Best Modeling podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Sim Talk
Sim talk is here to talk about Simulation Modeling in all it's forms
The Role Models Podcast is a series of interviews that captures and shares the stories of inspiring women. These are far-reaching conversations with female leaders we look up to. We discuss how they got to where they are – including the lessons they’ve learned, the decisions they’ve made, and the challenges they’ve tackled.
On closer inspection, we find science and especially mathematics throughout our everyday lives, from the tap to automatic speed regulation on motorways, in medical technology or on our mobile phone. What the researchers, graduates and academic teachers in Karlsruhe puzzle about, you experience firsthand in our podcast "The modeling approach".
We talk about WWE. And we are the only podcast that does. Trust Us. Don't Look it Up.
No Role Models
You know that feeling when your favorite cousin pulls up to thanksgiving dinner? & Y’all end up having that conversation only you two understand. Cousins, Mance and Kevin Hall bring that to you every week as they tell random stories, discuss music, sneakers, sports, and much more.
This is Beyond CAD, a show discussing the future of engineering and construction including 3D visualization, building information modeling, UAVs and Drones, virtual reality, real-time game engines and more. This is also the story of how I moved beyond CAD and started Civil FX, a company that provides 3D visualization and other services for transportation, construction and other civil engineering projects.
Models Talk
Models Talk
Speaking of GIS
This is the GIS show. I talk with people who really understand GIS and how it is used in the world. These are the people who make the magic happen. With Geographic Information Systems we are: Modeling the world. Creating maps. Analyzing patterns. Enabling new kinds of decision-making. Maps are cool but there is so much more to talk about! Music by Lee Rosevere. Bridgeport from Canada Line (A Musical Suite in Real Time)
We're on the quest to uncover the world's greatest thoughts. By collecting ideas from a wide range of disciplines, we're piecing together the framework each person should develop to live a curious and exciting life. We don't stop there. Without action, thoughts are worthless. We share with you exciting new hobbies and adventures to inspire you to challenge yourself to tackle new things. Over time these thoughts and activities stack on top of each other, creating a stronger you and a better c ...
Lisa Betts-LaCroix talks to brilliant and wise academics and scientists, visionary innovators and entrepreneurs, communication experts, authors, and other bright minds to unpack the skills and mindset needed to activate your Inner Super Hero. Whether you're growing a business, building a family, launching a start-up, managing a team, or reinventing your Self, the world needs your brightest, biggest most powerful Self now more than ever.
PPC Rockstars is your ticket to the juiciest tips, tactics, and techniques on all-things PPC, straight from the industry's foremost paid marketing thought leaders. We're shaking the entire PPC tree, tackling both search and social landscapes, even retargeting and third party data audience modeling. Tune in weekly for killer interviews packed with online advertising best practices and trusted campaign optimization techniques that scream. That's all right here, on PPC Rockstars.
Biblical based message on topics relevant to today. Visit
No BS Allowed - Are you sick of empty suits telling you just work harder? - Learn about The Maverick Selling Method, models the world's best salespeople and what they do differently. If you are in sales and have a passion for selling you will like this podcast. The focus is on b2b sales and selling. If are selling or in sales this podcast is for you. Some of the topics I cover are cold calling, spin selling, challenger sale, solution selling, advanced selling skills. strategic selling, linke ...
Featuring the world's most impressive emerging and established Men On Purpose, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the arising model of the Nu Man - Men who are visionary, compassionate, clear and completely & freely expressing themselves in service to their own highest purpose. This show features some of the most magnificent men on the planet and it is our intention to celebrate their gifts and be in gratitude for their global contribution. Our Listeners who are Men O ...
Channel Outlaws
Channel Outlaws is a weekly podcast about the top performing entrepreneurs and salespeople who sell technology, cloud and carrier solutions through the global indirect channel. Why do we call them outlaws? Because these are the rebels, the trailblazers, the square pegs in round holes who ditch the playbook, defy the rules and do whatever it takes to optimize business technology solutions and move society forward in an ever connected world. They’re more important now than ever, as the channel ...
