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ABC News Daily is the podcast that helps you understand the issues affecting your world. Every episode, host Samantha Hawley walks through one story with the help of an ABC colleague or expert in under 15 minutes. When you want coverage you can trust, listen to ABC News Daily.
SSEAC Stories

SSEAC Stories

Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

SSEAC Stories is a podcast series produced by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney. Experts join us in every episode to explore the latest research and share their insights on a wide range of topics pertaining to Southeast Asia.Visit our website for more information or to browse additional resources:
Each week we share a story, explore insights that can illuminate our path, and interview guests with their own fascinating immigrant journeys, getting to know what’s cool, weird and mental about each other’s cultures showing that we’re all a little messed up but we’re all pretty similar too. Hosted by Carmen Neta & produced by Philip Kidd. Music by Caterina Schrebri #society #culture #immigrantsinireland #migrant #immigrants
We have so many stories in our lives, but our stories are not always heard. Talking to others about our own stories can be very liberating and healing. When you tell your true story publicly, it becomes a collective story because you realize that other people have experienced more or less the same Story.On the Hear My True Story Podcast, we tell our own True Stories through storytelling, spoken word, comedy, music, hosted interviews, and conversations based on real experiences. You don't hav ...
The Square Circle is a weekly roundtable show that features a progressive, a conservative, and a libertarian discussing the major news stories of the week. There's lots of disagreement, but we maintain an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. Stay tuned at the end for the "Most Underreported Story of the Week."
How Fear Changed America. Homeland Insecurity is a new documentary podcast from RAICES that chronicles the untold story of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We go back to the beginning, when our government built a powerful new agency in the wake of 9/11 to protect America from terrorists—only to use that agency to terrorize immigrants. From family separation to federal agents deployed in Portland, the scope and cruelty of DHS continues to expand, begging the question: Is anyone safe ...
Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Migrapreneur stories is an initiative by Catalysr, where we interview world class migrant and refugee entrepreneurs or migrapreneurs to learn about their stories, grit, perseverance and how they have fought against all odds to be incredible at what they do. Catalysr is a startup incubator in Australia, helping exceptional migrants and refugees start their own startups and create Australia 2.0!
Taralets Talk is a Filipino podcast that chronicles the joys, heartaches, and rewards of being an immigrant. Hosted by three Pinoy expats. Join Bel, Lennette, and Mark in this seasonal podcast packed with culturally rich tidbits and tips for Filipinos curious about what it's like living abroad. Connect with us: Email: Facebook: @taraletstalkpodcast Taralets Talk is sponsored and produced by LLC
“Who Is My Neighbour?” is a podcast by You Belong Australia. Each episode you’ll join with Sorgul & Warren to meet some of Australia’s newest neighbours; You’ll hear their stories, listen to their hopes and dreams, and discover the incredible courage and inspiration they bring to our communities and richly diverse Australian culture. You’ll also learn from some more established Aussies too and the joy they’ve found living and working alongside our refugee & migrant background neighbours.
Welcome to Bridge of Stories, the first-ever podcast to live out the United World College mission from the generations of UWC in Mostar; where stories from all over the world are delivered to you. 🌎🌍🌏 We guarantee you, that the headlines from the news 📰 will no longer feel foreign, but personal. Join us every week on Anchor, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and more. 🎙
Stories of Transformation is a collection of intimate conversations with some of the most inspiring and courageous minds in art, entertainment, service, business, spirituality, and wellness. Every Tuesday, creator and host Baktash Ahadi, speaks with individuals from around the world who share their unique stories about how they overcame hardships, learned their craft, and found their purpose. These conversations are meant to inform, entertain, and inspire. Learn more by visiting www.baktasha ...
"A Way Home Together: Stories of the Human Journey" tells stories of people on the move from different cultures and countries. In our first two episodes, host Ahmed Badr, a refugee from Iraq speaks to his parents and 14-year-old sister about his family's journey. Other early episodes feature young refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa, who now live in North America. Their voices, laughter and emotional honesty are examples of how "A Way Home Together" can help build a new nar ...
You’ve read the headlines about refugees and asylum seekers. But behind the statistics are stories. Stories of real people who had to make heartbreaking decisions and perilous journeys to find peace, safety and a life of freedom. Along the Way tells those courageous stories and puts voices and lives to the numbers. Hosted by Richard Belcham, who’s worked with refugee claimants in British Columbia, Canada for the last five years, the voices you hear in Along the Way will resonate long after e ...
Go beyond the headlines. Beyond the he-said, she-said of the news pages. Join Houston Chronicle Opinion Editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg as she and editorial board members tackle urgent, vexing and just plain intriguing questions in the news. From Beto to Trump, bail reform to education, the migrant crisis to church abuse – they explore issues in Houston, Washington and across Texas through the lens of a single question. Sometimes, they even agree on the answer.
G’day mate! If you are a recent migrant to the land Down Under, this podcast series in Filipino is for you. Australia Explained will help you understand the quirky habits that embody the Aussie way of life. - Kabayan, bago ka lang ba sa Australia? Ang seryeng ito sa wikang Filipino ay para sa’yo. Ang Australia Explained podcast series ang magiging gabay mo para maintindihan ang mga kakaibang kaugalian na sumasalamin sa pamumuhay dito sa Australia.
Join Clark Hill’s Angeline Chen, a leading immigration attorney, in discussing the impacts of US immigration law and policy. On Immigration Today, Angeline interviews leaders, experts, advocates and volunteers in immigration and immigrant rights on the issues, their experiences and their advice on how YOU can make a difference.
Refugee Stories: In Their Own Voices

