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spotlighting queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning & Allied) musicians and bands.
This is the Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional Podcast where you’ll learn how to do business with and market to the LGBT community in an authentic and transparent way. We’re talking about the $884 billion dollar lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We’ll help you grow your business, gain market share, and impact your bottom line. Hosted by the Professional Lesbian, Jenn T. Grace. This podcast answers questions and provides tips and tricks for reaching out the gay, lesb ...
The intention of this show is to celebrate the uniqueness of the LGBTQ+ experience while exploring the Truth that connects us all. Gay and Spiritual is hosted by different LGBTQ+ spiritual teachers, leaders, counselors, coaches, and activists who are making an impact in their local community and beyond. Each show features different topics and stories relevant to the LGBTQ+ experience and weaves in spiritual principles to expand the conversation. Learn more about Inspire here: https://inspire ...
Homoground is an audio podcast that spotlights queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning) and allied musicians and bands.
LGBTQ Tech Podcast
Tech discussions from the LGBTQ community
The Out Entrepreneur is a weekly Podcast where Rhodes Perry connects with today’s most authentic LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The show was created for you, the LGBTQ entrepreneur, business owner, or start-up founder. It was also designed to inspire more people to consider the entrepreneurial journey. During your daily commute, workout, or leisure time, allow Rhodes Perry to share actionable advice, and introduce you to some of the 1.4 million LGBTQ entrepreneurs crushing it in business, all while br ...
LGBTQ (Audio)
Guest speakers, researchers, and University of California faculty explore the issues affecting the LGBTQ community.
News, Pop Culture, Comedy and Lifestyle Podcast for Lesbian and Queer Women
The Outspoken Voices Podcast is created by Family Equality Council, with a new episode delivered every month. With help from invited guests, we address discuss essential topics for LGBTQ families, or members of the LGBTQ community who are thinking about starting a family.
Two Moms is a podcast focused on two mom families, addressing topics on creating a family, trying to conceive, fertility, parenting, travel, lifestyle, culture and more geared towards the LGBTQ community, specifically LGBT Family. We (Maarit and Kristin) had a bumpy TTC journey, but are now parents to 3 year old twin girls. Join us for our real life accounts of our real life. Also head over to YouTube and visit our channel Two Moms and Twins for more content.
LGBTQ (Video)
Guest speakers, researchers, and University of California faculty explore the issues affecting the LGBTQ community.
Our podcast focuses on the lifestyle and issues within our LGBTQ Communities all over the world! All of our shows go indepth on topics that nobody likes to discuss. We ask every question that our listeners want to know as well as us. We always keep it real, and we give each and every caller/listener and viewer the opportunity to speak their minds and tell their personal story. There is no jusdgement cast on this show, because again we are here to bring awareness to the community!
Whats making news in the world of LGBTQ community this week?
LGBTQ: Off The Grid
The 4-part UPR Original Series LGBTQ: Off The Grid explores the often unseen and unaddressed aspects of rural life for LGBTQ individuals and their families. This series is in partnership with the Changing Our Stories podcast. Series premiers Feb. 21 on Utah Public Radio. The series is made possible by the LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund , the USU Center for Women and Gender , and the USU Access & Diversity Center .
A podcast for women who love women.
Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers & Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Honey, come and get your life.
Sexy Conversations, Sound Advice & Saucy Rants from Dr. Timaree Schmit PhD
Join a team of transgender and intersex podcasters as they discuss topics relevant to the transgender and LGBTQ community. Transition Transmission is a podcast by and for trans, queer, non-binary, and questioning individuals.
Strange Fruit
Musings on politics, pop culture and black gay life. Each week, Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardiner have a candid discussion on issues surrounding sexuality, race and our culture at large.
Thanks for Coming!
Join the guys of TFC podcast in conversation on LGBTQ topics in culture and social media.
