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With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software. For The New Stack Analysts podcast, please see The New Stack @ Scale podcast, please see to TNS on YouTube at: 967434
The Modern Maker Podcast is a weekly podcast about making things by hand. From wood, to concrete, to leather, our hosts Ben Uyeda, Chris Salomone, and Mike Montgomery chat about what it's like to be a "Maker" it's current state.
A podcast about election-related prediction markets, hosted by two friends who used to play in a secret band no one was allowed to know about. ***THIS PODCAST WILL END THE DAY AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION.*** Produced by Starlee Kine (Mystery Show). Hosted by Jon Kimball and David Rees.
The best inspiration often comes from the most unlikely places. Makers is a new podcast and interview series by Crew that will give you an inside look at the unexpected life moments that impacted today’s most influential and experimental makers. Everyone from top designers to authors to architects will share the special moments that changed their lives.
Maker Style
A Creative Lifestyle Podcast. We talk about small business, blogging, and sewing pretty things. Listening to the Maker Style podcast is like sitting down for a coffee and chat with your girlfriends who are just as passionate about creating things as you are.
This bi-weekly show seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill set, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found here. Passionate people in the fields of CNC machining, welding, fabricating, 3D printing and woodworking, to name a few. Whether in a makerspace or garage or barn, making is the heart of us. Formerly: "MakerCast"
New episodes every Wednesday! Social Media Marketing expert & Snapchat Guru, Brock Johnson, discusses the latest trends in social networking, the best online business practices for growing your brand, and tricks and tips on Social Media. As an online entrepreneur himself, he has successfully made a living while in college through the use of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! To keep you informed with the most up-to-date information and the latest breaking news in the online marketpl ...
A Maker Podcast made up of Five Makers From Around the World!
The Podcast about Turning Your Passion into a Profession. Hosted by Bill Livolsi, Jeffrey Moore, and Amy Davis Roth
A series of in-depth conversations between video game makers on the business and craft of interactive entertainment, exploring the core tenants of D.I.C.E. (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain.) Hosted by Ted Price from Insomniac Games.
Makers & Mystics
The Official Podcast of The Breath & the Clay Creative Arts Movement. Hosted by poet-musician, Stephen Roach of Songs of Water, Makers & Mystics is the podcast for the art-driven, spiritually adventurous seekers of truth and lovers of life.
Meet the Maker
Meet the Maker is a podcast about makers. Every episode features a guest maker as we learn what drives them, what feeds their creativity, and what their most important tools are.
Mark of the Maker
Mark of the Maker is a panel discussion with renowned custom knife makers Tom Krein, Sean Kendrick and Michael Burch, and hosted by Mark Stheiner. The format is much like a group of friends sitting around in The Pit at Blade Show, a look at life from the perspective of the maker as well as the collector. Covering broader topics such as tactical knife history, trends, industry commentary and influences of social media, as well as conversations with other makers, collectors and other notable f ...
Talking Theater podcast celebrates theater! Your host, Marc Smith, interviews theater makers for theater people who love theatre. Actors, directors, playwrights, designers, stage managers, musicians, and other professionals will share stories about their career, their craft, and their community. You will be introduced each week to artists who make a living in the performing arts. We’re not just talking – we’re talking theater!
Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker is a show about the people who make the things we love. Hosted by Liam Geraghty.
Travel photography is all about the people, the food, the architecture, and the culture that make each place a special one. It mixes elements of landscape photography, portraiture and reportage and aims to combine all of these and paint a compelling picture of what it's like to live in a foreign country. Every week we interview a photographer or we host a roundtable discussion on all aspects of travel photography: from planning to scouting locations, from security and the economics of travel ...
The Makers of Minnesota podcast, hosted by Stephanie Hansen, features products and services uniquely made in Minnesota -- and conversations with makers, entrepreneurs and innovators in Minnesota about how they conceive of their products and bring them to market.
Makers Broadcast
A documentary series about crafts people, creatives and makers.Future extra content for this episode and to become a Makers Broadcast Patron visit:
That Maker Show
That Maker Show is a weekly video Podcast that takes a look at the latest news in the maker movement. From 3D printing to printable electronics, from Arduino to Raspberry Pi, we've got it covered.
