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Lorne Bronstein
Welcome to The mind of Lorne Bronstein. Let’s explore philosophy, marketing and all things self improvement.
Christ Centered Community
McGill Podcasts » Lorne Trottier
Two brothers get together each week to discuss the long running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, one a nerdy expert on all things SNL, the other a cynical casual viewer with much less love for its lore. Every week we recap the current episode (or classic eps during off weeks), discuss various issues related to the show and its history, and try to stump the expert with some SNL trivia.
Interesting and unique content with a friendly community built around it. I have tons of videos not on YouTube which can be found on
C3 Church
C3 Church Calgary West
Wolfcast & Pod
A podcast that breaks down Angel, episode by episode. Hosted by Reuben Clay and Marcia DeFiore Ensley.
Welcome to Saturday Night Love, a weekly recap of the previous week's Saturday Night Live episode. Each episode, a panel of experts will discuss the previous episode and determine the best sketch of the night.
In each episode, host Jordan Blackman brings on game industry leaders and then dives deep into their experiences and know-how to uncover useful takeaways. Topics include rapid prototyping, specific game design strategies, tactics for Kickstarter success, venture capital funding, and much more. Tune in to hear from guests such as Lorne Lanning, Robin Hunicke, and Brian Allgeier.
Audio Podcast for iPod / iPhone - Karla Gilbert, Karen Gilbert and Franklin McMahon host an uncut and uncensored after party audio podcast. Special guests stop by and anything goes, if you enjoy the Rumor Girls Video Podcast, check out this audio show where the girls get a chance to let their hair down and really say what is on their mind. Raise a glass and enjoy happy hour with Karla Gilbert, Karen Gilbert and Frank McMahon! Works with the new iPhone!
ArtCenter College of Design’s bi-weekly podcast features intimate interviews with leading artists examining the ideas fueling their work and how the creative process can be a catalyst for change—personally, professionally and globally. Hosted by ArtCenter President, Lorne M. Buchman, these conversations examine the many ways in which artists and designers are enriching our lives. ArtCenter College of Design is a global leader in art and design education; and our mission statement—Learn to cr ...
Rupert Ralestone is officially the Marquess of Lorne--but with no family money or prestige, the title is worthless. He and his younger brother and sister return to the old family homestead--Pirate's Haven. Their only hope is to find the family's talisman, a great sword, and restore it to its proper place.
Discovery Church
Discovery Church is a new life-giving church for Edmonton that exists to create a culture that seeks truth, helps people find Jesus and discover their purpose. Lead by Pastor Lorne and Shauna-Lee Young.
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Learn the benefits of being a T-shaped thinker and watch as opportunities begin to present themselves.
Dr. Carson is still missing. We keep reading. Topics include: Carson Is Missing: Entry 2, and Guns.
Stop talking and start doing. Join the movement, share your passion with #JustStart and see who else is chasing their dreams.
On the ninth episode of the eSports Michigan Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs is joined by tournament director Andrew Blanchard and assistant tournament director Ethan Williams to discuss this weekends tournament, the pairings, initial reactions and the weekend schedule.
In this podcast, Dr. Lorn Allison discusses his clinical experience using dulse the sea vegetable in cases of Hashimoto's and thyroid issues, with specific attention to the concern of the iodine in sea vegetables causing elevation of thyroid antibodies.
On the eighth episode of the eSports Michigan Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs is joined by tournament director Andrew Blanchard and assistant tournament director Ethan Williams to discuss the end of the regular season, team standings and more!
Step up your Instagram game and start seeing results. The cost of attention may be harder than you think.
We are so excited for Lorne and Wanda Bell to come on as our Discipleship Pastors! This morning we get to hear a bit of where God has taken Lorne in his life and how he ended up here.
Welcome back again!!! This week's show is heavy on the groove and deep with the melodies. We'll also discuss topics that range from positive happy stuff to positive fun stuff! So get ready to float down here ... This is the Glitch//IDM show!!! Nokturno - 9POINTZ HUNT Dabrye - Three/Three Poborsk - Yardang00:00 - DJ Skymall01:18 - Ezra - Flume04 ...…
Lorne continues with the theme of the Holy Spirit
On the seventh episode of the eSports Michigan Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs is joined by tournament director Andrew Blanchard to discuss the current season, team standings, the game of the week (Troy Colts Vs Galaxy Demons) and more!