Dan, Ryan and Lloyd discuss the models they recently purchased, different types of diecast models people collect, and why they collect.You can check out Lloyd and Ryan's writing, along with others atLiveandLetDiecast.kinja.comRyan is on Instagram at Ricer_CubeLloyd is on Instagram at Pillarless_coupeDan is on Instagram at dan.mosqueda, on Twitter at MosqvichWe are on Twitter at LiveLetDieCastVisit our Facebook page too.Music with permission and courtesy of Lemon Yellow Hayes© Live and Let Di ...
BLACKOUT with Samantha Scarlette comes to idobi Radio late night featuring interviews with alt models, rock stars, and paranormal experts.
Guest hosts interview industry insiders on strategies, business models, leadership, technologies & innovations in advancing drug development for the benefit of patients. More specifically: clinical trials, patient-centricity, mobile/digital in R&D, drug delivery, emerging biotechs and Immuno-Oncology. PharmaTalkRadio is a non-profit program to provide easy and free access of helpful information for professionals in life sciences as well as patient advocates. It is organized and supported by ...
The Knowledge Project takes you inside the heads of remarkable people to explore the frameworks and mental models you can use to make life more meaningful and productive. Learn more at
Exploring themes of sacred intimacy, sexual healing, tantra and alternative relationship models to create a more blissful life! For more info about James, please visit:
Hammer The Over
Analyzing sports through math and models
'Conversation with Alanis Morissette' features conversations with different highly reputable teachers, authors and leaders from different philosophies and of different psychological/neurobiological/developmental models and backgrounds, all with an eye toward healing and wholeness and recovery. Each podcast focuses on the area of expertise and jurisdiction of the interviewee. With Alanis having an in-depth knowledge of them and their work, the conversations will touch on and dive deeply into ...
AWS Podcast
The AWS Podcast is the definitive cloud platform podcast for developers, dev ops, and cloud professionals seeking the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Jeff Barr for regular updates, deep dives and interviews. Whether you’re building machine learning and AI models, open source projects, or hybrid cloud solutions, the AWS Podcast has something for you.
Welcome to the Podcast 'Don't Retire, Refire'! If you reject the notion of traditional retirement and want to continue to do something meaningful with your next chapter in life, this podcast if for you! You'll find ideas, tips and inspiration from experts, role models and authorities with host Alf Priestley. Having spent over twenty five years advising CEOs, business owners and professionals on optimising their lives, Alf Priestley serves his clients and their families as an experienced advi ...
On The Bench
A scale model podcast about all things to do with building scale models.
A show where co-hosts Jack Laskey and Zach Resnick discuss cryptoasset projects and investing in the emerging digital asset class, with a focus on the tokenomic structures for these new distributed business models. Brought to you by the Ezra New Economy Fund, LP. The materials provided are for information only and do not constitute as an offer. For investment advice, please consult professional advisors. Neither Zach nor Jack are financial advisors. The information contained in this podcast ...
Lawyers of Tomorrow is hosted by Stephen Turner, a law lecturer, law tech entrepreneur and author. Stephen interviews visionaries who are working to build a modern, efficient legal sector that delivers valuable, easily accessible and easy-to-use legal products and services that give people the solutions they need. The focus of the show is on how lawyers can add value for their clients by embracing legal project management, innovative models, legal design principles, automated solutions, lega ...
As part of the Innovation Labs’ eLearning course, “Innovative Business Models: Health Edition,” this series of webinars will focus on topics including business model innovations, collaborative leadership, monitoring & evaluation and more.
Our mission is to help you Belong to the church community, Become like Christ, and Bless the city and the nations.Onnuri English Ministry (OEM) is the English-speaking ministry of Onnuri Community Church in Seoul, Korea. Onnuri was founded with the vision of modeling itself after the early church in the book of Acts, centered on anointed preaching, passionate worship, and the globalization of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Phlogger is the creative genius of Andrew Walmsley, a blogger and photographer who creates tips and tricks to help fellow photographers. "Phlogger presents" are podcasts with photographers, models and others working in the industry. Don't forget to check the website ( for the latest news.
Spoken Dreams
A storytelling podcast from KTLA 5 in Los Angeles. Each week, Aspiring actors, musicians, models, filmmakers and more share their stories and experiences of working to fulfill their dreams in L.A.'s entertainment industry.
