Best Madrigal podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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Steven Madrigal
Welcome to the Steven Madrigal podcast, where amazing things happen.
Each week the Mad Madrigals examine their lives, so you can make sense of your own. They lend a unique voice to conversations on a plethora of topics. Eloquent counterpoint on the meaning of life and their quest to channel creative energy are met with bouts of fervent and incoherent hilarity. You can find more of the Mad Madrigals at and on social media.
We talk about Military history, and how I might shape our culture today.
All Things Comedy podcast network founders Bill Burr and Al Madrigal are joined by fellow comics for an unconventional hour long show.An All Things Comedy podcast.
Containers is an 8-part audio documentary about how global trade has transformed the economy and ourselves. Host and correspondent Alexis Madrigal leads you through the world of ships and sailors, technology and tugboats, warehouses and cranes. At a time when Donald Trump is threatening to toss out the global economic order, Containers provides an illuminating, deep, and weird look at how capitalism actually works now.
Sweet Dreams
* emzbox * Romance Novel * Not for children * * Not in print- no ISBN * No extra info I can think of
Chosen vessels deliver a real-time message straight from the heart of God to the nations to encourage everyone, at the sound of her voice, to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ. Despite your past there is forgiveness in God through repentance. The mission is to introduce to some and remind others Jesus is Lord! There is nothing too hard for God. Are you struggling with sexual perversion, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, rage, sexual molestation, hatred, forgiveness, mental i ...
Star Struck
This is the second book in the Sweet Dreams series. Three days is not very long, but to Victoria, who’s been away from her new love Rob Malloy, it seems like forever. Returning from Colorado, Victoria reconnects with her friends, finding one particular friend isn’t too happy about her having a high society boyfriend. Imagine waking from a nap to find your favorite boy band star sitting in the chair across from you. That’s what happens to Cynthia Porter. She can hardly believe she isn’t dream ...
True Love
This is the third book in the Sweet Dreams series. Victoria has an awesome boyfriend, great friends, and her singing career on its way. Are the nightmares she’s been having a warning, or are they just a symptom of her subconscious second-guessing the happiness she is feeling for the first time in her life? Rob gives her even more good news as he whisks her off on a weekend trip planned completely in her honor. Unbeknownst to him, someone from her past has another agenda designed to ruin her ...
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