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The official Seattle Mariners Podcast features programs that take a daily and long-range look at Mariners baseball.Seattle Mariners Baseball: Game highlights, analysis, interviews and previews, hosted Gary Extras: Beat reporters join national correspondents to take a look ahead at the developing story lines latest news.
Derelict - Marines
Fifty years ago, Mira, humanity’s last hope to find new resources, exited the solar system bound for Proxima Centauri b. Seven years into her mission, all transmissions ceased without warning. Mira and her crew were presumed lost. Humanity, unified during her construction, splintered into insurgency and rebellion. Now, an outpost orbiting Pluto has detected a distress call from an unpowered object entering Sol space: Mira has returned. When all attempts at communications fail, S&R Black, a S ...
Media at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA
Documentaries produced by Marine Corps Combat Correspondents from MarinesTV and around the fleet.
ALL MARINE RADIO provides a place where current and former Marines, family members, other veterans and concerned citizens can connect with the culture of the United States Marine Corps; while connected, we promote: post-combat mental health awareness in order to enhance the quality of life of our extended Tribe across the board, (2) peer support in order to maintain the bonds that keep us united, mutually supporting and strong, (3) Suicide awareness in order to reduce the amount of suicide b ...
These are the messages given at our Mission Viejo campus. Whether you've attended church your whole life, or never stepped foot in a church, Mariners is a safe place to bring your doubts, questions, and curiosity - regardless of your beliefs or background. We invite you to take a look around, see some of the opportunities we offer for people of any age or stage of life, and experience the Mariners family.
Marine Ecology
Marine Ecology
Mechanical, Marine and Materials Engineering
Marine Science (Audio)
Get in-depth information about current research in the field of marine biology in these short video podcasts from the Aquarium of the Pacific. This Long Beach, California-based institution hosts visiting lecturers in its Guest Speaker Series throughout the year. These experts share stories from the field, new insights about marine life, and knowledge they have gathered about the ocean and its inhabitants over years of study. Speakers include university researchers, explorers, acclaimed autho ...
The official Seattle Mariners Baseball Podcast features a daily look at M's baseball. The podcast is hosted by Gary Hill and will take listeners inside Mariners baseball through highlights, analysis, interviews, special features and player audio.
Hear true stories of marine research! In each episode of "Two Sea Fans," Mote Marine Laboratory scientists and their partners have fun and educational conversations with hosts Joe Nickelson and Hayley Rutger, who love communicating marine science to help listeners become more ocean-literate. New episodes are available every two weeks.
Marine Biology
Marine Biology
Mega Emprendedor Carlos Marin comparte los Principios, estrategias y la mentalidad requerida para crear tu Vida Ilimitada.
Mariners Church is a community of ordinary people from all walks of life courageously trusting Him to do the extraordinary. Simply put, we’re trusting Him to do what we can’t – heal, transform, renew, forgive, provide and sustain. Through our stories, He is glorified, lives are changed and our communities are impacted. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Mariners welcomes you.
How about: The Marine Conservation Happy Hour is a podcast that looks at the many different sides of Marine Science and Conservation in an informal setting - a during a pub Happy Hour, chatting casually over a few (or more) drinks. The show is co-hosted by Andrew Lewin, @Craken_McCraic, @DrScarlettSmash and @MarineBrit. Everyone is a marine scientist who is passionate about the Ocean, marine mammals (whales, seals, dolphins, porpoises, polar bears and more), sharks and other fish, invertebra ...
FanSided's Sodo Mojo Podcast discusses the latest Seattle Mariners news, analysis and more from the staff at
Get in-depth information about current research in the field of marine biology in these short video podcasts from the Aquarium of the Pacific. This Long Beach, California-based institution hosts visiting lecturers in its Guest Speaker Series throughout the year. These experts share stories from the field, new insights about marine life, and knowledge they have gathered about the ocean and its inhabitants over years of study. Speakers include university researchers, explorers, acclaimed autho ...
Retired Marine Corps Major Steve Motley shares inside information on current events, politics and many other interesting subjects!