In a time where we're all threatened by a rhetoric of hate from the people in power; A Gay And A NonGay challenges many of our differences head on and promises that no matter who you are, or what you're into (Bruce Springsteen or Britney), love is love and gay and nongays can be friends. An independent podcast from James Barr (@imjamesbarr) and Dan Hudson (@DanHudson). Contact us on Twitter, IG or Facebook @gaynongay
It’s A Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay Podcast With Mr. Malone is a sweet & sassy, bold & brassy adventure through the life of Fagsy Malone. Join Fagsy as he shares his unfiltered thoughts & feelings about everything, like you’re his closest friend. He'll take you to the beach, to the local store and throughout the land encountering a cast of characters along the way! From neighbor Judy to the two hot straight men across the street to his wild art class with the children. Every episode is packed with thr ...
Transgeneral is a weekly podcast covering a range of topics with guest speakers from our community. Hosted by two trans women: Chelsey and Charlotte.
The Second Amendment Podcast that has a Little Bit of Everything
Two lesbians chat about making babies and non-traditional families. Jaimie and Robin go in-depth with weekly guests about their hopes, fears and setbacks when making a baby with love plus science as well as what it's like to live in a world designed for straight families.
Every week Abby discusses what’s been going on in her life, talking about living as a transgender woman in today’s culture. Finding doctors, dealing with microaggressions, family, and much much more. Each show she discusses the top new stories in the LGBTQ and Trans circles, encouraging critical thinking on major issues rather than pushing opinions and conclusions onto others. This show strives to be less of an activism fueled production and more of an educational production.
Trans-Mission Radio is a podcast of amateur anecdotal advice from three trans girls. They take about various parts about being trans, from dealing with societal expectations to hair tips. There's also plenty of goofs to make sure it doesn't get too serious.
How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.
Gender Reveal
Welcome to Gender Reveal, a podcast that centers nonbinary, transgender, and queer folks. Join us as we interview LGBTQIA+ artists, activists, and educators; answer listener questions; analyze current events; and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.
Feelin Weird
Personal conversations with a different guest each episode about taboo and stigmatized subjects: mental health (anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd), trauma, abuse, gender, sexual orientation, addiction, etc. Hosted by Kye Plant.
A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!
Bailey interviews her friends and peers involved in the realms of spirituality and/or human sexuality! You'll meet mediums, psychics, sex educators, and more!
History is Gay
History is Gay is a podcast that examines the underappreciated and overlooked queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies that have always been there in the unexplored corners of history. Because history has never been as straight as you think. Follow us on social media! @historyisgaypod on twitter, historyisgaypodcast on tumblr, and subscribe to us wherever you listen to podcasts!
First, there was 'Dating for Dummies', then, there was 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', now...behold! The Gay Man's Guide! Each episode will feature current news relevant to the LGBT community, as well as hot topic discussions, interviews, special guests, and Reann Ballslee's Consumer Product Report (and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, hunties!)
Christina and Kamille (The Hotties) are here to give you global takes on higher ed, books, TV, movies, fashion, culinary arts, and whatever the hell else they feel like.
Amanda Jean delights in wrestling manuscripts for her day job, worships at the altar of tropes, and has never met a villain or sexy alien she doesn’t like. Austin Chant writes books about gay magic and toxic masculinity, likes his queer stories with a slice of anguish, and kinda wants to be a pirate. Together, they discuss queer romance fiction and the broader world of queer media.
Hopefully interesting; occasionally funny: Probably True. The Probably True Podcast is an award-winning and slightly filthy storytelling project addressing LGBT issues in a fun and engaging way. Much like its author, it is a smutty-but-charming collection of personal adventures. Or, to put it another way: stories of queer life and even queer-er sex from a woke London gay.
The SafeWordSociety Podcast launched in 2017 by QTPOC+ visibility company, SafeWordSociety is heralded for archiving the authentic narratives of QTPOC+ as a social justice initiative for public broadcasting and social networks. The hosts, Kristen McCallum and Lamika Young, use interviews & discussions with thought leaders, influencers and community members to navigate the authenticity of their identity. Their mission is to create a safe space for versatility and self-definition while uplifti ...
