Best Kephas podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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Geek Bebop
Geeks talking about geeky things and having fun doing it!
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The geel bebop crew talks about geekdoms, growing up with them, and how this impacted their lives. Shownotes coming soonBy (Alludra, Kephas, and Lanctharus).
Show Intro: Quick recap of what we have been up to lately. Alludra, it’s finally summer! I graduated! and I lost the first draft of this show! WOOO! Kephas: Lots of Diablo 3. Lanc: Playing Diablo 3, EvE Online and shopping around for motorcycles. Just got my college transfer application confirmation so Yay! Now I just need to figure out the who ...…
Alludra, Kephas, and Lanctharus discuss their new obsession, Diablo 3 and their history with the franchise!By (Alludra, Kephas, and Lanctharus).
Show 0! This is who we are and here is what we want to do!By (Alludra, Kephas, and Lanctharus).
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