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KGO 810 Podcast
the Next Generation of Conversation!
Ronn Owens has had the top-rated program with KGO 810 for over 35 years. In that time he has had thousands of guests in the hot seat, including President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steve Martin, Condoleezza Rice, Benjamin Netanyahu, John McCain, Eliot Spitzer, Joe Montana, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Carter, Willie Mays, Secretaries of State, CIA Directors and community leaders.As a versatile talk host and author, Ronn covers everything from politics to pop culture, and his show has been called the ...
Brian Copeland
Copeland got his big break at KGO with his spot-on impression of overnight host Ray Taliaferro. Now he hosts his own show where he discusses the day’s issues, popular culture and whatever topic he thinks will captivate listeners.
the Next Generation of Conversation!
the Next Generation of Conversation!
Ethan Bearman emerged as the voice of Gen X from the frozen winters and mosquito filled summers of Minnesota with an ever curious eye for the world. Globetrotter, nerd, geek, spelling bee champ, avid reader of encyclopedias, entrepreneur, student, husband and father, Ethan moves from pop culture to other cultures, finance to family, cooking to corking, and entertainment to the circus of politics.Author and frequent guest on national television, he’s an independent voice with distinctive ener ...
The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
Dr. Drew Pinsky partners with Lauren Sivan in hosting Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan on Talk Radio 790/KABC in Los Angeles and on KGO 810 in San Francisco. Dr. Drew isn’t just a celebrity doctor… he is the face and authority of medical views and advice in the media. The longtime syndicated late night host of Loveline gained major attention and celebrity after starring on his own VH1 show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and continued his successful television run with Dr. Drew on Call ...
the Next Generation of Conversation!
Veteran radio reporter/storyteller Peter Finch and his friends hit the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond) looking for interesting stories to tell.
the Next Generation of Conversation!
the Next Generation of Conversation!
Every Friday from 5-7pm PST radio hosts Donn Dabney, Jamie Waterman and Rick Miron Guys@5 interview celebrities, authors and other interesting iconic figures! Visit for more info!
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Chip and Nikki take your calls about the fires, the causes, and stories of survival.
Chip talks with KGO Political Analyst Gary Dietrich about the politics behind the fire response at both ends of the state
Chip & Nikki talk the latest with CNN’s efforts to get Jim acosta’s press pass restored at the White House.
More Americans are moving to Canada and seeking Asylum in the Trump era, Chip talks about it.
Chip talks about the appointment of Matt Whitaker to lead the DOJ on an interim basis and how long he could be overseeing Justice before a new A-G is approved.
Attorney David Katz from Beverly Hills, joins Chip to talk about the arrest of Attorney Michael Avenatti on domestic violence charges.
Chip and Nikki talk to callers about whether they have ever seen smoke this bad in the Bay Area before and whether it will change their view of living in California.
ABC News meteorologist Spencer Christian joins Chip to talk about whether wind or rain is on the way to provide some needed smoke and fire relief.
Risa Johnson with the Chico Enterprise-Recorder and Oroville Mercury-Register talks to chip about how the Campfire is impacting the communities where she lives and works.
Karel wants to remind you, Holidays are fun. Life can be, as well. And, traveling with a service animal, or pet, or should there be a difference? Listen in to this impassioned show.
Political colsultant Arick Weirson discusses his CNN piece looking ahead to 2020
Political colsultant Arick Weirson discusses his CNN piece looking ahead to 2020
Climate adaptation reporter for Bloomberg News Christopher Flavelle joins Ethan... and listeners weigh in
Climate adaptation reporter for Bloomberg News Christopher Flavelle joins Ethan... and listeners weigh in
With Jason Middleton of KGO's Techonomics
With Jason Middleton of KGO's Techonomics
By Jason Middleton Technology, being the amoral beast that it is, can be a mixed bag of progress and digression. Digital technology, especially when applied to our work lives, can be alienating and even lead to loneliness. The more friends we have at work, the happier we are -- and the longer we stay with the company. That's proven data from Fu ...…
Chip and Nikki take calls about privatized firefighting and whether this is good or bad for society.
Chip speaks with the Washington Post's Marc Fisher about a senior cabinet member's ousting from the Trump administration at the behest of the first lady.
Chip talks with James Nirekirk about Fox New's surprising decision to support CNN's lawsuit of the Trump administration, due to the revocation of Jim Acosta's press pass.
Chip and Nikki discuss whether Amazon's new headquarters in Queens, New York will be good or bad for society and economy in the US's largest city, as well as revive the age-old debate of whether large corporations are entitled to the tax breaks they receive.
Chip talks about the new "active shooter industrial complex" that creates products designed to protect people, particularly children, from mass shooters.
Chip talks with Washington Post reporter Phillip Bump about Trump's bogus claim that people need identification to buy cereal while voting fraud is as easy to commit as wearing a different hat.
Chip and Nikki discuss the pros and cons of living in California amid the risks that climate change poses to citizens of the state. In addition, they talk to Sam Staton of the Sacramento Bee about what the government will have to do protect people and their property.
More news has Karel's nerves raw, and from it, come some deep understandings and truths.
With Melody Gutierrez of the San Francisco Chronicle
With Melody Gutierrez of the San Francisco Chronicle
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