Chris Laker, comedian/heterosexual has fun conversations with people from the LGBTQ community about their experiences living in a heteronormative society.
Boom! Lawyered
Boom! Lawyered is friendly and entertaining legal analysis for the resistance! Join Rewire.News legal experts Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy as they explore the important justice issues coming up in the courts, how the legal system works, and what the case outcomes will mean for all of us. Part of the Rewire.News podcast network.
The Zoo
Swipe right for first hand accounts of online dating -- cringeworthy, strange, and completely delightful.
Every week Abby discusses what’s been going on in her life, talking about living as a transgender woman in today’s culture. Finding doctors, dealing with microaggressions, family, and much much more. Each show she discusses the top new stories in the LGBTQ and Trans circles, encouraging critical thinking on major issues rather than pushing opinions and conclusions onto others. This show strives to be less of an activism fueled production and more of an educational production.
Erotic Expressions
We are an all-inclusive (LGBTQS) show that explores the world of love, romance and erotica. Has immediate/short-term gratification decreased your chance to find life-time love? We take a thorough look at relationships. It starts with the one you have with yourself; thereby others. Where is companionship in this tech driven society? Is there a difference when both people are the same sex? Come take a look with us and we will figure it out together. If you are looking for an x-rated show, this ...
An episode-by-episode analysis and critique of the television show Queer as Folk. The show started airing in December 2000, and we discuss how gay life has changed, or stayed the same 17 years later. At the end of each episode we ask the question of whether the episode's content still holds up today.
Long suffering baseball fan Rhea Butcher reinvents America's pastime with radically sensible thoughts on baseball, history, culture, gender, race, and more. For baseball diehards and novices alike, Rhea breaks down the week in MLB news, analyzes the culture of American sports, and explores forgotten chapters in baseball history from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League to the Negro Leagues and beyond. Plus in-depth interviews with comedians, baseball insiders, and hometown fan ...
Radio Free Qtopia
For LGBTQ people all over the world, this is a remarkable moment — both making unprecedented progress and facing violent backlash at the very same time. On Radio Free Qtopia, we’ll share the stories of people working, often in the most unexpected of places, to make their communities and countries more welcoming for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Hosted by Ian Lekus. Find us online at, follow us on Twitter @radiofreeqtopia, and like us on Faceboo ...
Comedian and Podcasting Legend Jonny McGovern brings you the delicious new weekly podcast! Hot T! Love hearing celebrity gossip and throwing Hollywood shade? Yaaaas you do! We read the tabloids so you don't have to! Hot T scours the magazine racks for the hottest and most outrageous celebrity glossies of the week and breaks them down to give you the total T! Jonny is joined each week by his Hey Qween cohort the "largest drag queen in captivity" Lady Red Couture for an hour of pop culture fil ...
Three young 20-somethings share with you the expertise you need to make it through your own 20-somethings. New episodes every other Friday!
Transgeneral is a weekly podcast covering a range of topics with guest speakers from our community. Hosted by two trans women: Chelsey and Charlotte.
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Telling our family stories can be liberating, uneventful, isolating, and even dangerous. How do we reclaim power in the telling? Why do LGBTQ family legacies matter? In this episode we talk about how we bridge the gaps of our queer homes and the rest of the world.
Join Matthias and Rika Lively as they discuss gender and its intersections with respectability politics. Rika just finished her first year of seminary and is interested in queer studies as well as studying spiritual trauma. She has worked in the local church over the past seven years in various ministries including communications, missions, and ...…
Gretchen and Leigh are pleased to announce their very first special guest to History is Gay, Dan Arndt of Write to Survive Podcast and The Fandomentals, to talk about Virginia Woolf and Vita-Sackville-West. This episode has everything: modernism, gay love letters, dramatic queers, queers with mommy issues, and a truly cinematic adventures. Join ...…
In this week’s episode, Molly speaks with TC Frost (he/they) of the Venture Out Project. Topics include: Transitioning, de-transitioning, and re-transitioning Learning to love and accept an androgynous body Struggling to feel safe in the world as a nonbinary trans person Hiking with other queer and trans folks “Am I a shapeshifter?” Learn more ...…
Today's episode was a bit overwhelming to record. I mean there's so much great 90's music to cover and so little time! We sure did try to cram as much as we could into the little time we had so I'm sure there will be a future part 2! In this week's news, we talk about Pearl's comments about RuPaul on Hey Qween! Also, we catch up on all the Jeff ...…
We're on a journey this episode, boys... a journey to the sea. Well, the waterfall. Well, the shower. It's time to recreate a tumblr post and double our crew size - saddle up, mateys.
