Best Maga podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Turning Lambs Into Lions - a site for everything Krav Maga, Self Defense and Martial Artists
Krav Maga
The Official Krav Maga Podcast. Listen in on the best strategies, theories, and interviews of Krav Maga.
The entire 5 year Thru The Bible study series with Dr. J. Vernon McGee. *NOTE* All episodes can be found in our archives at
Rory Sauter
Rory Sauter (2010-09-05 12:13:13 +0000 UTC)
Two Average guys who didn’t graduate Harvard Law and don’t sell mugs or tumblers talk politics in a way everyone can understand minus the condescending attitudes or advice to our elected leaders
A weekly podcast about the things in life that piss us off, or outright confuse the heck out of us. The show is co-hosted by rocker Uncle Buck (based in North Carolina), and Tab Birt (based out of the land of Praying Hands).
Blessed To Teach
Exploring Current Events in Light of God's Plans. Qanon Posts, Qanon News, Qanon Related Prophesies. I love to teach because I get "blessed" when teaching as it forces me to learn more and dive deeper into the content. Therefore, I am "Blessed To Teach" not as I feel I have a special gift, but because God truly blesses me through forcing me to learn more! :-) Please send your Memes and other great information to my Twitter and Facebook (links below).
Red State Update
Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Trump-hating rednecks Jackie Broyles and Dunlap take on the president, the 2020 election, Biden and Bernie, Mitch and MAGA, politics and pop culture. Real news. Fake sponsors.
Rory Sauter
Rory Sauter (2010-09-05 12:13:13 +0000 UTC)
Making snow flakes melt and liberal loonies run in fear, Freedom Fighter Chucky and the Reverend Tobias Freeman are the new kings of conservative talk radio. You can contact us by using the hashtag #MIA on twitter or by emailing us at
Doing My Patriotic Duty Of Fighting Leftist For Future Generations! My Weekly Podcast Brings You Current Events & Much Much More! If You Become Offended On The Way You Can Stop Listening At Any Time Without Offending Me! The Americans left Doesn't Speak For Me & Neither Will You! God Bless President Trump & GOP Allies All Across This Great Nation!
Bryan Crabtree, is a contributor to, and, as well as a rising and influential young voice in the conservative media. Hear Highlights from the Bryan Crabtree Show, heard LIVE weeksdays from 4-6 pm (Eastern) on Atlanta's biz 1190. Replay from 9-11 pm on AM 920 The Answer. Bryan explains the news so you can understand how it affects you.
Red Hat Chat
The political musings of two of DC's most devoted Trump supporters. We bring you weekly discussions of current events and add our own spin and flavor. Check back weekly for new episodes!Check out our website at: www.redhatchat.comEmail us with comments or feedback at: you’d like to donate, click here: You can also donate through Patreon at We’ll give you a shout out on the show and all proceeds will go towards mak ...
Breaker Zine is an independent arts and culture (maga)zine covering the New Jersey coast. Hosts Dawn & Pete
Talking to Savages
Talking to Savages is a weekly Podcast Where, Former MMA Fighter Ryan "One More Round" Rother and Reality Based Self Defense Instructor Randy King, Interview people with the Craziest stories about: Violence, Crime, Conflict and sometimes Sex. Listen in as Ryan and Randy talk to some of the most fascinating people about the crazy and hilarious things that happen to them in their professional and personal lives.
Sayspool Show
Knox and the Gingerbread man are two life long friends who want nothing more then to make you laugh and then offend you. we spend time talking about local and national issues and making fun of stupid people. TEXT THE SHOW ANYTIME AT 918 815 0019.
Martial Arts and Self-Defense expert Wim Demeere has 30+ years of experience training and teaching. He shares this with you to help you improve your skills and lead a safer life. Discover how you can defend yourself in a more effective manner and become a better martial artist, no matter what level of experience you have or which fighting systems you study. Wim has been working as a full-time personal trainer for over 20 years and has taught professional athletes as well as regular folks jus ...
Still They Survive
Kidnapping, gunshots, and occasionally bears. Those are just a sampling of what the survivors covered on the podcast, Still They Survive, have lived through. Still They Survive is a comedy podcast that shares the shockingly true stories of what people have endured and how they survived it. Hosts Amanda Powell and Amanda Christopher each share their survivor's stories with each other, as well as listeners. In sharing these tales "the Amandas" hope to honor, educate and inform while adding a d ...
