Best Mentol podcasts we could find (Updated September 2018)
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Mentol Pecah
Muzakir Xynll aka Mozek is a Malaysian standup comedian and professional idiot. His podcasts are where he talks to his comedian buddies about comedy and stuff dalam Bahasa rojaks. Yay!#PecahPodcast!
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Mozek and Kavin (mostly Kavin) talk about his Netflix special coming February 2nd and Harith's Netflix special now streaming on Netflix! They also talk about getting sponsorship while being fat, the many gods of the Hindu pantheon, Zimbabwe's comedy scene, why all Indian comedians are Russell Peters, Kavin's experience with different dick pills ...…
Mozek and Lordson talk about what the deal is with the funnies, stand-up comedy as a form of expression, the first-time-is-great fluke, bombing on stage, going on stage for attention, pressure to be funny, how comics change how they use social media because of comedy, embodying funny, comedians being unstable people, doing stand-up because you ...…
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