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Best Maine Wildlife Management podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Maine Wildlife Management podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Ever have a skunk spray under your home? Or wake up to find bats in your attic have flown into the bedroom? Wildlife and people are intimately linked in a constant give and take. Sometimes these animals find their way into our homes and create all kinds of conflict while just trying to carve out a niche for themselves. On the Maine Wildlife Management Podcast we're discussing nuisance wildlife removal and home damage repair solutions that are practical for you whether a DIY or hiring a Wildl ...
A vibrant blend of top news stories, local weather, traffic reports, comedy, local music, and interviews about politics, science and culture. Tune into Mainstreet on weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. Add your voice by calling us at 1-888-686-MAIN (6246) or e-mail mainhfx@cbc.ca.
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Geri Musqua-Leblanc, co-ordinator with Elders in Residence at Dalhousie University, Cheryl Gehue, a community connector for the North American Indigenous Games and Christina Murray, a choir conductor of settler heritage, spoke with guest host Preston Mulligan about the blanket exercise.
Canadian Animal Rescue Craft Guild's 11,000 members have been busy sewing, knitting, crafting, designing and even recycling products to send to Australia for the animals injured in the bushfires. Mainstreet's Carsten Knox caught up with Cathy MacDonald in Bedford who has been busy collecting items for shipment.…
Tareq talks with Mainstreet host Jeff Douglas, and then we hear another immigration story from Michael Steinitz, who helped bring the Hadhads to Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Mi'kmaw elder Bernie Francis drops into Studio A for his fifth conversation with Mainstreet host Jeff Douglas.
The Lighthouse by director Robert Eggers has been nominated for an Oscar in the cinematography category. Co-Producer Mike Volpe, Focus Puller Eddy McInnis and Camera Operator Christopher Ball spoke with host Jeff Douglas about the joys — and challenges — of shooting on film.
Pro-wrestler Andre Myette from Truro, N.S., spoke with host Jeff Douglas about the history of professional wrestling in Nova Scotia ahead of his talk at the Colchester Historeum on January 16.
Ian Ripley, a woodlot owner with about 20 hectares, lives just outside Amherst. He is also general manager of Athol Forestry Co-op, which represents 250 small woodlot owners in Cumberland County.
An extended version of Jeff's fourth conversation with Mi'kmaw linguist and elder Bernie Francis.
She was an engineering student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and one of the people killed on Ukraine International Airlines flight 752. Ali Nafarieh speaks with host Jeff Douglas.
Robin Wilber, President of Elmsdale Lumber, was a member of the province's forestry transition team when he spoke with host Jeff Douglas on Monday. Not so by the time we went on the air on Tuesday.
Host Jeff Douglas spoke with Barbara Emodi, who taught communications at Mount St Vincent University, Chris Lydon, regional senior vice president at M5 Public Affairs, and Michelle Coffin, who works in community development on Cape Breton Island.
Host Jeff Douglas spoke with Shannon Sterling, an associate professor at Dalhousie University, who is researching whether liming forests can help them absorb more carbon dioxide. Eddie Halfyard, a research scientist with the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, was also on the line.
Amber Lilly, who's originally from Truro and now lives in Port Stephens, says nursing Australia's iconic creatures back to health is just one of the challenges rescuers face. An estimated 30 per cent of koala habitat has been destroyed by the raging bush fires.
Tim Frazier, an associate professor in biology and forensic science at Saint Mary's University, is giving a talk to the Halifax Field Naturalists about right whale genetics and conservation on Thursday. He stopped by the CBC studio to give host Jeff Douglas a preview.
Carrie Grover's contribution to folk music was largely forgotten until a woman on the other side of the continent found an old tattered songbook at a library in Seattle. Julie Mainstone Savas tells us about her decades-long fascination with Grover, and her mission to preserve her songs and stories.
In the wake of the alarming attacks aimed at Hanukkah celebrators near New York City, host Jeff Douglas spoke with Joanna Mirsky Wexler of Shaar Shalom Synagogue in Halifax to discuss the impact on the local community.
Maureen and Jerry Publow have been cooking up a Christmas feast for their community since 2015. Maureen spoke with host Jeff Douglas about the special tradition. “You get to see almost 120 people who are all happy. How much better does that get?” she said.
Elaina Gaetan's grandfather returned from the Netherlands after serving in the Second World War with several photographs that have long fascinated her. Now, she's connected with the people in the photos and is learning their stories.
Nova Scotia Environment Minister Gordon Wilson says he doesn't have enough information to properly assess the impact of Northern Pulp's proposed effluent treatment plant. Host Jeff Douglas speaks with Minister Wilson, Jill Graham-Scanlan, president of the Friends of The Northumberland Strait, and woodlot owner Ian Ripley. He also heard from Pictou …
Learn about the language of the Mi'kmaq, and what it tells you about their worldview. Here are Bernie Francis's first three conversations with Jeff Douglas, and tune in to Mainstreet on Tuesday, January 7, for the next part in this series.
Barbara Emodi, Michelle Coffin and Chris Lydon joined host Jeff Douglas with their take on the situation — and where the party goes next.
Host Jeff Douglas talks with Robin Wilber, President of the Elmsdale Lumber Company, and Bonnie Sutherland, executive director of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.