With guests that range from icons to outliers, host Matt D’Elia talks to anyone who can help him understand things that confuse him, make him laugh, or just plain trouble him. If you ever look out at the world and think “what the hell is happening?” then this podcast is for you.
Rehabilitated white trash podcast.
The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
Trying to make the world more Hotep
Sambacana is a regular online radio show, compiled for the Brazil Network site by Rio de Janeiro-based DJ/producer Maga Bo. The most recent three shows can be found in Brazil Network’s music section, but the entire series has now been archived here for your listening pleasure. Find out more at
Radio Maga
5 minutos de poesía en tu móvil
God is Dead
Odds are you've been hunting for a new podcast for a while, so why not try God Is Dead? In each episode Bryce Mills and Campbell Walker bring you the strangest things they've found from the internet and modern culture and explain why they each prove that God has completely abandoned us all.
Politics is hard enough to make sense of, so we break it down to the basics. Join conservative commentator Rich Valdes— former staffer in Governor Chris Christie’s Administration; columnist at The Washington Times; Producer and Operations Director at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas; and Associate Producer of The Mark Levin Show—for new shows every week. Valdes takes you on his journey through poverty, prosperity, and politics. From being born in Brooklyn, NY (and raised in Jersey) to becomin ...
Useful Idiots is an informative and irreverent politics podcast with journalist Matt Taibbi and podcaster/writer Katie Halper. Episodes feature on-the-road coverage of the 2020 campaign and exclusive interviews, with humor, commentary and dissection of the politics news of the week. Join Matt and Katie as they examine important stories that have slipped through the cracks and what the media got wrong – and laugh about whatever is left to laugh about.
Get WealthFit!
Join Dustin Mathews from as he gets inside the heads of today’s top money-makers, investors, and celebrity entrepreneurs. Learn unique ways to boost your income, invest smarter, and get the very best out of life!
Podcast by AFTV All Gunz Blazing Podcast
JOYViews @ GSL 2012
Interviews from the Game Zone at the Gadget Show Live 2012
Turtle Boy Sports
All your local real news and the ratchetry that goes along with it! Checkout our webpage @ for all kinds of madness and updates we don't cover in our podcasts, and our Bit.Tube @ for videos of our Turtleboy Sports Live shows - Be sure to 'Like' our videos and podcasts! Clicking that little like button helps a ton when it comes to making us visible.
Krav Chats
Podcast by Krav Maga Systems
Way of the World
Way of the World (2014-12-03 23:03:28 +0000 UTC)
The Serfs
Two indentured plebs give you their comedic spin on the weekly news.
The official podcast of Smart Girl Politics. We talk politics, of course, but also culture, faith, sports, whatever floats our boats. Women talking about stuff women care about. Welcome!
Critical Thoughts
Our goal at Critical Thoughts to break through the white noise of distorted truths to bring you the objective media that matters.
Podcast by Krav Maga Raleigh
Dom B Podcast
I chat about Photography, Trending News, Science, Fitness, Society, Music, Astronomy, MMA... whatever I find interesting and compelling! You can also find me on YouTube @
The Only Podcast Dedicated to the Idea of 'Make America Great Again'
Tru Tawks Podcast
Pork Chop Express
Max & Ted invite you to hop on board "the express", the fastest 2 hours on The boys take your calls and talk a variety of hot button issues with zero regards to snowflakes, feelings or mainstream media spin.
The Rational Business podcast is the world's first business philosophy podcast. It aims to be a discussion for anyone in business, applying reason and evidence to improve businesses and lives.
What is TrendChat? The name says it all! Whether it's politics, culture, sports or whatever, if it's trending we're chatting about it.
Fat Guy with a Mic
Fat Guy with a Mic is a daily right wing conservative podcast hosted by Jason Dedic. On the show Jason gives his thoughts on what is happening in American politics and culture.
The Annex is an academic sociology-themed podcast. It discusses news, debates, and research findings that are of interest to professional sociology scholars.
