Best Legislation podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Covers recent legislation on all topics of interest to financial services professionals.
NACDL’s State Criminal Justice Network (SCJN), has initiated a conference call series entitled National Advocacy Calls on Developing Legislation (NACDL). The teleconferences generally feature an expert on an issue area and are designed to inform criminal defense lawyers and advocates across the country on a variety of criminal justice issues. Key to the calls is informing participants of any legislation or litigation pending that seeks progressive reform on the issue, and serves as a call to ...
Done By Law
Current legal issues presented by the Federation of Community Legal Centres, giving an alternative view of proposed legislation changes.
Jeremy Bentham's Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, a classic text in modern philosophy and jurisprudence, first published in 1789, focuses on the principle of utility and how this view of morality ties into legislative practices. Bentham's ambition in life was to create a complete Utilitarian code of law. The philosophy of utilitarianism argues that the right act or policy is that which would cause "the greatest good for the greatest number of people", also known as " ...
RNZ: The House
Legislation, issues and insights from Parliament.
Weekly show about the influence of technology and tech news on society, lifestyle, legislation. Italian language.Show settimanale sull'influenza della tecnologia e delle novità in ambito tecnologico su società, stile di vita, etica, legislazione.
A podcast designed to bring you an update on the Law and best practice for managing and recruiting staff and for dealing with any issues that may arise at work. Employment law changes on a daily basis and it can be really hard to keep up to date with the changes and essential elements of what you need to know to successfully run your business. This podcast is designed to bring you all the information you need to know in an easy to listen, easy to understand and easy to implement way. Looking ...
S Corporations
Covers recent cases, rulings, regulations, and legislation dealing with S corporations, their owners, and employees
Predator Hunter
Insight into everything we do as predator hunters from clothing, equipment that we designed, camo, camera equipment, reloading, custom rifles, optics, NV thermal, and passing legislation.
Qualified Plans
Covers recent cases, rulings, regulations, and legislation pertaining to the installation, operation, and termination of qualified retirement plans (pension, profit-sharing, ESOP) and the taxation of their participants
Zoo Logic
Zoo Logic with animal trainer, zoo advocate, and ZOOmility author, Dr. Grey Stafford, is a weekly conversation with zoo, aquarium, and animal experts about Nature, wildlife, pets, animal training, health and welfare, research and education, sustainability, zoo politics, activism and legislation, and all things animals! On Zoo Logic, we’ll go behind the scenes with animal professionals and influencers from around the world to explore the latest Zoos News and issues affecting wildlife, wild pl ...
Opinion Central
Focused on the opinions of The San Francisco Chronicle Editorial staff as well as interviews with local, state and national politicians on current issues and legislation. The podcasts feature Opinion Page Editor John Diaz, Deputy Page Editor Lois Kazakoff, Columnists Marshall Kilduff, Caille Millner and Josh Gohlke, and Assistant Editor Spencer Whitney.
On American Sex Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg dive deep into guests experiences with sexuality, gender, and identity. Some stories are very intimate. Others deal with bigger picture components like fighting legislation or changing the way our society views sex, kink, and relationships that fall outside the norm. Every story has one thing in common-- the very blurred line between what’s personal and what touches us all. American Sex is funny, smart, and educational and features an eclecti ...
This is "Stuff You Missed While You Were Pissed". Be informed on legislation in DC. We are a political podcast that openly discusses Bills and Laws. Focus on policy, not politics. Find us on most podcast platforms.
Mugshot Extortion
US Support LLC aims to put an end to mugshot extortion through lobbying legislation, providing reputation management DIY Free tutorials, and outrank corrupt removal companies in Google.
Providing news and updates from the national headquarters of EANGUS, this podcast keeps you up-to-date on legislation, services, and events from Washington, D.C.
Welcome to TSBA: Your Education Source - a podcast produced by the Tennessee School Boards Association. Tune in to hear discussions and interviews about legislation, legal topics, policies, and other happenings that affect public education in Tennessee.
Diversions is a Colorado information program. A show that dives into issues in Colorado surrounding water, agriculture, and legislation. Diversions is an hour long show. The Show is hosted by Marc Catlin.
