Best Magicians podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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The Magicians After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of SyFy's The Magicians.Show Summary: Quentin Coldwater, a grad student at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, has been fascinated by the magical fantasy world since he was young. But as he has gotten older, Quentin and his 20-something friends have discovered that the magical world they read about as children is not only real, but poses dangers to humanity. While studying at the secret upstate New York school, the friends ...
What is magic? Why is Magic? Who is…Magic? Nick Paul (Netflix’s Magic for Humans) and Simon Coronel (Penn and Teller Fool US Fooler and FISM Award Winner) get together twice a month and ask the hard hitting existential questions about life, art, comedy, zen philosophy, magic, performing professionally and so much more.
Discussion and thoughts on magic, the industry and how it is to work in the magic world right now.
Paid Search Magic
Welcome to Paid Search Magic – A podcast delivering weekly magic lessons from your favorite PPC professionals and Subject Matter Experts. Get inspired, grow your powers, enchant your clients and customers.
The Insider
Vanishing Inc. is proud to share with you our new podcast, The Insider. Interviews with the finest magicians in the world.
The America's Got Talent AfterBuzz TV AfterShow recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of NBC's America's Got Talent.Show Summary: America's Got Talent is an American reality television series on the NBC television network, and part of the global British Got Talent franchise. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of one million dollars. The show debuted in June 2006 for the summer tele ...
Professional street magician Dartagnan regales with tales of people, places, and situations from the road as well as commentary on the performing art of magic.
The Illusionary Podcast talks to different Canadian Magicians about their careers and influences. We talk about magic, illusions and life.
Podcast by The Art of Manliness
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Ear Biscuits
Join Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality” in a candid weekly conversation for your Internetainment.
Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.
Warrior Mind Coach - Mental Strength For Self-Mastery, Human Potential And Peak Performance
The Fantasy Fiction Podcast
Season Four of The Big Interview! Graham Hunter one-on-one with the biggest names in football.
Do You like Watching TV and Movies? You Do? Good so do we! So What’s Good is a podcast that review some of our fav tv shows and new movie releases. So kickback with us as we talk all thing Tv/Film. Enjoy!Follow us Ig: @swgpodcastFacebook: So What’s GoodEmail us at sowhatsgoodpod@gmail.comDj’s Ig: @dijon_delonteRisa’s Ig: @cjtopflightDrayGo’s Ig: @draygowildTania’s Ig: @swgpodcast
Audio Book Club
Join Slate's critics for monthly discussions of new and important books. Read the book club selections and then listen in as our critics hold lively - and sometimes heated - debates about the works. Part of the Panoply Network.
The Cold War, Prohibition, the Gold Rush, the Space Race. Every part of your life -the words you speak, the ideas you share- can be traced to our history, but how well do you really know the stories that made America? We’ll take you to the events, the times and the people that shaped our nation. And we’ll show you how our history affected them, their families and affects you today. Hosted by Lindsay Graham (not the Senator). From Wondery, the network behind Tides Of History, Fall Of Rome and ...
This podcast is primarily an interview-based podcast that explores how to move from "just surviving" to "truly thriving" in the entertainment industry. The Host, Tony Suriano (Director/Actor) interviews professionals from all walks of the industry like film Producers, Studio Musicians, Fire Artists, Cinematographers, Magicians, Actors, Directors, Managers, Audio Mixers and many more creatives. Through stories of struggles and triumphs, he learns what it takes to make it in this cut-throat in ...
Our Fake History
Historical Myths Relished and Ruined!
SPONTANEANATION WITH PAUL F. TOMPKINS is a completely improvised show, from monologue to interview to narrative sketch. Join Paul, his special guests, his incredibly talented improviser friends, and accompanist Eban Schletter for an hour of comedy that none of them ever see coming.
A podcast about evolving technology, society and consciousness to create a better future for all of humanity. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about future societies, conscious evolution, future technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, decentralization, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.
Bunker Buddies
Looking for a sign from the universe/spirit guide/a higher power/source energy/muppets to let you know you're on the right track? We're your sign! (Cause we are you & we're all one ;) Together we shall connect & share our findings from our spiritual quest to expand our minds and level up to our Act 3 Character Self AKA Master of Both Worlds (both inner and external.) Let's grow!