Lorne talks Overwatch league, PR nightmares, the power of influence and turning negatives into positives. This is part 2 of a two part episode.
Lorne walks us through what the book of Acts has to say about the baptism of the Holy Spirit
In episode 164 we talk VGK, more babies being on the way, Luke's record making it hard to find employment, Lorne's 9th place gold medal, UFC, NFL Draft, Russian drone fail, and selfless time-traveling monkey soldiers. We also play a music game and rock the boat. . @BandB_PODCAST on Twitter 218-383-5262 (FUCKBNB)…
Lorne goes over the story of what happens after the resurrection of Jesus, and the implications that are still powerfully relevant to us today
Are you willing to invest 2% of your day to make the other 98% better? Emily Fletcher is a three time returning guest. A meditation teacher and creator of the Ziva Technique, Emily taught me everything I know about meditation, and I’ve been a huge advocate of the practice every since I learned three years ago. Meditation has been a huge part of ...…
On the fourth episode of the eSports Michigan Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs is joined by tournament director Andrew Blanchard and assistant tournament director Ethan Williams to discuss the current season and how teams stack up against their competition, strategies and more!
This saying of Jesus, is not what you expect considering all the circumstance. Instead of saying “Father Stop Them”, He says “Father Forgive Them” The post Father Forgive Them appeared first on West Lorne Baptist Church.
We’re motivated by our fascination with entertainment, news, and random stuff. We make an effort not to suck the fun out of every film or TV show we watch. Instead, we enjoy them for what they are, entertainment! We critique without focusing on the most negative thing possible. Quick Summary While I regret saying podcasting doesn’t equate to br ...…
On the final SC! HangTime Podcast of the year, Lorne Plant, Scott Burnstein T.J. Kelley and Jeff Dullack look back at a memorable boys basketball finals weekend that saw Clarkston, Benton Harbor, Detroit Edison and Southfield Chrsitian all win state championships! The guys break down all of the action and also name their All-Breslin Team, break ...…
In this episode we can Cannabis legaliazation, branding and why cannabis will be one of the biggest markets in 2019!
The book, 'Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine' is the story of one man’s ego, 1960s youth culture, and the history of rock and roll, all jammed into one. Like the magazine, the book covers power, fame, and politics through unbelievable stories involving icons of rock. The book provides vivid details abo ...…
No condemnation but confirmation, through conformation. There is a way we can have assurance that we won’t be condemned before God, we can be confirmed and certain, its through conformation to Him. The post No Condemnation But Confirmation appeared first on West Lorne Baptist Church.
On the third episode of the eSports Michigan Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs is joined by tournament director Andrew Blanchard and assistant tournament director Ethan Williams to discuss the key match ups and the results for week one.
Legendary Industrial Lights and magic model maker lorne peterson joins the graphcast on this weeks show!This Show is Brought to you by Beckett Authentication Services the number one leading expert in all autograph authentication you would like to learn more about star wars autographs or just autographs in ...…
On the latest SC! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant, Scott Burnstein, T.J. Kelley and Jeff Dullack preview and break down each and every Boys Basketball semifinal game taking place on Thursday and Friday, including Clarkston vs. Warren De La Salle, Novi vs. Holland West Ottawa, Benton Harbor vs. River Rouge, New Haven vs. Grand Rapids Catholic Cent ...…
Let's talk about the benefits of meditation and how it can be the first step in self-discipline.
Becoming a leader by helping others succeed - Lorne Lavine (Contribute) This episode is brought to you by Dentistry Roadmap. Take your dentistry to the next level, and sign up today!
AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight edition, is a short form interview series featuring actors & artists discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Amy Cassandra interviews Sari Arambulo. Sari Arambulo can be seen as ‘Grace’ in Seth Meyer and Lorne Michael’s new show, “A.P. B ...…
It's biennale central here at The Hub on Art this week as we cover the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, the Sydney Biennale and the announcement that Sydney artist Angelica Mesiti will be Australia's next representative at the Venice Biennale.
