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Best Living Hope Family Church Marana podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Living Hope Family Church Marana podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Listen as Pastor Wayne and guest speakers share the Word of God in a real and meaningful way.
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In chapter 4 of 1 Peter, Peter speaks to two topics. The first is being a steward of God's grace and the second is having an understanding that as Christians, we will suffer and endure trials.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph teaches on how it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. If you suffer for righteousness sake, you will be blessed.By Joseph Kobel
Peter gives direction is how we ought to live as Christians. Wives should be subject to their husbands and husbands should love, honor, and lead their wives well. In addition, we should love one another and strive for unity of mind.By Wayne Griffith
As Christians, we are to be subject to all human institutions in authority over us and endure suffering even from those who are unjust. When we do good and live a life that is Godly and Christ like, we silence the ignorance of those who are causing our suffering.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph continues in our series on the book of 1 Peter. In this lesson, we see that we are a chosen priesthood, being built together as living stones, based on Jesus as the chief cornerstone.By Joseph Kobel
As Pastor Wayne continues the series on Peter, we learn that we should be holy in everything we do as we walk with God.By Wayne Griffith
Today we start a series delving into the book of 1 Peter. In this first part, we see that we are born again to a living hope with an imperishable inheritance.By Wayne Griffith
In our most troubling times, God is always there for us. We must put our Trust in God and believe he will protect us because he is faithful.By Joseph Kobel
In our Christian walk, we must walk in the authority given to us by God. We must understand and not be afraid to use the power he has given us to serve him.By Wayne Griffith
In our Christian walk worship is the most important things we do. When we worship, we should not be afraid to sing and clap, we should be expressive and worship freely.By Wayne Griffith
Jesus has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, and sealed us with the Holy Spirit. Signs will follow.By Joseph Kobel
When we have a baby, we expect it to eventually grow up. The same is true for Christians. At some point we have to mature in our faith.By Wayne Griffith
God sees us differently than we see ourselves, if we just trust in him and say yes, he will use us in a might way.By Pastor Wayne
In the Bible, there are many mighty characters that we can learn from. This week, we see that even in his worst moments, God still used Samson, and this is true for us as well.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph ministers on being spiritually fit. Bodily exercise is of some good, but godliness is good for all things, both in this life and the next.By Joseph Kobel
Pastor Wayne finished up the series on the book of Philippians. In this final chapter, Paul deals with unity in the church, provision, generosity, anxiety, and being strong in Christ.By Wayne Griffith
Christianity is a forward looking religion. We shouldn't get hung up looking behind us, but rather we should strain forward, pressing on towards the upward calling of Christ.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph leads our fifth installment of Philippians. Paul warns us who to avoid in life. We should put our confidence in the Lord and not the futile things of this world. The things in life we should desire are the things that would bring us closer to Christ.By Joseph Kobel
Pastor Wayne's message continues our study through Philippians. We can rejoice! We not have everything, but through belief in Jesus we are saved and set free.By Wayne Griffith
In this third message in the series on the book of Philippians, we see that unity is important in the church. Paul also explain the way to achieve unity is to take on an attitude like Christ's.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph takes the reigns as we continue through Philippians. Paul urges the church to be bold in Christ. Let our conduct be worthy as we continue to stand in one spirit in the faith even as our adversaries come against us. While we are able to believe in Christ we also must suffer for His sake.…
Pastor Wayne begins a several week series on the Book of Philippians. The primary purpose of this letter was to thank the believers for their gift in his time of need, but he also took the opportunity to encourage them as well. Paul begins by telling them they are in his thoughts, heart, and prayers.…
Pastor Wayne wraps up our series of Who We Are. God puts a call on all our lives. As we realize what God wants us to do we need to be equipped first. Jesus strengthens us with His grace.By Wayne Griffith
Let's join Pastor Joseph as he speaks about being equipped for the Kingdom. We have been given the same faith today as the apostles had when they followed Christ. God has sent us the Holy Spirit to empower us to go and proclaim Jesus.By Joseph Kobel
