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Two-minute Time Lord
Concentrated Commentary on the Worlds of Doctor Who
Find out something new about psychology while you sip your morning coffee.
Build your English vocabulary in six minutes. Every Monday join two of our presenters and hear about different ways to develop your vocabulary knowledge and skills.
Hey I'm Matt, and if you're interested in understanding the Bible better and you prefer your Christianity quick and punchy with a healthy side of humor, and an equally healthy side of me not telling you what to do, we're probably going to get along great. This is my podcast where we pick a book of the Bible and then break it down one part at a time every weekday morning.
Five Minute Folklore
Every episode focuses on a different famous mythological figure. Through atmospheric story-telling we learn the condensed origins of folklore tales from all over the world, and also take a look at varying interpretations, cultural differences, and how the stories have influenced other media. Hosted by Bob Shoy. Contact at fiveminutefolklore@gmail.com
5 Minute Italian
Where's the toilet? Two coffees please! How much is it? Join Katie and Matteo for 5 minute Italian, a fun podcast which teaches you the basics in bite-sized pieces.
Rocky Minute
The daily podcast in which hosts Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes knockout the Rocky films one minute at a time.
This is Daily Minute with J'Ouellette - French pronunciation and conversation podcast for jet-setters, where you practice your French 1 minute/day, and get ready for your trip to Paris, the City of Light.
Marty's Minute
Advoco’s Marty Osborn shares a quick listen that you can digest in about 60 seconds. He’ll talk about topics that have piqued his interest from the business books, leadership blogs, and podcasts he follows.
Predator Minute Podcast breaks down the 1987 sci-fi action classic Predator one minute at a time.
A trio of bearded Brits wax lyrical about the latest WWE PPVs.
Mindful In Minutes
You might be short on time but you don\\\'t need to be short on midfulness
Join Chad Bird and Daniel Emery Price on a weekly 40 minute quest to unearth Christ in the pages of the Old Testament.
Intelligent Money Minute
Insightful. Independent. Innovative.
A weekly podcast dedicated to memes, sports, trending topics, politics, and everything else in between.
A short video explaining an expression used in American English
Listen daily for weird news from around the globe. Ripley's Believe It or Not! was founded in 1918 by cartoonist and adventurer Robert Ripley, we are the authority on all things weird, odd, amazing, and unbelievable!
Pastors Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorensen work their way through the New Testament 30 minutes at a time showing you Christ's work of redemption on every page.
One minute every morning is all you need to be prepared for today's markets.
60 Minutes With
Mary Anne Hobbs’ guests answer a burning question with a short epiphany, giving insight into their creative process
Moms Minute
Making the Lives of Lawyers a Whole Lot Easier
6ix Minutes
A place to chit chat and gain insight to differing perspectives. As well as a mini history series each week.
Helping Coaches Transition to a Full-Time Business by focusing on marketing, selling and structuring your coaching business to get paid and serve new clients!
The Minute Hour
Free rehab
5 Minute Major Radio
A Philadelphia Flyers themed podcast. But will also talk about the rest of the NHL and the hockey world.
A celebration of films under 90 minutes long. Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but with one catch - the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes.
Natalie Torres-Haddad is award-winning author, financial expert, TEDxSpeaker, and an empowered voice for Latino millennials. Join Natalie as she interviews self made millionaires; discussing the tips and tricks of money management, the stories of how they attained financial freedom, and what success looked like for them on that journey.
The God Minute
Hosted by Catholic TeamWorks and led by Vincentian priest Fr. Ron Hoye, The God Minute is a short, reflective morning prayer based on the Divine Office that includes a psalm, a short reading and a reflection to begin your day with the Lord. Beautiful, reflective and less than 10 minutes. Take a few God Minutes each morning and see how your day rises in abundance.
Innovation Minute
Shining a spotlight on the importance and role of innovation in helping both businesses and society.
Mitch Reames covers headlines and happenings within the world of esports in a rapid-fire, information-packed 90 seconds.Check out our full-length show the Esportz Network Podcast for longer segments, more details, and in-depth interviews.