From Maker to Manufacturing is a podcast about what it really takes to grow a handmade business. We will get into detail about the nuts and bolts of really scaling a business and how you can navigate the growth successfully. Hosted by Sarah Cooley the Founder & CEO of Simply Curated.
Board Makers
Board makers is two people talking about keyboards - designing them, producing them, and building them.
The Maker Show is an informal dive into the exciting world of makers. Each week one of our experts will go hands-on with techniques, how to's, tips & tricks in various maker areas including electronics, programming tools, hardware boards, components & sensors, connectivity, building hacks & gadgets, 3D printing, manufacturing prototypes, and other cool yet useful topics. If there is a specific topic, product or tech you'd like us to cover on the show, let us know by tweeting to @TheMakerShow ...
Money Makers
Money Makers features the most important investors, economists and financial thinkers discussing the latest news and issues from the world of finance with Jonathan Davis.
A Yarn Shop with a soul. And pom poms.
The Disciple Makers Podcast exists to tell stories about disciples of Jesus who make disciples., who sponsors the podcast, exists to Champion Jesus' way of disciple making. Episodes are published in thematic seasons. To learn more, visit or email us at
A longform interview and sometimes performance with various guests involved in the making of great music that is organic and innovative. Artists, producers, musicians, and even some industry people will be profiled in this podcast that focuses on Americana, blues, songwriters, soul and folk music. Enjoy!
Couragemakers is a weekly podcast for creative and passionate,mission-driven doers, makers and world-shakers designed to inspire and encourage fellow couragemakers, and spark a movement of women who are choosing themselves. Building the life you want and putting stuff in the world takes a boatload of courage, but you don’t have to do it alone. Every Monday, unconventional couragemakers all over the world share their stories, their advice and their dreams as we have honest conversations about ...
The Make or Break Podcast is a weekly audio and video series that features amazing makers across the world. We dive into the greatest things they make as well as lessons learned from the things they break! Featuring woodworking, metalworking, electronics, 3d printing and more!
Love Makers
Authoress, Witch, Proud Mom and Counselor to Love Makers Worldwide. Call to get your Love Questions Answered: 213-973-2157
We are powerful creators, yet we stumble and struggle. Overcome fear, self-doubt, and get inspired as Jeff Finley and his amazing guests give you unfiltered, real-talk about personal growth, finding happiness, love, and purpose. Honest and from the heart.
Makers Church
Makers Church Audio Podcast
Conversations about design, branding, creative business, products, footwear, technology and entrepreneurship in the sports industry. Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy (Feb. 2015). Missing episode numbers are paid & private community content. Join the community at
| Design, Technology, CAD and FAB
Two friends talk about films old and new (but mostly old). Richard Di Gregorio is an award-winning filmmaker who also happens to watch films. Greg Ralph is a film watcher who also happens to...well, watch films. Together they are a couple of guys who love the movies. This podcast invites you to share that love and go back to favourite films - or those you never got round to seeing (like them).
Join in and listen to interviews from the weekly radio show "History Makers" with host Matt Prater and be inspired by stories of people who have been successful in sport, business, politics, media, ministry and life in general.
The Maker View
Inspiration and Insights from Creative Entrepreneurs, Makers, and Artists
Married to a Maker
Peter and Julie chat about balancing their creative lives with their real lives. Peter Drew is a street artist and film maker. Julie White is a fashion designer.
DREAM BIG. PRAY HARD. THINK LONG.According to Pastor Mark Batterson in his book, The Circle Maker, “Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn’t just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It’s a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.” Do you ever sense that there’s far more to prayer, and to God’s vision for your life, than what you’re experiencing? It’s time you learned from the legend of Honi the Circle Maker—a man bold enough to draw a circle in the san ...
The Junior Money Makers Podcast is all about helping kids ages 8-18 learn how to make money by following their passions and using skills that they already have! We want to help plant seeds that will help kids grow up, go to college, and start their lives debt free and ready to run their own businesses! Episodes are designed to be short and packed full of practical ideas that can be implemented right away! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and don't forget to connect over at ...
Montana Maker podcast is featuring Montana small business entrepreneurs who have taken their ideas and created flourishing businesses.
the makers podcast
A weekly conversation with artists, musicians, writers, chefs, gallerists… essentially people who make stuff and those that support them.