Mariners Church MV
Weekend messages from Mariners Church in Mission Viejo, CA | A place for the curious and the convinced.
Founded in 1968, FMSEA is a professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to the cause of marine education in Florida. The FMSEA Podcast highlights some of the members, organizations and services that are represented by our organization. We are a regional chapter of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA).
A decorated United States Marine 1967-1977; presents his Disquisition of Government, a Military perspective of Current Affairs, with Professional Guest's insights of Financial Investments, World News, Health & Pharmaceutical abuse & Evils of Immorality & Sodomy Exposed. With HIGHLIGHTS of our "Constitutional" "Magna-Carta" and "GOD GIVEN RIGHTS" of "Liberty with Responsibility to all"...
Marine Studies
Marine Studies
The Royal Marines Training Blog
Lead Like A Marine
The Lead Like a Marine Podcast is all about helping our US Military members transition successfully as they move from active service into the civilian world.
Seattle Mariners Pod
Jeff Budke and Paden Moreno discuss all things Mariner baseball, join the conversation and all hail the King.@PadenMoreno@JeffBudke
A NEW podcast on a journey to capture conversations that might not always be safe to have within the walls of the church or other faith communities.
Marine Ecology HD
Marine Ecology HD
Connect. Grow. Serve.
Marine Science (Video)
For killing an albatross, the mariner and his crew are punished with drought and death. Amidst a series of supernatural events, the mariner's life alone is spared and he repents, but he must wander the earth and tell his tale with the lesson that "all things great and small" are important.(Summary written by Gesine)
Edixon Marin
Welcome to the Edixon Marin podcast, where amazing things happen.
Mad Mariner
Mad Mariner is a world-class boating magazine, filled with fantastic journeys, dream boats, expert advice and honest reviews. But this journal arrives on your desktop, not your doorstep - and it shows up every single day. The MadCast is Mad Mariner's weekly podcast, which covers all aspects of boats and boating.
Follow us on Instagram: @marinationpodcastListen to Adrian, Caleb, James, and Travis, as they tell stories and discuss current events such as sports, news, and drama!Follow us on Twitter: @marinayshWe're also on iTunes Podcasts!
The goal of Science and the Sea is to convey an understanding of the sea and its myriad life forms to everyone, so that they, too, can fully appreciate this amazing resource.
Making the real estate process easy for all
The Mariners JHM Podcast. A podcast for Junior High Students and their parents at Mariners Church in Irvine California. You can find Lessons, Q&As and fun stuff for Junior High Students... We Love Junior High!Remember, LIFE IS BETTER IN JHM BECAUSE YOU'RE IN JHM!For more content and info on Mariners JHM visit, click Irvine and Search JHM or download our App for free in any app store by searching Mariners JHMHave questions? Reach out to our Pastor Justin Herman, Jherman ...
National Marine Sanctuaries Ocean News
Media at Mariners Church Sunday Night
Marin Country Club
Marin Country Club located in the Ignacio Valley just north of San Francisco. Our podcast are a medium to communicate with our members. You will find a variety of podcasts from event details, staff interviews, and information on upcoming events.
Marinate On That
To reach your full potential in life you must focus on leading disciplined and healthy lifestyle. Maturing your mindset is the core element for improving your life. A healthy life is more than your dietary intake, it’s a mindset change. It’s a shift from the traditional lifestyle. Healthy living is a lifelong process, more than food and not a diet plan. Realizing you are in control of your own gifts will position you towards your life’s purpose. Your dedicated efforts, hard work, and, endura ...
Podcasts from the friendly folks at
Media at Mariners Church Chapel Campus
National maritime Charity supporting seafarers in need.
Jeremy and John are a writing duo in Arizona. They want to share their stories and build a fan base online.
Podcast by Jonathan Mitchell
Sunday messages and other streaming media from MCC.
Podcast by All Things Mariners
The Warhammer 40k Podcast that puts you in the game! The highest rated Warhammer 40k Podcast on iTunes. Nominated for Best Gaming Podcast of 2012, 2013, and 2014 by The Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. The Independent Characters is rated PG-13. Episodes release twice a month. Find more information at
Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America's greatest heroes in their own words.
