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J Loren Norris
I began my public speaking career at 19 delivering fire safety speeches to elementary schools while serving in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter. Since then, I have helped entrepreneurs, government officials and Fortune 50 Companies worldwide learn to lead difficult attitudes and to transform their life experience to craft a vision and message with lasting impact.I am a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach Marketing Communication strategist.I have a real passion for helping my clients le ...
Join hosts Sam Bowen, Loren Bowen, Bobby Mattern, and Laura King as we watch movies that are generally regarded as bad, but at least one of us actually enjoys and defends the movie to the others.
#LEMONADE rádio out now brazilian artist Loren Nicki Listen Now! me descubra escutando este podcast.
The latest feed from Bible Baptist Church Hampton GA on
Ladies Fright
Oh yes, it's Ladies Fright! Two best friends tell spooky stories then try to figure out why they are so spooky. Using personal anecdotes, psychology, and sociology Loren and Maggie dive into urban legends, ghost stories, and other tales that give us a good fright.
Isn't It Weird?
Isn't It Weird is the podcast chatting all things weird, wonderful and whacky! Hosted by Blake Royden and Loren Barry, they talk all the weird things you ponder on that happen around us all the time but no one really puts into conversation.,
With host Loren Miller, this show focuses on mainly football whether it be pro or college. We also talk about some other sports such as the NBA and College basketball. Each week we will have two episodes on Tuesday and Friday.
Ekumeniska Kommuniteten i Bjärka-Säby
Every day, people surround us wearing art, history, and culture, but we usually don’t pay attention. Most people think about jewelry as an afterthought or accessory. But jewelry can tell a larger story, one reflecting the connection between contemporary culture and that of yesteryear. Is jewelry clothing, art, status symbol, or something more? The jewelry world seems to be hidden in plain sight and little understood. The Jewelry Journey podcast explores the many aspects of jewelry and its st ...
Hack the Entrepreneur is a podcast for people looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. People who are looking for their next business idea, getting started online, and how to start a business. We understand that starting a business and doing work that matters is not always easy, but it is worth it. From solo entrepreneurs to side hustles, digital nomads to Amazon FBA, we discuss what it takes to be successful with building a SaaS company, affiliate marketing, passive income ideas, c ...
Omega Man Radio is a Full Gospel Internet Radio Show which preached the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ, Casts out Devils and prays for the sick that they be healed in Jesus Christ Name.
Binnall of America
An outlet for live programming from the BoA franchise.
Podcast UFO
Podcast about UFO Sightings, Close Encounters and More
Shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus as his Messiah in the 1970’s, Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program. Today, the daily 15-minute show reaches across America, impacting tens of thousands with a powerful message that encourages and heals.
Podcast UFO
An Internet Live Stream Show & Podcast Related to UFOs
A 30 minute hour of conversation about emerging ideas in HR and Recruiting with John Sumser and a guest. #HRX
IBA profiles a diverse selection of current and historically significant figures whose stories help illuminate life in Black America.
Paranormal conversations with the world's leading researchers of the strange and unusual.
Point of Inquiry
Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in science, religion, philosophy, and politics. Each episode takes on a specific issue and features in-depth discussions with leading scientists, researchers, and writers.
Taiwan Talk
TAIWAN TALK is ICRT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s weekly interview segment with conversations on life in Taiwan. Each week, ICRT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Alex Lewis talks to a new newsmaker, discussing topics that affect your life in Taiwan -- including busines ...
Omega Man Radio is involved in the Full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.Preaching Jesus Christ - the Son of GOD and the Only name written under heaven by which men might be savedDoing Mark 16:17 ministry casting out demons in Jesus Christ name and praying for the sick that they be healed in Jesus Christ nameI believe in the Gifts of the Holy Ghost including Speak in Tongues and that Prophecy is for Today
The gonzo culinary podcast of Shawn Rosler
Podcast by Positively Gotham Gal
ORIGINALLY STARTED: 17 August 2018REBOOT START: 17 October 2018-----Sprinkles is a Daily Podcast hosted by Kenneth Cox to share the life and feelings of himself and others via a Daily Audio outlet giving people an insight into peoples lives.!! THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A HAPPY OR PROFESIONAL PODCAST !!
