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Behind the Video
Join hosts Lon Seidman & Tim Street for a weekly look at the monetization of YouTube, web series, transmedia, eBooks, podcasts, independent film and digital content across interactive platforms and connected devices with special guest interviews from Emmy Award winning writers, producers, directors and independent content creators from Hollywood and around the world.
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This week Tim and Lon discuss the best stuff they saw at NAB 2014. Tim was at the show and had a chance to take a look at a lot of the latest gear first-hand.
Tim & Lon chat with the brilliantly creative Mark Malkoff. If you don't recognize the name you definitely will remember some of his work - like living in an Ikea store for a week, or flying around the country living on an AirTran jet for 30 days. He has also produced content for My Damn Channel.
Micki Krimmel of the Creative District joins Lon and Tim to talk about her new startup that helps filmmakers and crew find each other and collaborate! The new site is offering grants to help creators get a project started or finished! That plus the week's news.
Michael Weinberg of Public Knowledge joins us this week to talk about your digital rights. How will issues like net neutrality impact independent creators? Michael talks about all of the things his organization is working on trying to keep the Internet free and open. That plus the week's news!
Ken Gagne, producer of the popular Gamebits YouTube channel, talks about some of the many challenges faced by gaming content creators. Ken talks about monetizing content, keeping his audiences engaged, and his accidental rise to YouTube stardom. All that plus the week's news!
Heading to South by Southwest? Our guest this week Sandra J Payne is, and she has a preview of what to expect at the annual event. Sandra Payne is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer and president of the boutique production company, SPwrite Productions. She and Tim will be sponsoring a meet up of web series creators will be taking place o ...…
Dane Golden of the Tube Talk podcast joins us to talk about the week's news, including how YouTube and multichannel networks can continue to grow revenue for itself and creators. We also talk about how to earn additional revenue on your YouTube channels besides just accepting adwords.
This week Christin Mell of Tello Films joins us to talk about how she's built a subscription service for web series geared to a lesbian audience. The network is growing its subscription base by providing high quality original content that isn't available anywhere else. That plus the week's news!
This week Steve Peters from NoMimes Media joins us. NoMimes produces multichannel content for clients that tells stories through multiple platforms - even text messages! Steve tells us about the challenges and opportunities about telling a story across multiple platforms. That plus the week's news!
This week we're joined by Rob Walch, the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn - a hosting provider for independent creators. We talk to Rob about his two successful podcasts, Podcast411, and Today in iOS, and learn some of the ways to build and keep an audience. That plus the week's content news!
We are back for our first episode of 2014! Lots to talk about as Lon and Tim recently returned from Las Vegas and New Media Expo. Tim also went on a guided tour of the latest gadgets at CES. We're joined by Writer/Producer/Director Avi Glijansky who co-created the Ladies and the Gents - a great web series set in the bathrooms at a LA night club ...…
This week Lon and Tim are joined by Rick Calvert, CEO of New Media Expo. Rick talks about the history of the annual gathering of independent content producers and how it's helped those producers grow their businesses. That plus the week's content news and a discussion on international monetization.
Lon & Tim talk about the upcoming New Media Expo in Las Vegas and why independent content creators should think about attending. That plus the Tweet Heard 'Round the World, YouTube gamers organize to avoid ContentID strikes, and the inside baseball surrounding Oscar nominations.
This week Dane Golden joins us to talk about why he feels subscribers are more important than views when it comes to building your YouTube channel. Dane posted his thoughts in a guest post on Also we look at the ContentID issues facing gaming channels, plus a look at the week's independent content news.…
This week Lon talks about an imposter who uploaded many of his Amazon reviews to YouTube, affiliate links on YouTube, Emily Graslie's commentary on video comment sexism, and the latest news!
A shortened show this week as we take a look at the week's news. Goldieblox changes their tune on a promotional video after the Beastie Boys raise copyright concerns, and a new streaming box that will run live video to YouTube without a computer.
No guest this week, but Lon & Tim talk about how to earn more revenue on YouTube, a look at the new game consoles, and the week's independent content news.
This week we're joined by David Peterson who designed the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones. He's also worked on a number of other productions, painstakingly inventing new languages for characters. David also serves as President of the Language Creation Society.
Dane Golden joins us this morning to talk about his experiences at Digital Hollywood. We also look at the week's news, including some changes in revenue sharing YouTube is making for its larger partners like multichannel networks.
No guest this week but Lon and Tim share their latest tips and tricks for content creation. Tim talks about a great new Chrome-based browser that easily downloads YouTube videos for use in your projects (of course making sure you are licensed to use that content), and Lon talks about the growth of his YouTube channel.…
This week we talk to AmberJ Lawson. She's the CEO/Co-founder of Comedy Gives Back - an online streaming telethon to raise money for Malaria No More. We also talk about Dailymotion, a video platform many people aren't using but maybe should be.
This week we're joined by Alonso Mayo, who has a fascinating new webseries called the Untitled Murder Project 2.0. The series allows viewers to choose the order in which they watch the murder mystery unfold. All that plus the week's independent content news.
New Media Expo is coming up in January and Tim gives us a preview of what to expect. That plus the week's news in video!
We're joined this week by Dane Golden who reviews some of the more recent YouTube changes impacting independent creators. Dane also talks about his GoldenEQ - a way of measuring a video's success based on its engagement. All that and more on this week's episode of Behind the Video!
