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Welcome to The Dive, a weekly podcast hosted by Kobe and Azael that takes a closer look at the world of League of Legends esports and the NA LCS. Releasing on Wednesday every week, the gang will be diving into the biggest international news, meta shifts and solo queue trends, and in-depth analysis of the NA LCS.#TheDiveLOL
Tomorrow's Legends
A podcast dedicated to the television show DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Join hosts Martin "The Flash" and Jess aka "Harley Quinn" as they discuss the CW's latest superhero television show.
The Legends Podcast gives our listeners an in depth look into the greatest basketball stars of the past, present and future. With a focus on Hall of Famers, you will hear the greatest stories told by the legends that lived them. Along with our Hall of Famers, hear stories from past legends, current stars, coaches, media personalities, and other basketball dignitaries. Listen along as you learn the game's history from the place where the game was invented. The Basketball Hall of Fame - Where ...
Have you ever read a novel, short story, poem, or narrative and then found yourself wondering about it's creator, their backstory, and what type of person could construct the piece of literature in your hands? ​ Well, I know I have. ​ Being an avid book worm and all around knowledge-seeking nerd, I discovered one of my favorite things to do after completing either a series or a book that made me question life, reality, or morality as a whole, was to figure out who it was that crafted such a ...
A scary story podcast told from the bed of a real-life couple. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Come along with us as we explore Belfast through the eyes (and voices) of the incredible people who call this city home. From market traders, street artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors to strangers on the street - our goal is to champion the diverse mix of personalities and characters in Northern Ireland. You can find written versions of these stories, photos of our guests, social media profiles and news about upcoming events/shenanigans over at https://BestOfBe ...
The LCS Rundown meets once a week to discuss League Championship Series (LCS) along with professional player's lives and pro play! Tune in for an hour recap of the NA and EU LCS! Find out more on
A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.
The Future of Star Wars Lives Here
A sequel to Nathaniel Hawthorne's earlier volume of Greek mythology interpreted and retold for young people, Tanglewood Tales includes more legends and tales of ancient heroes and monsters. In his earlier book, A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys, Hawthorne had designed the book to be a book within a book. A young college student keeps a group of young children entertained by retelling Greek myths in a way in which they can easily understand. Nathaniel Hawthorne also wrote a brief introduction ...
The Corp
World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports' Big Cat interview industry leaders, sports legends, and entrepreneurs on what makes them successful in their specific profession. Business, humor, and stories from people who have lived the American Dream.
UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and interviews MMA studs and legends. As Chael says "I do the thinking so you don't have to. Listen, learn, and then follow me blindly as I show you the world as it ought to be." To access the entire You're Welcome with Chael Sonnen archive, go to
Hotline League
Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.
Stories turn songs into symphonies, events into memories, and lives into legends. In our crowded world, “knowing your story” cuts through the noise so you can make your mark — whether you want to sell more books, increase profits, or just make a difference. At Sterling & Stone, Story is our business. The Story Studio Podcast is where we explore ways we can all tell our stories better.
The Expanded Perspectives podcast is a weekly show about ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, time slips, serial killers, the paranormal, trolls and fey folk, legends, myths and dark historical tales that spark the imagination. Each episode offers an immersive audio experience that brings up more questions than answers. Join Kyle and Cam each week as they explore the unknown and perhaps expand your perspective….for more information go to
A Star Wars podcast we GUARANTEE you’ve never heard before. Fandom, news, legends and myths... mixed with real-life memories, experiences, and recollections about living as “fictives” relevant to the SW universe. Ready to run away? Confused? Intrigued? Great! Now drop your preconceptions and join us for some deep dives into Star Wars, from both a fan perspective and a metaphysical one. We guarantee: you’ll be surprised!
Blurry Photos
A podcast that explores the unexplained and explains the unexplored, Blurry Photos seeks the facts behind the fiction of the world’s most fascinating, unbelievable, and chilling mysteries and legends. Focusing on lesser-known topics of Forteana, conspiracy, history, and folklore, Blurry Photos is driven by the desire for a better understanding of fringe subjects through research, storytelling, and rational thinking. Prepare your butts, because it’s time to learn something weird.
Reliving the greatest era of professional wrestling, one legendary conversation at a time. Former WWE announcer Sean Mooney sits down with pro wrestling legends of the 80s, 90s, and today - every Wednesday - to talk in-depth about their lives inside and outside of the ring.