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The Gunner, Mike Musselman, had one person cut his hair for most of his career and her name is Heather. She joined Mike & Mike today to discuss what an it was like to cut his hair for such a long period of time.
Kim Holmes is the ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef, he joined the program to discuss how to the uber-thick filet mignon steak. Kim covers cooking instruction for the skillet, skillet-oven and the grill. GREAT STUFF. In a first for ALL MARINE RADIO, a listener emailed looking for advice from Kim on using marijuana for anxiety since Kim does so, he adv ...…
The New York Times ran a story under this headline today: Google Employees Protest Secret Work on Censored Search Engine for China. I blasted Google for pretending to be a liberal company and refusing to work with the DOD then turning around and partnering with China to essentially provide efficient populations controls to a totalitarian regime ...…
The Dodgers are here and we take a look at the matchup. The Mariners beat the A's in a thriller in the final game in Oakland and we have the highlights and reaction.
How does a person or couple parent without standards and without consequences? The answer is that you can’t — IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. Listen to two experts (??) in parenting discuss: (1) the importance of “consistency” in parenting and (2) before they reach the age of 2, children have to understanding that “no” means “no” and respect it, or else it’s ...…
Secretary of Defense James Mattis is in South America visiting allies this week, he spoke at the Brazial War College, we’ll listen to the “Question & Answer” portion of the speech during which he addressed “the militarization of space.” We’ll also listen to the SECDEF discuss his thoughts on the creation of a separate branch of service devoted ...…
The Catholic Church has a self imposed leadership limit that plagues it around the world — CELIBACY. Pope Francis needs to set the institution up for a future renaissance by eliminating this ridiculous and archaic requirement that is destroying the institution of the Catholic Church. We’ll talk about it.…
Shark Week has come and gone and the MCHH crew decided to give our non-sober thoughts on this year's set of episodes dedicated to educating you on the Ocean's shark species. Well...they tried to anyway. We also talk about trophy hunting... Let us know your thoughts about the show in our Facebook Group.…
LCpl Luke emailed ALL MARINE RADIO six months ago. From his initial email asking for advice about teaching his girlfriend how to shoot grew a friendship that recently led to the Gunner & Mac visiting he & his fiance in Huntsville, Alabama during ALL MARINE RADIO’S first deployment. Luke served as a Marine infantryman in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006-2 ...…
The Taliban are attempting to flex their muscles in Afghanistan, we’ll talk about Wednesday’s attack and what should concern Coalition Forces operating there. The Catholic Church is reeling again after an investigation in the state of Pennsylvania revealed more disgusting behavior on the part of hundreds of priests who molested over a thousand ...…
Darren Calhoun is a justice advocate, worship leader, and photographer based out of Chicago. He works to bridge connections between people of differing perspectives through story and relationship. Intersectionality is his primary lens when facilitating dialogue and education about justice and inclusion for people marginalized based on race, gen ...…
Carlos Lopez, Jr was a proud veteran of the US Army and served as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Army, he found his way to the theater and into acting, first in Sacramento and then in Los Angeles where he starred in the TV series “Operation Repo” for two years. In addition to his reality TV car ...…
There are big events going on in Iran… the Grand Ayatollah is distancing himself from the current regime and criticizing their handling of Iran’s economy. We’ll talk about it. The Taliban has attacked the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan, American air and the 101st Airborne are part of the response. We’ll talk about it.…
The Mariners are coming off a major sweep of the defending world champ Houston Astros, and gear up for a big series against the A's. On this episode, we break down the Astros series and preview the A's.Ty and Colby also talk about some August Trade Candidates, what to do with Robinson Cano, Cameron Maybin, and more!!!Follow us on Twitter @sodom ...…
TODAY’S TOPICS: Are the Boston Red Sox playing too good right now… which means they’re headed for a disaster in the playoffs. Why the USMC’s first female infantry platoon commander is earning our respect. the history of hollow-tip bullets
The Mariners sweep Houston in four games and we have all the highlights and details. Mike Leake also joins us.