Jonny is joined by Teddy Margas and the rage demon of Paris Hilton who made sure the world knew she still thought La Lohan is a gutter bucket trash slut. We examine the ladies feud and dish on Lindsay’s new Lisa Vanderpump inspired reality show.
Sex! Sex! Sex! (Also gender!) The more we think about gender, the more fascinated we are by even just the IDEA of it. What is a man? What is a woman? And why do some people refuse to bathe? But first, Amelia is gonna drop some serious anthropology knowledge on ya, while she rips apart those paleo people and their stupid "this is how caveman ate ...…
We discuss James' recent DJ set at... 10 Downing Street. What should you do when politicians with questionable histories invite you round for tea? Read the UK LGBT Action Plan here. --- This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - Come see us at our next live show at the Edin ...…
Brian's job is at risk forcing him to choose between his career and a week away with Justin. Melanie and Lindsay suffer from lesbian bed death until Leda comes up with a unique solution. Emmett's inheritance is burning a hole in his pocket which gets the attention of the Shickel family lawyers.
(This is an encore of Episode 26) Recording artist Trey Pearson made headlines when he came out. In this episode, Matthias and Trey discuss Trey's new album and the part of coming out nobody talks about: grief.
A wonderful gay in the neighborhood with Robin Honey, MC Bobo Kitty, Tits And Ass, Bozo Zoo Zoo and JUDY!!!!!!!!! I love you.
In this week’s episode, Molly (literally) finds their way out of the wilderness, and we share the second episode of a brand new nonbinary podcast. Thank you to Ave Bisesi (they/them) and Mac Maclean (they/them) for letting us share the second episode of Public Trans. In addition to subscribing to the show, you can find Public Trans on Twitter, ...…
Reverend Beverly Dale returns to the show to talk with Dr. Timaree about tolerant, pro-sexuality, pro-LGBTQ Christianity.
In This Episode: Erin and Weer’d banter about sinus irrigation, and then for the main topic discuss how some people are losing their minds over 3D printed guns and why that's dumb; the General Purpose Egghead talks about the management and storage of charged batteries; David shares his experiences in taking to the range new shooters who didn't ...…
This week we are discussing, childhood guilty pleasures! We are babies of the 80's, so that means we grew up in the 90's. Stay tuned to the Thanks for Coming! News segment where we talk about the hot water challenge and Blaze Berntstein. Don't forget to stay tuned to the very end to check out the trade of the week too!Trade:Seth: http://www.ins ...…
This is honestly one of my favourite episodes ever. If you've ever experienced trauma (every humyn on this planet), you will get something out of this conversation, I promise. Plus, Corinna (@riseupgoodwitch) is a witch! Do you know what a witch is? You will now. She's a politically radical intuit who is actively healing herself and others. She ...…
Jonny is joined by Linda James and Teddy Margas for a trip to the imagineerium to dream up the backstory of Hong Kong Kardashian and her billion dollar empire of baby wigs and baby pumps. Plus: Kate Hudson dumped in the delivery room! Country Music: Who’s Gay and Who’s Not?
