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Simultaneously ruthless and apathetic, Minnie offers her commentary on society, pop culture, love, and everything in between as she snacks on sour patch candies (but only the watermelon ones) and rolls a blunt on top of her notebook full of highdeas. You can expect sugar, spice, and everything rice from this Californian self-produced indie smut peddler. Guests include the East-Bay Arean's equally eccentric friends who will share the mic (and the blunt).
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I have my friend Ladonnis Crump on the podcast this time around. We reunite after 6 years! Woaaah! We're testing out doing visuals for the podcast so let us know what you think!!!! Here is the podcast's visuals if you want to watch us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF-GleDEihE&feature=youtu.beBy Minnie Scarlet.
On this mini-episode, I give you a few updates and of course, that includes me ranting about stuff I don't like.By Minnie Scarlet.
On this lil Minnie-sode, I have Chanell Heart on again! The audio is a little funky, but it's still fun. She has been on the podcast once before. Click here to listen to her episode!By Minnie Scarlet.
I have one of my best friends, Kitty Spice, on the podcast today and we tell you about one of our most memorable Vegas trips where we saw our idol, Britney Spears.By Minnie Scarlet.
I have my brother-in-law on this episode! We talk about our highlights of 2018 and lots of other stuff!!!By Minnie Scarlet.
Crazy Rich Asians criticism from a crazy poor Asian, some updates, and more!!!By Minnie Scarlet.
I'm 25!!! Listen to some stupid life updates involving my birthday.By Minnie Scarlet.
I have the guys of The Average American Males on this episode. We talk about live sex shows in Amsterdam, watching porn on DirecTV & more! Listen to their podcast here, they have me on their 2nd episode: iTunesBy Minnie Scarlet.
I'm moooving!!! Find out where and why. plus some shit talking.By Minnie Scarlet.
YES! PEOPLE STILL WATCH ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK! I have Cheo Fletcher on the podcast and we talk about our thoughts on the newest season, 6!By Minnie Scarlet.
Quick sex, long sex, wet sex, casual sex, what about period sex?! We talk all about period sex on this episode!By Minnie Scarlet.
Jae & I go over our favorite late night foods to eat and our celebrity fuck list.By Minnie Scarlet.
I finally got to meet Missy Martinez after following her for months. She's even funnier and more witty in person and her boobs might look even bigger!By Minnie Scarlet.
I found out my dear friend Mickey Mod was in LA so I just had to have him on the podcast. Today we talk about our Bay Area roots, and accidentally defying stereotypes.By Minnie Scarlet.
Opinion of the I'm Upset by Drake music video. From a Degrassi fan and from somebody who doesn't know jack shit about Degrassi.By Minnie Scarlet.
Embarrassing story time featuring ME!By Minnie Scarlet.
I have my brother-in-law on this episode of Somethin Bout Minnie and we talk about the "new" Kanye West and his recent interview with TMZ. FDT.By Minnie Scarlet.
Cam girl babe Sleepy_Chew comes on Somethin Bout Minnie to talk/yell with Minnie about last words before death, white girls stealing our grandma's aesthetics, and SPIT ROASTING. It's 2018 - why haven't you spit roasted her yet?!?!?!By Minnie Scarlet.
I have the lovely Chanell Heart on Somethin Bout Minnie today! We talk dos and don'ts of sliding into your Man Crush Monday or Woman Crush Wednesday's inbox.By Minnie Scarlet.
Some of us can handle long distance relationships, some of us can't. I talk about long distance relationships, answer your guys' questions, and of course, GOSSIP with my guest JT Footman.By Minnie Scarlet.
In this Minniesode, we're gonna go into the scary territory of "what are we?!" And if the answer is "IDK???" then when do we tell them we wanna get goin' when we're not feeling it anymore? Listen to my opinion here.By Minnie Scarlet.
On this episode of Somethin Bout Minnie, I have my good friend & ex-porn star Yasmine De Leon on with me to discuss instagram drama and cultural appropriation.By Minnie Scarlet.
On this episode, Somethin Bout Minnie does a crossover episode with another podcast: Fck It, Let's Talk Bout It. This episode's guest is independent porn performer, Jahan X. *drooling emoji*By Minnie Scarlet.
I have my long time Twitter-turned-IRL friend, Gaby, on this episode! We discuss a few tips about partying safely. We also discuss a little about internet friendship and tell a few hookup stories.By Minnie Scarlet.
Minnie Scarlet has porn performer Pepper Hart on to talk about internet friendships. Listen to us cover everything from birth control to Portland strip clubs.By Minnie Scarlet.
In this mini episode, I'll tell you all about the time I fucked my uber driver.By Minnie Scarlet.
Just call me Tinder-ella. Just kidding, I didn't meet this one on Tinder, but I share one of my recent hook up stories.By Minnie Scarlet.
One of Minnie's best friends, Kira Noir, comes to hang and chat about AVN, recent dramatic happenings on twitter, & the dreaded VALENTINE'S DAY!By Minnie Scarlet.
In this first episode of Somethin Bout Minnie, hear the ramblings of first time podcast host, Minnie Scarlet, & her two guests, Tehran Von Ghasri & George Khouri. We stumble through a casual conversation about dating, ethnicities, and lots more!By Minnie Scarlet.
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