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“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are,” said Anais Nin, the subject of the film Henry and June, the world’s most prolific diarist and the writer of bestselling erotica, who left behind a legacy that continues to unfold. The Anais Nin Podcast will reveal the unknown aspects of this provocative and fascinating writer’s life and work.
The Thin Place
Hosts Kenneth R. Morefield and Todd C. Truffin discuss themes of religion, faith, and spirituality in film.
Dads Pad Radio
With over 24 years of community development experience, Braswell is the executive director of Fathers Incorporated, a company he formed in 2004. Since its inception, the agency's main focus has been on the development of support services for fathers through the capacity building of not-for-profit organizations and education of the broader public, to include policy makers, government, business, faith-based and philanthropists. In 2011, Braswell changed the agency's mission to become the numbe ...
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Paul Herron discusses the origins of A Café in Space: The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal, and the anthology, which has just been published.
Paul Herron discusses how incest influenced Anaïs Nin's life and work
Paul Herron discusses how a letter to Anaïs Nin from her father inspired a search for a stunning portrait by Natashia Troubetskoia.
Los Angeles poet Steven Reigns interviews Evelyn Hinz's widower, John Teunissen about why Hinz's biography never appeared.
California artist and researcher discusses the lives of Anaïs Nin's enigmatic lover Gonzalo Moré and his dancer wife Helba Huara.
Fatherhood is driving a hugely diverse conversation. Heather Mac Donald Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. She is a recipient of the 2005 Bradley Prize. Mac Donald’s work at City Journal has covered a range of topics, including higher education, immigration, pol ...…
Author Britt Arenander discusses her new book, Anaïs Nin's Lost World, Paris in Words and Pictures, 1924-1939
Paul Herron discusses the history of journals dedicated to Anaïs Nin, from Under the Sign of Pisces to A Cafe in Space
Thurlow Holmes narrates Anaïs Nin’s Auletris for a new audiobook and describes the experience
Paul Herron, the editor of Trapeze: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1947-1955, explains the contents and impact of this new release.
Costume Society of America (CSA) Stella Blum grant recipient Gwendolyn Michel discusses Anais Nin’s penchant for clothing, interior design and perfume.
An in-depth look at the publishing history and future of Anaïs Nin’s diaries, including the original series, the early diaries, and the unexpurgated diaries.
Anais Nin's unpublished 1965 diary presents behind the scenes revelations about the battle to include Henry Miller, Rebecca West and Nin's cousin Eduado in her first published diary.
The story of how Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, made Anaïs Nin’s Auletris: Erotica invisible to would-be readers.
A panel of experts—Rose Caraway, Anaín Bjorkquist, Lana Fox, and Jessica Gilbey—discuss the release of Auletris, the new Anaïs Nin erotica collection.
The story of how an unknown collection of Anaïs Nin erotica was lost for nearly 70 years and then rediscovered.
Anaïs Nin’s niece, Gayle Nin Rosenkrantz, reveals what it was like to be in the fascinating and complicated Nin family.
Los Angeles composer Cindy Shapiro discusses a new stage production based on the diaries of Anaïs Nin.
Alex McKee subs in for Todd to discuss whether or not one has to know the Entourage television show to like the movie He and Ken also discuss the ethics of nudity and violence in film and whether Entourage satirizes or glorifies the Hollywood lifestyle
Todd and Ken discuss Yasujiro Ozus Tokyo Story Is the film compassionate towards its characters Does it blame one generation more than the other for the deterioration of family Does the film lament the breakdown of the extended family or merely document it Ken questions whether there is an ideal organization of extended families and whether our ...…
On the road at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival Ken and Todd report back on the documentary The Jones Family Will Make a WayThe film chronicles the unlikely alliance between an AfricanAmerican family of gospel singers and the white secular rock critic who loves their musicTodd likes the Jones Family Singers but questions the films narrative frame wh ...…
Todd and Ken are back for the last podcast of the year and they are looking at John Michael McDonaghs Calvary The film was recently honored by the 2014 Arts amp Faith Ecumenical Jury as one of the ten best of the year so why are the hosts a bit cooler towards itThe discussion examines issues such as corporate guilt and why no human character ca ...…
Antoine Fuqua directs Denzel Washington in The Equalizer Ken and cohost Todd Truffin examine the film and question whether violence even in the service of justice can ever be practiced without a psychic and spiritual toll Is it okay to hate the wicked To celebrate their downfall If so when And what are the spiritual dangers of doing so…
Do you believe in karma Why did Shep Gordon beg John Lennon to have his picture taken with Anne Murray Who created the celebrity chef What really happened the night Alice Cooper didnt bite the head off of a chicken And can anyone just drop in at Sheps home in Maui Ken and Todd discuss Mike Myerss endearing perhaps too endearing portrait of the ...…
Luc Bessons Lucy stars Scarlett Johansson as a woman who is exposed to a new synthetic drug that allows her to access more and more of her brain Does the drug give her godlike powers or is the film suggesting that she actually becomes God And what does Lucys transformation say about the way we conceive God Lucy is a summer popcorn movie to be s ...…
As the World Cup draws to a close Ken and Todd discuss one of the best films ever made about our obsession with sports What is the difference between enthusiasm and obsession At what point does a central preoccupation become idolatrous Is the film postmodern And what does any of this have to do with the book of Ecclesiastes…
Back after a hiatus Ken and Todd discuss Doug Limans scifi film The Edge of Tomorrow Why is the way violence is represented in the film particularly disturbing Are we intended to laugh at it And why does Todd say the movie reminded him of watching someone play a video game
Just in time for the Academy Awards Ken and Todd look at one of the nominees Stephen Frearss Philomena How does the film depict its protagonists Roman Catholicism and what can those outside that denomination learn from her example
Ken and Todd talk about depictions of Wall Street in Oliver Stones film of the same name and more recently in Martin Scorseses The Wolf of Wall Street What does Stones dedication tell us about which character is the moral center Does Bud Fox look into the abyss or dive in head first How does Jordan Belfort compare to Gordon Gekko and how does t ...…
Todd and Ken examine 12 Years a Slave Is God absent from the world of slavery Are there contemporary lessons or themes to be drawn from this historical drama Why is the singing of Roll Jordan the most important scene
Todd and Ken take a look at Ernst Lubitschs To Be or Not to Be Should some topics be off limits for comedy What line did even Lubitschs team fear went too far Who is the films real villain Hint its not the Nazis What films today make us similarly uneasy and what can we learn from films that disquiet us…
Ken and Todd discuss Guillermo del Toros horror film that has recently received the Criterion treatment What is the difference between horror and Gothic When is violence tragic rather than just shocking How does belief in the curse unite the materialist and the spiritually minded
Ken and Todd are back and they are discussing one of this falls most anticipated films Gravity Is it a thriller or a drama What do we mean when we call something a good film Is it well made or effective And can the hosts avoid the implication that for a Christian content is more important than technique when judging a film…
Todd and Ken discuss Vittorio De Sicas poignant saga of an aged pensioner trying to avoid eviction What are the differences between empathy and pity and which does the film invoke Is Umberto D unlikable
Peter Waldron drops in on The Thin Place to sub for the vacationing Todd and to render Ken momentarily speechless with his take on one of the more iconic climactic moments in Hollywood history Does Ethan Edwards have a redemptive moment Does he need one
Ken and Todd look at the original pacific rim monster and compare the theme of sacrifice in Gojira to that presented in modern disaster films
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