Leadership development for everyone in the blue collar workforce, those who support them, and those who lead them. Leadership is influence. Influence is built daily, not in a day.There are two types of influence: 1) Artificial influence which comes with a title, position, or rank and is reserved for those who have formal authority over others; and 2) Authentic influence which is based on a person's character and the relationships they build, and it's available to anyone with or without a pos ...
A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
Edit Your Life
Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.
Talking Ferraris, a weekly podcast by A great place for car fans or certified Ferrari tifosi! Each podcast will cover different topics related to Ferrari cars and Formula 1. Get latest Ferrari news, models updates, F1 Info, Ownership Info and lots, lots more! Subscribe and stay up to date for future episodes!
Hero and Me
HERO AND ME is the podcast that celebrates exceptionalism, not as a thing that distinguishes notable figures of the past from our own times, but as an ideal that links us together and inspires us to be the very best that we can be.
DevSecOps Days
The DevSecOps Days Podcast is a recorded series of discussions with thought leaders and practitioners who are working on integrating automated security into every phase of the software development pipeline.
Barbarians, political breakdown, economic collapse, mass migration, pillaging and plunder. The fall of the Roman Empire has been studied for years, but genetics, climate science, forensic science, network models, and globalization studies have reshaped our understanding of one of the most important events in human history. PhD historian and specialist Patrick Wyman brings the cutting edge of history to listeners in plain, relatable English.
Changes to the Medicare payment system are on the horizon, and physicians around the country are wondering how the new Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) will impact their practices. This series from the American Medical Association provides an inside look at what’s to come and what physicians can do now to prepare for the transition to MACRA. Hear from industry experts and physician leaders about their experiences with new payment models, quality reporting and more.Sponsor ...
Seeking Him
Let God transform you—one minute at a time! Bite-sized Bible teaching from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.
Welcome to the Mom in the City Show, where a NYC work from home mom shares what she is learning & experiencing.
Comeback Szn
Johnny Manziel, Kayce Smith, and Erik Burkhardt host this brand new podcast at Barstool Sports focusing on College Football, NFL sttorylines, and the career progress of Johnny Manziel as he begins his journey with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. New episodes will be published every week. Subscribe here, and follow the show on all social media @comebacksznshow to interact with Johnny and the rest of the hosts. It's officially #comebackszn at Barstool Sports.
This podcast is a collection of interviews & lectures, some of which are recorded specifically for this podcast, and some that are from his university courses, public lectures, documentary interviews, and YouTube videos from his channel: Jordan Peterson Videos ( The podcast offers discussion and information concerning a variety of complex ideas: How moral & pragmatic values regulate emotion and motivation; Psychometric models such as the Big ...
"Figuring It Out With Anthony Pham" is a podcast that I created where I meet with straight hustlers doing just that - figuring out the game, and killing it in their respective fields. I also wanted it to be a place where anyone can use as context of where to start, what to expect, how my guests found their passion and what they recommend for people getting into a new space or new career. I want to share the ups and downs of these journeys so that it inspires people to at least go out and giv ...
Now you can experience the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz in a podcast. Sit back, relax and let the voices of our professional readers take you on a journey into the future of mobility: featuring exclusive and exciting contributions concerning the latest models and innovations, as well as insights into the development of electric mobility and so much more!
Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers.Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to “get rich quick” or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru ...
Mr 4Real's Rundown
Here to talk about Gaming, Anime, Manga, MMA, Sports, Movies, Fitness, the Modeling World & all things nerdy.I'm a big and tall model, that does mma, acts & I'm also a little bit if a nerd.
The brutal truth about digital performance engineering and operations.Andreas (aka Andi) Grabner and Brian Wilson are veterans of the digital performance world. Combined they have seen too many applications not scaling and performing up to expectations. With more rapid deployment models made possible through continuous delivery and a mentality shift sparked by DevOps they feel it’s time to share their stories. In each episode, they and their guests discuss different topics concerning perform ...
