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Moderate Rebels
Moderate Rebels is a news and politics podcast hosted by journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton. We report on the US empire and the endless war propaganda sold to us each day in the corporate media.
Moderate Rebels
Moderate Rebels is a news and politics podcast hosted by journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton. We report on the US empire and the endless war propaganda sold to us each day in the corporate media.
Welcome to Moderate Fantasy Violence, a fortnightly podcast about pop culture and the world around it, as discussed by Nick Bryan and Alastair JR Ball. Nick will probably launch into a tangent about comics, Alastair will likely go for politics. Both are equally worthwhile.
Politics from a variety of views, with some entertainment and sports talk mixed in. New shows every Sunday at noon! 🇺🇸🐘🐴⚾️🏈🏒 Support this podcast:
Sermon audio from Freeport Church of Christ. Powered by
Community Signal
Community Signal is a weekly podcast for online community professionals, hosted by industry veteran Patrick O’Keefe. There are plenty of social media and marketing podcasts out there. That’s not what this is. Social media is set of tools. Community is a strategy you apply to those tools. Marketing brings new customers. Community helps you keep them.
Politics minus bile plus jokes. Comedian and avowed independent Andrew Heaton examines current events with his deranged friends, then slops humor on top.
Join Lynn, an Internationally trained Mental Health & Wellness psychotherapist, coach, writer, and woman in longterm Recovery, each week as she discusses overdoing, addiction, perfectionism, and mental wellbeing. Lynn freely offers her professional and personal wisdom, evidenced-based therapy along with new and time tested tools, guidance, and inspiration for seekers of holistic mental wellness. Helping others choose, moderation, abstinence, sobriety or Recovery from busyness, overuse or add ...
We strive to be a congregation rooted deeply in the participatory worship of God, where intergenerational relationships are nurtured and all persons are encouraged to share their stories through creative and meaningful expression.It is not uncommon for multiple persons, children and adults alike, to facilitate and lead worship through the gifts of music, proclamation, and written word. This experiential approach continually reveals the blessing of a diverse family and offers a level of depth ...
Business Class – das Gespräch über die zentralen Themen der digitalen Welt.
NPR's daily top stories that you can't miss. Exceptional, moving, offbeat, or just plain funny. Subscribe to the Story of the Day podcast.
Workin 4 A Livin
Workin 4 A Livin is about the meaning of work for men and women from all backgrounds - in the union and non union jobs - who are working for a living everyday at their job. For them to get the latest union news, to discuss and learn about the meaning of work within labor unions, how to become an activist, how activism can affect their careers, and how all of that is supposed to occur within a workers union. We welcome you to become a regular listener.
End of Western Civilization got you down? All is tickety-boo on The Andrew Klavan Show as Andrew laughs his way though Armageddon with political satire, cultural commentary, interviews and relentless mockery of racial pieties, sexual perversities, and feminist absurdities. Monday thru Thursday.
The Michael Steele Podcast is a podcast hosted by former Republican National Committee Chairman and Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Each week, Michael moderates a barbershop style discussion about the key political and cultural issues of the day. Michael brings his experience as an MSNBC political analyst and from a lifetime in politics to a podcast which transcends traditional political boundaries in order to dig deep and find real solutions.
Every Friday, Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no other. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Radical Moderation
In a discourse dominated by extremes, we must be radical in our return to moderation and listening. In the Radical Moderation podcast, Rabbi Ari Segal, Head of School at Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles, reinvigorates the art of the civilized debate. Tackling difficult subjects with a range of points-of-view, Rabbi Segal explores the simple truth of modern dialogue: It is important to say what we think, but it is equally vital to think about how we say it.
The Vergecast
Hello! This is The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of The Verge... and your life. Every Friday, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller make sense of the week's tech news with help from our diverse and wide-ranging staff. And on Tuesdays, Nilay hosts in-depth, one-on-one interviews with major technology leaders. Join us every week for a fun, deeply nerdy, often off-the-rails conversation about what's happening now (and next) in technology and gadgets.
The Ragin' Moderate Podcast
In Times Of Knee-Jerk Hyperpartisanship, To Be A Moderate Is A Radical Act.