Mike Ettore retired as a Marine Major in 1998 after a long career as an infantryman. Mike’s legacy as a Marine is one of strong leadership which is what he practiced wherever he was stationed. His company, Fidelis Leadership, is bringing those leadership practices to the world of business where millenials will be running most […]…
Do you believe that the nation is more racist now that it was in the past? If you answer “yes” to that question you might want to get off Facebook and do some actual reading. We’ll talk about it. The first female infantry officer in the Marine Corps 1stLt Marina Hierl who currently serves in […]
A type of fish found off the southeastern coast of Australia isn’t much of a swimmer. Instead, it prefers to crawl along the ocean floor on fins that look a lot like hands. But its walking may be limited. It’s critically endangered, with populations dwindling in a hurry. There are 14 species of handfish, although one of those hasn’t been seen i ...…
Marination Ep. 66 by MARINATION PODCAST
Sunday August 12th, 2018 Last Sunday Rev. Sharon Connors talked to us about how God has a plan for each of our lives and for Unity of Marin--and it's a good one. The plan lives in the heart and soul of each of us and in the heart and soul of Unity of Marin. Bringing the divine vision that lives in each of us and in Unity of Marin calls us to de ...…
The Mariners beat the Astros and Justin Verlander in the first game of the series and we have all the details. We also hear from Jean Segura.
While in Washington DC Mac made a visit to the Walter Reed -Bethesda National Military Medical Center to have lunch with Bob Nilsson and Pat & Patty Horan. Pat was medically retired from the Army due to a gunshot wound to his head which resulted in a traumatic in Mosul, Iraq in 2006; and both […]
The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef, Kim Holmes, makes us smart on the taste-bud euphoria that accompanies his Asian Chicken Sub sandwich.
The Mariners lose two tough games in a row versus the Rangers and now take on the Astros. Manny Acta and Cameron Maybin join us.
@MarineBrit and @SpeakUpForBlue attended the NACCB conference this year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a couple of weeks ago. As we always do, we like to discuss our experience with each conference to give you an inside scoop on the highlights at this year's NACCB. The episode is divided into 2 segments: 1) @MarineBrit and @SpeakUpFroBlue recorded ...…
On this podcast you will hear from Jay Harris. Jay can routinely be found on a corner in downtown Jacksonville meeting with anyone, whether it's the mailman, a homeless person, or fellow business owners. Jay enjoys spending time with his wife, Alanna, and their 9 children... yes, 9. He is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, artist, and pastor. F ...…
Episode 174 of The Independent Characters compares two of Games Workshops skirmish game offerings. It's Necromunda vs Kill Team! A lot of discussion has revolved around whether or not Games Workshop has made the right decision in releasing another skirmish game. Is there enough room for both of these games in the 40k Universe? We discuss the in ...…
5-Aug-2018 Art GrecoBy (MCC Podcast Manager).
The ALL MARINE RADIO mailbag had a number of questions about military parades, so we’ll answer those questions. We’ll also discuss automated military training ranges that allow units to move and shoot at moving targets, at targets that count “hits” and a whole lot of other things.
Former Marine Alex Hollings joined the program to discuss some BREAKING NEWS… namely the changing of “SOFREP” to “NEWSREP” with an eye towards broader content. Alex also discusses his new book which focuses on information warefare.
A preview of the coming 2018/19 season, discussing the departures and new arrivals, and more.
The first ALL MARINE RADIO deployment continues LIVE from Quantico VA today where we’ll talk about China, the world order they seek to create and the limits they cannot violate or they risk revolution at home. INTERESTING STUFF!!!
People try to predict all kinds of things, from the weather to football scores -- all with mixed results. Predictions of one phenomenon are usually pretty accurate: the tides. But getting it right requires good information about many factors. The tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon, which create “bulges” of water in t ...…
Marination Ep. 65 by MARINATION PODCAST
Sunday August 5th, 2018 We can consciously build healthy relationships by doing things that bring us joy. When we are doing things that we love, we are able to inspire and bring out the best in each other. Support comes in many forms, through family, friends, helping others, music, volunteer teams, support groups, and much more. What does your ...…
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