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Best MIKE SPREIGL podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best MIKE SPREIGL podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Geek Roulette
Spin the wheel and see what geek or nerd culture topic Mike and John will discuss next! Each episode our hosts will focus on whatever topic that we want to bet our chips on. Let it ride and give the podcast a listen!
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Your hosts Mike and John decide to not have a topic this episode as they decide to just have another Arbitrary Episode as Thanksgiving approached. Your hosts talk about how Black Friday has lost it's impact. Thanksgiving lists! Bands Reuniting! And the Cybertruck's indestructible windows! Full on turkey? Just sit back and give the episode a listen!…
Your hosts give a review of the HBO series, Watchmen. We discuss the first 4 episodes and how accessible the show is for those who haven't read the comic, how the series follows up the comic, and the good and bad of the series.By Mike Spreigl, John Lundquist
It's a big week of premiers! We have the season 4 premier of Rick and Morty as well as the debut of Disney Plus and The Mandalorian! Join your hosts Mike and John as they break down each episode. We discuss the new status quo for Rick and Morty as well as how this show may move forward with 5 more seasons in the future. And then we discuss a gr ...…
Your hosts Mike and John discuss a variety of current events. We talk the release of the new Star Wars Rise of Skywalker trailer. We discuss what will be available to watch on Disney+ launch day of November 12th. We talk Kevin Feige getting a whole lot more responsibility. And the ongoing theme in the episode? Mike REAAAALLY hates Bob Eubanks,…
This episode, your hosts Mike and John reflect on the career of Kevin Smith on the cusp of the release of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Movie. We talk about the cultural impact that Kevin had on a generation as well as how time hasn't been as kind to him in terms of his later works.By Mike Spreigl, john lundquist
This episode, your hosts trudge their way through their review of Todd Phillip's Joker movie. While Joaquin Phoenix is a bright spot, your hosts have some issues with the rest of the movie. Find out what they think!By John Lundquist, Mike Spreigl
It's our 3rd Arbitrary Episode!!! In 3D!!!!! *Episode is not really in 3D*. Your hosts Mike and John use this episode to have debates about what is better between two things. What kind of peanut butter is best? Face off between several music groups! And our Arbitrary List has us listing our favorite fast food restaurants.…
Your hosts Mike and John take a look at two titans of the 80's, The Transformers and GI Joe, and try to determine who was the king of the hill. We take a close look at their toylines, cartoons, comics, and movies and debate who was better at what.By john lundquist, Mike Spreigl
This episode your hosts take a retrospective look at the good years of the Simpsons. We revisit it's origins as being a part of the Tracey Ullman Show, to it exploding to the phenomenon it would become, to it's decline. We discuss our favorite characters and episodes as well as what made the show great.…
This episode, your hosts decide to discuss several smaller topics, rather then an over-arching episode theme. Mike and John discuss the highlights and lowlights of Disney's D23 convention. We talk the new upcoming Joker movie and ponder what to think about the movie and is it the right time for a movie like this? Then we (Or more importantly, M ...…
Your hosts Mike and John talk X-Men! We take a look back at their history...everything from their high points to their low points. Then your hosts break down their favorite and least liked aspects of the X-Universe.By Mike Spreigl, John Lundquist
It's time for another Arbitrary Episode! Recorded weeks ago, this episode your hosts John and Mike talk about our craziest work experiences! We talk about how social media and the internet has made us equally paranoid as well as careless! Do we have what it takes to be professional Dungeon Masters? We talk the mentality of an old band! Can peop ...…
In this episode, your hosts Mike and John recap all of the announcements for Marvel's Phase 4 movie (and streaming?) line-up. We talk about what we are looking forward to as well as what is missing from the announcements. And for our Arbitrary List segment, we cast a new Fantastic Four movie.By John Lundquist, Mike Spreigl
Your hosts John and Mike discuss the conclusion of the comic book series, The Walking Dead. We examine the impact the comic, as well as the show, has had on popular culture and revisit the things we loved and disliked about the series.By John Lundquist, Mike Spreigl
This episode your hosts Mike and John discuss the latest Marvel MCU offering, Spider-Man: Far From Home. They discuss what is an overall good action film with some things that do hinder it. They also discuss how the future of the MCU might be more difficult in the shadows of what has come before it. The arbitrary list is where Mike and John dis ...…
This episode has no main topic! Join us as your hosts bounce from random topics! Did you ever want to know more about the Wiggles then you do now? How about Youtube channels dedicated to Mouse Traps? And Mike and John also recast The Three Amigos for a modern day!By John Lundquist, Mike Spreigl
Mike and John take a break from the world of geekiness and discuss why the HBO series Barry is such a great series and why other networks and programs should take notice of what it does right. Our hosts discuss why it's great that a show can surprise you, especially when it's not part of a formula or trope. And for our Arbitrary Lists, our host ...…
Mike and John review the Netflix animated anthology series, Love, Death, and Robots. Our hosts discuss the parallels of this series with the movie Heavy Metal as well is it's feel being like Liquid Television.By Mike Spreigl