Moderate Millennials
Moderately Informed
Podcast by Eddie Purrington & Jonathan Edwards
Bunte Welle
English:Every Saturday morning we are on air for our local and international listeners with our German radio show “Bunte Welle”. We are focused on the most beautiful German hits of all times, and entertain a wide range of people with our music selection, information about the artists, current affairs and local events. We are part of the multicultural program.Responsible for radio “Bunte Welle” are Hilli and Fritz Schmitt, whereby Hilli leads you through the show as a moderator and Fritz acts ...
Rationally Speaking
Rationally Speaking is the bi-weekly podcast of New York City Skeptics. Join host Julia Galef and guests as they explore the borderlands between reason and nonsense, likely from unlikely, and science from pseudoscience. Any topic is fair game as long as we can bring reason to bear upon it, with both a skeptical eye and a good dose of humor!We agree with the Marquis de Condorcet, who said that in an open society we ought to devote ourselves to "the tracking down of prejudices in the hiding pl ...
Weekly social commentary/comedy podcast where your hosts discuss and debate the most notable and shocking news of the week. Starring Enuff Said and Tommy Touchdowns while it is moderated by Gucci.
POLITICO's top reporters dive into the political landscape, the latest numbers that matter, and detail what's really happening behind closed doors. They're people who spend Friday nights poring over poll numbers or the latest Federal Election Commission reports — so if you want to understand how the modern politics game is played, this is the podcast for you. New episodes every Friday, hosted by Scott Bland.
We are Balance365. We are bringing balance, moderation and sanity to women’s health and fitness. Our approach is unique, yet simple: women need to figure out what works for their unique life! This is what allows women to live happily and healthfully with balance and ease.
Join Gerrit and Dennis each week as they dive off the deep end into the always fascinating world of pop culture television, movies, literature, and more. If you binge it, they'll do it. In moderation of course.
The Ragin' Moderate Podcast
Sick of ideologues, demagogues, and fact-twisting pundits with clear left/right bias? The folks at the Ragin’ Moderate are here to save the day. Each week, this podcast dissects a topic in American politics & policy, bringing us one step closer to the (more nuanced, complicated, and yes- moderate) truth.
An anime noob, an anime moderate, and an anime adept watch Naruto every week and slowly lose their minds.This is Narushow, a podcast about Naruto.
The Tim Pool Daily Show brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in The Culture War, Politics, And Global Conflict
Candid and intelligent discussions focusing on issues of race with a panel of guests spanning different generations, moderated by WFTV Orlando’s Vanessa Echols.
Chuck Todd at his best – unscripted, informed and focused on what really matters in the 2020 presidential race. Join Chuck each Wednesday as he talks with top reporters from the nation’s capital, plus exclusive sit-down interviews and on-the-ground dispatches from across the campaign trail.
Late Night Parents
Join Ted Hicks as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses today's current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time.
Moderately Maybe
Moderately Maybe explores a moderate approach to life, specifically related to changing drinking habits to moderate, healthy levels. We explore a balanced approach to life.
No Sides Attached
A discussion show featuring two millennials on a quest to make sense of politics and culture. Join them, and their resident Everyday Guy, on their exploration.
Hard talk, blunt, in your face questioning of what is going on on both sides of the aisle in Washington today.
"A perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods." - NY Times "Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express...remarkable" - Psychology Today "A vital, compassionate gem that fills a desperate and under-addressed need in our society." - Esquire "Gilmartin makes a conscious effort to explore stories that aren’t black and white" - Slate Magazine "Praised by listeners all over the world" - Atlan ...
America feels divided. From the most salient questions about our national identity and place in the world, to fundamental concerns about technology, religion, the economy, and public policy, Intelligence Squared U.S. is here to help. A respite from polarized discussions, we bring together the smartest minds to debate and dissect issues in depth, restoring civility and bringing intelligence to the public square in the process.
In the SiegeGG Podcast, hosts mzo and Helbee go over the competitive scene of Rainbow Six. Tune in for special guests, predictions, and more!
Critiques and learning about Ayn Rand's philosophy from a moderate point-of-view.
An alternative to the Republican Propaganda machine. Thoughtful discussion and insight.Blog AddressMaximum Security Democracy Blog
Not Enough Champagne is a podcast about people, politics and pragmatism. Cory Hazlehurst and Steve Haynes discuss political matters from a moderate perspective. We try and take a step back from partisan bickering to discuss how parties can compromise and bring about change for the better.
