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"It takes the right story, that's all...a story they've never heard before."Part audio drama. Part storytelling. All faerie tales.When Sam’s best friend Joëlle starts obsessing about Faerie, Sam doesn’t pay much attention. After all, Joëlle has always been feverishly creative, if troubled. But when Joëlle stumbles into the Otherworld, Sam must brave the darkness and the woods - rewriting her own story to get her friend back. This audio drama was made possible through funding assistance from ...
Currently KT
Currently KT is .......(Listen below to find out)
Kensington Temple
Powerful & inspiring sermons recorded live in Notting Hill, London's Kensington Temple Church. Featuring Senior Minister Colin Dye, Bruce Atkinson and many other famous guest preachers from around the world.
Kevin Touch
Welcome to The Touch Talks Podcast. On this show we follow the core principles of treating you like family, talking about real world events, making things happen, and a daily life into the hosts life Kevin Touch (KT). Sponsors: •FlipBoard
Sizable Sex is a podcast powered by 2 Black Sizable women who have a niche for conversation. We'll be discussing everything that is sex.
WXPN's live performance and interview program featuring music and conversation from a variety of important musicians
Kevin and Domo have a show dedicated to those who are innovators regardless of age. Sharing real stories and elements of life to help you prosper in the future.
Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, LIGHTSPEED is a Hugo Award-winning, critically-acclaimed digital magazine. In its pages, you'll find science fiction from near-future stories and sociological SF to far-future, star-spanning SF. Plus there's fantasy from epic sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban tales to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folk tales. Each month, LIGHTSPEED brings you a mix of originals and reprints featuring a variety of authors, from the bestseller ...
The weekly live show recorded at the world famous Comedy Store with your hosts Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban.
This Song – KUTX
Elizabeth McQueen dives into what makes ‘This Song’ worth talking about.
KT NuGeneration
KT NuGeneration, the 14-17 year olds community of Kensington Temple. Enjoy the teaching podcasts from our leaders and guest speakers.
The 405 Exchange
The 405 is an award-winning Music & Culture magazine based in the UK. Check us out at
Builders & Makers
Builders & Makers is a podcast made to explore journey some of the most creative, influential, and successful Artisans have embarked on.
HQAF Radio
Two best friends embarking on a journey on the Friend Ship. 👨🏻‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀
Gay it Forward
Come ride the rainbow as Jonathan teaches Chris (#worstgay) how to be a better gay, one piece of pop culture at a time
Aaron Capener
Welcome to the Aaron Capener podcast, where I address and communicate the life and experiences of a transgender man in Tennessee. present the cigar cafe podcast starting Harris Saunders and Sean Kavanaugh
Sex Ed
An excuse for Ed to drink red wine during the week and attempt to answer Q's from the male perspective. Girls tell all, men don't. Here to change that.
Life is our niche. There’s no script we just talk about stories & life experiences. On social media we have visual content that goes a long with this podcast. Our undertone to all of our content is that’s it’s okay & cool to simply be yourself!
Every Tues & Fri 9-12AM EDT Join the Twin Pillars as they present to you KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO, taking the airwaves by storm with the same intensity that KNOW THE LEDGE TV has taken CyberSpace by storm. Tune in and raise your consciousness. Things will never be the same.
To celebrate May Day, LibriVox volunteers bring you six different recordings of May Day, by Sara Teasdale. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of April 30th, 2006.(Summary by Annie Coleman)
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show series
Amanda Palmer’s latest release, “There Will Be No Intermission” is a collection of devastating songs that explore her experiences with death, parenthood, miscarriage, abortion and living in this current, chaotic moment. On this special live episode, recorded at SXSW, she explores how seeing Nick Cave’s performance of “Magneto” in the documentar ...…
Today I break down the South and Midwest Region of March Madness. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
The first day of spring is here and I document why this day is important to reignite those dreams and passions in the rebirth stage. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Today we discuss March Madness and the picks leading up to Thursday’s Games. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Ask anyone in Dublin to recommend a pub with traditional Irish music, and you're likely to hear about The Cobblestone. For our last World Cafe dispatch from Ireland, we pop into the cozy spot in Smithfield and can immediately see why this place is beloved by locals, tourists and musicians from far and wide. It's warm and welcoming with a big, l ...…
There's something extra special about going to visit an artist in the place where it all began. On our recent trip to Dublin, Paul Noonan, lead singer of beloved Irish band Bell X1, took us on a walking city tour to show us some of the spots that have been important to the band over its 20-year career. We started off on Clarendon Market where t ...…
I make my picks for ACS. No suprises, but definitely some more interesting racing this weekend. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
When Paddy Moloney formed The Chieftains in 1962, he wanted to take the sounds he loved from his Irish upbringing and share them with the rest of the world. Little did he know things would go so well that eventually, The Chieftains would help take the sounds of Ireland to outer space. In 2010, the band sent instruments with NASA astronaut Cady ...…
The final reflection day of March Minutes Challenge has arrived. I talk about my challenge and what I learned doing this. Also look ahead to some March Madness picks as always this time of year. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Since Jonathan and Chris continue to be painfully white, we invited our friend Jose Gallegos to talk about being gay and Latino in the very white-dominated gay LA culture. And for those of you that like to be accurate with your terminology, we clarify exactly what Latinx means. Come ride the rainbow and enjoy! Follow Jose on Instagram: https:// ...…
Ken Grand-Pierre met up with Loah to discuss her musical journey.