Living Paranormal
Real Investigators. Real Stories. No Scripts. Covering topics from legends to hauntings. A real life take on the lives of real investigators.
James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy talk gibberish about food and drink.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
We’re a rag tag group of guys who play games, and happen to be just OK at them. Filled with League of Legends discussions, general gaming news, and some improv games, Just OK Gamers Podcast is an hour of entertainment for your ear-bones.
Join the perfectly good men of Australian music comedy legends Tripod, along with your host Andrew Pogson, on this musical adventure podcast celebrating all things Tripod. Featuring live performances, tight three part harmonies, stories, jokes, laughs, tears, poor adlib and much much more.
All Damn Night
Join hosts Brandon Richardson and Sean Demers as they explore the wildest, craziest, and most important stories in music history. From Mozart to Hank Williams, James Brown to Guns n Roses, Frank Sinatra to Bon Scott; We provide a unique and insightfull vantage point on the stories behind the legends of music and history. So grab a cup of coffee, have another drink, sit back and enjoy the ride: All Damn Night
The South… What is it? Movies, books, songs, myths and legends have tried to explain this part of the United States. SouthBound, a new podcast series from WFAE, talks to people who were born and raised in the South. Hosted by journalist Tommy Tomlinson, SouthBound features conversations with notable Southerners from all walks of life – from artists and athletes to preachers and politicians.
Max got his start spinning in Toronto, over 25 years ago opening for such legends as Susan Morabito, David Knapp and Barry Harris. After a long hiatus, Max is busy again playing parties throughout the continent: DILF, Bearracuda, BRUT, Reflex, Meat Rack and a multitude of special events including Folsom Street Fair, Mid Atlantic Leather, IML, Provincetown Bear Week, and numerous Pride festivals across the U.S. and Canada. You can find his podcast, "Red Light Feeling" on Soundcloud, Mixcloud ...
Beyond The Strange
Beyond The Strange is not your typical Podcast. We listen to your experiences and concerns. This is the radio program for you, the listener. Visit beyondthestrange.comGoing way back to my days as a youth, I remember hearing strange stories and Urban legends from family and friends only to see some of them talked about on shows like In Search Of.. That's Incredible! and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Now some 30 yrs later with the help of Internet Radio and Podcast, we re-visit the Strange and P ...
Emmy Award—winning producer, actor, and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond.
Watch LIVE every weekday at 10AM PT the free video version at Miller hosts the world's #1 daily video game news podcast alongside a rotating cast of industry veterans including Tim Gettys, Andrea Rene, Jared Petty, Gary Whitta, and Fran Mirabella.
CINE ENTERTAINMENT TALK ist der zweiwöchentlich erscheinende Podcast des Entertainment Blog rund um das Thema Film und Fernsehen mit Schwerpunkt auf Action- und Genre-Produktionen von den 80ern bis heute. Seit 2015 haben wir eine Vielzahl an Episoden mit meist über zwei Stunden Laufzeit sowie zahlreiche weitere Specials produziert.Thematisch ist (fast) nichts vor uns sicher. Bis dato haben wir u.a. Tribute an Meisterregisseure wie Wes Craven, Richard Donner und George A. Romero oder die Vita ...
5 live's science podcast, featuring Dr Karl, plus Dr Chris and Naked Scientists Chris Smith and Kat Arney with the hottest science news stories and analysis.
The Checkout
Music and interviews featuring cutting edge artists from around the world.
Monster X Radio
We talk mostly about Bigfoot encounters and research.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter /
Audio home of The Jimquisition, featuring its lovely little podcast, Podquisition - starring Jim Sterling, Laura Kate, and Gavin Dunne!
Dallas based comedians and friends, Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney, focus on a different true crime, cult, or creepy topic in this well researched and humorous weekly podcast.
If you've loved and cherished The Wind in The Willows, you'll be delighted to read The Golden Age. In this book of reminiscences by Kenneth Grahame, the much loved creator of Winnie The Pooh, readers are granted an insight into the writer's childhood. The opening lines of the Prologue provide a poignant reminder of Grahame's childhood. When he was just five, his mother died in childbirth and his father who had a long standing problem with alcoholism consigned his four children, including the ...