Third Fridays
"Third Fridays" is a live, 30-minute legal talk show from Lois LLC featuring moderator Christian Sison. It is the original forum in which real attorneys discuss workers' compensation issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations. The goal of the show is to showcase the diverse perspectives of the attorneys handling workers' compensation cases. Attorneys discuss case law trends, practical litigation strategies, and hot topics.
Piltch Point (Video)
Hosted by Avram Piltch, Editor-in-Chief of Tom's Hardware, and moderated by Scott Ertz, The Piltch Point is a livecast covering news, reviews, and previews of devices and components. Avram showcases new technology, gadgets, and concepts, as they are announced or released. Review products include smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, laptops, and tablets.
Backroom Politics
THE BEST POLITICAL TALK SHOW YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF! Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell... Join Allen Moore, Dan Lipner, and Rear Admiral Ken Carodine as they take an uncensored look at Washington politics.
Militant Moderate
Welcome to the Militant Moderate! Follow me to get an open-minded political comment on our current politicians, pundits, celebrities, and overall trouble-makers. My goal is to open a dialogue while providing facts, statistics, entertainment, and for all of us to find some common ground or, at least, understand why we disagree. And remember, BE. NICE. See you next week!
Sports and stuff.
Moderately Funny
Michael and Jessica discuss hypothetical and interesting questions sent in by their audience. Michael sees the world a little differently than most do. He brings his unorthodox way of thinking to the podcast. Jessica is a licensed therapist and has a more therapeutic way of looking at things. Their conversations always end up interesting and hilarious!
This podcast is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute best in progressive and liberal political news, commentary and occasional comedy with great music to pull it all together. Each edition focuses on a political theme and delivers a variety of stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme. By the way, this is an ENHANCED PODCAST with cool features built in which is fun but that means that it's not compatible with everyone's audio player. For the STANDAR ...
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show series
After an almost three and a half month absence, the Moderate Podcast is back! My new co-host, my dad, and I get into the Trump impeachment inquiry, withdrawal from Syria, Ellen and George W. Bush, and the first three weeks of Survivor. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. thi ...…
Ocasio Cortez Could LOSE Her Seat In Congress, New Moderate Democrats Announces Primary Challenge. Ocasio Cortez won her seat through the tactic of "primarying." With just less than 17,000 votes she outed Joe Crowley to become the Democratic nominee for her district. Because her district is so heavily Democrat winning the primary was all it too ...…
This NINETY-NINTH fortnight, tagging right in to the general discourse, we talk about the new Joker film (10:15, with some more specific spoilers from 21:30), then ask: to what degree are you supposed to empathise with villains? (35:21) Fuller shownotes at ModerateFantasyViolence.comBy Nick Bryan & Alastair JR Ball.
Ben Norton continues his discussion with Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil, who traveled to Syria to report on how the brutal regime-change war continues, now through economic siege, sanctions, and psychological warfare. PART 2 OF 2 (Recorded on September 21, 2019)By Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton.
Vergecast hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn attended Google's hardware event on Tuesday and sat down with SVP of Devices & Services Rick Osterloh to discuss Google's new products: the Pixel 4, the Pixelbook Go, the Nest Mini, and the Pixel Buds 2. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Democrat DEFENDS Far left Incitement After HQ Vandalized By Antifa. Far Left antifa types vandalized the democratic HQ in Portland and even included language that I cannot repeat on Youtube. You would think overt incitement would be the line for Democrats but for some reason the executive director of the Oregon Democrats has instead defended An ...…
Turkey, Impeachment, Hunter Biden... Is this real news or just a fantasy? Hard to tell when Democrats tell Democrats what to tell us. Plus a chat with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.Date: 10-15-2019By The Daily Wire.
Twitter’s head of product Kayvon Beykpour sits down with Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton to talk about how Twitter juggles its policy with trust and safety, the state of verification, the future of video in your feed, and how tweets can become more ephemeral. Please take our survey here: ...…
Ideas are coming at you every day from all directions. How can you process it all? You can start with The Next Big Idea. Host Rufus Griscom and legendary thought leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and Susan Cain, will be your personal “idea” curators. Open your mind and get ready for something big, because the right idea--at the ri ...…
The Stanford Prison Experiment is one of the most famous psychology experiments in history. For decades, we've been told that it proves how regular people easily turn sadistic when they are asked to role play as prison guards. But the story now appears to be mostly fraudulent. Thibault Le Texier is a researcher who dug into the Stanford archive ...…
CNN Whistleblower EXPOSES Hard Proof Of Networks Anti-Trump Bias, Project Veritas Reports. James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has released a new expose this time on CNN. A whistleblower who has worked with the company for over two years agreed to secretly film in order to expose the bias against the President and conservatives. In the expose we c ...…
Worst case scenarios unfold in Syria and on CNN's gay extravaganza.Date: 10-14-2019By The Daily Wire.