Are you a bit confused about the legal landscape regarding cannabis? Whether you are interested in producing, distributing or selling it or simply are curious about edibles, this podcast is for you.Joining the podcast is Carlo Di Carlo, an associate at Stockwoods LLP, and John-David Belfontaine, President of Phivida Holdings Inc. The podcast begins with a discussion of the proposed cannabis legislation in Canada and the role of various levels of governments involved in its regulation. The an ...
The Pit Bull Bulletin Legal News reports on all issues of interest regarding Breed Discriminatory Legislation including law, science, and statistics.
Liberty Watchdog Network is a HIGHLY enlightening show that discusses America's Founding Principles and how they still apply today! Learn what our government was intended to be, how it has gotten out of control and what YOU can do about! If you are a concerned American about the direction of this country, THEN YOU MUST TUNE IN WEEKLY! “YOU CAN'T DEFEND WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW…LEARN IT OR LOSE IT!" (This show is based on over 40 years of Research and over 15000 Hours of Study on Un-Constitutional ...
The Docket
Michael Spratt discusses the intersection of the law, the courts, and government. What our government does affects you. And check out our new Making a Murderer after show series. Check out more by Michael at:
The Secure Sessions podcast discusses trending online security, digital rights, and encryption legislation with digital security experts, cryptographers, political activists and media professionals.Hosted by IPVanish CTO Josh Gagliardi, Secure Sessions breaks down what's important in the digital security space and makes it relatable for everyday internet users. Security Sessions is brought to you by IPVanish VPN, the only Top Tier, No Log VPN worldwide.
Sunflower Brew
Sunflower Brew is a weekly podcast during which Zach Luea and his guests discuss Kansas politics and the impact proposed legislation will have on Kansas and Johnson County. Zach is a licensed attorney, program coordinator for a local university, a political news geek, and a lover of fine craft beers.We've solved the world's problems over a good pint. We just forgot to write them down. Now, we have a podcast.
The Secure Sessions podcast discusses trending online security, digital rights, and encryption legislation with digital security experts, cryptographers, political activists and media professionals. Hosted by IPVanish CTO Josh Gagliardi, Security Sessions breaks down what's important in the digital security space and makes it relatable for everyday internet users. Security Sessions is brought to you by IPVanish VPN, the only Top Tier, No Log VPN worldwide.
“juvie” is a podcast exploring cases, legislation, experiences, and ramifications of children and youth in juvenile justice and adult criminal justice systems
Since 1974, Dying With Dignity Victoria has advocated for voluntary assisted dying laws in the state of Victoria, Australia. In 2017, we have a very real opportunity for the Victorian Government to pass laws that give people who are suffering at the end of their life choice and control over the timing of their death. This podcast explores all of the major aspects of the law, and reports on the progress and developments as we move towards legislation being voted on in the Parliament.
Spotlight on legal issues affecting our daily lives, supported by the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago
No Agenda
A show about politics with No Agenda, by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak
Want to know how a policy might affect you? Need more info on legislation? Then “Ask JP,“ and he’ll get you the answers! JP will be podcasting — responding to your questions — right here throughout session!
The Whorecast
A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.
News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.
Host Fred Dews interviews experts from the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization (think tank) based in Washington, D.C., about their research and ideas on solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges facing the nation and the world.
Hey, it's organic!
The View Up Here
Let's talk about Canadian politics. Not the spin, not the talking points, not the partisan bluster. Let's talk about the reality of this "democracy"
How technologies are healing healthcare around the world.
Join host Carol Castiel each week as she and two advocates from the world of politics, culture, public policy, or academia debate and discuss a critical issue in the news. This program brings depth, perspective, and insight to the world around us.
Austro-Anarchist Libertarian Legal Theory
A weekly look at the problems and pleasures facing journalists around the world and the power and responsibilities of news media.
The Psychonauts
South African science writer Leonie Joubert trips into the strange new world of psychedelic psychiatry, ahead of hallucinogenic mushrooms going on trial in South Africa in 2018.
Join host Carol Castiel each week as she and two advocates from the world of politics, culture, public policy, or academia debate and discuss a critical issue in the news. This program brings depth, perspective, and insight to the world around us.
Every Monday your host, Brian Hamrick, and his special guest will discuss topics, tips and techniques designed to make you a more confident and successful rental property owner and real estate investor.
