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Comedy Llama
Sam Haft and Tommy Kang host some of NYC's best and funniest as they tell jokes and mortifying stories.
Llama Godddess...
H-hi...i mostly lay in bed and play really shy & nervous...ik my pod casts are bad...s-sry for that...
Pete le Freq brings you a weekly dose of all things alpaca and house related, mixed together closer than a llama could spit. Originally broadcast on
Llama Lectures
A Fortnite BR Podcast focused on improving play and providing thoughtful discussion on the current state of the game. Find us on iTunes and Google Music. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @llamalectures
Join Dan of BeyondSims and Rachael of the Rachybop channel as they discuss everything about The Sims and more in this regular podcast!
Comedic banter with some education... I think
If you like comic books and movies this is your one-stop nerd shop as our hosts Will and Regan run through what has happened in the world of nerd.
Official podcast of the Llama League Fantasy Football... League (the LLFFL if you're dirty).
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In today's Llama Drama podcast, we talk about the new live stream from The Sims team - Maxis Monthly. We also talk about The Sims 5 rumours and the latest for mobile, as well as iPhones and Shania Twain.
In today's Llama Drama podcast we talk about The Sims 4 free content, the waterfront being added into The Sims Mobile, The Sims Freeplay's latest quest and what's coming to console, and more!
The first ever episode of the Llama League Fantasy Football League Podcast with Michael (the Champ), Kyle (the Co-Commish) and Chris (Commissioner)
In this episode we talk about the most recent patch which added the Double Barrel Shotgun. We also briefly discuss the shotgun meta along with our overall thoughts on the patch. Let it be known, we have not played this patch yet besides testing in Playground. Enjoy! Songs Used Starpower [Fortnite] by Amyx…
This episode is being uploaded again as we had sound issues with the first! In Episode 3 we discuss two points of interests; Risky Reels and Greasy Grove. We talk about about landing spots, chest spots, and how to rotate throughout these destinations. Check us out on Instagram and Twitter to join the discussion. Don't forget we are on iTunes an ...…
Episode 2 we discuss the explosives along with recognizing tilt and preventing tilt. Songs Used in Episode:StarPower [Fortnite] by Ampyx
We will discuss the Season 5 Meta along with Summer Skirmish. I hope everyone enjoys.
This episode we give our thoughts on Wonder Woman as well as our hopes for the Venom film. We talk portential Bat wedding bells and the fallout of The Button.
This week we talk all the latest torrential down pour of trailers as well as our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
This episode we discuss the latest Nintendo console that is the Switch and its flagship title, Breath of the Wild.
As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we've missed. We get deep with all the Batman silliness, talk our hopes for Aquaman and discuss the Xmen Movie-verse as Logan bears down on us and Legion takes us on a trip.
For the first Blown Cartridges of 2017 we are looking at all the Switch and Nintendo goodness that came out of their Switch Treehouse event.
This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.
We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.
This month we talk Pokemon Sun/Moon and Final Fantasy XV
The Switch is revealed! We finally know what Nintendo's new console is and we talk all about it here. We also talk Dark Souls 3 DLC, Bloodborne and Skyrim remastered.
This week we catch up on Attack on Titan, talk comics and Logan and Guardians teasers
Talking demos this month as one of the guys got hands on with the new Zelda, Gears of War 4, For Honor and much more. We also talk about the latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, and introduce our first guest segment from Randy of Grawlix Podcast fame.
This month we talk No Mans Sky, Telltales Batman and the new Rise of Iron details
This week, Comedy Llama is in the official Llama Studio, "Live" On Facebook - video here! We talk Dicks & Docs with Alison Klemp and Erik Bergstrom. We talk about what makes a good penis (and how we would improve its genetic design), the first dicks we ever saw (always Dad Dick), Erik's battle with leukemia, and Alison's battle with peeing in t ...…
In the first official episode of Blown Cartridges we talk Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Go.