Refugee Stories: In Their Own Voices

Southern Methodist University and Human Rights Media

In seven compelling episodes, this podcast covers the most pressing and misunderstood aspects of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, including how security vetting actually works, the economic impact of refugees, the history of U.S. immigration and ongoing pattern of fear and vilification of newcomers, faith perspectives, veteran perspectives, and the current status and future of the global migration crisis that has rivaled the historical migrant flows of WWII and continues to rise today. M ...
By Cecilia Gragnani, special guest Jonny Woo, editor Gabriele Carrer | LONDON EXPAT is the comic story of the encounter between a modern migrant and London – a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Italians. Millions of European citizens arrive in the British capital to realise the future they dream of. The podcast explores the long road to becoming a citizen in another country, embracing a new nationality whilst staying true to your roots, and the existential crisis that you ...
Rick Roberts is back home in North Texas! Rick hosts a new live and local program from 2pm-5pm each weekday on WBAP NewsTalk 820. After a successful run a few years ago as a talk show host at another Dallas/Fort Worth radio station, Rick’s career continued in San Diego and Oklahoma City. A former attorney, Roberts’ law career focused on energy law. After guesting on a radio station in Denver, Rick was invited to give talk radio a try. The rest is radio history! Welcome Rick back to DFW every ...
Ideas are meant to be shared. Through the promotion of discourse we can better understand the world we live in, and learn how to change it. Join Master of Global Affairs candidates at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy in Toronto, Canada as they debate and discuss the future of globalization featuring special guests and practitioners. Topics covered include: Business & Finance, Development, Health, Human Rights, Politics, Security, and more!
Do politics make you want to sigh? Well, you're not alone. Here at Poli Sigh, we take a collective sigh, and breakdown the political frustrations of the world, bridging political science jargon to the issues and solutions that matter to you. Each episode we interview a political scientist to get their story, hear what they're researching, why you should care about it, and what you can do. It’s but one way of "poli trying" in trying political times. Check us out at
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story. We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go. We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to? Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable. We've intr ...
Made For : an audio journey

Made For : an audio journey

Operation Mobilisation (Host: Geoff Peters)

START THE JOURNEY FROM EPISODE 1! Made For is a podcast that helps listeners reflect on who they are in the eyes of God, what His plan is for the world, and how God made each of us to be part of His plan. We will hear stories from around the world ... stories of faith, challenges, culture, and the unpredictable, amazing transformation of God in diverse peoples. What are you Made For? Series ONE Episode 1 – Who am I in the Eyes of God? Episode 2 – The People of God Episode 3 – The Body of Chr ...
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This episode covers incidents of mass violence. At least 21 people, including 19 children, were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday morning. It was the deadliest school shooting in the United States since the 2012 attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. For some of the San…
Biden, the World Health Organization, the mainstream media and governing authorities in select nations of the world all concur: Monkeypox is a challenge that could emerge as the next big concern... for gay men, anyway. But on that, shhhh! That’s an inconvenient truth that could get in the way of the fear-mongering that will help the globalists stom…
Gas prices are at a record high, but don't worry! Joe Biden says it's just a transition to green energy! And besides, prices would be higher if he hadn't released oil from the strategic reserve. Also, the first shipments of baby formula has been flown in from overseas. Wait, we're relying on foreigners to feed our babies now??? If Rick didn't know …
During the election campaign, the Greens say they knocked on 90,000 doors in Kevin Rudd's old seat of Griffith in Brisbane, a drive replicated in other key seats across the city too. On Saturday, it all paid off, with the party securing the best result in its history. Its success will change the dynamics of our parliamentary system, particularly in…
Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. In Season 7 of Someone Knows Something, Ridgen and investigative journalist Amanda Robb dig into the 1998 murder of her uncle, a New York doctor killed for performing abortions. They uncover a network …
For decades, the U.S. has walked a careful line when it comes to Taiwan — vowing to protect the island from China, without saying exactly how far it would go to do that. On Monday, that appeared to change. Guest: David E. Sanger, a White House and national security correspondent for The New York Times. Want more from The Daily? For one big idea on …
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