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The guy at the Judo Championships who got DQ'd after his cellphone fell out of his gi while locked in competition!By 92.9 KISM.
People in Puyallup were lined up around the block this morning for the grand opening of a Golden Corral. We thought this to be a good time to get familiar with the GC!By 92.9 KISM.
A 63 yr old farmer from Nebraska got his leg caught in an auger and realized the only way he was gonna live was to use his pocketknife to cut off his lower leg!By 92.9 KISM.
We met Scott in Stanwood yesterday because he wanted to sign up for the concert ticket give away! Turns out Scott has at least 189 different bands inked on his arm!By 92.9 KISM.
Customs busted a man with all kinds of reptiles because he was "walking funny"...a man got body slammed after he stole a parking spot from a professional wrestler...and someone stole a Ryder truck full of caskets!By 92.9 KISM.
Chicago police are warning people about "zombie raccoons"...a man stole a rare Ferrari while out on a test drive...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
Tim Conway is dead...Roger Daltrey of The Who ripped a guy for smoking pot in the front row...and Eric Clapton covered Prince in concert!By 92.9 KISM.
The man who had his car stolen...but lied and told police his 3 yr old daughter was inside the car so the cops would search harder for the car!By 92.9 KISM.
We have the transcripts from the pilots of Naval Air Station Whidbey who used their jet contrails to form a giant penis in the sky!By 92.9 KISM.
Inspired by yesterday's 9:30 Knucklehead who was landing a helicopter in his backyard....we ask for other unbelievable stories about your neighbors!By 92.9 KISM.
All the knowledge you need to know before you step into that next public bathroom!By 92.9 KISM.
More calls and emails about dealing with an octopus!By 92.9 KISM.
A man lied & told police his daughter was in his car that got carjacked so they would find his car faster...some cities are trying a new system that lets the public use their smartphones to take a picture and issue parking tix...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
Parents installed security cameras around the house to stop their teenager from masturbating...a woman found out what happens when you Facebook taunt police...and a man got busted for playing basketball naked!By 92.9 KISM.
There is a push by fans to get Joe Walsh into the Rock HOF...Felicity Huffman may get 4 months in prison for the college admissions scandal...and...did Bruce Springsteen inspire one of Robert DeNiro's most famous movie lines!?By 92.9 KISM.
The man who upset the cops and his nearby neighbors by taking off and landing several times in his helicopter!By 92.9 KISM.
A video blogger accepted a challenge to livestream her trying to eat a live octopus and did not go well for her face!By 92.9 KISM.
We had an animals attack story about a woman who tried to eat a live octopus and it didn't go well. Several calls followed with people sharing how strong and how difficult an octopus can be!By 92.9 KISM.
There is a plastic surgeon in Florida who specializes in breast enhancements but several clients have only given him 1 star reviews!By 92.9 KISM.
This year's version of the island hopping bear started on Whidbey...moved to Fidalgo and now has made an appearance on Orcas!By 92.9 KISM.
A man is trouble for doing multiple take off and landings with a helicopter in his neighborhood...a 70 yr old man was going 100 mph while he sat on the sunroof...and a senior prank went too far!By 92.9 KISM.
A crazy woman at Burger King had 7 syringes of dope in her lady parts...a 65 yr old man in a Speedo asked cops if they wanted to smoke weed with him...and stinky fruit caused a school evacuation!By 92.9 KISM.
Reports say Mick Jagger is 100%...Doris day is dead at 97...Peggy Lipton from the Mod Squad is dead at 72...and G-N-R are suing a brewery!By 92.9 KISM.
The Indian Navy for launching their new 3 billion dollar submarine before they closed all the hatches! It flooded and the damages were extensive!By 92.9 KISM.
This morning Stacy in Kodiak Alaska told us about last Saturday when a bald eagle crashed through her living room window!By 92.9 KISM.
The 9:30 Knucklehead for the month of April was a man who sued his parents for throwing away his huge porn collection. Listener John then called to tell us about the biggest porn collection he had ever seen!By 92.9 KISM.