DLC is your weekly audio tour of the latest in video games and tabletop entertainment. Hosts Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer are joined every week by the best damn gaming experts on the planet as well as YOUR phone calls! Disagree, Like, or Comment by Direct Live Call-in or in the Designated Lobby Chat! It is the gaming show Decided by Listener Contribution. DLC, the Digital Lifestyle Companion for gamers who Don't Like Cynicism. Hosted by Christian Spicer & Jeff Cannata.
Podcast Unlocked
Love Xbox? IGN's Podcast Unlocked is your source for everything Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you live and breathe Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and more, Podcast Unlocked has you covered. Tune in every week for the latest video game news for Xbox junkies around the globe.
A talk show with a heart. Each week, Sam interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists. Join Sam as he makes sense of the world through conversation.
Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine bring you the latest insider look at the Canadian music industry. Listen to in-depth interviews with music experts, industry professionals, musicians, songwriters, and producers. Produced by Canadian Musician Magazine - For more information contact us at Listen and subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music, and Spotify.
Welcome to the official podcast for /r/xboxone Subreddit!Party Chat is a community podcast which involves members of the subreddit, moderators, developers, and other industry insiders.Topics include industry news, rumors and subreddit current events.Currently Hosted by:/u/uncle_jessy - Uncle Jessy (AKA Clayton Parker)/u/Moss842 - Ross Miller/u/Delicious_Cheese - Rhys Constance/u/RetroKrystal - Carina Calvert
Sin The Fields
The richest, most compelling podcast about ultimate to date, giving center stage to the attitude, extraordinary stories, and peripheral weirdness that makes ultimate its own. Hosted by Tad Wissel and Patrick Stegemoeller.
Best friends bonded by their paranormal experiences Corinne Vien and Sabrina Deana-Roga recount their contact with the other side, tell each other ghost stories and invite listeners to join in on the fun.
Off the Ball Saturday Panel
A podcast covering all aspects of the Horus Heresy.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the people behind Missing Maura Murray. Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna continue their deep dives into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and other mysteries. Current cases: Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearance, Suitcase Jane Doe from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the 1918 unsolved murder of William Dean, the wrongful conviction of John Giuca, the Vanishing Men of Boston. Crawlspace's full archive is available on Stitcher Premium.
The true crime / comedy podcast YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. We recap your favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass, and a well timed garbage bell. Hear our take on "Wild Wild Country," "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane," "Jesus Camp" and many more. So many garbage people, so little time.
THE ARKHAM SESSIONS, by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the observation and clinical analysis of the characters in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.
Rad Crew
Rad Crew-nettverket gir deg podcaster om gaming, film, TV, og andre nerdete greier, siden 2011. Nå også på PressFire!
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Another week, another episode of solid gold mouth sounds. The greatest human (or animal) minds throughout time could all get in a room with flowcharts and overhead projectors and abacuses and protractors and whatnot and still not fathom just how it is that James and Sam manage to deliver at this level, with this measure of consistency, this wei ...…
It's Valentine's week and love is in the air. So what else could the Naked Scientists be exploring but pain, dating and mind control?
Vi snakker om CG-rollefigurer fra den spede begynnelsen i «The Abyss» til Jar Jar Binks til Gollum, og inn i vår tid.Pluss: The Orville! Med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Ida Joynt, Jostein Hakestad
Listen back to our special Saturday Panel with the European Ryder Cup captain Pádraig Harrington...
It's Friday. Sam will be seeing NPR's Susan Davis and Lulu Garcia-Navarro in the studio as they bid farewell to NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover. They're breaking down the issues raised as President Trump declares a national emergency in order to build the border wall. Also, what led more teachers — this time in Denver — to strike this week? Plus, ...…
Ross, Clay And Rhys go over the hottest topics from the Subreddit.
