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Freemasonry in seven minutes or less!

Freemasonry in seven minutes or less!, Dr Christopher Earnshaw and Matthew Evans

Welcome to Freemasonry in seven minutes or less where I, Matthew Evans, ask Dr. Christopher Earnshaw, the author of the Spiritual Freemasonry series, all manner of questions relating to Freemasonry. Covering all aspects of the craft, from the early years to pre-history, operative to speculative, from the moral to the arcane and everything else in between, we aim to do so in under 7 minutes so you can make a daily advance in your masonic learning on your commute, drinking a coffee or during w ...
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Perhaps the part of Freemasonry that has been the source of the most distain from the public, the penalties of the degrees have often been the ammunition of the craft's detractors. So where did they come from? Join us as we add a possibly unheard perspective to the story.By, Dr Christopher Earnshaw and Matthew Evans
The mysterious Swedish Rite. Join us for a very informative chat about the Swedish Rite. It's origin, it's development, key figures and the spread of Jacobite lodges. This information discussed was composed after Brother Earnshaw was in conversation with the W.Bro. Professor Andreas Önnerfors. His excellent lecture on the subject given to Freemason…
In this episode, we discuss the raising of the Brazen serpent by Moses in the desert to relieve the suffering of the afflicted Israelites. This is an extremely interesting chapter as it's imagery can be found in many different areas of the esoteric sciences. But what does it mean?By, Dr Christopher Earnshaw and Matthew Evans
There may be a span of nearly 2000 years between the bringing of Mithraism to Rome and the inception of Freemasonry, but there are some interesting parallels. Does it have a direct lineage or is there overlap between aspects of the craft and Mithraism?By, Dr Christopher Earnshaw and Matthew Evans
One of the most, if not the most identifiable symbols of the craft is the square and compass. For the tricentenary, the UGLE issued a logo with the square and the compass parted. With them being crossed, this was not only a logo but a symbol. Join us as we discuss how parting them changes the meaning…
Listeners to the podcast may be unaware of Brother Earnshaw's resume. One of the many things that I feel adds tremendous credence to his writings is the fact that that he has a phD in neuroscience. So how did a scientist come to write on spiritual Freemasonry and alchemy? Join us as we ask why.By, Dr Christopher Earnshaw and Matthew Evans
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