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One of the most challenging NLP tasks is natural language understanding and reasoning. How can we construct algorithms that are able to achieve human level understanding of text and be able to answer general questions about it? This is truly an open problem, and one with the bAbI dataset has been constructed to facilitate. bAbI presents a varie ...…
It is Monique Giggy’s full-time mission to work closely with impact-focused startups that solve world problems with technology. Today, she and Lisa speak about her work as VP at Singularity University, her experience with the triumphs and trials of leadership, the difference in women’s and men’s approaches in as entrepreneurs, and leading from ...…
Through Christ we have the power to say "no" to our flesh.
Through Christ we have the power to say "no" to our flesh.
Yet another analogue special, this time from Los Angeles, USA. For episode 36 we are joined by the rather friendly Michael Kirchoff. Michael runs the "cataylst interviews" website, is the editor in chief over at Analog Forever and has many other projects too! So a very busy man, but he made time for us, so hope you enjoy. Having many years expe ...…
FOOD. It’s one of our favorite topics, and something that’s on our minds as we think about how to support our winter health. In Episode 151 (part 2 of a 2-episode winter wellness series), Christine and Asha share tips for eating simply, healthfully, and deliciously during the winter. They talk about how to keep meals interesting when produce op ...…
In this episode, I'll share The Transformation Equation with you. You'll discover the 5 Foundational Components of Transformational Leadership. Organizational transformation is about attaining long-term, positive, and fundamental improvement that goes far beyond short-term initiatives and change management. However, leading transformation requi ...…
A young Bavarian keeps an old handicraft alive: wood turning. Franz Josef Keilhofer trusts his axe, listens to the wood rotating on his lathe during the week and shouts into the mic for his hardcore band on the weekends.
In this episode, I share reflections on some of my FAVOURITE love songs and poems. (I also have a moment of vulnerability listening to a classic Bee Gee's tune :)) A gift from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
You can choose to give hurt to God and then forgive.
You can choose to give hurt to God and then forgive.
Dr. Stephanie Tuszynski (Director of the Digital Library - White House Historical Association) speaks about how they used AWS to bring the experience of the White House to the world.
"Our ethic should be shaped by the gospel. If anyone should care for the orphan, the weak, and the vulnerable, it should be the Christian." -Tony Merida Visit our website for more information.
Building ships!! In this Episode Dave Ian and Julian are joined by Michael Gibson to try and discuss all aspects of plastic model ship building.
[David Szetela talks about the Microsoft Audience Network with Frances Donegan-Ryan - Bing Ads Global Communications Manager and Learning Strategist - Client Experience Design & Delivery - Bing Ads at Microsoft.The Microsoft Audience Network combines powerful artificial intelligence and the Microsoft Graph digital marketing platforms to find yo ...…
Begin the process of healing from the hurts of your past by choosing to forgive.
Begin the process of healing from the hurts of your past by choosing to forgive.
The off-road legend carries the #japanexplorers on their two-week journey through the land of contrasts and extremes. Just like the “G”, Japan stands for progress – while retaining a firm grip on its values.
On the season one finale of Comeback SZN, EB, Kayce, and Johnny break down the signing of Kyler Murray (shout out EB!), his decision to chose football over baseball and what is next in the draft. We also catch up on Johnny's plan for his own #ComebackSZN and what to expect from the AAF and XFL. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports.…
What am I working on?What can go wrong?What am I going to do about it?Did I do a good job?These are the four questions at the heart of threat modeling In this episode, I speak with Adam Shostack, author of Threat Modeling: Designing for Security. We talk through how to begin threat modeling and the expectations of using modeling. Adam walks thr ...… - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION OFFICE HOURS EVERY OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE Video Emails by Covideo = — SAMPLE EMAIL TO ...…
The way to avoid jealousy is to be filled up with godly love.
The way to avoid jealousy is to be filled up with godly love.
Katie Ferrara is a singer-songwriter from Eagle Rock. Katie was a shy girl growing up, but she always had a desire to sing. To help draw her out of her shell, she joined the school choir, and her love for performing grew. She taught herself how to play guitar, and began writing her own songs, performing them at open mics. But when she went off ...…
Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines Part 30 of 30. You must bet on yourself. Living intentionally leads to amazing results. Living accidentally leads to depressing disappointments. A better tomorrow won't just happen. You must become intentional and make it happen.
