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LifeAfter/The Message
From GE Podcast Theater and Panoply, the producers of The Message, comes a new thriller, LifeAfter. The 10 episode series follows Ross, a low level employee at the FBI, who spends his days conversing online with his wife Charlie – who died eight months ago. But the technology behind this digital resurrection leads Ross down a dangerous path that threatens his job, his own life, and maybe even the world. New episodes every Sunday.
POLITICO takes you behind the scenes with Washington's power players to uncover what's really driving politics and policy in the nation’s capital. Hosted by Isaac Dovere.
Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.
True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
After These Messages is a short sketch comedy podcast about tv commercial breaks. Come on a tour of insane tv shows, unusual movie mash ups and implausible businesses. Listen to them between longer podcasts.
A weekly podcast where we talk about the best part of watching television: The commercials! Andrew, Genevieve and their guests discuss the ads they love, the ads they hate, and the ads that they love to hate (we're looking at you, Movantik.)
Sunday Messages
Sunday Messages
This is the Weekly Message from New Life Christian Fellowship in Petaluma, CA.
Northshore Community Church, led by Pastor Scott Scruggs and located in Kirkland, WA, serves the communities of Seattle, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, and beyond. Join us at 8, 9:30, or 11 a.m. For more information about Northshore Community Church, visit
Central Christian Church is a pioneering and creative community of faith. Located in Las Vegas, aka Sin City, Central is a place for new beginnings and life change for thousands. Central's Podcasts feature Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite and other guest speakers. Visit for more information.
Life-defining messages of encouragement and direction, usually from Colin Urquhart. This podcast is updated weekly with a new episode.
Podcast blog for messages.
If you’re frustrated because you struggle to get the word out about your product or service, the Building a StoryBrand podcast will help. Fans of the podcast are ecstatic about the fun and entertaining way Donald Miller brings you practical advice about clarifying your message so customers will listen. Don and the StoryBrand team are the world's leading experts in harnessing the 2,000 year-old proven power of story formulas to get people talking about your brand. Get your message out, grow y ...
The New Song network is an international family of churches that share a passion for reaching neighbors, nations, and generations with the good news of Jesus Christ's love and power. We are dedicated to helping men, women, and children sink deep roots in the things of God, find hope and healing as they grow in a love relationship with the Savior, and mature into joyful, biblically sound disciples who live fruitful lives of ministry that honor God and draw others to Him.
This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.
Interpretations of Rumi's poems in Farsi and English under Ganj e Hozour (Tresure of Presence)- Phone Calls
Ed Young is a pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine Texas. He is a New York Times best-selling author and international conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. He has a passion for making the complex, simple as he speaks truth to people in ways they can understand and apply to their everyday lives. He has written 15 books, including his most recent, Fifty Shades of They, Sexperiment, The Marriage Mirror, Outrageous, Contagious Joy, Beauty Full and Kid CEO. Pastor Ed ...
This Podcast feature all Sunday Morning Messages from Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church in Martinsburg, PA.
The weekly message from our local church, Jesus Culture Sacramento, a community of believers passionate about raising up leaders to impact every realm of society with the supernatural power and love of God.
This site hosts the archives of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, formally known as the Podcast Answer Man podcast.
Tech's Message is the Webby Award-shortlisted weekly technology show from London-based technology journalist Nate Lanxon (Bloomberg, Wired, CNET) and Ian Morris (CNET, Gizmodo, Forbes). Hear discussions based on the week's most interesting UK technology news, and other irreverent takes on tech issues deemed important for British ears to hear. Hundreds of five-star reviews don't lie -- do join us!
A daily panel discussion of Gods Word with Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and other guests as seen on the SonLife Broadcasting Network daily. The Message of the Cross and what Christ's sacrifice has afforded to the individual is brought to the listener through the exegetical study of Scripture. For more information go to and
Weekly messages from our pastors and others guests at First Lutheran Church in Onalaska, WI.
Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.
Expository Bible teaching from Denton Bible Church. Solid truth from God's Word that is timeless and boundless. This podcast features the weekly Sunday sermons from Denton Bible Church featuring pastor and author Tommy Nelson. For more information or to purchase a copy of what you hear on audio CD or DVD video, follow the link below or call us toll-free at 1-866-322-8273. We are a donation based ministry so we welcome your donations should you feel lead to give. Denton Bible Church is commit ...
Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.
Live weekly teaching on God & life, culture & faith from! Liquid Church is a creative, contemporary Christian church - find out more at
The Mormon Messages video series contain short inspirational messages regarding principles and values that are important to the world.
Torquay Christian Fellowship is a contemporary church on Australia's Surf Coast in Victoria. This podcast of weekly preaching, teaching, messages, sermons and services is available free. If you like what you hear please email us at with feedback and comments. True2life seeks an authentic, or as C.S. Lewis called it 'mere' Christianity
Sandy is an Intuitive and Medium. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher.Sandy has a Bachelors Degree in Music/Business and is currently residing in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Prophetic Message
Prophetic message is a online Christian radio show equipping the Body Of Christ in walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders.All Glory to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yeshua
Weekly sermon podcast from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Decatur, IL. See more information about us at
Weekly messages from Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska.
Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.
Audio messages from weekend services at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.
You are listening to the weekly podcast from Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina.
You just found the podcast from Manchester based youth organisation The Message. Click subscribe to get access to loads of free content including exclusive talks, music and videos. Hold tight!
Northview Community Church Weekend Messages
Build a biblical foundation for your life through the daily teaching of Colin Smith on Unlocking the Bible. You'll discover the message of God's Word from beginning to end is a riveting story of a loving God rescuing lost people through his son Jesus Christ.
Away Message
What happens when you travel to North Carolina’s most remote spots? Our State magazine’s Jeremy Markovich sets out across the state, from mountaintops to islands, from swamps to shipwrecks to see what you find in hard-to-find places.
Message of Islam
The Message International Magazine ( is a bi-monthly magazine published by ICNA. What you find in ‘The Message magazine’ is a universal publication for the whole of Muslim community. Echoing the concerns and ideas pertaining to Muslims in America, this non-profit publication is a forum for the youth searching their Islamic identity in a western land. The spirit of The Message magazine strives to bridge the gap between various communities worldwide.
The Rock Church led by Pastor Miles McPherson is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Rock Church offers podcasts of the weekly messages. Go to for more information.
Leave a Message After the Tone is a short-form podcast inspired by the intimate nature of voicemails and the everyday moods they capture. Listeners call in to leave voicemails, sharing their thoughts about everything from friendship break-ups to memorable subway moments. We then stitch together messages to make a collective story.
Weekly message audio from Northridge Church in Rochester NY.
Messages given at the Berean Bible Students Church in Lombard, Illinois
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Art helps us see the world in a new way. But the art world itself can feel pretty intimidating. Today on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we talk with three art world insiders -- an artist, a curator, and a patron -- so we can understand how it works and why it makes life better. If you want to appreciate art at a finer level but don’t know w ...…
Alicia Couri is a dynamic empowerment speaker, author, and personal branding expert who shares her message of how overcoming low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence has created massive opportunities that influence, transform, and impact lives. Alicia’s books focus on self-development and self-care and, while simple, are incredibly profound. ...…
You need a mentor in your squad. A man or woman who can speak into your life to help you become all you were made to be.
Abbotsford – July 15, Joel 3:17-21
Hearing Bad News / Mark 6:14-29 Get the episode here.By (Zion Lutheran Church - Willshire, OH (LCMS)).
Speaker: Jeff JarvisYou’ve likely experienced how the further you travel on the spiritual journey, your growth and learning opportunities morph from one kind of challenge or assignment into another. In the early stages the challenge is often quite simple: follow the rules given to you by someone you trusted. Further down the road, the assignmen ...…
What Jesus found in the temple in Jerusalem in the first-century is the same thing that you are dealing with in your life today. Pastor Colin talks about what Jesus did about it and what he can do for you.
​​​​​​Love comes in many different forms. Listen to this weeks message talking about when it comes in the form of forgiveness. We'll look at the process of forgiveness and how we can best love others through the lens of forgiveness.
At the height of his power, Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that disturbs him. Daniel interrupts his dream and declares its meaning to Nebuchadnezzar with a prophetic rebuke to repent of his sin and his ways. Nebuchadnezzar's repentance was only temporary. A year later, Nebuchadnezzar was in his palace and when high lifted up prideful words begin to ...…
Tired of the same "ol' same ol'"? Where this isn't Ground Hog Day, but we are getting the idea we've all seen this situation before. Unity is all we need, plain and clear!
I'm currently in the middle of a series of podcast episodes where I introduce you to those who will be speaking at the Free The Dream Conference this September in Franklin Tennessee. In this episode, I introduce you to my friend, Jevonnah Ellison. After you hear this episode, I know that you'll want to go […] The post 555 – People Are Waiting F ...…
Email is one of the most effective forms of communication, with studies showing we prefer organizations to communicate via email more than social media, direct mail, and mobile apps. But email communication is only truly effective if we are sending the right messages at the right time. On this episode, we are discussing the solution to this pro ...…
The Message Of The Cross - Sonlife Broadcasting Network - 07/05/18. Please visit for more information. Episode Length 57:13
The Message Of The Cross - Sonlife Broadcasting Network - 07/06/18. Please visit for more information. Episode Length 57:15
The Message Of The Cross - Sonlife Broadcasting Network - 07/03/18. Please visit for more information. Episode Length 57:27
Wes Heddles is one half of a South Australian distillery that's taking the gin market by storm. He and good mate Adam Carpenter have created and run Prohibition Gin, while they both continue to work full-time in other areas. The time commitment is massive, and only someone with Wes' passion and energy (and ability to run off little sleep!) coul ...…
How does Mike Pence keep his boss happy? By staying out of the spotlight, for starters, says journalist Kate Andersen Brower, whose new book looks at the relationships between presidents and their vice presidents. She describes the Trump-Pence dynamic, and sizes up how Pence compares to his predecessor in the job, Joe Biden. Learn more about yo ...…
Hiring the right person can transform your business. Bring on the wrong person, and you can substantially set it back. So if you’re growing your team, don’t miss this episode with Armando Lopez, the Executive Director of HR for Dave Ramsey’s company. Follow the six steps he outlines, and make sure everyone who joins your team helps to make it a ...…
We're all salespeople whether we identify as one or not. If we want to use our voice of influence in the world, we'll need to become better salespeople and this week's guest is here to help with that. Jim Padilla is the Founder of Gain the Edge, a go-to guy for all things sales, and a master collaborated whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs l ...…
Our Weaknesses / 2 Corinthians 12:5-10 Get the episode here.By (Zion Lutheran Church - Willshire, OH (LCMS)).
