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The Shadowpoint Podcast aims to share valuable, creative insight into building brands and creating dynamic digital content, while also presenting a deeper, more personal view of who we are and what we do. Shawn is a dynamic, creative storyteller with a strong background in marketing, specifically the non-profit sector. Logan is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, and drone pilot with experience in creating captivating media for anything from luxury real estate to brand storytelling. To ...
A show about...something. Join Kenway, Caleb, Logan and Jacob every other week for your dentist recommended dosage of silly games, the latest celebrity gossip, weird food, and whatever other dumb s$*! they come up with to talk about. Wanna be a part of the show? Email us!
Hosted by skeptic-at-heart Eric Huffman of The Story Church, Maybe God tackles the toughest topics related to faith - from doubts of Biblical proportions, sexuality, near-death experiences, shame, and so much more. Eric invites best-selling authors, psychiatrists, scientists, renowned Christian apologists, artists, atheists, and ordinary people in extraordinary situations to address the questions we all have about life, meaning, and the purpose for our existence. Through powerful storytellin ...
We all have dreams of being successful and achieving excellence in our lives. But we inevitably experience resistance, challenges, and obstacles in the pursuit of our dreams. In Search of Excellence provides us with the inspiration we need to overcome these obstacles and accomplish our goals. In Search of Excellence takes us through the stories, routes, and strategies of people from hundreds of different backgrounds who have achieved excellence in both their professional and personal lives. ...
Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan are two soul sisters and therapists who connected over their shared love of depth psychology—known as the psychology of the soul. It is a template for diving beneath the surface to examine the complex natures of being human while on the quest for wholeness, including the relationship to spirit. Through their training and lived experiences with depth, yogic psychology, and mindfulness, they developed a passion for supporting others in living their most authentic ...
The NFL Players Podcast is a candid, unscripted series sharing the stories and personal journeys of NFL players– as told by the players. Hosted by captain of the New York Giants, Logan Ryan, Legend and Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient Charles "Peanut" Tillman, and Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams, new episodes are released on Wednesdays. Follow @nflplayerspodcast for updates and new episodes.
Blast Burn Radio is a biweekly podcast and competition celebrating the Pokemon Franchise. Join our hosts JollyByNature, Annabeth, and Celes as we discuss community news, personal memories, and a retrospective of the series 19 years after we picked up the original games as kids. Watch us on YouTube as we run through each generation of games competitively under the Nuzlocke rule set, battle our teams weekly on showdown, and of course talk smack.
It's hard to sort through ALL the information out there on wellness, faith, parenting and current events. We're here to dive deeper and talk it out with you along with our special guests. Dr. Wiggy is an integrative medicine medical doctor and Emily is an entrepreneur and healthy living advocate for women and families. Support this podcast:


Ben and Logan

Sit back and enjoy as we have awesome conversations, talk about stories, and topics and our lives as we grew up in a small town and are starting lives of our own. Support this podcast:
In The Trenches is a podcast by ordinary church planters that exists to encourage & equip other ordinary church planters to make disciples in hard places. We aren’t “experts”. We are practitioners who are planting and pastoring churches. We talk all things ministry. This podcast is for pastors, church planters, and any other Christ-follower who wants to get in the trenches of ministry and make disciples.
The Enragés, a production of the Center for a Stateless Society (, features questions and casual conversations with authors about recent pieces they’ve published on the C4SS site. Hosted by Eric Fleischmann, this podcast will focus exclusively on the works of C4SS authors and will give listeners a chance to get to know these thinkers better. We'll regularly be taking listener questions too on Patreon! ( The name of the podcast comes from the loosely affiliated ...


