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Best Mason Moreau podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Mason Moreau podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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One day, two longtime friends who are addicted to talking pop culture (seriously they should see someone) decided to pick up some microphones, call up their fellow pop-culture enthusiast Beth, and start a show. They set out to answer one simple question:Why can't listening to a review be just as entertaining as the subject of the review itself?Thus, Son of a Ginger was born. Join the hosts and their rotating crew of guests for episodes full of critical analysis, nerdy talk, and just a dash o ...
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On this episode we go deeeeeeep within our depressed alter-egos while we unpack the story elements within Paul Rudd's new show Living With Yourself. Also, a quick sneak peak of the new show Clone Cop airing on TruTV.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
Joined by their friend Danny, the hosts build new identities for themselves and podcast from a remote cabin in Massassappi. Turns out, cabins in Massassappi don't have great acoustics. Sub-par audio ahead.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, Beth Marcinko, and Danny Flanigan
Wow! What a film! We say film because "movies" are for the lesser. We don't review movies. We review CINEMA. AND THIS WAS A GREAT PIECE OF CINEMA. Whoa there, sorry about that. Grammarly just uploaded a "pretentious filter" feature and we don't know if we're fans yet. This episode's all about how to method act, and Hangover director Todd Philli ...…
In another music review special, the hosts dive into these two new offerings from frost time solo acts: Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Djo aka Joe Keery from Stranger things.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
In this humdinger of an episode, it's life or death for Patrick as he tries to get you guys to laugh at our review of Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns: The Movie. Don't click die whatever you do or else you'll lose this show forever! Song Credits: "Holiday For Strings" by Unknown (1964) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HEpyK27YLc "The Harlem Sh ...…
After the show gets interrupted by a very important news update, Patrick, Beth, and Mason sit down to talk about the surprise smash hit Amazon Prime show The Boys. Song Credits: Music Credit: OurMusicBox (Jay Man) Track Name: "The Headlines" Music By: Jay Man @ https://ourmusicbox.com/ Official "OurMusicBox" YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube. ...…
Beth, Mason, and Patrick kick off Season 3 of Son of a Ginger with a weird stroll down memory lane and a review of the sequel to the first ever SoG Reviewed film: It Chapter 2. This time, they kept it short and sweet, unlike some people. Yeesh.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
On this episode, the hosts take a break from watching their favorite nameless melodramatic hospital show to talk about a new coming of age film that DEFINITELY isn't Superbad. It's called Good Boys, but they weren't good boys at all. False advertising? You be the judge.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
Join the hosts this week as they crash Chance’s wedding to talk about their thoughts on his album The Big Day. As well as Bon Iver’s i,i. Why did they crash the wedding? Bon Iver couldn’t make it...By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
On this episode, the hosts bear witness to one of the most bizarre westerns in the making. Later, they share their thoughts on Quentin Tarantino's 9th film. Song Credits: Uptown Nights (60's garage blues) by © NADA - Copyright Free Music The Wild West by Ross BugdenBy Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko
Patrick and Mason kidnapped their Uber passenger, Hamilton Way, and forced him to talk about the movie he worked on: Stuber. We can’t tell you how they got away with it, but it involved something that rhymes with shmackmail.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko, feat. Hamilton Way
We couldn't stop breaking character while recording a cold open, and when we played it back during editing, it was just too hilarious not to post. Listen to us act like total goofballs and die laughing.By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Alex Olhausen
Fresh off of being pitched some less than stellar ideas, Alex Olhausen stops by to talk about Stranger Things and his experience as an on-set PA on the show. Son of a Ginger exclusive interview!By Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Alex Olhausen
In the first ever 4 person episode of Son of a Ginger, the hosts are joined once again by their resident MCU expert Thomas Mastrototaro to talk about Marvel's first outing without Robert Downey Jr. And also we hear a quick word from the MCU travel agency. Music from https://filmmusic.io "Sunshine (version 2)" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompete ...…
In this episode the hosts caught something odd after recording one of their Patreon exclusive episodes, and later they tally up how many times Pixar has made them cry. Such babies...By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, Beth Marcinko
Wait, take a deep breath. We know you're angry about this season. Have you chilled out yet? Good! Enjoy the review as the hosts unpack this season and also hear the special guest segment featuring Torchibold Anus IV.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In a special Noir edition of "Who's that Pokemon?" a father and son are reunited in the most peculiar of ways. Later, the hosts talk about the fresh new nostalgic cash grab known as Detective Pikachu.By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, Beth Marcinko
A couple of cool cats get together to talk about Avengers: Endgame.By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, Feat. Thomas Mastrototaro
Hold onto your dungarees! It’s about to get spooky as the hosts talk about two horror movies making waves right now.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
The hosts are back from the ether to discuss the new cog in the Marvel machine: Captain Marvel and then speculate to their nerdy hearts content.By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, and Thomas Mastrototaro