KSSA Talk: A powerful voice in education for all children WITH DR. BILL HAGERMAN Educators today, more than ever before, have an incredible amount of information available to them. Meetings and events occur across the state, and it is impossible for any administrator to attend everything that goes on, even if they wanted to. So KSSA – the Kansas School Superintendent’s Association – is working hard to help members and others have one more source of relevant and current information.KSSA Talk ...
News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.
The Informer
Current affairs for our community
Weekly commentaries on the environment and appreciating the natural world, by Rob Kanter from the School of Earth, Society, and Environment, at the University of Illinois
Our series of podcasts features experts talking about a range of issues related to young people, alcohol and other drugs, such as the new Victorian secondary supply legislation, cannabis, safe parties, alcohol related harm and effective communication.
Independent investigative journalism, broadcasting, trouble-making and muckraking with Brad Friedman of Originating on Pacifica Radio's KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles and syndicated coast-to-coast and around the globe! NOW FIVE DAYS A WEEK!
ERLC Podcast
ERLC Recently Added Resources
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Judge rules Quentin Kearney can be deposed once again A Special Master has been appointed to oversee some aspects of the ongoing litigation between Jason Hartman and Results Property Management principles Ken Logan and Quentin Kearney. A Special Master is appointed by a judge to oversee one or more aspects of litigation “The Court, having revie ...…
The New York State legislature is voting to codify the abortion rights in the US Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade into New York law. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign it. The measure establishes in New York State law the right to choose abortion without restriction up to the 24th week of pregnancy, and after that, if the life or health of the ...…
Local officials from Foodlink, United Way and 211 met Tuesday afternoon to speak out against the federal shutdown, and discuss how it’s impacting low-income and food-insecure residents in Rochester. The government has been shut down for over a month now, and with no end in sight, the organizations are asking the community for their help. Julia ...…
On today's show: Libel and New-Age RageGrace and Connor discuss Defamation and Libel in regards to the fake news reporting during the Covington School boys at the Right For Life march and what celebrities posted on social media. For a list of source links, visit ...…
On today's show: Libel and New-Age RageGrace and Connor discuss Defamation and Libel in regards to the fake news reporting during the Covington School boys at the Right For Life march and what celebrities posted on social media. For a list of source links, visit ...…
We continue our series of conversations about how workplaces are changing as a result of the #MeToo movement. Attorney Melanie Wolk says the types of assignments men and women are given could change because of #MeToo. She joins us to talk about the potential impacts.By (Evan Dawson).
The Gandhi Institute is preparing to host a program about the "diversity advantage" — how society benefits when inclusion transforms into full equality. Our guests discuss the issue from different perspectives. In studio: Mary Scipioni , landscape architect, writer and critic, and owner of Pebble-stream Tanya Bakhmetyeva , associate professor o ...…
Police Chief Patrick Phelan says the investigation began last week when a 16 year old student showed a photo of another person to his friends and made a comment , claiming that the person looks like he could be a school shooter. Others in the cafeteria alarmed by the comment told school officials. Through a series of interviews, Phelan says aut ...…
Dealing with sickness absence in the workplace This episode of the podcast is the fourth and final part of a mini series on managing sickness absence at work and in this episode I cover some frequently asked questions and listener questions. In this episode I will cover answers to the following questions: What if an employee is sick from one jo ...…
In this episode of the Chamber Voice of Business Podcast, SVP of Economic Development Steve Cox sat down with Dr. Lance Arbuckle, Principal of Rogers New Technology High School located at 2922 S. 1st St. They discussed what makes the school unique from other schools in the area, and ways that the school is involving the community and local busi ...…
Rochester is a budding hotbed for lifestyle medicine. The founder of Rochester Lifestyle Medicine says the concentration of lifestyle medicine board-certified physicians in the Greater Rochester area is far higher than anywhere else in the world. And now, doctors and patients from across the country are invited to the Rochester Lifestyle Medici ...…
When Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed a 70% tax rate for the very highest earners, it brought swift predictions that she would be hurting her own popularity with the idea. But a new poll finds that most Americans are in favor of just such a tax rate. 59% of Americans would like to see it happen, including 45% of Republicans. What ...…
