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The complete podcast compendium to the science-fiction comedy series, covering the radio, TV, book and film incarnations of Douglas Adams’ “trilogy in five parts”, alphabetically, from Arthur to Zaphod and all points in-between.
Satisfy your curiosity with the latest in science, space, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.
A regular but mercifully short journey into what seemingly-innocuous part of modern society gets my dander right up.
Compiled by an American missionary, West African Folk Tales by William H Barker is a delightful collection of folk tales from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania and other countries along the west coast of Africa. These stories spread in various forms to other countries like the West Indies, Suriname, the Netherland Antilles, etc and can be still heard today among the people of these countries. West African Folk Tales is a wonderful read for both young people and older readers alike. The storie ...
An aristocratic English family is marooned off the coast of West Africa. They find their way into the interior of the dense jungle that lines the coast and here, Lord Greystoke is killed by a predatory ape. Lady Greystoke survives with her infant boy, but in a few months, she too succumbs to the perils of jungle life. The baby is adopted by a maternal she-ape who nurses him along with her own child. This marks the dawn of a legend – Tarzan of the Apes. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American no ...
Menomonie Public Library - Ted Talks interviews interesting people with a story to tell in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Programs of local interest to Dunn County and surrounding communities with your hosts Chuck Backus and Ted Stark.Theme Song: "Leopard Print Elevator" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Big Cat Rescue
Love big cats? Big Cat Rescue videos incl. lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and more wild cats.
Alex Cruz
Deep & Sexy #37 is OUT NOW!Bookings: bookings@alexcruz.euPress: press@alexcruz.euTOUR DATES 2019:May 26th, optionMay 25th, 54Thirty Rooftop, Denver, CO, USAMay 19th, El Camino, San Diego, USAMay 16th, optionMay 15th, Daybreaker, NY, USAMay 11th, private event Florida, USAMay 4th, private event Harare, ZimbabweMay 2, AfrikaBurn, Leopard Maffia (Lobo Lounge) 6pm-8pmMay 1, AfrikaBurn, Space Cowboys, 5pm-7pmApril 26, Suikerbossie, Cape Town, South AfricaApril 20, Daybreaker, Miami, USAApril 6, Y ...
Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations.
A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.
Cinema Obscura
The wild. The weird. The outrageous. Steve Nikazy and independent Philly filmmaker Andre Bennett dive into the cult side of film and discuss some of the best (and worst) movies you might not have heard about.
Radio Retropolis
Hosted by Jim Romanovich. Retro cool, refreshingly new. A network of podcasts under several genres relating to the retro pop culture field and how these features are relevant to everyone today. Retro doesn't mean old. It's about a style and a vibe that is all about one's passion. These podcasts will consist of classic radio drama and discussion, blogs, new interviews from individuals who contributed to the pop culture experience, and high end audio documentaries.
Interviews with comedy agents, tv commissioners and more about what they do and how they do it.
Churchcast w/ Rev.
"The Rev" aka Hooman Moayyed is an oldskool DJ specializing in Melodic House, Deep House, Deep Tech and NuDisco. His sexy uplifting tribal sounds have Arabic, Persian and South American influences. The Rev. has worked with producers like Be Svenden, Bedouin, Unders, Britta, Miyagi and Behrouz. Let's share the music we love, the moments that move us and the flow that creates our inner peace.Peace & Love,The Rev.For bookings email{( Bookings )}-5/18 - Behrouz / Rev. Hooman - ...
Science (Audio)
Science affects us all. Explore a wide variety of topics from technology in our everyday lives to complex global issues. Visit
Leopard Lit Podcast
Interview authors, bloggers and readers about writing.
The first in a trilogy of the Reconstruction era - The Leopard's Spots (1902), The Clansman (1905), and The Traitor (1907), parts of this novel were incorporated in the 1915 silent movie classic, "The Birth Of A Nation". Set in North Carolina, the book explores the extreme social and racial tensions of the period as Confederates attempt to fight off "reconstructionist" policy, rebuild the war-torn South's economy, and grapple with the rampant "race question" of the day, whether the black and ...
People & Power
Al Jazeera’s weekly investigative documentary programme that looks at the use and abuse of power.
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
This series centres on a unique population of African leopards. The elusive cats are losing a battle with a powerful enemy: humans. Habitat destruction and persecution by farmers have pushed Cape mountain leopards to the brink … and their fate now rests in the hands of a dedicated wildlife conservationist. Quinton Martins knows that research is key when it comes to saving a species – but gathering data about these animals is not easy.
Gaming Podcast covering Bungie's video game Destiny.
Conversations on news and culture with Kerri Miller. Weekdays from MPR News.
Gaming Podcast covering Bungie's video game Destiny.
House of Crouse
Where is the House of Crouse? It's everywhere and nowhere. It's in your imagination and in your headphones. Hosted by Richard Crouse, it's a gathering place for interesting people to hang out and share stories. Upcoming guests to the House of Crouse include Amy Schumer, Josh Gad, Daniel Radcliffe and many more!Come by every Monday for a new episode, curl up on the coach and see who has stopped by.
