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Murder Dictionary
MURDER DICTIONARY {mer-der dik-she-ner-e} : a humorous discussion between true crime fanatics : an exploration of multiple cases based on the weekly topic, following the letter sequence of the alphabet : a great excuse for the podcast hosts to call their morbid curiosities "research"
Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.
Welcome to the SMFM Podcast Series! The SMFM podcast will include an array of topics that touch the MFM world including Congenital Heart Disease, Mental Illness, 3D Ultrasound, preventing Burnout and more. New episodes are released monthly. If you would like to submit a discussion topic, leave a comment, or are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please contact Chris Coleman at
My Favorite Music
It's a show about finding good music and sharing it with others. Email with your favorite bands. I'll try anything.
Jer mixes funky and groovy house music, Miami and Ibiza style, with lots of vocals and soulful disco influences. In his sets he shares with you his passion for electronic music. You feel the energy and warmth of the sunny Spanish party island and the Miami sunset. Only for the love of house music! Jer Palmetto's DJ career began at the age of 13 with illegal broadcasting on the FM. After gaining experience at various local and commercial radio stations, he switched to playing in discotheques ...
We are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who decided to dip our toes in the lifestyle waters. Follow our adventures as we find out what it's like to be ethically non-monogamous!!
This podcasts are sermons delivered by the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya at the International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.Visit for more information
A NSFW podcast that features erotic short stories and kinky sex tips.
A message by Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries worldwide.
Swinging Downunder
Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast. Travel with us through our soiree into the lifestyle. Starting with our discussions about getting into swinging our issues and misunderstandings along the way and then into some of our fun, sexy and exciting events.Swing Soon, C&D
Masi Spooky
A curated playlist of podcasts by B McMillin.
This is Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, LINCOLN PARK NORTH, BUILDING 103209 – 108, GRESHAM LAKE ROADRALEIGH NC 27615. MFM is a full non-denomination gospel ministry devoted to the revival of apostolic signs,Holy Ghost fireworks, miracles and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost. MFM is a spiritual Church. We teach holiness as a prerequisite for heaven-bound Christians. Our mission also is to deliver those who are in bondage and train believers ...
Feeling nervous about parenting tweens? Perhaps you’re right in the thick of raising a teen and looking for a little SERENITY NOW, we’ve got strategies on dealing with the reality of school, teen social issues, and understanding why your bright teen does seemingly stupid things sometimes. Find show notes and more at
Multi Family Mafia
Welcome to the most 😲 offensive 😲 real estate podcast online! Jordan Stanley Payne is an entrepreneur out of Montana who began wholesaling then transitioned to buy and hold. In the past year he has mentored over 1,000 people and helped countless people begin to get free. This is the no fluff, no bullshit reality about real estate and being an entrepreneur!
BRA55's Podcast
Podcast Radio show
...Podcast oficial de M1STER FE!S OF M?D | También en ?iTunes, ¡Suscribete! | Liynuhmb?r?™
Learn how to Earn Money Online through affiliate marketing, niche blogging, SEO, selling online, video marketing and local search marketing.
DJ, producer from Russia. [Freeway Recordings, Armada Music]
Sasha Minus DJ
Sasha Minus is a man who is completely dedicated to his business. His career has started in 2003, in his hometown Donetsk. Except DJing, he composes music and arranges parties. Also he is member of numerous projects, radio shows and other events associated with the club culture. The basic direction of music in Sasha’s career is House in all its manifestations. “The aim of my work is the promotion of high-quality electronic music” says Sasha Minus.
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Hey friends, We’re talking all about threesome’s MFM and some solo play in today’s episode. D has a threesome with some good play-friends and we explore how it felt to be in another country, away from the action, re-connection sex and more. We wanted to do things a little different, we have James and Taara from the Sex Uninterrupted Podcast joi ...…
This week’s hometowns include a kidnapping in Australia and some buried alive stories.
Today's episode features Ginny James. I read my favorite part of her novel, Need to Breathe. In this episode, Olivia wakes up in a strange bed, as the previous nights events come back to her, she realizes she is in the home of two of her childhood friends. Friends that she has always loved, and lusted after. After a conversation, they reveal th ...…
In this episode I read a chapter of Ethan McCaffrey's Novella titled "Toni" which is available on Amazon right now. The chapter that I read is called "A New Experience". Toni plans a surprise threesome for Eric with her friend Briana. The three of them have a wonderful time, and it's just the beginning for Eric and Briana's sexual relationship. ...…
In a special presentation for Fox’s new drama Prodigal Son, Karen and Georgia cover the cases of Sante Kimes and Dolly Oesterreich. Plus, an interview with star Bellamy Young!