What gives Steven Sashen the confidence to build a company in direct competition with multibillion-dollar running shoe brands? In his words, ‘We have the truth on our side. It’s pretty effortless when that’s the case.’ Steven is the cofounder and CEO of Xero Shoes, the performance recreation footwear brand designed around natural fit, natural f ...…
Are your prayers, responses, and words saturated with God's way of thinking?
Are your prayers, responses, and words saturated with God's way of thinking?
How are ML Models Trained? How can developers learn different approaches to solving business problems? How can we race model cars on a global scale? Todd Escalona (Solutions Architect Evangelist, AWS) joins Simon to dive into reinforcement learning and AWS DeepRacer!AWS DeepRacer: Source DIY Donkey Car: htt ...…
The potential of fuel cell technology, and of hydrogen for energy storage, is beyond question. Hydrogen plays a major role in the discussion of ways in which to reach worldwide climatic targets. It is one of the ways in which the range of fuels in the transport sector can be extended in a climate-friendly manner… - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION OFFICE HOURS EVERY OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE Video Emails by Covideo = — SAMPLE EMAIL TO ...…
In the first half of this episode, Kyle speaks with Marc-Alexandre Côté and Wendy Tay about Text World. Text World is an engine that simulates text adventure games. Developers are encouraged to try out their reinforcement learning skills building agents that can programmatically interact with the generated text adventure games. In the second ha ...…
At the heart of the matter is our own hearts… our own motives… our priorities. Visit our website for more information.
Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines Part 29 of 30. Develop yourself intentionally. Growth doesn't just happen. You must be intentional and make it happen. Accidental growth vs. intentional growth is about as effective as accidental exercise compared to intentional exercise...not even close. And the results...not even close.…
In this episode, Lloyd guides Dan and Ryan through some of the exciting announcements from this years model car toy fair in Germany!By Dan Mosqueda.
Is there anyone that you’re estranged from?
Is there anyone that you’re estranged from?
Allied tanks in the battle of France. In this Episode Dave Ian and Julian are joined by Robert to have a discussion about the Allied tanks that were used in the battle of France. We talk about the actual battle, the tanks used and what kits are available to model this fascinating slice of history. Also we have a look at whats new in the modelli ...…
As the holder of 10 World Records and a fitness career spanning over a decade, Randi Lee knows a thing or two about pushing herself to the limit of her greatest potential. Today, she shares with Lisa the journey into powerlifting, and how it shifted her mindset completely on what it really means to be healthy and strong. Today, she loves using ...…
This is the sixth episode in an eight part series, talking with the authors of "Epic Failures in DevSecOps". In this segment, I speak with Chris Roberts about his chapter, "We are all special snowflakes", diving into topics as diverse as the failure of the security industry to protect us from ourselves and what is considered "acceptable" monito ...…
Between the chill, the damp, and the dark, winter can feel pretty blah. What better time to shine a light on wellness? In Episode 150 (Part 1 of a 2-episode winter wellness series), Christine and Asha share tips for maintaining (or, perhaps, restarting) your fitness habit during the cold weather months. + + + + +Every week, Edit Your Life share ...…
New from the phlogger presents, we have our very own news segment. This is called "news in brief" and features Paul Lefko on this episode. We will take you through some recent products, gadgets, tips or people we have found and think you may like. Please note this was recorded towards the end of 2018 but all content is still relevant. In this e ...…
Is there some circumstance you’re trying to manipulate or control?
Is there some circumstance you’re trying to manipulate or control?
Cesar Wedemann (QEDU) talks to Simon about how they gather Education data and provide this data to teachers and public schools to improve education in Brazil. They developed a free-access portal that offers easy visualization of brazilian Education open data. (…
In this discussion, CRAACO co-chair, Katherine Vandebelt, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Reify Health, Inc, and Alison Bateman-House, PhD, MPH, MA, Assistant Professor Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Health, consider what lines are being drawn in the integration of clinical care and clinical research. More specifically: Research and care or t ...… - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION OFFICE HOURS EVERY OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE Video Emails by Covideo = — SAMPLE EMAIL TO ...…
Are you developing a relationship with God?
Are you developing a relationship with God?
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