Native Trailblazers - FRI'S 8PM EST - Hosted by Mohawk Journalist, Editor and Public Speaker Vincent Schilling and CEO of Schilling Media, Inc. Delores Schilling.
Starting a new business from scratch is an adventure. On the Scratch Entrepreneur podcast we dig deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.
SSN Voices Podcast
Straight Spouse Voices is the official podcast of the Straight Spouse Network. In our podcasts, heterosexual men and women who are or were married to, or partners of, LGBTQ persons, share their experiences in conversations with host Kristin Kalbli, who is herself a straight spouse. The stories and perspectives are many and diverse. Topics include the after effects when spouse comes out, staying in a mixed orientation marriage, coping with a spouse who remains closeted or in denial, the chall ...
Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program in 1977, shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus. The program covers topics such as healing miracles, supernatural encounters (of the God kind), intimacy with God, prophecy, Jewish testimonies, evangelism and more.
Welcome to Tech Scenes where Jeff Martin travels city to city talking with CEOs, founders, and investors; exploring what makes the cities they live in thrive. In addition to Tech Scenes you will find additional episodes of Driving Change, Influencers and others. Watch the video versions on
The Geek Questioner is half interview and half community participation. We begin by geeking out with a nerdy guest and then dig into some of your answers to the Geek Question of the Day from the past week.
Mind Of A Mentor
Mind of a Mentor podcast is an intimate discussion with influential women about their “Hero’s Journey". Behind every strong woman is a struggle to success narrative that’s helped shape her life. Many times through the stories of others — we discover our own.
MADE Magazine’s “How I MADE it,” is a podcast about how creative entrepreneurs can turn creativity into currency. Hosted by multimedia storyteller Jasmine Browley, Browley leads the conversation through talks with successful entrepreneurs about how they transpired monumental success from their ideas.
CarStories is committed to bringing you the best interviews and automotive stories from celebrities, racers, enthusiasts and listeners around the globe with James McKeone.
Conversations With a Genius was created for Entrepreneurs!! We help small business owners become not so small business owners and we do it by chatting with Genius business rockstars and squeezing every drop of genius out of them all for your listening pleasure.
Dr. Lisa really DOES give a sh*t. Dr. Lisa Levy S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) has been performing unlicensed psychotherapy since 2001 - on stage, on the street and in her studio/office. She’s better than a lot of certified shrinks because psychoanalysis and therapy is not a job for her, it’s an obsession. In these sessions, her subjects will all be interviewed lying down which helps them free associate. Dr. Lisa will get to the essence of what makes people who they are and what their obstacles have ...
Career Yoga
This podcast, hosted by Narkis Alon and Amalya Duek, talks about self-fulfillment in the 21st century; In our shows we share tools, opportunities and insights for our career journey. We host courageous people, that are successful inside and out, and they honestly share about their desires, challenges, fears, and greatest wins regarding their career journey.In the same way people choose to practice yoga so they become healthier, stronger, focused and happier- we practice "career yoga" for rec ...
Yoga teacher and writer J. Brown is leading the way in the Slow Yoga Revolution, advocating for more intimate, breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practices. J interviews guests from old-school yoga teachers to other yoga revolutionists about philosophy and the business of yoga.
Each week on television, Sid Roth investigates and reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God. At the end of each program, Sid tells viewers how they can achieve imtimacy with the living God.
Locked On Rams
Bear Mader from @RamsPodcast brings you inside the Rams and the rest of the NFL every day with the daily podcast Locked On Rams is part of the Locked On Podcast network #Rams #LosAngeles #nfl
This podcast focuses on many non-technical aspects of cyber risk, cyber security and information security at the intersection of technology and managing to business expectations. Guests include CIO's, CEO's and CISO's discussing the many facets of the information security industry, what matters, what needs to change and how to deal with modern-day challenges in this dynamic industry called cyber security.