Builders & Makers
Builders & Makers is a podcast made to explore journey some of the most creative, influential, and successful Artisans have embarked on.
Difference Makers
Difference makers, decisions makers, shakers, movers, entrepreneurs and leaders. People who are making a difference in their lives, others lives and their community. Capturing peoples stories, moments and snap shots of their journey.
Maker Podcast
I host the Maker Podcast in which I talk to students at Make School about things involving tech!
Where can you learn to live life one cocktail at a time? Here on the Lush Life Podcast discover why an old-fashioned is the drink of choice, who is making their own bitters and how ice, or lack there of, is transforming the cocktails you drink. Hosted by your favorite drinking companion, Susan L. Schwartz, the Lush Life Podcast introduces you to the movers and shakers of the cocktail world.
Magician Maker
Daily+ is the web's complete online training video course. Members learn the best magic, get performance tips, and train to be cutting edge magicians.
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How is it possible for our next guest to do so many things at once and all well? Reinhard Engel, the owner of Nuremberg’s Altstadthof makes Beer, Whiskey, and gin from his distillery in the historic centre of this ancient city - a city that has over 26,000 kilometers of beer cellars below the street. He’s with us today to describe how he manage ...…
Learn about Big Sky Women and Founder, Sheridan Cotrell. Big Sky Women are helping women entrepreneurs figure out all the ups and downs of their business.
Message by Chalese Young, given on July 15th, 2018. Visit for more information.
Shannon Williams has played a very hands-on role in launching software for over 20 years. Recently, after observing the power and potential of containerization, Williams co-founded Rancher Labs in 2014, after successfully creating (now owned by Citrix Systems).Since 2014, things have changed. Kubernetes, of course, has emerged as the ...…
Emergence of #DataOps Age - @AndyPalmer #FutureOfDataYoutube: this podcast @AndyPalmer from @Tamr sat with @Vishaltx from @AnalyticsWeek to talk about the emergence / need / market for Data Ops, a specialized capability emerging from merging data engineering and dev ops ecosystem due ...…
Everybody's favorite topic...answering submitted questions!!!!!Follow Maker Brand, Co |
Our guest this week hails from Northampton in the UK and is a self described IT Geek, Woodturner, Artist, Fisherman & Dad. We tend to think the word awesome pretty much covers it, but come find out for yourself as we get to know Mr. John Clothier.John's YouTube Channel: ...…
Just like Kung Fu in the 70's, serverless application development and deployment is hot. But just like Kung Fu, serverless is as much of a mindset as it is a platform. Amazon's Lambdas really kicked off the excitement, but going even further back, the origins of this style of programming can be found in functional principles: those found in Erl ...…
Latifah Alattas is a singer/songwriter, producer, recording engineer and performer. Her project Moda Spira is a musical exploration of emotional honesty, characterized by intimate vocals and cinematic overtones. In this episode, Stephen talks with Latifah about her upcoming album, her creative process and an in-depth look into her experience of ...…
A special episode with Artist and Into the Pixel winner, Romain Jouandeau of Sucker Punch Productions for his winning piece “Cove” from upcoming game Ghost of Tsushima. Bob Rafei of Big Red Button Entertainment chats with Jouandeau about his process as a concept artist, the impact of growing up by the sea, and their greatest artistic inspiratio ...…
This week we chat with Igor Vichikov the creator behind Inspire to Make on how to grow a making business even if your shop is tiny. Shownotes Subscribe Support on Patreon LET'S CONNECT Instagram YouTube www.makeorbreakshop.comBy (Make or Break Shop).