Each week Comedian Krish Mohan talks to his guest about one political, social and/or philosophical issue that they are passionate about. He talks to Comedians, Poets, Writers, Politicians and more! These are conversations you hear & have at your dinner tables! Support this podcast:
Women's Mysteries
Spiritualist, holistic convo with black seeds and urban grass roots. #ISpeakLife👠
Join Chyna as she talks about Black Culture in AmeriKKKa, speaks out against Racism and fights for equality
Linda Gassenheimer’s Food News and Views airs every Thursday at 1 PM. She features food personalities and the latest food news. Certified Wine Specialist, Nora Adler, joins Linda giving sip tips. And more, Florida’s hottest food critics will be giving us the news on what’s happening in the restaurant scene in South Florida. As an added bonus, Linda will leave you with quick and easy Dinner in Minutes recipe. Join her each Thursday with call ins at 305 541 2350 or 844 727 9922. You can live s ...
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“We can embrace change in anything in life or we can resist it and literally get left behind.” – Bernt Ullmann In this episode: Are you thinking about jumping on the whole keto diet bandwagon? Low-carb diets have come and gone even before the days of Atkins. Now, an even stricter version of low-carb diet called the ketogenic diet is fast gainin ...…
Solo episode with host of the show Krish Mohan! Dive into his summer break, his recent tour where there was a guy wearing a MAGA that attended and his goals in Comedy! NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES September 20: Opening For Lee Camp at Puddler’s Hall in Milwaukee, WI September 21: Opening for Lee Camp at Brink Lounge in Madison, WI September 2 ...…
Direnzo's towing billed a competitor $16,000 for holding their deceased father's car against their will for 3 months. We discuss that along with the latest Kavanaugh smear and a fake reverse hate crime out of Easton. Also, the Q&A at the end of this session was one of the best we've had in a while.By TurtleBoy.
Today, Rich interviews rapper Bryson Gray the creator of the "MAGA Boy" #MAGACHALLENGE which is sweeping social media. The Hip-Hop recording artist discusses why he abandoned his support for Sen. Bernie Sanders to become a free-thinking Conservative and why he's challenging fellow African-American voters to create short rap music videos with ly ...…
AFTV winner of The Best Overall Football Content Creators at The 2018/19 Football Blogging Awards AFTV is the Unofficial Voice of Arsenal Fans around the world. AFTV is a platform where fans can voice their independent opinions on the greatest football club in the world. #AFTV #Arsenal #Football For information regarding your data privacy, visi ...…
Hoteps BEEN Told You Ep. 65 Candace Owens Revolt Summit, Saudi Bombing & More -Follow us on Twitter twitter Donate if you Patreon$UncleHotepRefer ...…
Help Eliminate Joint Pain Today! Click Here!http://www.relaxthepain.comSay goodbye to achy knees, stiff shoulders, back pain, sore elbows, and wrist irritation!Get yours today - demand is through the roof- they’re selling out fast - and like Q - once they’re gone - who knows when they’ll be back?Water Filter is back in stock! https://mypatriots ...…
While on his travels, WotW gives an unscripted reaction to a deeply unpleasant segment on The Ellen Show. If you wish to support my work, you can do so here: or or or or ...…
Teri is back behind the mic this week and is going it alone! And she's not talking politics. Find out where she's been, what's going on at Smart Girl Politics, the rebooted TV series she doesn't want to happen and an ode to Ric Ocasek and The Cars.Sponsors: Ritual; ...…
On this episode we talk with Amy Robbins and Emily Valentine about their podcast Not Your Average Gun Girls their brands Alexo Athletica and Style Me Tactical. Other topics include Merriam-Webster say defining of words is open to interpretation and how media turns criminals into victims and victims into criminals and more! ODG Apparel comes fro ...…
Lana Del Rey's new album has received praise, but her negative reaction to a mixed review on NPR recently made news. We discuss the tightrope of criticizing popular artists, the role of persona in artistic production, and the finer details of criticizing celebrities' work. In addition to in-house expert Gabriel Rossman (UCLA), author of the acc ...…
Kids are walking out of school today to fix the environment or something. Of course it's really just an excuse for teachers and kids not to do their jobs. And Josh Abrams had another bad day.By TurtleBoy.