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at and Greg catch you up on the Carlton Dance copyright, Apex Legends milestones, and more.Time Stamps - 00:03:10 - HousekeepingDon’t forget the Kinda Funny World Tour rolls on! This Sunday, we’re in San Francisco at Triple Voodoo Brewery at 3 p.m. Then, it’s Kansas City on ...…
The meteoric rise of James Francies is no surprise to anyone embedded in New York’s thriving jazz scene. Besides celebrating his auspicious debut, Flight, on Blue Note Records, this multi-pronged pianist keeps an ambitious touring schedule with guitarist Pat Metheny and others. On this edition of My Music, Francies — a Houston native at ease in ...…
Chael and Joel make a few predictions for UFC on ESPN this weekend, including their thoughts on Cain Velasquez vs. Francis Ngannou. The guys also rank all-time heavyweights and share a few legendary Team Quest MMA stories starring Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland and more.Create a free account on BetOnline.AG and receive a 50% SIGN UP BONUS just by ...…
Gweedo goes on The Dating Game to find a Valentine's Day Belle. Then we talk about Apex Legends dominating Twitch, Blizzard firing hundreds of employees, Nintendo Direct, and Metro Exodus. Then we play Fortunately Unfortunately, plus a few guests stop by! Thanks to our Listener of the Week, SigmaTAS!We are now on Spotify! Just OK Gamers on Spot ...…
What a blessed union we make on this podcast.
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at and Cheeks Jr. go through all the Nintendo Direct announcements, DICE Awards winners, and latest review scores. Time Stamps - 00:01:45 - HousekeepingDon’t forget the Kinda Funny World Tour rolls on! This Sunday, we’re in San Francisco at Triple Voodoo Brewery at 3 p.m. Th ...…
Timestamps 00:01:26 Introductions 00:04:02 Week 3 LCS 00:07:05 How to Call In 00:10:02 GettaPapa - GGS can improve to make playoffs 00:17:44 Hereitc798 - LCS salaries should become public 00:28:19 Josh - Frostmancy Meta 00:38:20 nogie15 - Overreaction? TSM is the worst team. 00:52:18 tangysauce - LCS has slower games is worrying 01:01:15 Damian ...…
Marguerite Annie Johnson, or as we know her Maya Angelou, was an acclaimed American poet, storyteller, activist, and autobiographer, as well as a singer, dancer, actress, composer, Hollywood’s first black female director, AND civil rights activist alongside both Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X. Her most renowned work, “I Know Why the Caged ...…
Some people head to warm climes when they go away for a few days. Dr Karl does the opposite. This week he is in Antarctica to answer your science questions, and is joined by glaciologist Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi and station leader at Casey Station, Chris MacMillian.
This week on The Dive, Kobe and Azael are joined by FlyQuest’s ADC WildTurtle to talk Marksman item changes, content creating, and as always the LCS.The Official Homepage of The Dive this episode on Youtube here:
IGN's Xbox crew discusses Apex Legends enormous success and it's potential, the future of EA, and a traveling Halo Amusement Park that may be headed your way.
Welcome to the renamed League Rundown (formerly LCS Rundown)! New week, new champ in play! And a new... awful awful toplane strategy. Jigglyduff, Jax, and Varda bring you all the good, the bad, and the ugly of this weekend of Western League action. Subscribe to us on Patreon: Contact us: @lcsrundown on Twitter E ...…
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at Informer's Imran Khan joins Tim to discuss all the latest Activision news, Amy Henning's vision for the future of gaming, and Nintendo Direct predictions.Time Codes - 00:01:28 - HousekeepingGreg’s hosting the 22nd Annuals DICE Awards Wednesday night with Jessica Chobot. ...…
Vi snakker om fantastiske, vanedannende Apex Legends, pluss Vermintide 2! Pluss: Masseoppsigelser og corporate grådighet i Activision Blizzard.Med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Magnus Tellefsen, Jostein Hakestad
DMG Clearances works with some of the biggest artists, brands, and media on the planet, getting samples cleared and licenses in order for music used in a wide array of applications. Founder and President Deborah Mannis-Gardner, who will be presenting her own session on sample licensing at SXSW 2019, joins us for an introduction to this speciali ...…
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys talk with legendary author Lyle Blackburn about is upcoming book “MoMo: The Strange Case of the Missouri Monster”. Lyle Blackburn is a native Texan known for his work in writing, music, and film. He is the author of several acclaimed books, including “The Beast of Boggy Creek” and “Lizard Man,” ...…
Constantine has checked himself into Ravenscar Asylum following the loss of a 9-year-old girl, Astra to the demon Nergal. The loss of her soul, along with his own, has been tormenting him. Naturally, he'll have to snap out of it. That moment comes six months later when a possessing spirit sends him a disturbing message. John is on a mission to ...…