Culture Dribble
Coming from Melbourne, Australia this podcast looks to be a more localised, campy ‘Stuff You Should Know’. Further fleshing out and finding real-life factual information (!!) on topics that I currently make me exclaim; “Hmmmm, you know what got me thinking...”. This podcast is as inclusive a rabbit in a magicians hat. Everyone is welcome, let’s dribble together about what makes us tick...and laugh, and roll our eyes and smile and yell into our pillows. Let’s do it all!
Past episodes of the awesome radio shows on OMTimes Radio - the Cutting Edge of Conscious Radio
Kaizen: is "improvement". Kahuna: "priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any professions" The wise keeps improving.
Southern Grimoire
A collection of unsolved crimes, mysteries, legends, and haunted history.
Pure Fandom
Weekly+ was created by pop culture super fans. Geek out with us!
All topics pertaining to performing magic for children and family audiences.
Heel Turn Radio
Welcome to CAMP STRANGE, a comedy podcast of the occult. Join Alex Tobin and David Stokes, by the campfire, as they discuss the strange, weird, and mysterious tales they say you can still hear if you listen closely at night...
Comment and analysis of all the Classics, The Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France and La Vuelta a Espana – PLUS some bonus features along the way! Our shows, produced year round, are enjoyed the world over. This is the master feed for all our shows: - Velocast Weekly - This Week In Cycling History (TWiCH) - Velocast Books - The Velocast Interview Special editions from all of the Classics. Daily content from: - The Giro d’Italia - The Tour de France - The Vuelta a Espana - The Tour de Suisse - C ...
My name is Hadlen. I am a Hypnotist, Magician, Mentalist, and Speaker with a mission to help people enhance their lives. Each week I delve into various methods and techniques to take control of you mind and acquire the life you desire. Lessons from artists and entrepreneurs in the form of conversation and interview. Learn alongside myself!
Geeky ramblings from a fandom fashionista.
Bourbon Gents
The unofficial podcast of bourbon by two English gents Mr Pie & Mav
OC's Premier magic podcast produced by Sleightly Smoking Magic Threads and Co-Hosted by Magicians Jordan Groll and Jack Murdock. This podcast is interview style where we bring on some of the best and brightest in the Magic community today and dig deep picking their brains and how they think. The podcast is focused on providing value and helping you to accelerate the learning process as a modern day magician. If you're looking to take your magic to the next level and be entertained by humorou ...
Comment and analysis of all the Classics, The Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France and La Vuelta a Espana – PLUS some bonus features along the way! Our shows, produced year round, are enjoyed the world over. This is the master feed for all our shows: - Velocast Weekly - This Week In Cycling History (TWiCH) - Velocast Books - The Velocast Interview Special editions from all of the Classics. Daily content from: - The Giro d’Italia - The Tour de France - The Vuelta a Espana - The Tour de Suisse - C ...
Superhero Talk
Kova and Steven from Scene-It Cast rant, rate and review superhero entertanment news, movies and tv shows. To send them feedback, email
Weekly social commentary/comedy podcast where your hosts discuss and debate the most notable and shocking news of the week. Starring Enuff Said, DaRealMVP, Tommy Touchdowns and moderated by Gucci.
Across the City and South Cambridgeshire
The intersection of Moral Philosophy and Pop Culture. A married couple discusses the finer points of pop culture through the lens of Moral Philosophy. We will cover a wide variety of topics such as the Walking dead, to the Fallout game series, to Black Mirror. We'd love to hear from you too! Add your perspective and join in the conversation. No judgement, Just conversation!
Browse the latest stories from and all of our Marketplace radio programs
In each episode, Milton is a complete and utter expert atsomething - Architect, Biogeneticist, CelebrityChef - and in each episode, with absolutely no ability or competence, heplunges into a furiously funny and fast-paced adventure with utterlyhilarious results.
Magical Dad
A Magician making the leap to do magic full-time with a baby on the way!
That's The Show
Television-themed podcast hosted by Paul Roth (@paulidin) and Rachel Pierce (@thejuniebird) and produced by Danny Agama (@dannyagama). We talk about shows we love and don’t love and whether you should, too! Please join our Patreon! - follow our twitter! - @thatstheshowpod
This show is all about the entertainment industry. We'll get in-depth interviews with everyone from actors, comedians, musicians, writers, directors, acting coaches, producers, magicians, and more. I'll keep it informative, yet fun.