Fasting Motivation Daily Minute Podcast
6 Minute Grammar
Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar.Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.
15-Minute Matrix
The podcast that brings you bite-sized insights and lessons on how to use the most important tool in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Download this week’s matrix: 15minutematrix.com
What's up Kosher Franks? We made a Two Minutes to Late Night podcast! In each installment the writers of Two Minutes will listen to and discuss a universally reviled album.
Murder Minute
From the creators of the Murder Minute App comes your new favorite fix for True Crime. Welcome to the Murder Minute podcast. With a run time of about a short commute, Murder Minute is your no nonsense dose true crime. Each episode of the program includes a scripted narrative detailing a crime preceded by True Crime Headlines, “a brief true crime news update” . Through meticulously crafted storytelling and sound design, Murder Minute delivers a unique and immersive listening experience. Subsc ...
Foreign policy podcasts hosted by Mark Leonard, Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), the first pan-European think-tank.The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is an award-winning international think-tank that aims to conduct cutting-edge independent research on European foreign and security policy and to provide a safe meeting space for decision-makers, activists and influencers to share ideas. We build coalitions for change at the European level and promote ...
Alex and Andy Robinson analyze The Godfather, one minute at a time.
6 Minute English
Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.
Research Minutes
From the CPRE Knowledge Hub and CPREHub.org. Uniting research, policy, and practice through interviews and discussions around pressing education issues. CPRE is headquartered at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.
Reviewing the Jurassic Park Films one Minute at a time
Minute-by-minute analysis of the 1991 Walt Disney adventure film, The Rocketeer
Short (about 1 Minute) microcasts highlighting issues in analytics and enterprise measurement
Toy Story Minute
The daily podcast in which hosts Jon and Jeb analyze the Toy Story movies one minute at a time.
Make Judaism’s greatest thinker and Halachic scholar part of your life. Rabbi Scott Kahn presents two halachot from the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah every weekday.
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KAY visits the family compound and asks HAGEN to contact MICHAEL for her.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsKs9B2rCi0 The linked video is titled: How To Deal With Hunger During Intermittent Fasting (8 Tips Backed by Science & Experience) Here are my notes: hunger seems to be the biggest obstacle while trying to fast, what can we do about it? think of fasting as something very natural we are not meant to eat a bunch o ...…
Mac’s reminiscence turns dark, and then he’s bodyslammed by a creature in the dark.Cohost: Jeff Glover @Karl_Hungus314Find us on Facebook at the Predator Minute Listeners’ Palapa, on Twitter @predatorminute, and on SoundCloud @predator_minute_podcast. Send us your comments and questions at predatorminute@gmail.com.…
Father Kubicki shares some of Pope Francis’ thoughts on today’s Mass readings. All show notes at Father Kubicki – Prayer Reflections October 13, 2019 - This podcast produced by Relevant RadioBy Fr. Kubricki’s 2 Minute Prayer Reflection – Relevant Radio.
Folklore from Greenland. The Goddess of the Sea; Sedna, and the exiled wandering spirit; Tivittoq. Contact at fiveminutefolklore@gmail.com www.fiveminutefolklore.com For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Are pearls really born from sand? I'm Colton, from Ripleys.com, and this is your Weird Minute.By Ripley's Believe It or Not!.
Chris and Adam in another ‘Spotlight Reflection’ show, where they reflect on movies from their past and see if they are still as good as they remember them, or do they not fare as well re-watching as an older adult? In this episode they chat about the 1982 movie The Beastmaster. You can leave comments/questions […] The post Spotlight Reflection ...…
Chad and Daniel continue discussing Joshua’s interaction with the Commander of the Lord’s army and why this is certainly Jesus. Israel is told they will take Jericho but the way they are to do it is very strange. What is going with the number 7 in the people’s instructions? How should we view the destruction of Jericho and difficult texts like ...…
5 PM MARKET CLOSE For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Dear Super-Secret Podcast Launch Team, I think we've almost got this. I'm hitting publish at EXACTLY 2:30 pm (Mountain Time). Would you please let me know when this episode populates in your preferred podcast app, so I can know how long the delay is? Get me at the new subreddit which is r/tmbhpodcast or @MattWhitmanTMBH on Twitter Synchronize w ...…
French conversation for jet-setters: the verb SAISIR (to grab) at passé composé: j'ai saisi tu as saisi il a saisi elle a saisi nous avons saisi vous avez saisi ils ont saisi elles ont saisi Become fluent at LearnParisianFrench.com
Without answering the "so what" an idea is just that, an idea without a purpose.By Marty Osborn.
