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The Nolan Fans Podcast is a show by Alex Haas and Teddy Blass of, the premiere fan site for Christopher Nolan and his films.
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Teddy Blass and Alex Haas are joined by Mike Eisenberg of Tall Tale Productions to resurrect the Nolan Fans Podcast. The three discuss Nolan's new project, Dunkirk, and the fate of IMAX.
Alex Haas and Teddy Blass discuss the teaser trailer for Interstellar with guest host JC Blass. The trio also discuss awards season, the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paramount’s exceptions to their all digital distribution commitment.
Back from a brief Holiday hiatus, Teddy and Alex discuss caving in and watching the teaser trailer for Interstellar. Topic's also thrown into the discussion: Christopher Nolan being honored with Slamdance's Founder's Award, the subsequent talk with the filmmaker, and (of course) IMAX.
On this pre-Thanksgiving episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast, Alex and Teddy welcome back JC Blass as guest host to discuss everything surrounding Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Naturally, IMAX and a number of other films (including The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) enter the conversation. Okay, so three dudes talk about The Hunger Games, get o ...…
On the latest episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast, Teddy and Alex discuss the upcoming trailers for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and Wally Pfister's Transcendence. Do Teddy and Alex even plan on watching the trailers? Tune in to find out!
On yet another LIVE episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast, Alex and Teddy once again dive into a frustration fueled discussion about IMAX. The two discuss the future of IMAX and how that relates to the release of Interstellar, as well as future Christopher Nolan films.
On the latest LIVE episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast, Teddy and Alex fired up the video stream to talk about composer Hans Zimmer and his legacy of work with Christopher Nolan. Discussion included Interstellar, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Zac Snyder's upcoming Superman Vs. Batman film.
Alex and Teddy welcome back filmmaker Mike Eisenberg of Tall Tale Productions as guest host to talk about all things Interstellar. The trio discuss the cast, IMAX, and what might set Interstellar apart from other blockbuster sci-fi films.
Teddy and Alex briefly discuss Christopher Nolan’s old The Keys to the Street script going into production, Jonah Nolan doing Westworld for HBO, various tidbits about production on Interstellar, and helicopters?
At long last, the NF Podcast has been brought back from the dead! Hosts Alex Haas and Teddy Blass get back into the swing of things by discussing the relaunch of the podcast and version 4 of The two are later joined by Brendan Hodges to discuss Christopher Nolan's upcoming 2014 film, Interstellar.…
Teddy and Alex talk about the promotion leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises, including advanced tickets, TV spots, Trailer 4, viral marketing, the IMAX poster, and Hans Zimmer's soundtrack. They also discuss Christopher Nolan's hand-and-footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
Alex and Teddy discuss all of the recent marketing for The Dark Knight Rises, including the viral, the 3rd trailer, the TV spots, and the new posters, as well as the recently announced Christopher Nolan Director's Collection Blu-ray. We've been avoiding all of the video related marketing, so if you're interested hearing impressions of the marke ...…
Teddy and Alex jump into another new episode of the Nolan Fans Podcast with guest hosts Mike Eisenberg and JC Blass. The summer movie season is upon us, and thus it is time for our annual box-office wager. This year we’re doing things a bit different though. Out are the old top 10 lists, and in are the fantasy teams. That’s right, we’re doing a ...…
Alex and Teddy return to the podcast to discuss the EW Summer Movie Preview issue with The Dark Knight Rises on the cover, Wally Pfister directing his own movie, and Christopher Nolan's DGA interview. Coming in at just over 30 minutes, this episode is a throwback to the old days without guest hosts and hour-long tangents.…
Teddy and Alex talk with guest hosts Mike Eisenberg and JC Blass about the 6-minute IMAX prologue and the theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. We advise you not to listen if you haven't seen the IMAX prologue... or Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Ides of March, Deathly Hallows Part 2, Marley and Me or Superman Return for that m ...…
Alex and Teddy chat with guest host Mike Eisenberg about the new Bane poster for The Dark Knight Rises, the upcoming full length trailer, the viral marketing campaign, and the 6-minute IMAX prologue. Don't let the title confuse you, our discussion remains pretty spoiler-free.