This week we are back to business as we talk the BvS Ultimate Edition the the current state of the DC Rebirth-verse. Spoilers, we don’t like one of them.
It's story time with Captain Llama as Will solo's this episode to read and discuss Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
It's Comedy Llama Llive! A special episode recorded live at QED Astoria. It's a special season premier, with some special guests! This week, Comedy Llama talks to the main cast of the upcoming off broadway show "Green Card the Musical." We speak to international cast members Byron Clohessy and Paul Marquez of America, Alex Notkin of Russia, and ...…
This week we introduce our new video game podcast (name TBD). We talk about gaming news and give our thoughts on games we are playing and like.
This week we wrap on Flash, Arrow and Legends finale as well as the beginning of a new age in Rebirth.
All the sweet audio content from our 50th without the chore of looking at our faces. We talk Civil War, Doctor Strange and Rogue One Trailer as well as all the comic news we could fit into 20 minutes.
We return for the second part of our Game of Thrones special episodes. We get caught up on the characters we missed last time as well as look ahead to the new series. We also find time to talk about some important factoids from the books that will play a big roll in the series as we push.
It's Comedy Llama Llive! A special episode recorded live at QED Astoria. Episode Seventeen: Masturbation & Failure Part 2 of 2! With Alison Klemp and Phil Stamato. We talk about masturbating to the movie Secretary, the increasing adventures of Tommy Kang's Campaign Of Vaginal Ignorance, and the ways in which famous celebrities may hypotheticall ...…
It's Comedy Llama Llive! A special episode recorded live at QED Astoria. Episode Seventeen: Masturbation & Failure Part 1 of 2! With Paul Spratt and Rashad Isaac. We talk about the worst places we've jerked off, the worst we've ever felt about ourselves, and try to figure out *how* fat is "BBW" fat. Plus, lots of fun fake promos! Find us on iTu ...…
With the Rebirth of the DC universe coming up, we dip into all the titles and news that has been announced. For the first time ever on FaCL we also follow through on a promise and do our recaps of both Daredevil Season 2 and Walking Dead.
It's Comedy Llama Llive! A special episode recorded live at QED Astoria. Episode Sixteen: Conspiracy Theories & Grandparents! With Eric Frost, Lauryn Petrie, Scotland Green, Jon Savoy, and Jasmine Pierce. We discuss the half-life of racism (it's exactly one grandparent), Tommy's 9/11 Truther dad, and how much good you need to do for the black c ...…
BvS is here and everyone has an opinion, including us. We talk what we liked and didn't like about the showdown of the century.
It's Comedy Llama Llive! A special episode recorded live at QED Astoria. Episode Fifteen: Drugs & Hair! With Biff Lawson guest co-hosting for Sam Haft. Guests include Josh Wesson, Sam Grittner, Sydnee Washington, Mike Finoia, and Taylor Ketchum. Hear Biff give Tommy a single-use N-word pass, they describe the plot of Asian Barbershop, and Sydne ...…
This week we talk about the BvS directors cut getting an R rating, who is and is not a murderer in the MCU and we check in with what is going on in the DC Berlanti-verse.
Episode Fourteen: Dungeons & Dragons & Dildos! We talked about two things immediately identified with loneliness, with funny people Will Watkins, Tyler Richardson, and Emily Foley. We debated which one makes us more uncomfortable, that time Sam went LARPing, and we learn about Tommy's least fuckable hobby. (Spoiler alert: Amateur magician.) Fin ...…
Deadpool has risen and it is good. We take a visit to Earth-2 and like what we see and talk the impending Flash/Supergirl crossover. The final trailer for BvS drops and we are mighty pleased at what we see.
Episode Thirteen: Hipsters & Homeless! We talked about fake poverty and real poverty with former vagrant Lauryn Petrie, the perennial cynic Neil Constantine, and the righteously rageful Maria Heinegg. We talk about our scariest homeless experiences, stealing vacuum cleaners to pawn them off, and why we're totally pussies. Find us on iTunes here ...…
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