John and Mike take a trip down memory lane and talk about how they got into comics and their history with them. They also talk about what comics are great for those who are looking to get into comics.By Mike Spreigl
Mike and John discuss the origins of board games and how it has led to the booming trend of table top gaming over the past. We discuss our favorite games as well as what makes a game good. And we talk the games that frustrate us and what makes a game bad.By Mike Spreigl
Mike and John talk and review Avengers Endgame! We talk about the great emotional moments and the epic geek out moments. We also talk about what didn't work in the movie. Our Arbitrary Lists discuss the top and bottom 3 Avengers.By Mike Spreigl
Mike and John discuss what it has been like to be a gamer from the early days of the NES to the present day. Our hosts look at this from the individual perspectives of a hardcore gamer and a casual gamer. They take a look at how gaming has evolved over the years as they have matured into adults.By Mike Spreigl and John Lundquist
Mike and John talk about the evolution of cartoons on prime time television. From the dawn of the Flintstones, to the reign of the Simpsons, to the current offerings on TV, John and Mike discuss the history of adult-oriented cartoons. And for our arbitrary lists segment? We list our top three and bottom three cartoon sidekicks.…
Mike and John take a look at each of the Star Wars Trilogies and discuss how they each hold up. We discuss the upcoming Episode IX and the huge, if not unreachable, expectations for the last chapter of the current trilogy. And in our Arbitrary Lists segment, we talk about our favorite and most hated obscure background characters.…
This episode, Mike and John discuss the difficult subject of Toxic Fandom. We talk about how some aspects of nerd and geek culture have turned against itself. We discuss why some fans feel entitled to the point where they think they should be the authority of the things they love as well as why some feel they are the "Gatekeepers" and they deci ...…
Mike and John discuss their favorite and last favorite Marvel movies in the Arbitrary Lists segment. Then they move on and give both a spoiler-free and a spoiler filled review of Captain Marvel.By Mike Spreigl and John Lundquist
The Burning Bridges Podcast reboots into the Geek Roulette podcast! Your host Mike welcomes on his friend John as a permanent co-host of the podcast! And this episode we discuss reboots in general. How much has the "Reboot Culture" affected movies and television in general? What are our favorite and most hated reboots? Spin the wheel and give i ...…
This episode your host Mike and his friend John discuss the four Batman movies from 1989 to 1998. We talk about the impact they had on Batman the character himself, as well as how the movies really don't make a lot of sense.By Mike Spreigl
Mike's back! And he discusses the passing of Stan Lee and the great impact he left, not only in comics, but also on the world and other literature.By Mike Spreigl
This episode, I discuss the 1976 movie Logan's Run with my friend John, fresh after viewing the movie. It was John's first time! We talk about this my fascination with this movie. We discuss the Academy Award winning "Visual Effects". The weirdly under-explained plot. The very sexualized 70's aesthetics. The very mundane real world outside of t ...…
Your host Mike guests on another podcast! I join Steven on this recording of supplemental material for his Pod Like A Hole Podcast. We discuss my favorite album from Nine Inch Nails, The Fragile.By Mike Spreigl
This episode, your host laments the loss of a recorded podcast episode and uses that to reflect on the growth and changes of how we have consumed our media. Mike talks about the history of music, TV, Movies, books and the ways we used to consume them. Is physical copies better the the digital age? Does the digital age make it easier to find wha ...…
Mike is joined by Kevin as we discuss wrestling in the 80's, 90's and today. Join us as we discuss WWF, WCW, ECW and briefly the lame AWA.By Mike Spreigl
On the heels of a great personal moment for our host Mike Spreigl, we have a sad moment happen in music. Mike looks forward to life with his third son by recalling the memories of Soundgarden as we say good bye to Chris Cornell.By Mike Spreigl
Mike along with special guest Steve talk about the Nintendo Entertainment System and all the fun it brought to our lives. We talk about our memories of the system. Our favorite games. The hardest games we played. And how gaming now is so much different from gaming then.By Mike Spreigl
This episode, Mike reflects on the recent airing of "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" and how surreal of a cartoon it was . Then Mike reflects on how Halloween has lost some of it's charm due to it becoming more commercialized and sanitized.By Mike Spreigl
This solo show briefly addresses how we are oblivious to our normal lives. Then we discuss the lost Olympic luster. I then take a detour and discuss how we've lost our sense of wonder. And then I recommend a documentary to help restore it. Also? What is the plural of "crisis"?By Mike Spreigl
My old friend John and I discuss and break down the pros and cons of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. We revisit our fond memories of the trilogy from when we were kids to the realities of things now that we are older. Join us as we discuss the why A New Hope is John's favorite verses why Empire stands stronger in my heart. We discuss how Lucas' ...…
My first Podcast episode!!! And it shows!!! I outline what the show will be about. I ramble a little. And even though I kept saying to myself after recording this that I would rerecord the ending...I leave the original intact. It's like watching a gymnast completely wipe out on a routine.By Mike Spreigl
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