Christophe Debeaumont and Laetitia Gonthier spoke with Mainstreet’s Diane Paquette about Sensea Nordic Spa, and why they wanted to bring the Nordic spa experience to Nova Scotia.
Mi'kmaw linguist Bernie Francis spoke with host Jeff Douglas about his early career in the justice system, and how social media has influenced the growth of the Mi'kmaq language.
Some residents in West Porters Lake want a moratorium on floating homes — and fast. Paul Peic spoke with host Jeff Douglas about his website TorontoFloatHomes.com and his hopes to develop float homes here in Nova Scotia.
Mainstreet's Oceans Guy, Boris Worm, just returned from West Papua, Indonesia, where he witnessed coral reefs actually getting better following local conservation efforts.
In this wide-ranging conversation about the Mi'kmaw language, linguist and elder Bernie Francis talks about everything from the impact of residential schools to the reasons a bus is an inanimate noun in Membertou but an animate noun 40km away in Eskasoni.
Sarah Lyon, director of philanthropy at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is also the founder of Nova Scotia Gives More. She spoke with host Jeff Douglas about Giving Tuesday.
Tanya Bignell is a former prison guard who worked at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth. Senator Kim Pate is a life-long advocate for Canadian women in the decarceration movement.
Brandon Antonio, Kelly Holiff and writer-director Jeremy Webb spoke with Mainstreet's Carsten Knox about Peter Pan, which officially opens at Neptune Theatre on Friday.
Mainstreet's Diane Paquette met up with Brooklyn Pinheiro, the operations manager with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia.
Pocket of Time, one of Emma FitzGerald's latest projects, tells the story of Elizabeth Bishop's childhood in Great Village, N.S. It's illustrated by Emma Fitzgerald and written by Rita Wilson. Emma talks with host Jeff Douglas about that project and what else she's been up to.
Leah Parsons and Roy Ellis, a grief counsellor, are holding public meetings to try to help people who feel buried in grief. The meetings are called "The Dark Days of December".
Host Jeff Douglas talks with the Mainstreet Spinbusters -- Barbara Emodi, Chris Lydon and Michelle Coffin. Abacus invited a random sample of panelists to complete its survey between November 12th and 17th. The margin of error for a comparable probability-based random sample of the same size is plus or minus 1.79%, 19 times out of 20.…
When life throws you a curve ball and you're deep in sorrow, Halifax author Janice Landry, says gratitude can be your best ally.Janice Landry's new book, "Silver Linings" talks about gratitude as a way to build your resiliency and get you through the tough times. She speaks with Mainstreet's Diane Paquette at Sir Sandford Fleming Park, not far from…
Andrea Kent and Paul Bonnar from the Nova Scotia Health Authority's Antimicrobial Stewardship Program spoke with host Jeff Douglas during World Antibiotic Awareness Week.
The seals of Sable Island will get their moment in the spotlight in a new documentary that airs on the Nature of Things. The filmmaking couple behind the documentary, Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason, spoke with guest host Carolyn Ray.
Guest host Preston Mulligan talks with Nicole Nickerson and Dr Sharon Mulvagh, a cardiologist in Halifax.
The CBC's Colleen Jones spoke with Quentrel Provo to learn how his meeting went with the former U.S. President — and how a baseball hat fit into things.
Bill Stewart is a spokesperson for Neighbours Speak Up, a group that formed out of concerns over Airbnb. A new study pins the number of Airbnb rentals in Halifax at 2,420 -- many of them concentrated downtown.
Host Jeff Douglas catches up with organizer Vanessa Pareek and participant Rose Deveau about Bonny Lea Farm's play called "Something's In The Air." Bonny Lea is a home, work, and therapy service provider for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Ninety years ago, the Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami devastated Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula. New research by Calvin Campbell with the Geological Survey of Canada shows incidents such as this are more common than previously thought.
Host Jeff Douglas speaks to two local stakeholders on different sides of this controversial issue: filmmaker Michael Melski and Dave Howlett, manager at Strange Adventures Comicbook Shop in Halifax.
Singer-songwriter Lorde wrote a heartfelt letter about the death of her dog, Pearl. To find out if grieving a pet is becoming more acceptable and what help is available for those who are going through this loss, Jeff Douglas spoke with Nancy Blair, a certified pet loss and bereavement counsellor and Ardra Cole, the founder of Elder Dog.…
Mainstreet's Diane Paquette dropped Argyle Fine Art in downtown Halifax to meet artist Mindy Harris.
Hear Donna Nugent of Trenton, N.S., talk about what it was like to meet Jacob Basque, who received her son Michael's heart.
Jeff Douglas is joined by Barb Anderson, the director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University, Tareq Hadhad, the CEO of Peace by Chocolate in Antigonish and Julien Rousseau, co-owner of Rousseau Chocolatier in Halifax.
Jeff Douglas speaks with Emmy award-winning television host Lidia Bastianich and Renee Lavallee from The Canteen in Dartmouth about a special event at this year's Devour! The Food Film Fest.
Our oceans guy, Boris Worm, drops by from Dalhousie University to talk about what big storms do to the creatures living off our coast, and the habitats where they graze and hide from predators.
Rob Currie from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University wonders if people will be able to put up a defense for violent acts because of the dire effects of climate change.
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