Is Washington state still #1 in the BPRI?? The Bigfoot Power Ranking Index for 2019?? Find out here!By 92.9 KISM.
If you want to summit Kilimanjaro but aren't into the whole hiking up a mountain thing....this may be for you!By 92.9 KISM.
A guy went to the police station to claim his backpack full of meth...a man might lose his house because he didn't cut his grass...and that time they started showing a porno at Bingo!By 92.9 KISM.
A crazy man held the Terminix guy hostage...a dad thought it would be funny to joke about selling his son at a pawn shop...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
The Bob Seger show has been rescheduled for September 21st...Alex Trebek talks about how much pain he has been in lately...and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom star Jim Fowler is dead!By 92.9 KISM.
The Indian Navy for launching it's new 3 billion dollar nuclear submarine and forgetting to close an exterior hatch! It got flooded!By 92.9 KISM.
It's the 50th anniversary of Woodstock this summer and there is a 38 CD boxed set coming out that includes EVERYTHING! All the music plus all the on stage announcements about bad acid!By 92.9 KISM.
A man in Florida was arrested after he refused to remove an offensive sticker from his truck and B&J saw a questionable T-shirt yesterday at the airport!By 92.9 KISM.
Someone forgot to close the hatch on India's new 3 billion dollar submarine...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
A man got bitten in the face by a snake at his friend's front door...a drunk guy passed out in a fire truck after stealing it for a joyride...and there was chaos after a man was seen using a bong shaped like an AR-15!By 92.9 KISM.
The Who began their latest tour last night (a peek at the set list)...there's a 38 CD boxed set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock...and the real story behind Foreigner's Juke Box Hero!By 92.9 KISM.
The drunk who crashed into a police cruiser while on a riding lawnmower that was towing a trailer full of beer!By 92.9 KISM.
Billy Joel told Rolling Stone magazine he didn't think his life was worthy of a big time Queen style movie...we disagreed. Then we went through a list of our artists wondering if those bands were worthy of the big screen treatment!By 92.9 KISM.
We go through a good part of the 2nd half of our artist playlist and give a YES or NO on whether a box office movie should be made about that band!By 92.9 KISM.
An MLB game was suspended for 18 minutes after a huge swarm of bees invaded the Cincinnati Reds ballpark!By 92.9 KISM.
A man needed rescuing after getting his drone stuck in a tree...a man created a homemade bomb full of dog poop to get revenge on a friend...and a woman admitted to cops that she had an alligator in her yoga pants!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman got arrested at the CIA for demanding to see "Agent Penis"...a guy robbed 8 Chinese restaurants in 2 days...and a man drunkenly crashed his riding lawnmower into a cop car!By 92.9 KISM.
Game of Thrones addressed the coffee cup that was mistakenly left in last week's episode...The daughter of Phil Collins talks about her role in the Ted Bundy movie...and former Stones bassist Bill Wyman talks about the teenager he was married to back in the day!By 92.9 KISM.
The eye doctor who operated on the wrong eye before trying to make it good and operated on a woman's other eye without any anesthesia!By 92.9 KISM.
Bizarre stories from the medical we read about a man who swallowed one of his ear buds while he was sleeping and it was still playing music. It still worked even after he had passed the little headphone bud!By 92.9 KISM.
Painful, scary, strange, knuckleheaded...all describe what Brad did to himself Saturday morning!By 92.9 KISM.
The Brad and John 5 counties in 5 days tour begins next Monday and when it's all done...ONE person will win tix to see 5 HOF artists in concert! Here is the list of shows!By 92.9 KISM.
There is a strange pink foam coming from the sewers around a big brewery in Milwaukee...the 27 yr old man who married a 16 yr old girl asked her parents for child support...and a couple had sex on the sidewalk in front of the police station!By 92.9 KISM.
Toronto animal welfare officers removed 300 cats from 1 apartment...crooks tried to rob the same house twice in one day...and an eye doctor first operated on the wrong eye before trying the 2nd eye without anesthesia!By 92.9 KISM.
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