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The Laughs of your Life is a brand new podcast with Doireann Garrihy. In this series, Doireann aims to delve into the beauty of having a laugh, speaking to guests from all walks of life. From first memories of laughter to being laughed at to “if I didn’t laugh I’d cry” moments, these markers will shape the interviews, bringing out the best in some of Ireland’s most influential people.
School Of Laughs
From the aspiring comedian to the part time pro this is the podcast you've been looking for! This podcast is full of honest insight and useful information on the journey from the open mic to the sweet paying corporate gig. Shows range in format from "comedy campfires" where we swap out the fire for a mic and get to the key questions from aspiring comics to in-depth interviews with professional comedians, booking agents, managers and club owners. Led by 23 yr comedy veteran Rik Roberts (www.R ...
A Legacy Of Laughs
Comedy from radio's golden age. Brought to you by
Being married and having children is supposed to be an emblem of stability and happiness. Despite being highly educated, ambitious, and successful, many mothers struggle in very similar ways. The social need to present an image of contentment pushes these struggles to be unspoken, and it can be a very lonely place. Join me, as these women speak honestly about what it is really like to be in a relationship and have children in this upper crust society.
Bea's Big Laughs
Interviews with mostly female comedians by ten year old Beatrice Red Star Fletcher.
Real Laughs
Devin Siebold, James Yon, Shereen Kassam, and Miguel Colon Jr bring you the best in comedy on the radio Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9-10 on Real Radio 104.1 and iHeartRadio.
Real Laughs
Devin Siebold, James Yon, Shereen Kassam, and Miguel Colon Jr bring you the best in comedy!
Reflections from thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, and how it improved my life.
History told right. The past is full of wild and hilarious tales. Follow along as Jimmy shares these stories with Jake, who is hearing them for the first time.
A Podcast Loosely Based On Beer. Join us every week as we try out new craft beers and tell stories about our every day lives. If you would like to join the show, please email Please write a review on itunes! We may even give you a free beer for doing so. Unless you write a bad review. No beer for you.
We love to make people laugh! You can get any of our podcasts on here or via Itunes. Don't forget to check out our Facebook and YouTube page as well.
One man's journey to become a stand-up comedian.
Laughs Uncut
Laughs Uncut is your destination for the best uncut, uncensored comedy from the hottest up-and-coming comedians on Laughs on Fusion. Hosted by comedian Zoltan Kaszas, Laughs Uncut is your all-access pass to the best comedians in the country.
Quick Laughs
A funny short to give you a few laugh...however, it may be offensive to some and inappropriate for younger listeners.
The Man Who Laughs is a novel by Victor Hugo, originally published in April 1869 under the French title L'Homme qui rit. Also published under the title "By Order of the King". (Introduction by Wikipedia)
The plight of the black community, whats really going on in the black community. Jason and Jones really go in depth with there ideals of urban problems. Two men, same situations, to totally diffenent outlooks.
Laughs & Drafts
Four friends bring you the latest in obscure/weird news while searching for the worlds greatest beer!
Podcast by Huntin For Laughs Podcast
Between the Laughs
Each episode one of us nominates a comedy. We all watch it, then we talk about it.
Little Laughs
Welcome to the the Little Laughs podcast, get inspired by stories on people from around the world!
Podcast by Laughs at Misfortune
Stand-Up Comedy meets the World of NFL Football! Join Jordon Nutter (@PodcastNutt) as he gives hilarious insight to the latest happenings in the National Football League. Laugh along as he recaps the hottest games, previews upcoming showdowns, and talks about anything else that may cross his twisted mind. Football has never been this funny!
She Laughs
Sarah Laughed it says within herself due to disbelief. The virtuous woman laughed without fear due to her belief. Going through life sometimes feels as if you are stuck between the mix of the two. Join Kristal and T as they delve into a variety of topics and give full on transparency about some of the things that God has called us to do.
One man's journey to become a stand-up comedian.
Dark Laughs
The worst most badly written local news analysed and competed for by Sam Freeman and Tim Franklin!
Above the Laughs
Above the Laughs is a comedy podcast that is recorded in the offices above The World Famous Laugh Factory in Chicago. Hosted by struggling comic/underpaid employee Matt Chiaramonte, ATL features conversations with everyone from a nationally headlining comics to a comedy club wait staff. If you want to know everything there is to know about the world of standup comedy, then you need to get Above the Laughs!
