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Gaming podcast discussing all things videogames, past and present, hosted by Darren Hupke and Rich Chaibun. Each episode will focus on a featured theme and we'll have a discussion with each other about our own thoughts and opinions around it. We want to get you thinking about your own gaming experiences and to share them with us, as well. Chat back with us by calling in to our voicemail line at (605)777-0433 or on Twitter at @NowLoadingCast and we'll play your message and read selected comme ...
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A show about video games, video game culture and video game history.
Welcome to The Loading Bar. Join Ryan, Mike and Sean every week as they discuss the latest video game news, what they're playing and anything else mildly related to video games. A podcast by gamers, for gamers.
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Podcast by The Loading Screen
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Podcast by 3M
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Loading Complete is a weekly eSports podcast brought to you by Games Under Pressure and ESPN Milwaukee. Each week, Brian Mundt will discuss his impressions of the latest game releases, analyze industry news and the most recent happenings in eSports, and interview special guests.
Three guys sharing opinions about games, anime, comics, and all of geekdom! #loadingtimepod
Join us as we embark on an epic journey into the world of video games. The team at break down all the latest news, rumors, releases, and more. We give you suggestions of what to play and make you laugh while doing it. So, don't miss out as we are Now Loading - A Video Game Podcast.
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To wrap up the entire run of the 40 for 40 series Josh covers the NES game Wrestlemania! To help him out TJ, from the podcasts Two Guys and a Game and The Hodder show, joins in to talk about the game! They cover all sorts of things from Wrestlemania, to the Nintendo Labo and so much more! End Song: Listen Closely Artist: DJ Cutman Album: Mii To ...…
Josh invites his friend Blaine on for the first time to talk about a random game from Blaine's childhood. This weeks episode is on Shadow the Hedgehog (specifically the PS2 version) lets see how this game has aged... End Song: Aquafire Artist: Flexstyle Album: Spindash 2 Tags: gaming, retro gaming, video games, p ...…
This weeks episode focuses on the NES game Wall Steet Kid! Josh invites his friend Tim on to talk about the game and discover a dark conspiracy in the game's story. Listen in to find out! End Song: High Above the Land (Shovel Knight Remix) Artist: James Landino Album: High Above the Land Tags: g ...…
This week Josh talks about the NES game Vice Project Doom! But he doesn't do it alone. He has James and Bryan from the Know Geeks Allowed Podcast join him to talk about this underrate NES platformer. End Song: Ultra Color Pulse Artist: Hylen Album: Splatunes 2 Tags: gaming, retro gaming, video games, Nintendo, ...…
On this impromptu episode of Still Loading Josh has a big announcement! Hint hint you can see a link for that announcement below: End Song: Railway Life Artist: Hyper Potions Album: Railway Life Tags: Website, podcast, podcasting website, podcast website, gam ...…
Today we are bringing you the Top 10 Video Games We've Played This Generation. If the game was first released on Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, it is eligible for this Top 10 list. Give it a listen and let us know what we got right or what we got wrong. HINT: It's all 100% correct.
We are back again to discuss everything that went down at E3. There were a ton of video games announced and we break them all down. Whether it be Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo, we have you covered.
Join us on our inaugural podcast where we discuss all things E3. We talk about upcoming games, hardware, surprises and more!
On this week's episode of Progress Loading, we are joined by the sole proprietor owner of @kaikaifashion Asha-Kai Grant! Known for her all around great mood and the light she brings into a room, Asha talks with us about the making of her short film, the secrets of her eclectic fashion sense, and her childhood dream of working at SNL.…
Despite the intense April showers and 40 degree weather, Spring is here and that means it's time to get outside and explore all the great things New York City has to offer. For this week's episode we talk about the pro's and con's of Williamsburg's Smorgasburg and waiting in line for CJ Hendry's Monochrome exhibit.…
In this episode, we hit the street of Chicago to ask ordinary people the questions we've been asking all along in our episodes. Take a listen to what their answers were to some of our frequent prompts.
On this week’s episode of Progress Loading, we shifted from our lighthearted topics to a more serious subject; rehab. In today’s society, drug usage is prevalent everywhere from the music we listen to the tv shows we watch. To understand the realities of drug usage, rehab, and sobriety we talked with our close friend Jake Nureddine about his ow ...…
Should you avoid interacting with your family online? In this episode, we discuss just that and bring up the concept of the digital shadow, the lurking reputation parents may be leaving for their children when posting about them online and on social media platforms. Take a listen and let us know what you think!…
Are movements like #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, and #timesup changing the way we interact with our fellow employees in the workspace? Loyola University Chicago professor, Jill Geisler, discusses how these social media movements are serving our relationships in public. Take a listen!
Are you sharing too much about yourself online? Listen to our episode and see how one father's mishap at his local Target landed him in an awkward situation with his family.
How are online dating apps affecting our chances of connecting with each other, physically and emotionally? We ask one woman about her adventures in the online dating space to see if making a profile and putting yourself out there online is really worth it. Listen up!
Meet the co-hosts of Connection Loading, Tyler Hughes and Nadine Sarriedine!
Saint Patrick's day in New York City is an absolute riot. Everywhere you look, there are people dressed in green celebrating and drinking. But for those who aren't Irish or don't drink, is Saint Patrick's Day worth your time? This year, we decided to embrace the holiday and see what the hype was all about.…
Whether you realize it or not, design and illustration is all around us. So for this week's episode, we are joined by up and coming graphic designer and illustrator Grace Hwang! Grace talks with us about her Philadelphia roots, creative pet peeves, working with YouTube, and the difference between creating for yourself and creating for others.…
With the Oscars coming up this weekend, Mike Wolfson and Dom Gliatis join us to talk about our predictions, the pros and cons of Movie Pass, crying during The Florida Project, and some of our all-time favorite movies. Major spoilers alert!
Following up on our first episode Mezzanine Level, today we talk about the recent changes in our careers and the direction we hope to take in the coming months.
On this episode of Loading Complete, we discuss Monster Hunter World, the declining PUBG player base, and more!
To understand the astrology religion-like craze among young adults, Liz Tillman joins us to talk about our signs, sexstrology, and the perks of working in music and television.
After an enlightening meeting at the United Nations Highline Branch, we have learned the importance of having a more multicultural and diverse group of friends.
With her iridescent hat and an all-around great mood, Erica Bogdan joins us to talk about her blog The Real Girls Club, Bumble profiles, and the mistakes made on social media.
Welcome to Quick Byte! This is a Quick Byte Q. We ask a question (and share our answer), you respond with your own for the follow up Quick Byte A! What was that first gaming genre that got you hooked on videogames? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @NowLoadingCast and find us on Facebook at Call into our voicemail ...…
After a weekend ski trip in Vermont, we talk about returning to the mountains, ski etiquette, and not wearing jeans while skiing.
Welcome to Quick Byte! Short and sweet solo episodes start here. Darren discusses brief topics designed to get you thinking and to call in to share your own stories. These will come out regularly in between the major episodes. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @NowLoadingCast and find us on Facebook at Call into ou ...…
Coming all the way from Utah, Nick Garrett talks small city roots, making viral videos, and the hardships of LDS dating.
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