Teddy and Alex talk with guest host Mike Eisenberg about the latest The Dark Knight Rises news; including Hans Zimmer's UJAM campaign, the end of production, and the upcoming IMAX prologue and full trailer coming December 16th. Warning: We do a fair amount of speculating towards the end of the podcast that involves spoiler-y discussion.…
Alex and Teddy talk with guest host JC Blass about the the recent The Dark Knight Rises prologue rumor, filming on Wall Street, and the Christopher Nolan outtake from the documentary "These Amazing Shadows." They also spend some time at the end of the podcast talking about a couple of films that await us in the remainder of the year.…
Teddy, Alex, and Mike Eisenberg of and go over their results in predicting the Top 10 Box-Office films for this summer.
Alex and Teddy go over the latest production news on The Dark Knight Rises, including the reveal of the new Bat-vehicle filmed in Pittsburgh, and the recent stunts filmed in Los Angeles.
Teddy and Alex talk discuss the Pittsburgh press conference, Bane in full costume, Tumblers, Selina Kyle Revealed, and the Heinz Field filming.
Alex and Teddy talk about the The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster and teaser trailer, as well as various production updates with Mike Eisenberg of
Teddy and Alex discuss a giant production update for The Dark Knight Rises, as well as a small cast update, and news about Christopher Nolan producing a super natural thriller for Warner Bros.
Alex and Teddy excitingly discuss the Bane photo reveal, the new cast members and the continuation of filming for The Dark Knight Rises, as well as the trailer for Person of Interest.
Teddy and Alex talk about Alon Aboutboul being cast in The Dark Knight Rises, the enormous budget for the film, and the start of its production. They also do a follow up segment to the Summer Movie Showdown with guest JC Blass.
Alex and Teddy take a break from discussing The Dark Knight Rises to engage in a gentleman's bet with Mike Eisenberg of predicting the Top 10 Box-Office films for this summer.
Teddy and Alex go over the recent casting announcements for The Dark Knight Rises, including the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard confirmations, and they also take questions from the live-chat.
Alex and Teddy talk with guest host Mike Eisenberg of about Gary Oldman talking about The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Josh Pence being cast in it, and what other Batman movies the future has in store. All this and more in this extra fuzzy audio edition of the podcast, brought to you by the new Skype for Mac.…
Teddy and Alex discuss the results of the 83rd Academy Awards with guest host Mike Eisenberg of and they have a lot to say.
Alex and Teddy talk with guest host Cris Mertens about Memento returning to theaters for its 10th anniversary, Nolan resurrecting his Howard Hughes biopic, The Dark Knight Rises working under the fake title Magnus Rex, and Marion Cotillard possibly joining its cast.
Teddy and Alex rant about JGL being in talks for TDKR, an awesome Wally Pfister interview, Christopher Nolan accepting the Modern Master Award, Henry Cavill cast as Superman, and Inception's 8 Oscar nominations. Grab yourself a beverage, this episode crosses the hour mark.
Alex and Teddy discuss the latest press release from Warner Bros. Pictures announcing that Anne Hathaway will play Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Tom Hardy will play Bane in the The Dark Knight Rises. The two also go over Jonathan Nolan's latest project, Person of Interest, and its progress.
Teddy and Alex talk about Nolan Fans v3, Inception's many guild award nominations, the now disproved Eva Green and Naomi Watts casting rumor, and a couple of neat little interviews. Check out what we thought about the female parts for The Dark Knight Rises before the official announcement in this live-recorded, food analogy laden edition of the ...…
Alex and Teddy go over The Dark Knight Rises' plans to film in England and Asia, The Inception iPhone App, Memento's 10th Anniversary Blu-ray, and Inception's 4 Golden Globe nominations in this live edition of the podcast.