We had a blast visiting this Irish four-piece band Pillow Queens at the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. Pillow Queens has a delightfully DIY approach to pop punk and the band's songs are sneak-attack catchy. We found ourselves singing them long after the last amp rang out. Plus, the members sing clever lyrics in loud and proud ...…
Seth Calder felt like he had barely dozed off when his alarm blared at 6:00 a.m. Level morning sunlight leaked through the blinds onto the birch and linen furniture of his Stockholm apartment. Amalia was already in the shower, so he lurched out of bed and went to check his news feed. NASA TO LAUNCH MARS CREW TODAY, said the first headline. The ...…
Ken Grand-Pierre met up with Astrid S to talk music, writing in LA, and why being honest gets you further than anything else.
Sallay Matu Garnett, who makes music as Loah, grew up in Ireland playing fiddle and orchestral violin. When she was 12 years old, her family moved to Gambia where she became immersed in polyrhythmic drumming and dance, and then to Sierra Leone where she started writing little bits of songs on piano. Loah's voice is stunning and so is the music ...…
David Keenan is a young singer with an old poet's soul and wardrobe. His acoustic guitar is adorned with pieces of poems, love letters and photographs. On our recent trip to Dublin, we asked David to pick a meeting spot that felt important to him and were not at all surprised that he chose a spot commemorating beloved Irish writer and poet Bren ...…
Nina Nesbitt is back on the 405 Exchange podcast.
In the final topic episode, I discuss environment and atmosphere when doing work or any passions. It’s important to have the right atmosphere to accomplish whatever you want. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Ken Grand-Pierre met up with Tom Walker in New York to discuss how his debut album came to be.
On Episode 6 we talk about vision and why it doesn’t matter what your doing today because visions change and that’s okay. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Today we talk about daylight saving time. Should it be there or should we get rid of it? This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Brika to discuss who she is as an artist.
Cup and Xfinity are both in Phoenix for some racing at ISM. Should be a fun Weekend especially when more horsepower is back. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Nothing gets me more fired up than Indycar at St Pete to kick off a new season and Qatar MotoGP my favorite track on the calendar. Going to be a fun season. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
We live in a world of being proactive is not the norm. Reactive behavior is not out of line, but always attempt to be proactive even when things don’t go your way. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Halfway through performing her song "Drowning in the Sound", Amanda Palmer smashes her forearm to the keys of a Steinway with the brute force of a heavyweight champion boxer. Moments later she stands over the piano and yells into its body, as if howling into the intergalactic void. Palmer has made a living out of delivering emotionally sobering ...…
Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with MUNYA during a snowy day in Manhattan.
In Episode 3, I talk about the universal concept of life with universal concepts. It’s not subjective, but it’s perspective at the end of the day. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
You’ll notice how the commercials never mention the price. They’ve all got some lab-coated guy with chiseled cheekbones spouting dumbed-down drivel about how emotions have wavelengths, the same as light or sound, which are reflected and absorbed by the objects around us. How this discovery has the potential to revolutionize your life. Yes, you, ...…
Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Matoma at Terminal 5.
In today’s episode, Alana interviews her youngest brother, Kerry. Kerry has many talents, one of which is his budding rapper career under the name K.T. Hackissimo. Take a listen as these siblings discuss the past, the present, and the future. We hope you enjoy! #kerlana Check our Kerry’s song via this link: ...…
Moving Panoramas have a new record out called “In Two.” Listen as vocalist and instrumentalist Cara Tillman describes the joy that Elton John’s “Burn Down the Mission” brings her, followed by guitarist Rosie Castoe who explores her life long love of Peter Gabriel’s “Steam.” And lead singer and songwriter Leslie Sisson explains why “Some Song” b ...…
On Episode 2 of my March Minutes Series, I discuss about why being accountable for yourself and your actions is what defines people. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
She’s an artist that only does things with intention.
Ken Grand-Pierre gets to the bottom of what it was like for SOAK to return to her native Northern Ireland after touring the world for years and why making different music wasn’t ever a question.
My new Instagram series and Podcast series for the month of March. March Minutes. This episode will talk about time management and how effective it is for everyone involved. Follow on Instagram @mr.kevintouch This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
Maggie is having a moment. Her debut full length album "Heard It In a Past Life" came out in January and she's been crushing late-night TV performances, including Saturday Night Live and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And good luck getting tickets to her North American shows since she's sold out all over the place. Maggie was thrust into t ...…
Kt gives his racing predictions for Las Vegas and how this could be a big weekend for one underdog. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
On his new album "Gold In a Brass Age", David Gray's voice still sounds as glorious, distinct and beautiful as it did when he broke through the mainstream with 1998's "White Ladder". But the sounds surrounding Gray's voice, both natural and digital, have grown like ivy winding over bricks, adding depth and color to his songs in new ways. That's ...…
Bert Kreischer, William Montgomery, David Deery, Joel Jimenez, Chris Dillon, Jeremiah Watkins, Tony Hinchcliffe, Brian Redban – Date: 02/25/2019 THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: FORHIMS.COM/TONYSC – $20 OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH KTSHOW.ROBINHOOD.COM – Robinhood is giving you a free stock!!By (DEATHSQUAD.TV).
I deliver a straight update about my week and some plans for racing and March. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
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