I'm sorry, Ricky, I have to save myself.the minute hoursupport:https://www.patreon.com/theminutehourBy The Minute Hour.
Gibson Girl and all around undeniable beauty Evelyn Nesbit won many hearts. When one man becomes jealous of another, things turn deadly. But first, True Crime Headlines. Don’t forget to download the Murder Minute App, available on the app store and Google Play, and follow us on Instagram @murderminute for even more true crime headlines. Learn m ...…
As the river sequence ends the Spinosaur walks away on fire, and the family are reunited as morning breaks. Jurassic Pedia Featured Article InGen Construction (C/N) http://jurassic-pedia.com/ingen-construction-cn/ www.jurassicminutes.wordpress.com Socials: Jurassic MinutesBy Brad Mull and David Kowalski.
Things come to a head as Lotso’s system breaks down. Check George out at Mogwai Minute! Follow us on Twitter or join us in the Facebook group!By Dueling Genre Productions.
In this episode we’ve been honored to host our first guest and successful entrepreneur, who offers his own helpful words of wisdom for those who are trying to make it on their own.
Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes. This is the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest podcast. In episode 23 Sam is joined by Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Director of Special Projects at Union Docs in Brooklyn, as well as creator and star of hit New York theatre pr ...…
Esports events bring in large groups of tourism but the economic impact of the events usually isn't released. Raleigh, North Carolina pulled back the curtain on the amount of revenue generated by the esports event for the city and emphasized how beneficial hosting the event was for many businesses in the area. If you enjoyed the podcast, please ...…
Today on the podcast Jess Sherman and I sit down to discuss all things related to constipation in kids. This includes identifying for parents that this downstream condition can be an opportunity to open the doors for deeper healing in areas that they may not have seen as connected to this symptom. Get ready for some super practical clinical pea ...…
Recorded live at Triple R Radio (RRR 102.7 FM Melbourne), on the show ‘Multi-Storied’ with Elizabeth McCarthy & Louise Irving (December 7, 2016). This was my first radio interview. And it went better than I thought it would, which is good, considering i didn’t sleep much the night before! hugs from me ~ my book > www.100daysoberchallenge.com fr ...…
A new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder's Allison Atteberry provides the first rigorous evidence of the impact of full-day preschool on children’s school readiness skills. The study, co-authored by University of Virginia researchers Daphna Bassok and Vivian C. Wong, finds that full-day preschool can have significant positive impac ...…
DJ and major record collector DJ Shadow on interpreting the world around him through his music, and finding the right collaborators for his new record.By BBC Radio 6 Music.
Rob and Sam talk about the telltale signs and teach you some vocabulary. Honestly.By BBC Radio.
On today’s Intelligent Money Minute, we’ll interview Rick Ferri on practical tips for pre-retirees. During this episode, Rick provides helpful insight for those who want to set themselves up for retirement. He explains the value of automation because it removes typical investment hinderances. At Intelligent Investing, we can set up automatic co ...…
Gabriel appears to Mary with the shocking announcement that she is to be the mother of the Son of God. How should we view Mary? Have some gone too far while others don’t go far enough? Mary visits Elizabeth and John rejoices while in the womb. What does this tell us about infant faith? Daniel and Erick discuss all this and more. Have a listen! ...…
Research reveals three reasons religion and spirituality may be good for our well-being (and a few reasons they might not be).By David B. Feldman - psychology | social science | politics | mental health.