Let's join Pastor Wayne and listen about evangelism. Everything we do as a church is to spread the message of Christ to those around us. Sheep need a shepherd. We should be bold about sharing the love of Christ with others.By Wayne Griffith
Join us as guest speaker, Pastor Jeff Rossman from Poughkeepsie, New York, encourages us on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To all is given a gift, but you have to use it.By Jeff Rossman
As we continue our series on Who We Are pastor Wayne talks about the church's generosity. One of the topics Jesus spoke of the most about was money. We need a change of heart about our finances. God cannot be out-given.By Wayne Griffith
Here at living family church, we are a family. We love and honor one another.By Joseph Kobel
Prayer is imperative for a Christian. You can't have a relationship without communication, and prayer is how we communicate with God. In addition, the prayer of a righteous man produces much. At LHFC, we are a people who pray.By Wayne Griffith
We continue our series on Who We Are. We are Spirit led. God pours out His spirit to benefit His Church. Every believer can have them and they are especially for today's generation and those to come.By Wayne Griffith
Continuing the series on who we are. Why we worship God.By Joseph Kobel
Pastor Wayne continues our series on Living Hope Family Church's culture. Faith is the foundation of our salvation. We believe with a conviction in our Lord and His promises made to us. Our faith in Christ gives us the endurance to keep on whether or not things or good or bad.By Wayne Griffith
Pastor Joseph kicks off our series on The Culture of Living Hope Family Church, where we dive into who we are as a church. Here we learn that we are a people who are saved by grace.By Joseph Kobel
Happy Easter! He is risen. Without the resurrection His death is meaningless. Thankfully our hope is placed in God and the facts of Jesus's victory are so apparent. He made sure that there wouldn't be a doubt that he came and done what he meant to done!By Wayne Griffith
Follow Pastor Wayne as he examines Acts. Though times have changed people gave stayed the same. We need the Holy Spirit in order to be successful as Christians. The body needs to be devoted to one anther. How can we live like the early Church?By Wayne Griffith
It took the Israelites 40 years to go an 11 day journey. It's time to get going in the blessing and provision God has given us so we don't fall in to the same trap.By Jarone Halsted
You have been set free. Set free to serve. Set free to give. Set free to encourage. Set free to build His kingdom.By Jarone Halsted
Join us for our Revival with Jarone Halsted. Give! The kingdom of God gives us the freedom in Christ to give and love on everyone. We need to listen and obey Him and give our hearts to him completely.By Jarone Halsted
Because life keeps moving forward, we only have a limited amount of chances to do what God has called us to do. Don't waste your chances by not walking through the doors God has opened for you.By Larry Neville
Today Pastor Joseph guides us through the authenticity of the written word. He shows us why it is so important that we invest time reading our bible. He explains the history of wear much of the formation of the Word comes from.By Joseph Kobel
In regards to the promises of God, the believer has a responsibility. Not to perform, but rather to trust. Today we see that in almost every instance of healing in the New Testament it was their faith that made them well.By Wayne Griffith
God wants you healed! He loves us and desires us to be whole. The brokenhearted are who he wants to come before him. His healing is for everyone.By Wayne Griffith
God cares about you and His word is full of promises regarding your health and wellness.By Wayne Griffith
There was no sickness, disease, or death when God created man, and there is none in heaven. He does not use it to discipline nor guide us. It is not His will that anyone of us would be sick. Satan is the author of sickness and he uses it to cause kill, steal, and destroy.By Wayne Griffith
Join Joseph Kobel as he takes us through God's word. We should do our best to set ourselves apart from this world and pursue the things of God. Let's not be selfish but have lives of humility and love towards one another.By Joseph Kobel
There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is the result of your circumstances but joy is the result of the finished work of Christ in you.By Wayne Griffith
Branches that are not attached to the vine fade and die quickly. The same is true for Christians who don't abide in Jesus. As Christians, abiding in Christ should be of the utmost priority.By Joseph Kobel
What is priority in your life? Make time for Christ and His people. We're here to get trained in godliness for life and the life to come. We strengthen each other by meeting together.By Wayne Griffith
Listen along as Joseph teaches this morning. The enemy has been defeated , we can expect that God will bring us victory in life. God blesses us not curses. We are more than conquerors in Christ.By Joseph Kobel
We are FREE from sin not just forgiven! God hosed us down not to go back in the mud. We will always be salves to something so let's be slaves to righteousness. Let's not act like who we were but be reminded of who we are now. Keep in step with the Spirit.By Wayne Griffith
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