Lee Wallace worked at Peace Coffee, a fair-trade coffee company started in Minneapolis. This year she bought the company to continue the work of being a good company that does good. (ep.97)By
It's a crowded market if you're a machine learning company. Every vendor under the sun has integrated some new-fangled AI-driven service, making the real ROI tough to spot in the jungle of buzzwords and feature creep. Paperspace is hoping to make that journey a little easier for businesses by offering Gradient, an easily manageable infrastructu ...…
As you might know, we are doing a bi-monthly photo contest on our Facebook group, The Traveling Image Makers' Corner. We invite the group members to submit one of their best photographs and, at the end of the period, we pick two winners and invite them to come on the show and tell us about their winning images and their photography. The winners ...…
If you’ve just joined us then you need to go back to the previous episode and start from the very beginning of Tim Etherington-Judge’s journey. Before he established Healthy Hospo - the foundation that provides information, advice, and support on mental & physical health for all hospitality professionals, he’d been all over the world as a barte ...…
There are two sides to every software and IT story: the story of the people doing the work, and the stories the vendors will tell you about how that work can be done more efficiently. Sometimes, the hardest part of the job can be reconciling these two often disparate views of the world, as vision means pavement, and tools meet unique problems. ...…
In our first Collector Spotlight episode, we sit down for a chat with Kevin Devitt. Those familiar with Kevin know that he has a collection of custom knives that is as diverse as it is deep. We talk about his collecting motivation and changes in the scene over time. Kevin shares some insights on a few special pieces in his collection that you w ...…
Message by Derrick Miller, given on July 8th, 2018. Visit for more information.
This week we dive into one of the most hotly debated topics in all of woodworking. Which glue is better? Titebond I, II, or III? Shownotes Subscribe Support on Patreon LET'S CONNECT Instagram YouTube www.makeorbreakshop.comBy (Make or Break Shop).
There is a big difference between agile development and continuous delivery and deployment, but you probably can't get to the latter without having implemented the former. At the end of the day, every company wants to ship better code more often, in order to innovate in its market, but actually turning your software development and IT teams int ...…
Mark Greenwood is an Aussie Pastor & Author with a heart for discipleship. He’s worked with Youth For Christ running discipleship schools and other programs. He has also been working with the Glory City Church Network, helping develop a local church/discipleship community in Darwin.…
Anybody can make New Year's resolutions... few can remember them :)#wheresJimmy
This week we chat with Joey Fameli, the senior video producer for Tested. We get into his workflows, gear and philosophy for capturing everything from One Day Builds with Adam Savage to expeditions in the artic with astronaut Chris Hadfield. Shownotes Subscribe Support on Patreon LET'S CONNECT Instagram YouTube…
This week's topic is brought to you by our friend Mikael Masters who asks: "What is or should be considered "Handmade" and how does today's CNC technology fit into that.....if at all?" We'll discuss that along with several other things with our special guest Andy Birkey, so come join us and bring your opinions with you for what may end up being ...…
Message by Marc Wallis, given on July 1, 2018. Visit for more information.
Chef isn't just for standing up machines anymore. With so much riding on enterprise infrastructure, it's tough to move things around with confidence, and to remain certain that everything you removed, moved or replaced is properly back online after such a shift. Chef has evolved to provide this sort of reassurance to IT administrators and devel ...…
Siobhan Reddy (LittleBigPlanet) sits down with Ted to talk about the upcoming game Dreams, the importance of community support, user-generated content, and the "glitter and doom" that comes with being a game developer. Reddy is the co-founder and studio director of Media Molecule. The studio is best known for their title LittleBigPlanet. For ne ...…
Patrick Di Fruscia is a World Nature & Landscape Photographer. His work has won many awards, has been published and displayed thru a multitude of Medias (books, calendars, magazines, travel guides etc.) and by many prestigious companies such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. His work has also be ...…
Tom Flanagan and his Dad took over Mac’s Fish and Chips and with a little ingenuity and a talking fish they have grown to 3.5 stores. (ep.96)By
If you are new to the hospitality industry or even an old-timer, you should listen to the next two episodes of Lush Life. The story that unfolds over these two episodes could be your story. Our guest, Tim Etherington-Judge has literally been through it all and come out the other side with all the tools necessary to help his fellow colleagues in ...…
Data in microservice-based environments can be difficult to manage at scale. When application servers scale to near infinity, the datastores can't necessarily expand to meet that demand; they can only be optimized to keep up, and perhaps sharded. Considering just how much enterprise information is stored in some of those large systems, it's a w ...…
Human Nature’s Andrew Tierney and worship pastor Timothy Dunfield have formed Finding Faith, a new pop vocal/guitar duo and song writing team. Tierney has resided in Las Vegas performing with Australia’s popular vocal group Human Nature. His duo partner Dunfield is a pastor and musician who resides in Las Vegas working his pastoral duties. Thei ...…
Co-owners of Rock Creek Soaps tell us about how they started and how they came together as a team.
