live and getting into it on Feminism. Can you be a beauty lover and a feminist? Are loving makeup and fighting for equal rights for women mutually exclusive interests? We're also sharing our thoughts a bunch of new pr ...…
New foundations from The Ordinary and the dangers of dupes - where should the beauty industry draw the line between 'inspired by' products and straight-up rip offs. And more importantly, do consumers really care?We also share all the new news and chat about our current favourite products in the Highlight of the Week.The Ordinary Colours @ TheOr ...…
HOW SHOOK ARE YOU?! Thanks to the Superstar Shake-up, let’s say very! So many wrestlers have switched shows, including guys who elevated themselves in the last year like The Miz, Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte and more. But was this the best thing to do, especially when the brand split is less than a year old? We’ll take a look. Plus, Brau ...…
On this episode, Lindsey outs herself as a pro-wrestling fan and chats to former WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss, about her favourite products and Harry gives us the lowdown on how to make your makeup last.We also share all the new news, answer listeners' questions and shout (literally) about our current favourite products in the Hi ...…
As a thank you for making our first Max Fun Drive such a great success, we're happy to provide you with this special BONUS episode of Tights and Fights. Julian Burrell, producer of the show, chats with Charlotte Wilder. She recently wrote an article for SB Nation detailing her experience of watching Wrestlemania as a complete wrestling outsider ...…
Happy Max Fun Drive finale week! And HAPPY WRESTLEMANIA! This week our show is dedicated to the show of shows. Wrestlemania 33 starts this Sunday for a 57-hour wrestling extravaganza! We’re gonna take a look at some of the biggest matches on the card. We’ve got the RAW Women’s match between Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Nia Jax which ...…
In this episode, we're talking about the latest gym makeup trend - why are so many people suddenly wearing makeup to work out and are the new athleisure products hitting the market actually any good? There's also some new product news from Estée Lauder and Ciaté London and as always, our top three Highlights of the Week.Products discussed in th ...…
Happy Max Fun Drive! be sure to donate to show us how important Tights and Fights is to you at It’s not paranoia! It’s the USOS! Now that they’ve become three-time tag team champions after defeating American Alpha, what’s next for the Usos? Can they rebuild the Smackdown tag team division? Plus: what needs to happen betwe ...…
So… Fast Lane. It wasn’t the best-received show in recent memory, but it did give us plenty to discuss as we head into the last few weeks before Wrestlemania. Goldberg is now the WWE Universal Champion. But what does this mean for Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? Does this take the wind out of their scheduled match, even if it is for the U.S. Tit ...…
Welcome to Full Coverage! A podcast for beauty addicts, by beauty addicts. Join pro make-up artist, Harriet Hadfield and author, Lindsey Kelk as they discuss everything happening in the world of beauty.On this episode, we join the pair for an introductory chat about how they got started in the world of beauty shenanigans, discuss how much highl ...…
In this weeks show we discuss Darrens work situation, his love for State of Decay as well as his joy at his new desk. Meanwhile Lee recounts flying indoors and warns the world about his impending cooker repair and car film challenge from Mr Pete Kelk! Then after a bit of “aggressively meh” news, the guys throw in on the E3 announcement about th ...…
"The Aldrich Family" - January 22, 1942. Henry has forgotten to bring home the ginger ale...or has he? Henry is taking Loretta to the dance. Ezra Stone stars as Henry, with Jackie Kelk as Homer.
Mike Eagle is out for the week, but we’ve got another Chicagoan stepping in in his stead: Mira Waters from the website Fight Booth. The team discusses Wrestle Kingdom 11 and why it hopefully set the tone for a great year of wrestling. And yes, they’ll talk about that great main event for the IWGP Championship. Plus, while Smackdown’s women’s ti ...…
Featuring: comedian Catherine Bohart - author Lindsey Kelk - presented by Malcolm Powder -'Smorgasbord Theme' written and produced by Mr Brown - https://westaytrue. ...…
I Used to Scream at Things Podcast Episode 4 - with Janniko Kelk & Jasmine VinkThis week for episode 4 I chat with Jannico and Jasmine about their love for reptiles and photographing them. We also talk dangers on the road and travel!
On this episode of ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast: we talk about the release of the Star Raiders source code, how to set up an Atari club of your own, and lust over the 1400XL and 815 dual floppy drive. Don’t forget, we have a contest going this month! Whoever transcribes the most ANTIC interviews from 11/1/15 to 11/30/15 will win a Defender car ...…
In this episode, Andy Kelk looks at diversity in technology companies – why it’s important and what organisations can do to get a more diverse workforce. You can also read a transcript of episode 7. Featuring contributions from: Cyan Ta’eed Cyan is co-founder and executive director of online marketplace Envato. Cyan is passionate about gender d ...…
Australian writers on #WhereIWrite, the ethics of branded content marketing, famous authors who were rejected by publishers, the superpower all published writers have (and you can have too!), Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on art, a street map made up of book titles, everything you wanted to know about blogging as a career, the book "Who said t ...…
Australian writers on #WhereIWrite, the ethics of branded content marketing, famous authors who were rejected by publishers, the superpower all published writers have (and you can have too!), Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on art, a street map made up of book titles, everything you wanted to know about blogging as a career, the book "Who said t ...…
In this episode, Andy Kelk looks at innovation – how are smart companies creating new ideas and getting everyone involved? You can also read a transcript of episode 6. Featuring contributions from: Alex Stokes Alex has over 17 years experience in IT software delivery and specialises in Agile adoption and organisational transformation. She has w ...…
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