Kerri Kelly

CTZN is having conversations at the intersection of wellbeing and justice. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions and have a radical dialogue about politics and patriarchy, white supremacy and worthiness. And we’re serious about showing up for one another and taking action for the wellbeing of everyone.
Type A comedian Alexis Gay interviews influential folks from tech, media, business and beyond about everything except their resumes. Who are the people building, funding, and running the tech companies shaping our daily lives? And like, has [INFLUENTIAL PERSON] ever kept a plant alive? Is [VERY IMPRESSIVE FOUNDER] actually afraid of the dark? What was [STALWART OF VC TWITTER] known for in high school? Tune into Non-Technical with Alexis Gay to find out.
Freshly minted Ambie Award nominees Rita and Ellin prove that EVERYONE needs a Jewish grandmother! You know, a sassy woman who's lived to the fullest, tells it to you straight and wants nothing more than to fix you up, spoil you with love, and send you home with some matzo ball soup! If you don’t have a Bubbe of your own, you can borrow our hosts! They’ll introduce you to some less-than traditional grandmothers and the unbreakable bonds each one has with their favorite grandchildren. Through ...
We live in a generation of side hustles, and this is ours. In this weekly podcast Join Julian Barberio, Gregory Weir, and Giuseppe (Pepsi) Garofalo, three life long friends every Friday to listen to genuine conversation, stories, unique topics, and things that can relate to all of your busy lives. Its hard to balance school, work, and your own side projects, but we hope you can find time to listen to us in your car, in your room, at school while you should be listening to the teacher, or may ...
These days, there seems to be a negative connotation around the word “young”. In this podcast, we will show the amazing projects young entrepreneurs are doing to follow their dreams and passions. With technology everywhere, there is the possibility of being distracted at any given time. These successful and world changing entrepreneurs will tell their stories, and how they stay on track even with all the distractions around them.