The Measurement Minute by Gary Angel If interviews are going to come to the Minute, why not start at the top? Jim Sterne’s latest work focuses on bridging the gap between Marketing and ML professionals. We discuss the tricky art of great facilitation and the difference between a professional facilitator and an interested professional. … Continu ...…
Mac geeks assemble!! On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port is joined by special guest David Sparks, attorney and author of the popular MACSPARKY blog. Listen as David, tech geek extraordinaire, talks about the benefits of automation in your law practice and introduces his latest learning course: Shortcuts Field Gu ...…
Oh crap, we're listening to Shatner talk over jazz and it's actually really great. We've got Ben from Khemmis here who picked the album and his band rules. Plus Lucie swings by to talk about how her boyfriend has seen dead people.www.honorableswords.comBy Two Minutes to Late Night.
Angry Hair, Suit and Eyebrows. Law In My Own Hands, Now. Bison Rights. Guests: Pete Mummert. Evelyn Hamlett. Martin Anderson. Redmond Hamlett.By Virus Films.
We're going to look at different ways of asking for information and making requests.By BBC Radio.
Are you stuck with me in the between-series Doctor Who doldrums? Check out the now-complete first year of Thirteenth Doctor stories by the top-notch creative team of Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, Roberta Ingranata, and Enrica Erin Angiolini! ALSO: Please join me in supporting Who For Schools! (TWITT's interview with Houser and Stott)…
Dave and Mastro are joined by longtime friend and Flyers fan, Matt (Hoagie) Hoagland on this weeks episode of 5 Minute Major Radio. The boys discuss the Flyers win over the Blackhawks last week in Prague, their thoughts on the Flyers upcoming home opener against the NJ Devils, random thoughts from around the NHL, and in closing talk about some ...…
In preparation for Yom Kippur, we’re rereleasing our series on Hilchot Teshuva – the Laws of Repentance – that was first produced last year. We’re consolidating them into five episodes; this is the fifth. (Make sure to look for our Maimonides Minute Special episode, released today, entitled, "The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy Explained.")…
We explain how some adjectives can end in either -ic or -ical depending on their meaning.By BBC Radio.
I interact with teenagers and young people on a fairly regular basis, and I’ve observed that some of the old-fashioned arts of basic communication are fading, and it makes me sad, but it also makes me worried. Are we raising a generation of kids that don’t know the power of eye contact? Who are unskilled at talking to adult strangers? Who strug ...…
In this episode I talk about making commitments and having expectations for people you are not in a relationship with.
Happy Monday! Ms. H welcomes everyone to the 266th episode of Videogames & Tech Mom’s Minute Podcast or VTMMP -- also known as Mom’s Minute Podcast. She discusses investment potential in eSports as well as the free PS4 video game she played, Battle Operation 2. Space travel takes center stage as she talks about a CEO’s vision relative to outer ...…
In this week’s meditation Kelly leads you through a relaxing meditation that helps you ease into sleep. Feel yourself release all tension from the physical body and relax into the cocoon of your bed, and drift off to a restful night of sleep. Join Kelly all month long for special giveaways, bonus episodes, and other celebrations for the month o ...…
The PPV’s the next day – and there’s only been four matches announced. Okay… An exasperated Kevin and Turbo make what predictions they can as well as discussing current booking, SmackDown’s premiere on Fox, the upcoming draft, relationships, Halloween Havok and “Poochie Syndrome”.By Last Minute Continue.
Innovation is for everyone, whether they be a large corporation, small start-up, a non-profit, or an individual.By Radio.com.
In this week’s podcast, Mark Leonard, Gustav Gressel and Kadri Liik analyse Macron’s plans and ideas for recreating the European security order, an initiative which he launched with a speech at the Ambassador’s conference this year. Moreover, according to French officials, France will instead of starting with a top-down plan, try to build Europ ...…
Remitly is a trustworthy provider of international money transfer services founded by Matt and inspired by his travels. Matt shares with Natalie how traveling to over 100 countries provided him deep insight into how impactful receiving money from family members is to residents of third world countries. He witnessed how vital money was to the we ...…
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