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show series
Today we talked about the 1957 little league team from Monterrey, Mexico. They didn't even know the Little League World Series existed but went on to win the whole damn thing.By Jomboy. This time on A Legacy Of Laughs, we’ll hear The Martin And Lewis Show from March 24, 1949. This episode features guest, Bob Hope. Download LOL35By
Andrew Stanley graduated from college with a finance degree. He always thought he was funny but didn’t know how to explore writing comedy. A mutual friend introduced Andrew to Scott Dunn, who writes for a lot of great comedians (Listen to Scott’s Episode of the podcast here). Scott recommended Andrew write five minutes of jokes, and then go do ...…
Wednesday 6-12-19 Show #355: Jeff Jones and Taylor Boyd help us finish the week and we talk about our favorite underrated movies from childhood, timeless movies that cannot be remade, name-dropping, and stories of celebrity encounters.
By iLL Communication Studios.
This short pod is to fill you in on why we been MIABy Laughs & Drafts.
Tuesday 6-11-19 Show #354: Taylor Boyd joins us tonight and we talk about niche porn - what's up with animated porn? - Devin goes to Aquatica, cover bands, Pride month, and crappy off-brand products.
Nearly everyone has heard of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. That's mainly because Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem about it soon after it happened. But far fewer people know that two years later a sixteen-year-old girl rode much farther of rougher roads. Alone and unarmed, Sybil Ludington raced through the night for freedom.…
Monday 6-10-19 Show #353: Jeff Jones sits in for James this week and we talk about working shows in shady businesses, just coming off of Fringe Jeff talks about his show the Animatronicans, and we discuss an over-confident new-comer to Orlando's comedy scene. We’ll hear Jack Benny on The Chevrolet Program on A Legacy Of Laughs this time. This episode, Mary’s Birthday, aired June 23, 1933. Download LOL34By
Thursday 6-6-19 Show #352: We end the week by talking about the difference between drag queens and cross-dressers, terms we didn't know were offensive, and old movies that can't be remade. This time on A Legacy Of Laughs, Fred Allen stars in Grab It Or Leave It, from The Texaco Star Theater. That episode originally aired October 2, 1940. Download LOL33By
Wednesday 6-5-19 Show #351: It's hump day and we talk about bad dad advice, ignoring Amber Alerts, couples arguing in public, God and the Devil being BFF's, and James' son locked his keys in the car - AGAIN.
Tuesday 6-4-19 Show #350: Tonight we talk about romantic R&B music, the quintessential hot girl in school we all knew growing up, summer blockbusters and 80's movies.
Monday 6-3-19 Show #349: The Banana Foodie stops by and brings us some tasty alcoholic beverages, a comedian sends a d-pic and claims his account was hacked, and we get reminiscent about Sharper Image.
This was one of the cooler stories we've done. The triumph of a girls basketball team going from 0 support from anyone to parades and pep rallies. Guaranteed chills.By Jomboy.
Stage Fright, Stolen Jokes, Getting Paid On this "After School Special" I take questions from a handful of students (along with a spouse of a student) about comedy. Matt asks about the best way to get a joke out of your notebook and on to the stage. And, he also asks how many jokes I’ve written since I began stand-up comedy? I tackle those ques ...…
Thursday 5-30-19 Show #348: The guys are excited about iHeart new snack machine, we talk about Galaxy's Edge and the new Hagrid ride in a "Theme Park Update" and Capri-Sun in a TBT. My Friend Irma is featured on this episode of A Legacy Of Laughs. We’ll hear the first episode of the series, titled, Irma Meets Jane. This one originally aired April 11, 1947. Download LOL32By
Wednesday 5-29-19 Show #347: On tonight's show, James has been hard at work with his TV show and gives us an update, Miguel tells us about Mike Busey's hospital trip, plus snapchat d-pics and Miguel's Lyft driver is obsessed with nude beaches.
Tuesday 5-28-19 Show #346: DJ Khaled is on Waze, he shows you DA BEST route to take...we also talk about old school car trends - spinner rims and sparkle paint - doctors with their money-grabs, and we talk about an online school that has a class for just about anything.
Monday 5-27-19 Show #345: The full cast is back for another week of shows and we talk about Fringe where Devin had to deal with equipment failure, the Game Of Thrones finale, and doing crazy things for a lot of money. Would you let a killer snail follow you for life for a million bucks? This time on A Legacy Of Laughs, we’ll hear Red Skelton star in The Raleigh Cigarette Program. This episode originally aired March 24, 1942, A Hike In The Park. Download LOL31By This time on A Legacy Of Laughs we’ll hear the first episode from The Sad Sack Show, first heard June 13, 1946. Download LOL30By
How are Christians supposed to feel about this?By iLL Communication Studios. We hear from The Adventures Of Maisie on A Legacy Of Laughs this time. From October 27, 1949, here’s her story titled, Department Store Sales Girl. Download LOL29By
Calvin Graham lived a fast life. At 12 years old he was sent to the Pacific theatre to fight against the Japanese army.By Jomboy.