odplot productions LLC

(parenthetical) is a short, twice-a-week podcast presenting mini-reviews of a handful of films each episode, hosted by a long time movie loving couple. The movies in each episode are (usually) thematically linked, and at least one review per week is for a film currently at the box office. Featured films are a mix of the old and new, mainstream and obscure, so you are sure discover forgotten classics and new gems every episode.
The Courageous Scientists Podcast is a short-term passion project by Kate Clancy, anthropology professor, trouble-maker, and host of Period Podcast. Hear interviews with inspiring scientists who stand in their values, serve as role models, and do hard things. Remember that while some of us can do work right now, others of us are having to put it down or change direction for a time, or focus on the care of others. This is all good and important work. Music selection by Janice Collins (Ambient ...
The Inoapps Podcast is designed to give you an opportunity to receive industry news and updates in audio form directly from us as a trusted voice. The discussion topics are both current, challenging and delivered in a conversational style. Much like a syndicated television series, The Inoapps Podcast will be available for streaming and/or download every fortnight.
Portland, OR based actors and singers, Norman Grey and Heidi Davis discuss bad films they have watched and perform original parody musicals based on them. Tune in for over-the-top comedy and acting deserving of these terrible movies. Also, because the internet is hard, Grey's other podcast, Recordmendations, will be hosted here as well. Grey and guests trade, then discuss albums. A great place to discover new music! Grey writes the scripts and contributes to the improvised musical numbers, w ...
Full transparency, all I want to do is help change the world for the better. The goal is to enlighten and empower people through casual conversations with inspiring human beings. Asking questions not typically broached. Honest testimony. Discussing topics that resonate and push the culture forward and, hopefully, closer together. Sharing the stories of others and hopefully helping people realize that the struggles they face are not unique to them. Extracting the nuance out of these stories t ...
Mouthwash is the new show hosted live by TBD Founder, Paul Armstrong, on Twitter Spaces. All unscripted, unedited, unrehearsed. Each episode is 60 minutes of fresh chat that leaves you more confident on different subjects. Each series has a specific theme and hard questions aren't dodged. Joining Paul is an inclusive mix of the brightest and most interesting minds ranging from NYT/WSJ bestselling authors to Silicon Valley royalty, Psychologists to activists…and a lot more besides. Each inter ...
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Missed the show this morning? No worries, catch all the action right here from @SENZMornings with Ian Smith featuring, Smithy’s Sermon Talkback Time Noel Barkley Smithy’s Multi Gerard Cronin Jamie Wall Reuben Bradley Louis Herman-Watt Brendan Popplewell Regan Wood Sports Desk Stumped by Smithy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
QUICK LISTEN | “Jamie Joseph coming into the conversation is an interesting one, I personally don’t know why he would want to leave Japan.” Jamie Wall on the All Blacks interest in Jamie Joseph as coach vs his current role in Japan Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “Boxing promoters will be chasing David Nyika, I think if he gets another good few wins under his belt.” James Regan on the year ahead for Kiwi Boxing prospect David Nyika Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
The Panel with Jamie Wall & James Regan on Campbell Johnstone announcement, attitudes of men in sport compared with women in sport, All Blacks coaching future, Jamie joseph, David Nyika & Novak Djokovic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “First time two brothers have gone against each other in the Super Bowl.” NFL Analyst Gerard Cronin on the special family connection in the upcoming Super Bowl & more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “It’s been around over 100 years and I think you need to win a game not on penalty kicks.” Former NZ Football All Whites Striker Noel Barkley on the format & status of the FA Cup within the game Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
Talkback Time with Smithy. 0800 150 811. We've thrown the phonelines open for you to have your say on the sporting landscape. Let Smithy know what's on your mind today featuring Brian from Hibiscus Coast, John from Auckland, Graham from Marlborough & Kenny from Canterbury, Mikey from CHCH & Joey AKL Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone…
Matt Graham is a former police officer and U.S. Air Marshal. He then spent 12 years working with the CIA. When Graham finished his service, he ventured on to design a wristwatch that would be able to weather the types of activities he spent his career taking part in — and thus Ares Watches was born. Matt is now the Owner and founder of Ares Watch C…
LOVERACING.NZ update with Louis Herman-Watt from the Karaka Yearling Sales 2023. Louis & join Smithy to update us on the goings-on from the first two days of the sales with Book One currently up & Book Two due to start on Wednesday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
Talkback Time with Smithy. 0800 150 811. We've thrown the phonelines open for you to have your say on the sporting landscape. Let Smithy know what's on your mind today featuring Mikey from Christchurch, Dean from Dunedin, Cliff from Dunedin & John from Auckland Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
QUICK LISTEN | I haven’t signed any contract yet but it’s gunna be hard to go anywhere else.” NZ Breakers Center Sam Timmins on his likely NBL destination Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “It’s the million-dollar question, or if your Brendon probably 4 or 5 million-dollar question.” Former Blackcaps Spinner on combating Baz Ball in our conditions & more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
Scott Rolen is elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, we discuss his legacy and what hat he will wear in Cooperstown. We recap our weekend at Winter Warm-up and Ryan asked the Dewitt's if they plan to sell, tune in for that! Finally, we talk about Bally Sports impending bankruptcy and the hiring of Chip Caray to be the Play-by-play voice for the S…
Ep #13: Newly minted College Football Hall of Famer Reggie Bush joins Roman on the pod for a very personal interview between former teammates with the New Orleans Saints. They both share what it was like starting their careers in New Orleans at the same time the city was recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Reggie gets candid about being a “broken” m…
Sports Broadcaster Lavina Good catches up with Smithy to talk Black Sticks women v Spain in Tauranga this weekend, her expectations & more catches up with Smithy to talk Black Sticks women v Spain in Tauranga this weekend, her expectations & more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
QUICK LISTEN | “I like Ajeet Rai, I watched him at the ASB Classic & he’s our number 1 ranked about 450 in the world.” Former Tennis Pro David Mustard on finding a kiwi champion and if & how it can be achieved Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “I think the FA Cup is third & league cup is fourth.” Riccardo Ball on the significance of the FA Cup, it’s place in the football landscape & how to increase the appeal of the competition Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “Unless he was risking his own safety and his future wellbeing, Patrick Mahomes is gonna be on that field.” NFL Reporter MJ Hurley on Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
QUICK LISTEN | “The most important thing is the bit above his neck is very well screwed on, I’m very hopeful for Dan.” NZ Open Tournament Director Michael Glading on Daniel Hillier & having him at the tourney (27/1/23) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SENZ
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