A GOOD EPISODE IF YOU KEEP GETTING OFFERED DRUGS Today is a 1 case deep dive about a video called "Comebacks to Drugs". Have a watch here: ALL MEDIA HERE: FOLLOW BRYCE: FOLLOW CAM: ...…
Today, Rich laments about the loss of a teenaged boy just north of Queens, NY. Then, Colorado has been used as a "Blue Print" to change a red to state into a blue one. This Colorado model will ultimately change our entire country state by state unless we stop it with our own changes to restore conservative values. What are you willing to do in ...…
Welcome to Here's What I Don't Vape, the only formerly non-vaping podcast to tackle all of life's strongest strains. I'm your host Tim the Handlevaper and with me as always is my friend Dab Birt. On this week's episode we try Dab's Colorado haul! He's got everything from Carrot Cake Wake n' Bake to Bob Barker's Right Hook to Alabama Thunderkitt ...…
Journalist Krystal Ball joins the show to talk about why centrism sucks, responding to Bill Maher's Klobuchar for president suggestion, her time at MSNBC, and moreBy Rolling Stone.
A rundown of news items from the last few weeks: Biden falling apart, Warren surging, What To Do About Bernie, and radioactive messages to the futureSupport the Patreon: Trillbilly Worker's Party.
Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Jackie & Dunlap on Dummy Beto, Dummy Dems, Dummy Pelosi, Dummy Lewandoski, Dummy Yang, Dummy Bolton, Dummy Whistleblower, Dummy Biden, Dummy Corn Pop, Dummy Iran, Dummy Spicer, and, especially, eternally, Dummy Our President. Sponsors: Birds of Christmas, Septemberday Thanks to everybody who Patreons us at "The ...…
This is a recorded program with Irene Moore. She talks about the Biblical culture and food of Corfu Greece including the special foods they serve there for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.By Food, News, and Views.
Today’s Show : Constitutionalist, Political Activist & U.S. Congressional Candidate From Minnesota, Jayesun Sherman calls in, Comedian, Actor & Political Junkie, Topher Frank calls in, Director Of Communications North Carolina For Donald J. Trump campaign, Lobbyist & D.C. Insider, W. Kirk Bell calls in, Congressional Candidate, Senate Candidate ...…
This week’s guest needs no introduction... unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years. Love her or hate her, everyone’s got an opinion about Rachel Dolezal. But Matt isn’t interested in loving her OR hating her— he just wants to try to understand who she is and where she’s coming from. Their conversation covers a wide range of ...…
Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Rachel Skaggs (Ohio State University) is a sociologist of culture who studies creative professions. In this episode, we discuss her participant observation research on country music songwriting. She deserves the role that accepting failure, collaboration, and learning to deal with gatekeepers shape careers. Rachel Skaggs is an Assistant Profess ...…
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Longtime manager Peter Asher joins host Brian Hiatt explains how Ronstadt became a '70s superstar; David Browne and Angie Martoccio tell the rest of her storyBy Rolling Stone.
Our very own Tanya Bernice Turner went down to Kingsport, Tennessee, to speak with community members protesting the closure of a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, at privately-owned Holston Valley Medical Center. The protest has been going on for over 140 days with little-to-no media coverage, and so we thought it was something you all sho ...…
“Combination of opportunity and ability is important because, at the end of the day, there are a lot of great ideas, but if you can’t execute them, it doesn’t matter.” – Bernt Ullmann In this episode: Almost everything everyone need and want are already out in the market, making it more difficult for businesses to stand out. This is the reason ...…
Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Help Eliminate Joint Pain Today! Click Here!http://www.relaxthepain.comSay goodbye to achy knees, stiff shoulders, back pain, sore elbows, and wrist irritation!Get yours today - demand is through the roof- they’re selling out fast - and like Q - once they’re gone - who knows when they’ll be back?Water Filter is back in stock! https://mypatriots ...…
Today’s Show : Doctor, Political Activist, NRA Member & 2020 Republican Congressional Candidate For The 13th District Of Ohio, Duane Hennen calls in, Retired Army Paratrooper, Iraq and Afghanistan Vet, Activist, White House Military Office & 2020 U.S. House Candidate, Todd A. Mckinley calls in, Turning Point USA Contributor, Correspondent At Ca ...…
Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Come journey with heart and soul of how we relate in ourselves and in relationship with others. Avalon journeyed with the school in 2011 and have weaved a beautiful blossoming of her deep work to opening the portals for women to step into and collectively uprise and find the container of transformation. This episode is a dive into deeper levels ...…
TB Live: Fat shaming James Corden, Josh Abrams harrasses homeless woman, EEE, Felicity Huffman by TurtleBoyBy TurtleBoy.