Hello Mother Leopard
Podcasting from the Magical Factory. Let the fun begin.
Leopard Radio bridges a connection between the Wentworth students of today and yesterday.
Gecko Nation Radio
Welcome to Gecko Nation Radio. GNR is a David's Fine Geckos creation and production. Join us every Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time live on Blog Talk Radio. This show is catered toward gecko enthusiasts in herpetoculture. We will also cover all other species topics as well from time to time. Tune in for community news, top breeder interviews, herp community personalities, prizes and giveaways and much much more. Also visit the shows facebook page at ...
Late Night Leos
Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.
Introduction to Mac OS X Leopard Server. Brought to you by Apple Product Marketing and the Apple Business team.
History of Gore
History of Gore reveals the weird and gruesome side of the past, from burial rites and early medicine to chemical weapons and the occult
Watch Jerusalem
Watch Jerusalem brings you news and archaeology from a Biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location at Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Brent Nagtegaal is a contributor for contributor living in Jerusalem.
Trail and ultra running show based in Kentucky and covering the Southeast US with PJ, Shannon, Alex and Clinton.
The guys at B-Roll interview hot up-and-comers and established pros in the entertainment industry. Based in NYC and hosted by Repro staff Tommy Walters, Mike Cerisano and Mauricio Marcés, the pod comments on what’s happening in entertainment today from right in the thick of it. If you have suggestions for what we should be watching right now, hit us up at
Doctor WHeasel is a long running series of comedic podcast and video adventures starring everyone’s favourite time-travelling mustelid. Created in 2007 as a sarcastic review series of Doctor Who episodes, since 2016 it evolved into a comedy-drama podcast adventure series, now into its 3rd season. Each episode, Doctor WHeasel hurtles through original narratives, meaning listeners can thrill and chuckle along as the Time-Weasel and his hapless companion, Advick Goose, careen from disaster to t ...
Mistakes Were Made
A middle school, history teacher teaches his two adult friends about mistakes made in history.
In this series, Chris Liscio will show you tips & tricks for figuring out your favorite songs using Capo for the Mac and iPhone/iPad ( range from basic ear training exercises to in-depth Capo tricks that'll help you figure out your favorite music faster.
Noel Thingvall and Michael May are joined by a variety of guests to discuss the Tarzan films in chronological order
We return to places which have been in the news - often a long time ago, sometimes recently - to see how local people are rebuilding their lives. Sunday at 9.10 pm. Or you can catch it online from Friday.
The second book in a trilogy of the Reconstruction era - The Leopard's Spots (1902), The Clansman (1905), and The Traitor (1907), this novel was the basis for the 1915 silent movie classic, "The Birth Of A Nation". Within a fictional story, it records Dixon's understanding of the origins of the first Ku Klux Klan (his uncle was a Grand Titan during Dixon's childhood), recounting why white southerners' began staging vigilante responses to the savage personal insults, political injustices and ...
Daily animal fun facts, for kids!
Written originally for his own children, Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories have continued to delight generations of youngsters since they were first published in 1902. The thirteen stories collected in this book are meant for very young children, but they engage older kids and adults too with their charming conversational style and simple plot lines. These stories are typical examples of the “origin” story, where children are provided with imaginative rather than practical explanations for t ...
Lumen is a project that encompasses podcasts, blog writings, dharma talks, trainings, retreats, and workshops that integrate yoga asana, yoga philosophy, buddhist philosophy, Chinese 5-Element philosophy and diagnostic/meridian work from shiatsu, with life. Kendra's classes are a living, philosophical inquiry into freedom through our bodies and our lives. She believes that truth, insight, clarity, and inner guidance can be discovered through the body. Her teaching uses yoga as a tool to inve ...
When the only way to discover who you are means you have to enter into the badlands, you break the rules. In our INTO THE BADLANDS AFTER SHOW we discuss the trials Sunny and Veil must go through in order to learn more about Sunny’s past. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.
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Around 100 different creatures are described in the Bible, most of which are described as native to Israel or the Middle East. Could such exotic animals really have lived in this territory? How did the ancient biblical writers even know about some of these animals? On today’s program, we interview archaeology writer Christopher Eames about the ...…
Facts About Crested Geckos! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
John Lanchester’s The Wall is a wild love story with a dystopian backdrop. A narrator defends a wall surrounding the coastline of an island country not unlike Britain, but this is a fantasy novel disguised as a climate-change end-of-the-world novel. Midway through the book its nature changes, with surprising reversals, and unpredictable charact ...…
John Lanchester’s The Wall is a wild love story with a dystopian backdrop. A narrator defends a wall surrounding the coastline of an island country not unlike Britain, but this is a fantasy novel disguised as a climate-change end-of-the-world novel. Midway through the book its nature changes, with surprising reversals, and unpredictable charact ...…
As Jimmy and Clark settle in for a good night’s sleep, they are startled by Lois in an adjoining cabin screaming for help. Commentary on the mystery man caller and Kent's physical ability to change into Superman and back.