Hosts Luci Leibfried and Anthony Agate present the most comprehensive review of all that is paranormal, spiritual, and cosmic. Intro Music created by Siren Marie.
History of the Batman
History of the Batman relives the defining moments of one of the most iconic figures in comic art and literature, DC Comics Batman. Your Dark Knight Archivist Londyn disxuss Batman's history and how the character, the associated villains, and popular iconography were established and have changed over the last 75+ years up to now.
Explore the retail and ecommerce product launch formula to out-design, out-source, and out-profit your competition. New Consumer product launches are inherently risky, and the odds of success are not in your favor. 7 out of 10 consumer product launches fail; 14 out of 15 products on the home shopping channels fail; less than 2% of inventions ever make any money. In this podcast, and within the Product Launch Hazzards community, Inc. Columnist and product launch expert Tracy Hazzard, and indu ...
Prophetic Message
Prophetic message is a online Christian radio show equipping the Body Of Christ in walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders.All Glory to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yeshua
Coach Camille
On the show I'll be discussinng topics related to success, interviewing authors and experts and educating listeners on the power of the mind, universal laws and how to manifest whatever goals we set. I go a little deeper into these principles and philosophies than most, yet keep it practical. Plus, every other week I will be joined by my new co-host Greg Norman. Greg is the founder of Universal 7 Radio on WARL 1320 AM out of Providence Rhode Island. A former Mr. Rhode Island body building ch ...
Welcome to Europes Secret to Success with Natasha Abudarham, LIVE FROM BELGIUM. Natasha will be interviewing the Experts, the Gurus, the Mentors, the Coaches and the Geniuses, picking their brains to find out what makes an all rounded successful person and what you can do to follow in their footsteps, so you can achieve and maintain Ultimate success in all you do. Natasha will also share her learnings that literally catapulted her life from faliure to success and led her to develop her own p ...
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Charon Kransen is an internationally known lecturer and gallerist representing studio jewelers from around the world. He established Charon Kransen Arts in New York City in 1993, and the gallery’s collection consists of jewelry, hollowware and accessories by both renowned and emerging artists. The work is presented annually at various American ...…
Scott Johnson, Greg Nardi, Emma Rowse and Jock Orton talk with J about the creation of Amayu Yoga and a reimagining of the ashtanga tradition. They take time out of a retreat together to discuss the state of the global Ashtanga community, reasons for creating an organization, their orientation and purpose in doing so, the principles of ashtanga ...…
O.C.A.C. Vice Minister, Roy Leu, and Section Chief of Student Affairs, Bey-ru Shiau, come on the show to talk about spreading Mandarin around the globe and bringing overseas Taiwanese compatriots back to the motherland.
Episode 6108 - The Return of Saturday Night Real DeliveraceRecorded 2-16-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6107 - Resurrection of the Spirit of AmalekDr. William Schnoebelen www.withoneaccord.orgRecorded 2-16-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6106 - You are a Deliverer Pastor Michael BlackerRecorded 2-16-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6105 - Should christians prepare for Hard Times Pastor Monty Mulkey www.wccd.comRecorded 2-15-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO omegamanradio,com
Episode 6104 - The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits Dr. Erica Shepherd Recorded 2-15-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6103 - Heaven Waits Evangelist Bryan Melvin Recorded 2-15-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6102 - Children of the Devil: The Sons of Belial - Dr. Dale SidesDr. Dale Sides Recorded 2-15-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
On this week’s In Black America, John L. Hanson, Jr. begins a conversation with Dr. Imani Perry, the Hughes-Rogers professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and author of Looking For Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry.