Today's Confession was sent in from Carrie who lives in the UK. She lives opposite a very sexy neighbor, and after watching him for months and pleasuring herself, she is contemplating going to talk to him. What do you think she should do?By goodgirlgonebad.
Jay and Kay attend a M&G at Crimson in DC, hosted by our friends at PlayGRND parties. This was going to be our last lifestyle event before we left Washington DC and we wanted to go big. Kay lets Jay pick out her stunning cocktail dress and we were immersed in a sea of diverse, sexy people all night long. But before heading downstairs to turn he ...…
Karen and Georgia cover the Texas Cheerleader Mom Murder Plot and the case of Vicky Lyons. With special guest Skip Hollandsworth.
This week we walk through the chain of events that quickly spread the riot, the negotiations to end the stand off, & what happened in the aftermath. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patreon at If you’d like shirts, mugs, phone cases, & other me ...…
Today's story is a deliciously sweet bedtime routine. He tucks her into bed, whispers sweet affirmations in her ear, and gives her a wonderful orgasm before sending her off to sleep. About the author: KC Holt is most active on Instagram @KC.Holt and you can find her short stories on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon by searching for KC Holt. Please go ...…
This week’s hometowns include a morgue story and a gun range.
Today's confession comes to us from D.C. I read part two of his confession. To hear Part 1, listen to the Sunday episode before this one. D.C. Tells us about his time in the Navy, and how he had sex with a man for the first time. They met at a bathing house, then went back to the man's hotel. It was a wonderful, sexy experience for him.…
This week we discuss all the events leading up to the New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot. Our first part of the riot coverage digs into the terrible conditions, tension with guards, & how inmates were unable to effect change through non-violent methods. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patre ...…
Karen and Georgia cover the obsessive case of Carl Tanzler and stories of people buried alive.
Hey friends, We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Taylor Sparks and Parish Blair of Sisters of Sexuality and Organic Loven. There are so many amazing points in this episode about love, sexuality, taboo, masturbation, toys, lube… you name it we talk about it! A big thank you to Taylor and Parish for making the time to talk to me today, ...…
This week I’m closing out summer with all the songs that’ve been stuck in my head. I hope they stick in yours. Send me some of the stuff that stuck to your brain this summer.... Check out some new music even if it's old.By Rob Foudriat.
This week’s hometowns include a hitchhiking scare and a home invasion.
Today's confession is from D.C. He shares with us about his time in the Navy, and how his skillful storytelling helped him settle a bet. Was he able to make his friends orgasm with just his words? Have a listen, and find out!By goodgirlgonebad.
Speakers: Drs. Aleha Aziz and Alex Friedman Recorded: April 2019 Join Drs. Aleha Aziz and Alex Friedman as they discuss the findings from their study on racial disparities during postpartum readmissions in an interview by SMFM education committee member, Dr. John Byrne. The authors discuss the links between race and ethnicity with maternal morb ...…
Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Angie Dodge and the case of Dr. Malachi Love-Robinson.
Today's episode features Sorcha Rowan with Daddy's Little Girl I read 3 stories from her DD/lg erotica collection. CW Anal without lubricant Oral after Anal All characters in this story are of legal and consenting age. About the author: Sorcha Rowan adores short stories, believes love is love, and enjoys flirting and drinking expensive whisky. ...…
This week’s hometowns include a triple homicide and death by a snail.
Today's episode features Michelle from America. She was training to be a Dentist, but decided to give porn a try to help with debt. She loved it so much she quit her training and never looked back. Only catch is, her family still think she's a Dentist. Two awesome authors you should definitely check out! Fallon E Lane https://fallonelaneauthor. ...…
This week we start letter J for Jailhouse murders with Christopher Scarver, the inmate who killed Jeffrey Dahmer. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patreon at If you’d like shirts, mugs, phone cases, & other merch, you can shop at https://murder ...…
Karen and Georgia cover The Doodler and the deaths of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon.