Teddy and Alex discuss Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder looking for their Superman, the Inception Home Video and Blu-ray trailer, an Alternate Inception poster released via SnapTag, and a giant interview round-up. This shorter than recent podcast packs in the punch in under 32 minutes.
Alex and Teddy talk about Jonah Nolan's script "Hell and Gone" getting a director, the Inception Augmented Sound Project, the US Inception Limited Edition Blu-ray, the short-list of female roles in The Dark Knight Rises, and various rumors and such.
Teddy and Alex mull over the idea of Warner Bros. wanting an Inception sequel and excitingly discuss all of the recent The Dark Knight Rises announcements.
Alex and Teddy discuss the US Inception DVD and Blu-ray, Zach Snyder directing Superman - which we now know the premise to, and Christopher Nolan confirming that he is directing Batman 3 - which is now starring Tom Hardy in a lead role.
Teddy and Alex talk about your chance to attend the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards, an Italian press conference with Christopher Nolan, and the list of (then) potential Superman directors. Listen to what we think of the list before we learned Zach Snyder got the job in this blast-from-the-week-old-past recording of the Nolan Fans Podcast.…
Alex, Teddy, and Mike Eisenberg of, talk about the Special Edition Inception Blu-ray, Jonah Nolan teaming up with J.J. Abrams for a new TV series, Batman 3 shooting rumors, and the trouble with spoilers and reporting on the internet. Get some popcorn, this episode is a doozy!
Teddy, Alex, and Mike Eisenberg of talk about Inception's performance at the box office, as well as the shooting script and the two bonus tracks from the score. They also discuss Batman 3 rumors and the general awesomeness of Christopher Nolan and Inception. All of this and much more in the longest and most opinionated podcast to ...…
Alex, Teddy, and guest host, JC Blass, jump into a spoiler heavy discussion of Christopher Nolan's blockbuster film, Inception. If you haven't seen Inception yet, don't listen to this episode! Go see the movie already! They also briefly touch on the Batman 3 casting grid story in this long and entertaining episode of the podcast.…
Teddy and Alex clear up the rumors surrounding the next Superman director, and they discuss Stage 4 of Mind Crime, Inception: The Cobol Job Prequel Comic, and their spoiler free review/thoughts on Inception.
Alex, Teddy, and guest host Jesse Ferraro talk about the Nolan Fans Inception Sweepstakes, 7 new TV Spots, an Inception press conference, the first reviews of Inception, 4 new film clips, the Man of Steel director rumors, and video from the World Premiere of Inception in London. There is no shortage of news or hilarious side tangents in this wi ...…
Teddy and Alex run through a ton of new Inception news including a Cillian Murphy - Ken Watanabe interview, new Korean and Japanese posters, London's world premiere ticket scramble, the new Inception character featurette, 24 new production photos, the first review (by Peter Travers), more production stills from a WB presskit, an IMAX TV spot, a ...…
Alex and Teddy talk about an Empire Magazine issue centered on Christopher Nolan and Inception, a new viral website and posters, stage 3 of Mind Crime opening, 4 new Inception banners, the new downloads section of the official site, and more TV Spots! A lot is covered in this live and exciting edition of the podcast.…
Teddy, Alex, and guest host Cris Mertens, all discuss the latest TV spots, character posters and the international trailer for Inception. They also talk about the Dream Share viral marketing manual, and other various and fun tid-bits.
Alex and Teddy geek-out over the newest Inception poster, the 3rd trailer that premiered in front of Iron Man 2, and the new official website; all in this 24-hour news day wrap-up episode.
Teddy and Alex go over the new Inception production photos released via Mind Crime, a new viral video where Chris Nolan interviews dream researchers, and the announcement of the 3rd Inception trailer being with Iron Man 2 on May 7th. All of this, our reactions to the live-chat, and more.
Alex and Teddy discuss Insomnia's blu-ray announcement, Mind Crime's Stage 2 launch, the revealing of Inception's mysterious Dream Machine, the LA Times' Hero Complex article, and the preview from Entertainment Weekly. Everything is jam-packed into this full-on Inception news podcast. Don't miss it.
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