This week Lon and Tim are joined by Lou Mongello, the face and voice behind WDW Radio - a podcast and YouTube channel that focuses on Walt Disney World. Lou, an attorney, gave up his law practice and moved to Orlando where he covers happenings at Walt Disney World full time. We talk to Lou about his podcast, his success, and how to build audien ...…
This week Lon & Tim welcome the Lizzie Bennet Diaries' Jay Bushman. Jay talks to us about how he used transmedia storytelling utilizing Twitter and other written formats to engage audiences and continue the story that was started on the Lizzie Bennet YouTube channel. That plus the week's video news and a review of the Chromecast!…
This week we are back on Google+ Hangouts with a shortened Labor Day Weekend show. Shilpi Roy, creator of the hit show Hipsterhood, joins us to talk about the challenges involved with creating a web series. That plus a discussion about whether multi-channel networks are helping or hurting the production of independent content.…
We're joined this week by guest Kai Hasson of Portal A. Kai has done some amazing work including White Collar Brawler, and the recent hit comedy trailer Naratu. Kai talks to Lon and Tim about how he built his company and how to market across different video platforms.
We talk a lot about video on Behind the Video, but what about independent musicians? This week we talk with John Fannon, formerly of the hit band New England, about his experiences publishing his own solo album. Can streaming services like Spotify provide revenue for small independents? Not likely. Traditional CD sales are still where it's at.…
This week Tim & Lon welcome YouTube star Clintus McGintus. Clintus talks to us about maintaining a daily video posting schedule, building and maintaining an audience and more. That plus the week's independent content news.
This week Tim gives us the scoop on Vidcon 2013, Lon got his 1,000 subscribers to hit the live streaming mark on YouTube Live, and the week's independent content news.
This week Tim & Lon welcome Travis Richey, producer of the Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Travis talks to us about lessons learned promoting his many web series and sticks around as we review the week in independent content news.
This week Tim & Lon look at the Pivothead camera glasses, recap Comic-Con 2013, discover how you can store HD B-Roll footage for free on Google+ and look at Yahoo's video platform play. That plus our webseries of the week: Shelf Life!
Dane Golden of joins Lon and Tim this week. We take a hands on look at Lon's Google Glass, learn how to stay out of trouble with the US Department of Labor when hiring interns, a new autonomous flight controller for the Parrot AR Drone, and we take a look at the week's news.
This week we're joined by Brian Rodda from Brian Rodda consulting. We talk about marketing your webseries and the mistake that many independent content creators make: neglecting to come up with a marketing plan and budget. That plus the week's independent content news.
This week we're joined by Babette Pepaj from Babette tells us all about her user-generated cookbook site and how they're integrating video into electronic cookbooks. That plus the week's independent content news.
Mildred Lewis and Adam Fox join us to talk about their company the Fox Lewis Project and their web series The Etiquette show. This week we look at the tough choices we have to make between what we want to produce and what audiences want to see.
We speculate about WWDC that was popping up after our recording. That plus building your own apps vs. using a company to help make one, a big uptick in Google's mobile video ad sales, and more.
Google+ is back in style once more with a beautiful new layout, the EFF is making a major effort to protect podcasters from patent trolls, Arrested Development's lackluster reviews hurt Netflix stock, and Amazon launches pilots based on user feedback. All that and more on this week's episode of Behind the Video. Check out our show notes here: h ...…
This week Lon and Tim look at how independent content creators should be using LinkedIn to network with potential clients and advertisers. That plus Arrested Development on Netflix, and how viral video worked back in the pre YouTube days. Check out our show notes here:
This week Tim talks about the ins and outs of working with professional actors and actresses. That plus Amazon's baby whisperer, YouTube's subscription options for creators, and the latest independent content news.
On this episode we look at content management systems. Everyone uses Wordpress but is it really necessary? We'll take a closer look. That plus Ray William Johnson's woes with his network continue, the visual effects industry is looking at forming a trade association, and our picks and apps of the week.…
On this week's episode we look at the challenges involved with building audience around long form video and audio content. Netflix has got it figured out but what about the rest of us? That plus the SNL archive leaving Hulu for Yahoo, BitTorrent helping market a new movie, and Flipboard's new features help you curate content.…
This week Tim reports back from the NAB show, focusing on some of the new gear that should help independent creators do some amazing new things. We also chat about Netflix's strategy for building successful shows, and how the most expensive production gear is probably not always the best thing for improving your craft. All that and more on this ...…
This week Lon and Tim take a look at podcast hosting: what are your options for audio and video? That plus the Oculus Rift - does it have video potential? Also: top 5 shows, movies, and YouTube videos of the week.
Did you know that brands can get into big trouble with the Federal Trade Commission if you don't properly disclose your relationship as a content creator to the brand? The FTC has issued revised guidelines surrounding product reviews and what creators are required to disclose when receiving product for free. That plus Bernie Su joins Lon and Ti ...…
On this episode we get Tim Street's take on this year's South By Southwest exhibition. There are some great shows and innovators doing amazing things that we'll most certainly be talking about in 2013. That plus the demise of Google Reader, the top YouTube videos of the week, and more.
Getting advertisers is easy when you're on YouTube: they do it for you. But what about selling your own ads? This week Lon and Tim look at how to price your content and what kinds of ads to target them with. CPMs, CPCs, Affiliate Marketing, and other topics are covered.
This week we take another look at conferences: which ones should you try to get to? Which ones to avoid? How do you decide what's worth the investment? Answers to those questions and our weekly review of the independent video news.
What a jam packed episode! We lead off with a discussion about NASCAR abusing their YouTube ContentID privileges, followed by some tips from Tim about how to make sure you don't lose potential revenue when your breaking news video goes viral. That plus a look at the business of content creation and some tools you can use to manage your books an ...…
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