Hey friends, It’s that time of the year again when all the podcasters talk about Naughty In Nawlins! We wanted to try something a little different and so we’ve taken an interview between us and combined it with street music, performers, random people, NIN attendee’s and a snippet from Sex Uninterrupted Podcast. Join our Naughty In Nawlins 2019 ...…
Todays episode is featuring Richard Bacula with Gravesong. A college student goes on vacation with her family, and discovers that she has some unusual abilities when in water. She can swim fast, breathe underwater, and she also sings a lustful song that calls to an unknown man who she ends up satisfying her desire with. Richard Bacula has been ...…
Join Drs. Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, Allison Cahill, Lorraine Dugoff and Christopher Robinson​ as they discuss the SMFM abstract review process.
This week’s hometowns include serial killer connections and an acid trip discovery.
Today's confession is from with Nick @allthingsgood55 on Twitter He talks about meeting an older woman online, and beginning a journey of exploring his submissive side.By goodgirlgonebad.
Karen and Georgia cover Jacob Wetterling and the Mothman legend & Silver Bridge collapse.
Meet Seth & Caroline, a fun, classy and very sexy couple whom we first met on Seth's birthday. We were the surprise and Caroline had worked behind the scenes for months to set up an after-dinner meeting with us in Washington DC. We hit it off so well that it wasn't long before we set up another date night and well, you'll have to listen in to s ...…
My Favorite Murder present the first episode of The Fall Line's new season 5 investigating the disappearance of Shy'Kemmia Pate, who vanished from her hometown of Unadilla, Georgia. Listen and subscribe to The Fall Line on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
In this episode, Samantha and Mak get together for a joint camming session. Samantha puts Mak in a sex swing and has her wicked way with her. We have oral sex, anal play, and many more delicious things... Today's episode features one of the nicest authors that I have had the pleasure of talking to. Her name is KC Holt. She is most active on Ins ...…
This week we are giving you a peek into the episodes that are on our Patreon page. We discuss Clara & David who were both successful dentists, until infidelity caused a downward spiral that would end their love story. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patreon at ...…
This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature heartwarming stories.
Today we have an an anonymous confession from one of my Twitter followers. They share with us a steamy, hot shower fantasy that they have about a delicious lover. Who do you think about, when your in the shower? The water caressing your body?By goodgirlgonebad.
Drumroll please... It’s #1 of your top three favorite episodes: Karen and Georgia cover the survival of Mary Vincent and Franklin Delano Floyd. Original airdate: 05/27/2016
Today's episode is featuring JK Cummings. In this episode, our main character is hiking, when he stumbles across two women who are having passionate sex while in public. He watches on, hidden behind some bushes. The older woman knows that he is there the whole time, and put on a steamy show. JK Cummings has been writing off and on for a few yea ...…
This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature ghost stories.
Today's Confession is from Emily who lives in New Zealand. She was staying in a Hostel, and happened to be sharing a room with three very sexy Greek men. Have a listen to hear what they all got up to.By goodgirlgonebad.
This week we discuss Andrew Goldstein, who had been hospitalized countless times, and assaulted many people, but was still desperately trying to get mental health treatment for many years. Tragically, he was on a wait list for a long term facility, when he murdered Kendra Webdale, but the case did lead to increased funding & change in legislati ...…
Hey friends, Thanks for tuning in as always to Swinging Downunder Podcast about Sex Positivity and Non-Monogamous relationships. Today we’re talking from a men’s perspective all about body shape, size and confidence and yes a LOT about cocks!. Join in as C interviews D and then join us as we listen in to audio from 7 great gentlemen who are sha ...…
It’s #2 of your top three favorite episodes: Karen and Georgia cover the Honolulu Strangler and the Galapagos Affair. Original airdate: 07/12/2018
Today's episode is featuring Richard Bacula. In this story, Nadine is sunbathing on the beach, when suddenly a winged monster appears in the sky. She tries to get away, but it tackles her to the ground, and proceeds to give her the best orgasms of her life, using all the tools at his disposal. Horns, tongue and he even has two cocks! CW - light ...…
This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature ‘traysure’ and things found in walls.
Today's confession is from Jack, he had a incident involving chocolate buttons and oral sex...Need I say more? CW - VomitBy goodgirlgonebad.
In this episode of Letters to you - I have written a piece talking about how I cant seem to get enough of pleasure, and I am addicted to the feelings that submitting to my man create in me.By goodgirlgonebad.
Join Dr. Lorie Harper, as she discusses her research on “Early gestational diabetes screening in obese women: a randomized controlled trial.” In this podcast, she will examine the outcomes of early gestational diabetes screening versus routine gestational diabetes screening in pregnant obese women.
The votes are in! Here's #3 of your top three favorite episodes: Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Christa Worthington and the case of Typhoid Mary. Original airdate: 01/25/2018
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