I challenge you look at your online presence and ask yourself "how can I improve five things?" By doing so you will see an increase in engagment, and be top of mind in your field.
Today, on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview NBC's AP Bio's Lyric Lewis. ABOUT THE SHOW When disgraced Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) loses out on his dream job, he is forced to return to Toledo, Ohio, and work as a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher. As he comes crashing into Wh ...…
Welcome to People Management Digest, the official podcast of Great Place to Work® Canada!Ep. 9 - Advancing Organizational CultureIn this episode, Lorne Rubis, Chief Evangelist at ATB Financial discusses how to build and enhance corporate culture, and how to view it as a foundation, not an end goal. Lorne will join us at our conference April 25th!…
Be a thought leader in the subject of your choice.
This is a reoccuring theme I see a lot on Instagram. "Follow me and I'll follow you" This is a vicous cycle of nothingness. Stop thinking numbers and start thinking people and you will see an increase in your leads. - Lorne
On this week's edition of STATE CHAMPS! HangTime, Lorne Plant, Scott Burnstein, T.J. Kelley and Jeff Dullack preview and break down the MHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament, which officially begins on Monday! The guys discuss who the believe are the favorites in all four classes, including Clarkston, Hazel Park, Ann Arbor Skyline, Detroit U-D Jesui ...…
Listen as Ron walks us through this passage in Eph. 5 where we learn what the Christian walk is truly about. The post The Christian Walk appeared first on West Lorne Baptist Church.
Continuing on from last week, Lorne takes a further look into the subject of spiritual gifts and how God wants us to use them
On the latest SC! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant, Scott Burnstein, T.J. Kelley and Jeff Dullack discuss everything you need to know with the boys and girls basketball postseason quickly approaching. The guys kickoff the show talking about T.J.'s latest rankings which have River Rouge down to No. 5 in Class B and OUT of the Super 10 after Friday' ...…
On the sixth episode of the STATE CHAMPS! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant, T.J. Kelley, Scott Burnstein and Jeff Dullack discuss T.J.'s latest boys hoops rankings as we are just a few weeks from the start of the state tournament and the guys also discuss who they believe are the front runners for the 2018 Mr. Basketball Award, including Clarkston ...…
Welcome to Attorney Heart, the podcast focused on bringing awareness to and promoting attorney well-being! On this episode, Dr. Sophie Lorn-Clifford provides some incredibly valuable information related to her practice as a Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Lorn-Clifford focuses on the healing power of nature and her mentors included doctors who were fe ...…
On the fifth installment of the STATE CHAMPS! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs​, Tj Kelley​, Scott M. Burnstein​ and Jeff 'Deuce' Dullack​ discuss the Michigan High School Boys Basketball season as we head towards the end of the regular season. On this week's show, the guys discuss TJ's latest boys basketball rankings, which have Skyl ...…
On the latest edition of the STATE CHAMPS! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant-State Champs​, Scott M. Burnstein​, Tj Kelley​ and Jeff 'Deuce' Dullack​ discuss all things basketball going on in the state of Michigan! This week, the guys kick off the show talking about the recent trade by the Detroit Pistons​ to acquire Blake Griffin​ and also discuss ...…
It is intrinsic to the sinful human nature to try to prove ourselves. We seek validation every chance we get. We aim to justify our thoughts, words, and actions either by inflating our good or ignoring the seriousness of our bad. The post Self-Justify No More appeared first on West Lorne Baptist Church.…
On the latest edition of the STATE CHAMPS! HangTime Podcast, Lorne Plant, Scott Burnstein, T.J. Kelley and Jeff Dullack discuss who they believe are Contenders and Pretenders as we've passed the midway point of the boys hoops season. Also on this week's show, BCAM's Dan Young stops by to talk about the Mr. Basketball Award Race and also to look ...…
Lorne Plant and Andrew Blanchard discuss the upcoming League of Legend eSports Michigan 2018 season, which is sponsored by Lawrence Tech. This spring season, competitors will play for a chance to win $16,000 in scholarships per player! Each team must have 5 players who will face other high school teams in an 8-week long season. The top 16 teams ...…
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