Call Noble Today at 877 646 5347 and make sure to mention my name, B2T, to see if there are any promotions they’re running for Gold IRA rollovers. Change Tea is all natural with organic ingredients.Non-GMO, with no caffeine. Super Strength Life Change Tea gets things moving! https://getthetea.comWater Filter is back in ...…
Special episode! This week Kira gets to sit down with Ethan Nicolle and Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee and talk politics, faith and Snopes. You can also listen to Kira's appearance on their own podcast here and Kira also break down Markergate, the continuing descent of the ...…
NJK 29 - The Best Podcast In OA, Womb Consciousness, Economic Choice (Chicks can buy me drinks but dudes can't buy Dawn drinks) & Don't get NORMAL!!
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders calls in to discuss Thursday night's debate and his campaign. Matt and Katie discuss the results of Matt's debate night drinking game.By Rolling Stone.
Smoke’d is a new restaurant at the Lincoln Eatery on Miami Beach. They make old-fashioned barbecued meat – the kind that takes 18 hours to smoke. It’s a barbecue restaurant with a twist - it’s also kosher. Stuart Morginstin is the owner of Smoke’d. Sara Liss will be giving us her restaurant reviews. And Jacqueline Coleman will give us the lates ...…
“I truly found my purpose through my pain.” – Darren Prince In this episode: Fame, fortune, addiction, and recovery are famous partners in the world of overflowing money. Darren Prince is a prominent sports and celebrity agent from Jersey who started working in a mail order company selling baseball cards at the age of 14 and sold it for $1 mill ...…
Thru The Bible with Dr. James Vernon McGeeBy WKOS.
Jackie & Dunlap on the Democratic Debate in Texas: Bernie's throat, Democracy Dollars, Bad-words Beto, Castro mad at Biden for being old. Plus: No Taliban at Camp David, Bolton gets quitfired, Trump yells at Mulvaney yells at Ross to yell at weather. Sponsors: Birds of Christmas, Septemberday Thanks to everybody who Patreons us at http://patreo ...…
EP 64 - Vape Ban, Antonio Brown and Thank God Bolton is GONEFollow us on Twitter twitter Donate if you Patreon$UncleHotepReferral link https://co ...…
Today Rich, recollects on the attacks on the morning of September 11th, 2001 here in New York City. Then, Major League Baseball bans the NY Mets from donning attire commemorating 9/11. Plus, a look at how robbing rich people in order to pay for socialism will only make more poor people. Plus an update on the special live primetime edition of Th ...…
Apple apple apple, apple apple apple? Apple apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple! Apple apple's apple, apple apple apple apple, apple apples, apple apples. Apple apple apples' apples? APPLE! Apple apple apple Apple apple apples. Apple Applebreaker apple's apple apples, apple apples apple apple applin'. Apple, apple apple apple appled apple apple ...…
Water Filter is back in stock! or food at Notes at B2T New Website! BackUp YouTube Channels (please subscribe, so you can find me if banned): ...…
Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House joins Katie and Matt to discuss the Democratic presidential candidates, plus a conversation about the relationship between Op-Ed writers and their critics.By Rolling Stone.
Director of Pittsburgh Fringe, Xela Batchelder talks about the recent Fringe Festival, the History of Fringe and what it really takes to run a Fringe Festival. Dispatch: What the departure of John Bolton really mean! NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES September 13: Arthaus Projects in Williamsport, PA September 14: Erie Movie House in Erie, PA Sept ...…
This podcast came about because a few things came together one after the other. It got me thinking about all those silly (heated) arguments on the internet about martial arts and self-defense. We all know these happen, but what would be a better way to discuss these topics? That's what this episode is all about. For the show notes with all the ...…
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