With the ball tampering scandal and all the drama surrounding international cricket, it’s easy to be disillusioned. For one cricketer who is a man of faith who is Marnus Labuschagne who plays for Queensland as well as the Brisbane Heat. On the bottom of his cricket bat he has the verse Isaiah 40:31, which says “But those who hope in the Lord wi ...…
When you’re pitching a project, whether to us or anyone else, you’ll be sending a cover letter (or providing information) to briefly explain what the project is about. Unfortunately, this is where many newcomers go wrong. There are certain statements that both we and our network executive friends have read from numerous people on multiple occas ...…
Sam Humphrey is a New Zealand born actor who’s best know for playing General Tom Thumb in the film The Greatest Showman. He’s also been featured on the TV show Neighbours. He was born with a rare genetic disorder. A common form of dwarfism. As a child he was also diagnosed with the inflammatory bowel condition Crohn’s disease and spent a lot of ...…
Eddie Woo is the high school maths teacher and internet sensation who won the Australia Day Local Hero Award in 2018. After one student couldn’t make it to class, he decided to film his maths classes and put them on YouTube. Now he’s reached millions of people all around the world with his Wootube channel. When he was in grade 9 at school, he b ...…
At KubeCon in Copenhagen in May, many talks focused on the work required to build continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using containers. One of the major issue still remaining in the container world is specifically that last bit of the CI/CD pipeline: building, storing, and securing containers built for internal software p ...…
Understanding #FutureOfData in #Health & #MedicineiTunes: This podcast Aaron Black from Inova Translational Medicine Institute talks about his journey in creating/leading data science practice in healthcare. He shared some of the best practices, opportunities and challenges with respect to ...…
Modustrial Maker - Fixture - Maker Podcast LIVE RSVP - from Fishstone - ...…
This week we chat with Zach Kaplan the founder and CEO of Inventables. A maker for his whole life, he is on a mission to ignite digital manufacturing worldwide and provide everyone with a way to get started. We get into Zach's background and the history and future of Easel, Carvey and the X-Carve! Enter to win a prize pack of bits and blades fr ...…
Eddie Woo is the high school maths teacher and internet sensation who won the Australia Day Local Hero award in 2018. After one student couldn’t make it to class, he decided to film his maths classes and put them on YouTube. Now he’s reached millions of people all around the world with his Wootube channel. He says he’s not a teacher who’s a Chr ...…
If you are looking for an inspiration then you don't need to look any further than our guest today. After losing his sight he remains a constant reminder to us all that no matter what life hits you with, if you have the desire, determination and patience you can overcome just about anything. Join us today and let us introduce you to Chris Fishe ...…
When building front-end software, it can be tricky to figure out just what works. As with any page layout endeavor, from the Web to the supermarket checkout line tabloids, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore with headlines, graphics, and colors. Any software shop earning money on the Web likely already knows about "A/B" testing: t ...…
Audrey Assad is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who has written and recorded ten albums to date, including her recent release, Evergreen. In this episode, Stephen talks with Audrey about the gut-wrenching deconstruction of her faith and the fertile ground of re-birth which fuels the concept behind Evergreen. Patrons of the podcast ...…
One of the most popular Christian songs ever is “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. The song was written by Bart Millard after a tough time in life. In the movie of the same name, “I Can Only Imagine”, it tells the story of how Bart was abused as a young man. His mother abandoned him and his father beat him up regularly. After graduating from high ...…
Turning Minnesota grown apples into delicious ciders is Sweetland Orchards specialty (ep.95)By
The following audio comes from the National Disciple Making Forum by Discipleship dot org. The theme was "Disciple Maker,” and Tony Twist of TCM International Institute hosted a track called “Disciple Making Theology Matters.” Connect with ...…
With all the excitement around containers and Kubernetes, it can be easy to forget that these systems still require the same types of help that older virtual machine and hardware-based systems needed. Chief among that list of needs is security. We sat down at KubeCon in Copenhagen to discuss this very topic with Liz Rice, Technology Evangelist ...…
This week we have Doug Kaye back on the show, many months after having been out guest in episode TTIM 24 – Cuba With Doug Kaye. Beginning his visual explorations in his father’s wet darkroom, Doug earned a degree in theatrical lighting design at U.C. Berkeley in the ’60s and studied cinematography at NYU’s Graduate Institute of Film and Televis ...…
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