From the TRG fan discord server, fans give their opinions on Games, Gaming news, TheRunawayGuys, Let's Plays and everything in between!
Messages at Generations Church Los Angeles
Dina Vessi
Hello and thank you for joining me on my show-page here on BlogTalkRadio. My basic interest is spirituality and metaphysics. I interview people on my show that in my opinion make a unique contribution to the subject matter through their teaching, books, and practice. In the archives you will find my conversations with modern day movers and shakers of applied metaphysics: witches, magicians, psychics, shamans and healers.What I like about the guests on my show is that they not only have a wea ...
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show series
This is Part 2 of our interview with Joe Brewer of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution, where we talk about modern versions of rites of passage, and why they are important. We also discuss the ways to support cultural evolution and develop regenerative cultures that are capable of dealing with global problems and existential risks. Show n ...…
YEOW! We're back baby, emerging from our bunker like a freaking phoenix rising from the ashes! Winter came, we dove deep into ourselves and found new tools of survival for this world or whatever world might come. We've previously given you tips on all the gear you need out there. Now we're focusing on giving you tools for surviving your inner t ...…
He was sucked into the world of magic after watching David Blaine. Since then, he has transitioned into a top family entertainer in Saskatchewan. His hilarious antics and great sense of humor keep clients coming back for more. You can check out his website at his website. Ever since I was a young kid I loved entertaining other people. Being abl ...…
Magician Norman Beck takes on a brain tumor, bridge vs chess, & the differences between gambling, wagering, & betting.By
This is one of the audio versions of the columns I write for ESPN that go out to our socios - at - every week. I was on commentary for Betis v Barcelona this week. I had already seen hundreds of Leo Messi goals in person, thousands of moments of genius from him. But I was still surprised by his hat-trick, still gawped a ...…
Open. What's Happening? Animal Stories. Yuor Favorite Sound Bite Round 2. Fast Food Report. Snowplow Parents. What's Happening? Thomas Lennon In Studio. What's Happening?
After two of President Roosevelt’s closest advisors competed to create a new federal jobs program, the White House launched one of Roosevelt's keystone initiatives: the Works Progress Administration. Under this program, millions of Americans earned government salaries at a wide range of blue- and white-collar jobs — everything from building pos ...…
Spiritual Secrets for Success Aired Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 7:00 PM EST This week on Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life, Dr. Harra gives you the best spiritual tools to transform your life. Never underestimate the power of daily, spiritual rituals. Since the dawn of time, we’ve used meditations, visualizations, writing, mantras, and chanting as ...…
John Ashford Jr. and Julie Tuton – I Am Beauty Aired Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST Our month long conversation continues about the amazing topic of I Am Beauty with the creators of the #iambeautymovement Sarah Grandinetti and Cassy Summers. Joining us today are a couple of awesome Ambassadors to the program John Ashford, Jr. ...…
The Bloody Hands of God arrived in Ole Chicago only to run into a gang of Cyclops. After disposing of these monstrous interlopers the Tasty Boyz set out to explore more of the town to look for clues to the Hydra’s whereabouts and follow up on the House of Xavier. Will they unearth other monsters lurking around the next corner? How much gold can ...…
Documentaries For A Conscious Humanity — Making Peace, One Movie at a Time Aired Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST An Interview with Filmmaker Emmanuel Itier “If you don’t like the current programming, turn off your TV and tell-a-vision instead.” — Swami Beyondananda Movies move us. Sure they were originally called “movies” beca ...…
Living on Purpose: If It’s in Your Life, It’s in Your Hands Aired Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 2:00 PM ET Did you know you’re born with the blueprint to your soul’s purpose? In fact, it’s in your hands and is unique to you. Using scientific hand analysis (very different from palm reading) you will discover your Life Purpose, Life Lessons, School of ...…
Scott & John discuss Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, the differing reaction to new sponsors in the sport, and the end of the Roubaix road for Andrea Tafi. Click to view: show page on Awesound
Scott & John discuss Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, the differing reaction to new sponsors in the sport, and the end of the Roubaix road for Andrea Tafi. Click to view: show page on Awesound
Singer Sophie Ellis Bextor was live on the phone talking about her new album ‘The Song Diaries’ and her upcoming visit to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on June 2nd.