The story of La Llorona is so much more than that trailer you keep seeing with Linda Cardellini. We invited podcast critic Elena Fernández-Collins to tell us a little bit about La Llorona, the historical figure that might have inspired the tale, and her own personal experiences with the spirit growing up in Puerto Rico. We also talk about the s ...…
Hei og velkommen til en ny episode av LOLbua. Som alltid anmelder vi de siste spillene vi har prøvd, deriblant Apex Legends og betaen for Division 2.Vi ser også på de mange, og store spillene som ko… Les mer →
Today’s intro-absent podcast is the beginning of a brand new look for the show. For too long, we’ve been struggling to fit into a business suit that’s too small and not at all our style. In order to complete our journey of becoming a 100%-Story-First company, we need to extend the effort to every facet of what we do. Today, we talk about then t ...…
This week on PTSM, we bring you 3 HOURS with a woman who’s certainly seen it all, as we welcome wife of The British Bulldog & member of the legendary Hart Family, Diana Hart!! Diana shares some incredible Stu Hart stories, memories of Stu training in the dungeon, and discusses the early success of Stampede Wrestling. Diana talks about meeting D ...…
Usually, you send flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day, but Al "Scarface" Capone decided he was going to send a bloody message to his longtime rival Bugs Moran. On Feb. 14, 1929, seven of Moran's men from his North Side gang lay dead on a warehouse floor, gunned down by Thompson Submachine guns. Was a power struggle to control the lucrative ...…
Welcome to Crawlspace. Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna resume their chat with Pennsylvania filmmaker Jennifer Amell about her search to identify Suitcase Jane Doe. A shocking discovery is made while researching other Jane Does in the area. Check out Jennifer's site: We're going to the American Investigative Society of Cold ...…
Paranormal activity is rarely predictable. Perhaps your friends ask you to drinks, you decline, and suddenly miss out on a shared paranormal experience? Bummer! Don't get us wrong - we aren't telling you to go out... we wouldn't want you to walk past the little ghost boy in the neighbor's window. Or maybe you should go out because that sealed o ...…
After a trip to Australia, Chael is back stateside with Joel the Godfather in-studio to talk UFC 234, the possibility of Conor vs. Nate Diaz, dinner with Cowboy Cerrone and Dominick Cruz's secret burger trick.Create a free account on BetOnline.AG and receive a 50% SIGN UP BONUS just by using the promo code PODCASTONEBe a hero this Valentine's D ...…
This is a tough episode. There is a lot of controversy behind the “artist” and whether or not this is even “music”. Either way, it is very entertaining. Our friend and your’s, Chasen Wayne Mitchell, joins us in the studio tonight to shed some light on the Hip Hop culture.
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at and Greg recap Shawn Layden's cross-play comments, talk about what the PlayStation leadership changes means for the future, and predict tomorrow's Nintendo Direct.Time stamps - 00:03:00 - HousekeepingGreg’s hosting the 22nd Annuals DICE Awards Wednesday night with Jessica ...…
It's Tuesday. Sam talks with three Oakland teenagers about the gun violence they regularly encounter. They have been held up at gunpoint and known friends and mentors who have been shot. These Castlemont High School students are involved with a violence intervention program called Youth ALIVE! Through the program, they mentor middle school stud ...…
For 13 summers, Timothy Tredwell journeyed into the Alaskan wilderness to spend four months living among the grizzly bears. Though Treadwell believed that he and the bears had an understanding--he considered them his close friends--he and his girlfriend Amy Huguenard were eventually killed and devoured by one of the bears. For the five summers ...…
It's one of the most unsettling serial killer cases in history. One man, or many, seeking lovers to kill in Florence, Italy. Hear the dark tale of these morbid murders and see if you can piece together what has eluded the authorities for decades. It will definitely make you think twice before visiting Lover's Lane. Then, stay tuned as Marisa ex ...…
Paranormal and UFO researcher, author and speaker Preston Dennett joins us on the show. Preston has been on countless radio and tv programs. He's presented his research all over the US and the World. UFO's., aliens, ghost and more.Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in e you there!1986 when he discovered that his family, ...…
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at might be really bad for hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees. Andrea and Greg discuss.Time Stamps - 00:02:07 - HousekeepingGreg’s hosting the 22nd Annuals DICE Awards Wednesday night with Jessica Chobot. We’ll be hosting on Twitch at 8 p.m. PT.Don’t forget the K ...…
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