This week, on the Unfriendly Black Hotties -- Let Me Holla At You: White caller crime is everywhere in this country. CT and KW shout about the latest scandal, Brooklyn Becky. [1:18] Know Thy Enemy: Dive deep into the natal chart of Tr*mp's favorite Russian autocrat. Knowledge is power. [8:57] The Bold Type: Season two of the hit Freeform show i ...…
Nothing makes James laugh harder than Dan's teenage band, and Dan has finally caught up with Queer Eye. --- This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - Come see us at our next live show at the Edinburgh Fringe on 16/17 August 2018 or our 100th episode at the London Podcast F ...…
Michael throws a surprise birthday party for Ben, who reacts uncharacteristically. Tired of Brian's lack of commitment, Justin steps out and falls for a violinist at his school, only to return home to find his bday gift from Brian is an escort. Ted meets Mr. Right.
Jax Wheatley is the Chief Financial Officer Every Small Business Owner Needs. With over 18 years running their own business, Rainbow Tax & Accounting, Jax loves providing quality, affordable accounting services to individuals, small business, and non-profit organization. When not busy running their own business, Jax dedicates their free time ex ...…
Join Jennifer Knapp, Beth Carlson-Malena, Tyler Alan Jacobs, and Michelle Douglas as they discuss the gifts of the LGBTQ2 community on a panel moderated by Matthias. This long-form episode was recorded live from SpiritPride Vancouver in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 28, 2018. Tyler Alan Jacobs is a First Nations two spirit activist and ...…
This is a raw, unedited recording of Matthias' keynote recorded live from SpiritPride Vancouver 2018 in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this keynote, Matthias talks about spiritual gifts, the gift of being queer, and the inherent queerness of the Christian faith.
Two teens talk about what it's like growing up in a LGBTQ family and being totally outnumbered at home by parents and siblings who are all of a different gender. What is it really like being a young woman raised by two men or a young man raised by women? Short answer - it's complex and awesome.
In this week’s episode, Molly hikes through the wilderness, and radio producer Sarah Esocoff (she/her) steps in to share the stories of several queer and trans individuals grappling with what it means to be femme (or not femme). Thank you to Sarah and SiriusXM’s Spoke Studios for allowing us to air their three-part series Femme. Don’t forget to ...…
Welcome to our very first extra special collaboration! Joining Leigh and Gretchen this episode are our friends over at Queer as Fact, a queer history podcast from Australia. Our topic of choice? Queer slang! Join us as we discuss lavender linguistics, the history of queer slang in Australian penal colonies, and our favorite slang words, both Am ...…
Dr. Timaree talks polyamory with the delightful Kitty Chambliss, touching on polycules, jealousy, and a host of other related topic,s including her site Loving Without Boundaries (.com)
In This Episode: Erin and Weer’d discuss Erin's appearance at the Big Gun Rally in Tally The General Purpose Egghead continues his talk on Batteries with a discussion on Rechargeable Batteries Connie talks argues for the United States remaining in Nato and gives a Eulogy for a friend who lived an amazing life in Washington in Plain English Davi ...…
On this week's episode, we are talking gay icons. Gaycons, if you will! Seth catches you up on his trip to the dentist. Also, we have some exciting Trixie Mattel news from Jamal and Stony. Get into the gig! Trade:Seth: htt ...…
Jonny is joined by Lady Red and Teddy Margas to investigate the rumors and scandal surrounding Whitney Houston’s death! Was it Pat Houston’s fault? Was Ray J a drug runner? Who the fuck is Raffles? What is Bobby Brown’s sister saying that has everyone running scared? Plus: Plastic Surgery Disasters! Beyoncé takes over Vogue! And more!…
This week, we're back with a vengeance, LOTS of Hatsune Miku talk, and a 2x speed increased version of Nyan Cat. Sorry. Alicia gives some tasty tips. Jay sings a swan song for the intentionally understuffed. Cristaly explores a cryptic company. Yamaha lore music is "Healing" by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licens ...…
You guys, it finally happened. After hearing Seth talk about "Call Me By Your Name" incessantly for 8 months straight we finally did a podcast about the movie. So grab a glass of wine, and get comfortable!In The Details Podcast:'s Twitter: always, follow, follow, follow!E-mail: tf ...…
We weren't in town long enough to record a whole episode, so this week we're giving you delightful miscellany! Tids and bits snipped from various conversations that add up to forty jam-packed minutes! A wandering discussion about a new anime cafe in San Antonio becomes a walk down memory lane peppered with people we've nicknamed and obsessed ov ...…
Dan wants water, and knows an alarming amount about birds. Say hey to him if you see him at Brighton Pride this weekend, but James won't be there. Plus an announcement about our forthcoming 100th episode! --- This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - Come see us at our nex ...…
Michael and Justin create a comic book based on Brian, who doesn't share their enthusiasm. Emmett fights the establishment and is barred from speaking at George's funeral. Meanwhile, Melanie and Lindsay struggle to renovate the attic while Leda angles to renovate their sex life.