After the 2016 presidential election, many Americans described the country as being divided. One historian says that to understand the polarization of today, we need to start by looking at the events that have unfolded since 1974.
Facts About Tokay Geckos! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Smartfin is a surfboard fin that allows scientists to collect data about the ocean with the help of surfers around the world. The project brings together engineers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and students from the Computer Science and Engineering department at UC San Diego. Traditionally, it has been difficult to collect data ...…
With 800 miles of stunning hills and dipping valleys, it's clear that the often-cited beauty of the Yorkshire Dales is no exaggeration. It's earned its grandiose nickname: God's Own Country. The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
In ancient Rome, chariot race fandom was serious business - sometimes to ridiculous lengths. For example, it was very common for people to pay money to local magicians to cast curses on rival teams. The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
A firm friend and supporter of the podcast, Mark Boosey, has launched an awesome new side of the British Comedy Guide for comedians / performers called "Pro". In it you can learn about the industry, find out about job opportunities and events, enjoy exclusive articles and podcasts and more! Another big feature I love is that you get control ove ...…
Facts About Leopard Geckos! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
An informant notifies the LAPD about an extortion racket going on in the area by what victims claim is by a police officer. Commentary on assailants who faked being the police in order to commit the the most heinous attacks.
Sooner or later, the food requirements of nine billion people with increasing appetites for seafood must be addressed. Although aquaculture may supply the majority of the global ‘seafood’, most aquaculture is fed meal from wild caught fish, such as sardine and anchovy. To estimate the distributions and abundances of these and other small fish o ...…
Host Ken Jones talks with Liz Scott, author of the new memoir This Never Happened, from University of Hell Press.Liz is a practicing psychologist in Portland, and a practicing writer. Her work has appeared in The MacGuffin, New Stone Circle, and Lake Effect, among other j...
What have we learned from the Mueller report? Where do we go from here?
All new fourth series! Mostly new WEZDIS! Same old Doctor WHeasel and Chums! Doctor WHeasel and Advick stumble into a potential zombie invasion (from beyond the stars) alongside their old comrades in arms ENTITY. Can the Brigade Leader convince the Time-Weasel to lend a hand? And more importantly, WHO is the Assassin of Time and what does she w ...…
Chatsworth House, the historic home of the Cavendish family, is a vast estate that once spanned 35,000 acres. At one point, Chatsworth employed a staff of 40 people to maintain it - including two... The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
After years of planning by over 200 international scientists, the data purported to show the first ever image of a black hole is ready. The team gathers for the big reveal - it's a seismic moment in... The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
We talk to Juliet Escoria about her new book Juliet the Maniac (on Melville House), the story of a teenager with some very severe mental health problems who makes all kinds of sex and drugs-related mistakes and winds up in therapy, which doesn't exactly work. It's kind of something everyone involved in the making and probably listening-to of th ...…
Facts About Geckos! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
As Clark and Lois drive up to the Bar-O ranch two headlights drive them off the road to a thunderous crash. Commentary on the reason why the writers usually put the potential villains in motion early on.
Archaeology is often used as a bulwark against those who would so readily dismiss the Bible as mere myth. Discoveries over the past 100 years have confirmed many elements of the biblical narrative from the time of the kings and the prophets. But what has been uncovered correlating to the earlier period of the Exodus? On today’s program, we talk ...…
Orson Welles calls this the greatest single radio script ever written. It’s the story of an invalid who overhears a phone conversation about a murder that is to take place that night. Commentary, on Agnes Moorehead who performed this script several times for Suspense which was the one of the most memorable radio episode in history. Plus, why Mo ...…
A kidnapping racket severely attacks Lamont in Margot’s apartment while investigating the ring. Commentary on tonight's sponsor E.W. Grove and the evolution of his cold tablets.
From “Speak Truth to Power,” about the condition of not being believed about rape and assault; to “Goliath,” about the ways evil is used as a form of social control; to “The Fallout,” about ecological and generational violence, Lacy M. Johnson creates masterful, elabora...
This week on The Richard Crouse Show: "Black Leopard, Red Wolf" author Marlon James, recently named one of Time's 100 most influential people. From Time magazine: James lives part-time in St. Paul and teaches at Macalester College, where he is writer-in-residence. He was born in Jamaica and is the author of "The Book of Night Women," winner of ...…
Elias and Sean discuss the relationship between good work and creative success, and what makes good or exceptional work. Links and Show Notes xkcd: Art Project NTMY - Episode 11 - Stefan Sagmeister by Tobias van Schneider (Overcast | Castro) 1 Year of VR Research Srinivasa Ramanujan - Wikipedia Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy How Animator ...…
Facts About Russell's Vipers! Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
This week's podcast guest is Leopard! Long time friend of the show and a truly unique member of the community. We’ll be joined once again by Fran and Fallout as guest hosts and we’ll be chatting about the TWAB and the new Revelry event! -------------------------------------------------------- Find all of the DCP Members on Twitter: @teft |@TheB ...…
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