Fireside Chat - Racism and other topics of interest Shé:kon and Thanks for joining Native Trailblazers! The Native Show with nearly a million listeners worldwide! For over nine years, our award-winning Native themed online radio show has been delivering the hottest topics in Indian Country to your desktop, mobile or other listening devices! Lis ...…
Mike Erlin is a human capital technology veteran & entrepreneur, with two decades experience spanning the coal-face of e-learning with DigitalThink with pioneers such as Josh Bersin, to leadership roles in innovative technology companies such as DigitalThink, Blackboard, Cornerstone & now, AbilityMap. AbilityMap was born at the intersection of ...…
What is the single greatest gift you can give your children?I don’t think it’s a toy that will break. I don’t think it’s a game they will get bored with. I don’t think it’s a run of the mill education that keeps them average. I don’t think it’s a stack of money, a fancy house or a snazzy super car. I am convinced the greatest two fold gift a pa ...…
Episode 6101 - Rules of Engagement: The Art of Spiritual Wafare Pastor Jozef Jasinski www.jesusdelivers.comRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6100 - How will God ADD to you if you don't seek the Kingdom? Prophet Lenard JonesRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6099 - Homeopathic Medicine: A Doorway to Demons Dr. Phillip MorrisRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6098 - The Al Cuppett Hour - 2-14-2019www.alcuppett.comRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6097 - Where did all the children go? They were sacrificed to MolochPastor John Torell Recorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
In today’s episode, Scary Mommy founder Jill Smokler discusses coming to terms with her husband Jeff’s sexuality, how isolated she felt when she first learned of his same sex attraction, making the difficult decision to get a divorce after 18 years of marriage, and how they focused on honesty and transparency in telling their three children. Sh ...…
Episode 6096 - David MeasuresRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Recorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6094 - Italo MartiRecorded 2-13-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6093 - Peter and Verlie HobsonRecorded 2-13-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6092 - CERN and the Coming Alien Deception - Anti-Christ Watch Richard Keltner: www.watchmenradio.netRecorded 2-14-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Pastor Gary Stafford Special Guest: Rob Robinson Recorded 2-13-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6090 - The Sabbath and the Appointed Times - Past, Present, and FutureMarsha/Tom Mack/Tom BairdRecorded 2-13-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. Listen live every Thursday at 8AM Pacific – 11AM Eastern, or catch up on full episodes with show transcripts here.
Today, Mike and Nathalie discuss the pros and cons of hiring employees vs. contractors. With the different legal aspects that come with both choices, it's important to evaluate things carefully when deciding which is best for your company. Mike & Nathalie provide some important things to consider when deciding which approach to take when hiring ...…
Even the most loving time of the year can be scary! Sources: ...…
I got to spend an hour with artist advisor Marina Granger, founder of and she imparted some art career wisdom that you can’t get anywhere. We’ve all heard of creative coaches, etc., but Marina is truly in a class of her own. She has a lot of experience from her art world experiences working in gallerie ...…
Episode 6089 - The Murder of Ishbosheth - Speak My Word2 Samuel 4-5Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6089 - The Murder of Ishbosheth - Speak My Word2 Samuel 4-5Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6087 - Live by FaithPastor Mel Novak Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6086 - Bitter Root JudgementsEvangelist Geri McGhee www.gerimcghee.comRecorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6085 - Exfoliate - The scales have fallen off Pastor Samuel Brown Pastor Joseph Cohen www.newhopeinthelord.comRecorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6084 - The Fall Feasts and the Return of Jesus the Messiah Maj. Tom Baird Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO omegamanradio.comPowerpoint Avail here:…
Episode 6088 - Dr. Pat Holliday Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6087 - Live by Faith Pastor Mel Novak Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Episode 6086 - Bitter Root Judgements Evangelist Geri McGhee Recorded 2-12-2019 on OMEGAMAN RADIO
Our guest Chad Lewis canceled at the last minute, so we are running this show that was recorded on March 29, 2017: Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest John Burroughs talks about what it was like for him during the Rendlesham Forest three day incident, what his health issues have been, and all the twists and turns when it comes to witnesses ...…
Our guest Chad Lewis canceled at the last minute, so we are running this show that was recorded on March 29, 2017: Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest John Burroughs talks about what it was like for him during the Rendlesham Forest three day incident, what his health issues have been, and all the twists and turns when it comes to witnesses ...…
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