Wednesday 5-15-19 Show #344: On tonight's show we talk about Galaxy's Edge in another "Theme Park Update," Facebook Live, stage voices, theatre people, and actors who turn comedian.
Kerri Pomarolli joins us today to discuss tips for beginning comedians. Kerri is a talented stand-up, writer and performer. She has penned five books, sold two scripts to the Hallmark Channeland also coaches new comedians through her site Kerri is based in Los Angeles. She has appeared in over 75 stage productions and had recurri ...…
Tuesday 5-14-19 Show #343: On tonight's show, the Snap Chat gender filter, drag queens and sex changes, cryptozoology, we discuss how easy it is to get ahold of the President, and what you can find out about people from their public record.
World War II touched everything - even baseball. When shiploads of major league players went off to war, President Franklin Roosevelt thought about stopping professional baseball until the war ended. But then he decided the game meant too much to too many people to take it away. The games went on, and major league baseball scouts looked in unus ...…
Monday 5-13-19 Show #342: Holly Frost joins us for another week and we talk about trivia, the Pokemon movie, greek food, road work, and porn.
0:00 - 10:00 - Welcome to Beers and Laughs Live Talk about the hosting changes and what is to come. Eddie Kelsea - BreweryBabesMA - Get update on what the babes have been up to! Recap the MA beer scene New tap rooms, moves, changes, etc. Superbrew Willie is in the house! Beers: Ginger and LEmon Pomegranate & Acai Mango & Passionfruit **List for ...… A Legacy Of Laughs features the audition of The Dennis Day Show this time. This episode originally aired April 18, 1946. Download LOL28By We’ll hear from The Alan Young Show on A Legacy Of Laughs this time. Here’s his episode from October 3, 1944, A Meeting With Harriet Hatch. Download LOL27By
Tuesday 5-7-19 Show #341: We talk about the documentary Free Solo and insane mountain-climbing, the couple who raised grizzly bears gets eaten by them, looking older than you are, Adam Sandler's return to SNL, and the lost pastime of ringtones.
Monday 5-7-19 Show #340: Devin is flying solo this week so we welcome in guest Jay Browning who will tells us about his Fringe show "Florida Man" with comedian Adam Murray, plus we talk about exes with bad habits, the Florida rain, and substitute teachers.
in 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, one of every six Americans was of African ancestry. Ninety-nine percent of them were slaves. James Foretn was one of about two hundred free blacks living in Philadelphia. He was fourteen years old in 1780 when he fought against the British.… This time on A Legacy Of Laughs, The Baby Snooks Show shares their episode from September 6, 1946, titled, Snooks Skips School. Download LOL26By
Thursday 5-2-19 Show #339: Ending the week by talking about guilty pleasure foods, a comic's relationship with the audience, Devin's social anxiety, fake White Knights, and Devin can't remember his students' names.
Wednesday 5-1-19 Show #338: On tonight's show we talk about songs associated with movies like Bohemian Rhapsody with Wayne's World, we also talk about straight-to-DVD movies, conspiracy videos, and crying at the movies.
Tuesday 4-30-19 Show #337: We talk about how men and women talk to each other about sex, slut shaming, marriage rates on the decline, and we talk to Robin Hoffman.
The Laughs of your Life is a brand new podcast with Doireann Garrihy. In this series, Doireann aims to delve into the beauty of having a laugh, speaking to guests from all walks of life. From first memories of laughter to being laughed at to “if I didn’t laugh I’d cry” moments, these markers will shape the interviews, bringing out the best in s ...…
DAMIAN MASON Do Business Better is the new book from Speaker/Author Damian Mason. The goal of the book is to fine tune your Traits, Habits and Actions to help you succeed. As entrepreneurs we can get bogged down with "tasks" instead of business. Our very nature has us chasing squirrels and looking for the next thing. After reading this book, I' ...…
Monday 4-30-19 Show #336: The full cast is back and are joined by Holly Frost; we talk about Endgame (no spoilers), the new Twilight Zone, women in comedy, Devin was objectified when he worked at Hooters, and Chef Julie from the Outpost comes in with some delicious brunch food.
In 1899 Pulitzer and Hears, the two kings of the newspaper world started charging the newsboys more for their paper thinking the children couldn't do anything to stop it. They were wrong. The kids formed a union and went on strike.By Jomboy. More from The Stan Freberg Show on this installment of A Legacy Of Laughs. This second episode of the series, The Abominable Snowman, aired July 21, 1957. Download LOL25By
We're back with the latest installment of our Trigger Words series. This time we're discussing Homosexuality.By iLL Communication Studios.
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