​​​​​​God gave us one another to grow, stretch and refine our lives collectively and as individuals. Listen to the message from this past weekend as we continue in our new series, looking at how love can be shown through accountability.
You’re not defined by who threw you out, but by who took you in.
Speaker: Tom Morris "The road less traveled" a famous phrase from Robert Frost's poem.In a culture where consumerism rules and the need for more, the desire for that next item, drives our lives and pushes us forward. How do we find that road less traveled?The fork in the road is not a hit and miss but subtly sign posted.What if the sign says "B ...…
Abbotsford – July 8, Joel 3:1-16 Download Transcription
New Life Christian FellowshipBy (New Life Christian Fellowship of Petaluma).
In Mark 10:14 Jesus teaches us all the importance of childlike faith when He says, “The kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” This Sunday, Paul Geerling of iSEE Church, reminds us that we are all children of God, no matter our age. Listen in as Paul shares on a few of the characteristics of the childlike faith Jesus was talking about! Paul ...…
Sometimes you wonder what good could possibly come from the basic things Christ is calling you to do. Pastor Colin talks about how God works in your life.
Mission – July 8, Joel 3:1-16
Every road has markers. Those markers serve to ensure that you’re on the right course. Five years down the road into our journey as a church, it’s a good opportunity to check the markers Jesus ha s set down for us in order to make sure we’re still on track. Today we’re asking the question: How do we measure? Like any organization, a church want ...…
[slider]In this episode, I introduce you to my great friend, Leslie Samuel. The purpose of this episode give you a little glimpse of who Leslie is and how he shows up in this world. Leslie will not only be speaking at the Free The Dream conference this September, he's actually going to be the emcee […] The post 554 – Two Questions That Will Cha ...…
Stop drifting, Start rowing.In 2000, Roz Savage was making the commute to her management consultancy job in London when she had an epiphany. She was comfortable, but not where she wanted to be. So she abandoned her job, house and husband to become the first woman to row solo across three oceans, which took around 5 million oar strokes!She's an ...…
This week at JC Sacramento, Danny Silk shares on governing our hearts within covenant.We are living in a covenant of forgiveness; intimacy with Jesus is available to everyone! By talking through how we can govern our hearts within this new covenant that Jesus paid for, Danny reminds us that all relationships require intentionality and patience. ...…
In 1961, a U.S. Air Force bomber crashed near Goldsboro, North Carolina, and the two thermonuclear bombs on board fell to the ground. Host Jeremy Markovich talks with the man who was sent to make sure those bombs didn't explode, and finds out why the Air Force left a crucial part of the weapon behind, somewhere below the surface. Read more in J ...…
Tom Arnold talks about his hunt for Trump tapes, his selfie with Michael Cohen, and the mad coincidences that have injected him into a handful of political scandals. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you really need a physical office space? Remote collaboration is easier than ever, and digital workplaces are on the rise. But how does each setup impact how we work? Which kind of office will help your team members achieve their best? Today on the podcast, we have two guests with differing opinions. Bryan Miles of BELAY joins us to discuss ...…
Crystal Davis is a certified Leadership Development Coach, consultant, and speaker whose business personality and work practices are the foundation of her success. I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Crystal because I personally love her “voice” and the way she comes across as a voice of wisdom. In this episode, you’ll hear how Crystal w ...…
Speakers: Vince Klassen Rate how positive your feelings are on a day to day basis. 1 - you are pretty miserable, 10 - life couldn’t be better. Where would you rate yourself? We live in a world that has more food, more spare time, more luxury than ever before in history. It’s a pretty amazing time to be alive. And yet, our lives probably don’t f ...…
If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, is freedom possible? Discover the hope & healing Christ offers!
The Lord Of Life Restores Life / Mark 5:21-43 Get the episode here.By (Zion Lutheran Church - Willshire, OH (LCMS)).
New Life Christian FellowshipBy (New Life Christian Fellowship of Petaluma).
Abbotsford – July 1, Joel 2:28-32 Download Transcription
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