Lisa Snyder is a Portland-based feminist, the Founder and Co-Creator of Tokeativity, a Cannabis Community for Women, and the owner of Elle*Eye Web Design Consulting. With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience, she continues to be recognized for her work in Time Out New York, Go Magazine, Oregon Leaf, PUSH Magazine,, ...…
Joel Hollier is an Australian former pastor who prominently taught that celibacy was the only option for LGBTQ+ Christians. As a gay man himself, he became a prominent voice in Australia promoting this view. Through many years of prayerful discernment, revisiting the Bible and discovering new ways of thinking, Joel’s mind on this topic was slow ...…
In this week’s episode, Molly speaks with award-winning journalist and author Meredith Talusan (she/they), the executive editor of them. Topics include: Third gender traditions in the Philippines Becoming the first openly trans staff writer at BuzzFeed Existing as a minority who often passes as “””normal””” (cis/white) Adding specificity, nuanc ...…
Dr. Timaree is joined by Shadeen Francis to talk about sex, play games, share stories and more LIVE at The 2018 Philadelphia Podcast Festival.
In This Episode: Erin and Weer’d discuss Sacha Baron Cohen's recent attack on the Second Amendment Community; the General Purpose Egghead gives us a primer on batteries; Weer'd continues with part two of his audio fisk of the Brady Campaign's actions against so-called "Bad Apple Gun Dealers"; David discusses the pitfalls of assuming that becaus ...…
This week on Thanks For Coming, we talk gay tribes! Lions, Tigers, and Bears. OH MY! We took a quiz and discuss our results as well. In gay news we talk about Trixie and Katya's pannel at DragCon New York, and a homophobic bakery on our home turf. Make sure to get links to see our Trade of the Week down below!In The Details "Call Me By Your Nam ...…
Kolina talks about how her anxiety and depression coincide with OCD (TW: talk of suicide attempt). In 7th grade her anxiety became VERY difficult and by age 13 she had her first counselor, but it would be years before her OCD was diagnosed. We also discuss: the hierarchy of mental illness and suffering, checking, therapy, medication, normalizin ...…
Jonny is joined by Linda James, Teddy Margas and Adam Joseph to discuss whether or not Angelina Jolie’s kids call her “ Miss Aaaaangie”, Kylie’s possible pregnancy, Jessica Simpson’s warning to Ashley and whether or not Nick Lachey has a beer can cock.
A perplexing Malibu morning and "Judy, Judy. Judy!!"
Isn’t this HeaVON? The brilliant Catherine Cohen returns to Las Culturistas for a very special musical episode, just days before her July 31st show at Joe’s Pub: “The Twist?…She’s Gorgeous.” And she’s bringing her genius collaborator/veteran of the podcast, Henry Koperski, to accompany her on the keys! Warning: You WILL be singing these songs f ...…
This week's episode branches into an astonishing amount of cultural topics, much like the linktree of today's special guest, the amazing Jacqueline Novak! If you want an episode that segues from chicken bones into The Lovely Bones, then look no further. This is the one! But not only that, also: The art of personal branding, the proper way to ea ...…
"Baseball is very political and anybody who thinks it isn't, isn't watching baseball..." Rhea weighs in on Josh Hader's standing ovation in Milwaukee and the false "high road" narrative of ignoring white supremacy. Plus thoughts on Howard Bryant's excellent article on the militarization of pro sports (link below). And Chase Utley's divisive leg ...…
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