Say what you want about these musicians, at least they’re not crazy like Tom Delonge.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
Man, do the hosts enjoy watching Mahershala Ali act. I wish they’d stop talking about it so much...By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
What happens when you mix the snappy writing style of an established director with biting political commentary and A-list actors? A little movie called Vice.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
Do you want to fulfill your dream of eating where Wesley Snipes may or may not have eaten once? Well then buy your ticket to the luxurious, totally legit Son of a Ginger Festival! It's totally real and we didn't get the idea after watching those two documentaries that came out about some other hokey festival. Not at all. Anyway, Blink 182 will ...…
As if we weren't already overwhelmed by choices, Netflix went and made a choose your own adventure film. The hosts and guest Alex Olhausen sit down to discuss if Netflix & Company's attempt to monopolize our eyes was worth the time and effort.By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, Alex Olhausen
On this episode the hosts talk about the first DC movie to have crabs. Or crab people... That didn't come out right. Plus this is being typed so I could just hit backspace. Nah I'm keeping it in. Anyway, Aquaman! (song "Touch" Written by Mattia Cupelli)By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In this episode the hosts embarrass themselves as they try their best at riffing songs and trying to pronounce the word "colloquialism". Have fun listening!By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
The hosts talk about three artists that are known for bringing sounds of past genres into contemporary music.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
On this episode, the hosts talk about all the things 90s kids remember, like skating, 40s of Miller High Life, and getting the crap beaten out of you by your older brother. Enjoy!By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In this week's episode, the hosts talk about how the Queen biopic could have been better. As a warning to you listeners, about 30% of this episode is spoken in horrible british accents. Don't like it? Well then you just don't understand us, man.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In a not-so-much-a-crossover episode, our hosts sit down with their roommate and resident Bojack Horseman conspiracy theorist, JP, to talk about their thoughts on what happened with the characters this season. Frack yeah!By Mason Moreau, Patrick Bailer, and JP Martins
On the first episode of the new season of Son of a Ginger, Mason and Patrick are joined once again by their friend Beth to discuss Eighth Grade: the cringiest point in their lives and also, coincidentally, comedian Bo Burnham's directorial debut. So make sure you've TiVo'd Gossip Girl, bookmark your spot in Breaking Dawn, and press play on your ...…
Y'know they say to enjoy the little things in life. Mason, Patrick, and their fellow MCU expert, Thomas, decided to pick out every little thing they enjoyed in this summer blockbuster starring those people you know from those things. Enjoy!By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
Two summer blockbusters made the hosts want to bust some blocks on this episode! Which movies do you think they'll be talking about? Such a mystery! .........Oh wait... they're in the title. I'll get better at this, I promise.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
On this episode, the hosts sit down with Tina Fey enthusiast Beth to talk about the half seasons of Arrested Development and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
Today the hosts unpack their thoughts surrounding the new Avengers movie. Whats next? Avengers: Cafeteria Food fight? Of course not! That trope died out in the early 2000s.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In this episode, the hosts' canine companions take the reigns and try their best to reiterate what they were told to say about the new Wes Anderson stop motion adventure "Isle of Dogs". All barks translated into english. Dogs podcasting? What could go wrong?By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
Floorjaw struck again when the guys went to see Annihilation. Join them as they dive deep into their theories about what the heck this movie was all about.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
This episode, Mason and Patrick steeped themselves in everything Black Panther related and made it to the other side unscathed and throughly entertained! Episode brought to you by Kevin Feige's wallet.By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
In the spirit of Black Mirror, the copied consciousnesses of Patrick and Mason have six different conversations about the six unique cautionary tales seen in the latest season of the critically acclaimed anthology series "Black Mirror". Were there lessons learned? Not as many as you would think. Did they make any cringe-worthy jokes? Yeah, of c ...…
The Last Jedi has been out for one whole month now; which means if you haven't seen it yet, ya done goofed. Joined by their first guest, Mason and Pat dive deep into what they loved and didn't love about the new film. Later, they discuss where the franchise is headed and what makes Star Wars so magical. (Featuring Joe Chmura)…
Today the hosts review "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Justice League". Later, they compare the strategies Marvel and DC have employed for their respective cinematic universes and answer the question "How much is too much?".By Mason Moreau & Patrick Bailer
On this episode the guys get to talking about one of the runaway hits of the summer: Jason Bateman's new show "Ozark". Later, they discuss the comparisons being made between binge watching shows and other ways people consume entertainment. *Disclaimer: This episode contains a quote from Kevin Spacey. It is important to note that this was record ...…
On the first ever Son of a Ginger music review episode, the boys sit down to discuss highly anticipated Taylor Swift release "Reputation" and the latest offering from one of their favorite bands: Weezer's "Pacific Daydream".By Mason Moreau and Patrick Bailer
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