The New York State Legislature is poised to approve a bill Tuesday to codify the abortion rights in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade into state law. For supporters, including the majority of senators and Assembly members, it’s been a long time coming. But for opponents, it’s a bitter disappointment. The legislation was blocked for a ...…
The Photonics for Quantum Workshop is coming to RIT later on this week, and we give you a preview of what will be happening at the conference. MCC is touting success, a new study by the college says students who get degrees or certificates in certain kinds of technical careers are doing quite well salary-wise five years after graduation. Plus, ...…
American Sex Podcast is back after holiday hiatus! Ken & Sunny speak with sex therapist Dr. Hernando Chaves about what affects the health of our sex lives. He discusses the heavy impact stress has in the bedroom and tells us how we can use mindfulness techniques to combat it, how to find common ground with a partner when your sexual interests d ...…
"Women Empowered: Fashions From the Frontline," is an exhibit at Cornell University chronicling the ways women have used fashion throughout history to collectively uplift themselves. Denise Green is a faculty member in the fiber science and apparel design department in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. She says the "Women Empo ...…
Legal battle continues in Results Property Management case A lawyer for Results Property Management has filed a motion to continue trial, and requesting sanctions in response to a motion filed by the plaintiff’s attorney to have him disqualified from the case. As reported Nov. 30, an ongoing legal battle between Jason Hartman and Results Proper ...…
Dr. Carl Fickenscher of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne
Show Notes No Agenda Episode 1105 - "BOMBSHELL!" BOMBSHELL! Direct [link] to the mp3 file ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) Sign Up for the newsletter Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) The No Agenda News Network- RSS Podcast Fe ...…
Thank you for listening to Mugshot Extortion Episode IX where take you Under the Looking Glass And Back!Sean Gugerty has been hunting down Criminal Mastermind Jason Watson through many labyrinths across the vast expanse of the internet! A seemingly Mind Myriad of schemes and fraud schematics of one of the biggest criminal extortionist fraudster ...…
Dr. Carl Fickenscher of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne
Soundbite of the Week 1 Rebekah Curtis, Why We’ll Never See A Commercial on Toxic Femininity 2 Alex Berenson, Should Pot Be Legal Because Many Use It Safely? 3 Pr. Ben Ball, Why the Early Church Practiced Closed Communion 4 Pr. Peter Bender, Why the 8th Commandment Is So Difficult
Dr. David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft. Wayne, IN God With Us Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy
Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes conversations about: How to discuss race; Employment discrimination for people with disabilities; How evolving technologies are leading to concerns about safety and privacy.…
The Rochester Historical Society has more than 200,000 objects related to Rochester's history, but the future of those objects and the society is in jeopardy due to a lack of funding. We discuss what could be next for the organization. In studio: Carolyn Vacca , president of the board for the Rochester Historical Society, Monroe County historia ...…
You may have heard Governor Cuomo’s State of the State on Tuesday. Representatives from our area were in Albany for the address and the passing of the GENDA bill. We hear from Assemblymembers Harry Bronson, Mark Johns, and Marjorie Byrnes about that news and about their priorities for this legislative session. We also discuss upstate economic d ...…
There have been numerous reactions to many of the policy items in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s state budget. But how did the governor’s budgeting skills measure up? Two budget watchdog organizations are giving him mixed reviews. Citizens Budget Commission has been analyzing New York state and New York City budgets since the Great Depression. Its preside ...…
The ongoing legal battle between Jason Hartman and Results Property Management principals Ken Logan and Quentin Kearney continues. Now Hartman’s attorney is calling for the disqualification of the attorney for Results Property Management. Missouri lawyer Lee Hardee III was forced to recuse himself from the case in early August, after he was not ...…
On this week's program, we highlight the positions of Governor Walz and legislative leaders on ways to address gun violence. Their views were offered as part of the annual Forum News Service's press briefing held at the Capitol this week. Senator Karin Housley, R-St. Marys Point, is chair of the new Senate Committee on Family Care and Aging. Sh ...…
Dr. Ken Schurb Director of the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Dr. Matthew Phillips of Concordia University Nebraska
Alex Berenson, author, “Tell Your Children” Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence
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