Personal trainer Joey Ison tells Tim and Liz about the work he does helping men go from feeling out of shape and lacking confidence with their bodies to feeling leaner and healthier.
Singer song writer Ethan Barnett aka Ten Tonnes is on the phone chatting with Tim and Liz about his upcoming debut album release and we begin with one of his songs, Lucy.
Tim Willett and Liz Barker are joined by Jess Hennessey and Paul Chapman to hear about the app based scavenger hunt Race for Science which takes place at the end of the month across the city.
Authors : Amanda Helms and Hester J. Rook Narrators : Maxine L. Moore and Nadia Niaz Host : Julian K. Jarboe Audio Producer : Peter Behravesh Artist : Yuumei Discuss on Forums “Starr Striker Should Remain Capitol City’s Resident Superhero, by Keisha Cole, 10th Grade Student” was originally published by Daily Science Fiction. “All the Fishes, Si ...…
Open. What's Happening? Internet Roundup. Is It Racist? Kevin's Vacation Story. Jensen and his Wife's Pressure Washer. What's Happening? Your Favorite Sound Bites. RJ Bell NCAA Tournament. What's Happening?
Virginie hears about the Open Access Room as part of Cambridge Science Festival from Hannah Haines and Liam Austin.
The Planet This Week: March 18, 2019 Aired Monday, 18 March 2019, 9:00 PM ET What do the planets have in store for us this week? Happy New Year! Yes, you heard this correctly. One of the headlines of the year is on Wednesday 20th we will be celebrating the Vernal Equinox. This marks the official start of spring, in the Northern Hemisphere. In t ...…
Using Intuition to Find Your Home Aired Monday, 18 March 2019, 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST What are the mind, body, spirit aspects of using your innate intuitive and healing skills to find your home? What are we looking for in a home? Where? Why? Who’s involved? What does a prospective home want, and how do you tell when you’re searching? What if ...…
Join in for the ramblings of my week in geek. I'll be recapping/reviewing Captain Marvel, The Magicians, Doom Patrol, and Netflix's The Order. Wanna share feels about the shows I'm watching? Friends reach out to friends over social media! Website: Twitter: curvygeekyfngrl Instagram: curvygeekyfangirl This podcast is sponso ...…
Saskia Schulte – Having Fun and Being Wrong Aired Monday, 18 March 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST As we grow up, we are told how wrong we are. How everything isn’t quite right. Judgment floats around our little minds. Our skin is too dark. We are too fat. Our clothes are out of style. They must not have money for lunch. All of this, and more ...…
Conni Ponturo and Patrina Wisdom – Presence and Self-Authority Aired Monday, 18 March 2019, 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST Rise. Amazing Woman. Rise. Interview Series Week 3 We continue with Presence and Self-Authority which are the next 2 of the 8 Essential Powers of the feminine heart that are the future of success in leadership. Through these Au ...…
Hola! I recently met with Don Hutchison, a miner’s son from Gateshead whose loyalties lay north of the border. In the first part of this fascinating interview, Don describes how his formative years playing in the local church hall led to a contract with Hartlepool and soon Liverpool. Don talks about his midfield heroes, including Jan Molby and ...…
Marsh Engle – Rise. Amazing Woman. Rise. Air Date 18 March 2019 at 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST Marsh Engle took inspired action and compiled the stories of 8 incredible woman to help change the conversation about the feminine leadership role and how to begin creating a legacy. Her interview with Lisa gives Marsh an opportunity to share how this ...…
Welcome back, Fillorians! Fen is a woman on a mission and she's got badass High King Margo at her side. Unfortunately, Fen's mission leaves her with the most difficult of tasks. Dethroning her friend and leader. Alice and the Dean work together to help Zelda find the right spell to free Harriet from the Mirror realm. Elsewhere, Poppy and Quenti ...…
"Passion" is a word that's been thrown around a lot in the last few decades. People have a vague notion that passion is a very good thing, and that they want to find it in their work and lives. But beyond passion as a buzzword, its realities are actually very little discussed and seldomly well understood. My guests today have set out to correct ...…
Ahead of this Thursday’s AGM, Sam Davies tells Julian what’s concerning the Queen Edith’s Community Forum, including traffic around the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and a new roundabout for Fendon Road.
Microplastics have been found in some of the most remote regions of the oceans raising more concerns over the global scale of plastic pollution. This week Sky News is set to broadcast the first live TV news bulletins from under the sea to draw attention to the plight of the world’s oceans. Julian and Lucy […]…
Rosie Sykes on the opening dinner at this year’s Eat Cambridge food and drink festival, the recipe is from Britain’s oldest cookery manuscript, dated 1390. The Halloumi Man, from Michelin starred restaurant to Cambridge Market. New chef and new menu at Kingston Arms. Cocktails and food at the 1815 Union Bar, that’s open to all. […]…
On this week’s Friday Foodclub, Julian & Lucy explore possible Brexit food shortages with Dr Sue Bailey. She says Britain was at its healthiest in the years after the second world war.
This week, I get the chance to chat with an actual Viking. Caroline Ravn. She does sell out tours, TED talks, and makes her own decks of custom cards. Here's some links to keep up with her work: Oh, and if you want a chance to win a custom, po ...…
Open. What's Happening? Rubik's Cube World Record Kid. Matt "Money" Smith. Great News. The Lengths You Went To Track A Person Down. What's Happening? Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch In Studio. Merrin Dungey In Studio. What's Happening?
Keelie Walker is a musician who has previously supported Jason Derulo on his arena tour with LZ7. Keelie is still only 15 years old and she chats to Alex about her new single and her upcoming gig at Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech.
It's a whole new world for these two North Carolina guys when they visit London for the first time. Hear them recap their new experiences with food, traffic lights, and undivided urinals in this week's episode of Ear Biscuits! Sponsored by:Honey: Get Honey for FREE at and shop with confidence.Robinhood: Sign up at EarBiscuits. ...…
Magician Norman Beck reveals the secrets of insuring bizarre proposition bets, including McDonald's Monopoly, falling space stations, & Bovine Bingo.By
Nick is on a ship in Port Canaveral. Simon is on a ship in New Zealand. They talk, until they can’t talk no more. Like the show? Support it by being a monthly subscriber on Patreon for only a buck a month! https://www.twomagiciansonemic.comPlease give us five stars on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Play and subscribe!Social Media S ...…
This week we discuss the Netflix Original "The Umbrella Academy". We talk about how pressure can lead to bad coping mechanisms. We talk about family dynamics. We talk about how much we loved the show. Let us know if you would like to talk about the show more!
In this short episode, I delve into the 5 levels of presentation and where you should be aiming. Then I offer a little story from a while back which illustrates what happens when you shoot higher.
Once you understand the items in your psychology that can block personal growth, you can learn how to get past them. There are some tips for self-mastery to lead to self-actualization and a better mental state. The post Self-Awareness for Self-Mastery: Warrior Mind Podcast #431 appeared first on Warrior Mind Coach - Mental Strength For Self-Mas ...…
Questions answered on this episode When multiple agencies handle one customer account, how does Google calculate/allocate ad spend for each to achieve partner status? About how long does it take your quality score to change once you make edits to the ad? I made a change on Friday and Saturday, and still some of my ads are not showing “due to lo ...…
Lee McCormick – Reclaiming and Reconnecting with Our Self Aired Friday, 15 March 2019, 7:00 PM ET Lee McCormick, a co-author of the Heart Reconnection Guidebook, shares the collective wisdom he and a group of conscious-connected friends created for heart-based healing. Lee also shares why he has chosen to live out loud and ways we can too, plus ...…
The Beard & YOUR King Ginger talk feats, meats, and D&DDTreats with one half of The Revolt and fellow podcasting megapower, Zane Riley. From “How Did This Get Booked?” to “Extra Talented”, Zane has supplemented his in-ring career with enriching content for your listening pleasure as well as extra-curricular meat secrets (meatcrets?) for getting ...…
Open. What's Happening? Early Risers versus Night Owls. Subscriptions That Cost More Than You Though t. That's My Jam. Mole re: Bean Getting Deported. The Christening. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
TOPICS: A doctor in California told a man that he was going to die by video chat, billionaire dies during a penis enlargement procedure, college admissions scandal. Reactions on the NFL free agency and trades, Russell Westbrook gets into it with a fan, again. several Black actresses publicly call out the entertainment industry, a fan-made trail ...…
On this episode: The guys give their thoughts on Bean leaving the show, Dave curses on air for the first time, Beer Mug reviews listener Matt's movie, the Luke Perry interview, Afro Calls and more.
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