For communities that come with a membership fee, direct revenue might seem like the top benefit for your company. But the Daily Maverick’s membership program gives them direct access to their most engaged readers, which has created benefits beyond revenue. The Daily Maverick has hired employees through its community, grown new company verticals ...…
Austin's bright new life unravels in a night of ugly revelations and bloodshed.SUBSCRIBE to to receive early access to Another Kingdom episodes!By The Daily Wire.
So many of us long to be part of something real. But we’ll need to risk discomfort and criticism and show the world our real selves first, says vulnerability researcher Brené Brown.
From the series: Purposeful Parenting Speaker: Jeff White References: Exodus 2:1=10 Resources: 13_oct_2019_am_full_service.mp3 (download) Purposeful_Parenting.pptx (download)By Jeff White.
October 13, 2019: STRIKE “DAY 28” At GM By The UAW – Rhetoric Ramps Up! The Rank And File Continue To Be Resolute - In Solidarity! Pease join Co-Host Jeff Brown, and Moderator Leroy McKnight, tonight at 7:00pm edt, and by podcast any time thereafter; where these “Progressives For Change Offer Opinions That Matter”. Workin 4 A Livin is about the ...…
Trump Is WINNING Over The "Never Trumpers," Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral. Many Republicans vowed to never support the president but now finding themselves doing just that. In a story from the New York Times they document how most of the prominent conservatives opposing Trump have now become some of his most ardent defenders and ...…
Steve and Cory talk to Shaz Rahman, an activist from Birmingham Friends of the Earth, about the Extinction Rebellion protests this week. James Cram designed our logo and Dave Depper is responsible for our theme tune, Plucky Good Times.
Playlist: Roger Whittaker - Erinnerungen Vicky Leandros - Die Souvenirs von damals Wolfgang Hermann - Denkst du noch an früher Illusion - Ich denk an Dich my Love Die Flippers - Als hätte ich vorher nie gelebt Andy Borg - Als sie noch Anna hieß Wolfgang Petry - Der Sommer von damals Simon und Charly Brunner - Ich denk noch an Dich Chris Doerk - ...…
The Intelligence Agency "Coup" Against Trump Will Ignite Civil War, I hope I am Wrong. Award Winning Journalist Matt Taibbi recently wrote an article describing what is going on with impeachment, Russia, Ukraine, etc as a "permanent coup." The article is stunning in that he goes into great detail explaining his personal experiences in 'what com ...…
McAleenan "wants to spend more time with his family and go to the private sector," President Trump tweeted. He is the latest casualty at the massive agency responsible for protecting U.S. borders.By NPR.
America is exhausted with Trump's lawbreaking - Michael and Bill Weld break down what needs to happen to bring our long national nightmare to an end. William Weld served two terms as Republican Governor of Massachusetts, ran for Vice President as a Libertarian in 2016, and is running for President as a Republican in 2020.…
Kara and Scott talk about feuds with VC's, billionaires paying fewer taxes than the working class and tech companies folding to Chinese state media pressure. They take a listener mail question about Sidewalk Labs and the right way to make smart cities. They're concerned with the Turkish president's use of Twitter to announce an invasion of Syri ...…
TOPICS: Some U.S cities are banning fast-food windows. Thoughts about Ellen Degeneres defending George W. Bush. Ja Rule thinking about doing Fyre Festival the way he wanted it to be done. Clayton Kershaw’s ranking in postseason history. Bernie Sanders recovery possibly forcing him out of the democratic race | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: What ...…
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller go deep on Apple's updated operating systems: macOS Catalina and iPadOS. Also, Sony confirms their next console will be the PS5 in 2020. Stories this week: Apple’s macOS Catalina update is coming todayCatalina ReviewPhotoshop and Lightroom users should wait before updating to ...…
The communications trainer, meditation teacher and author talks about his history of stuffed anger and how he learned to use non-violent communication to better his life and relationships. They also discuss Somatic Experiencing for releasing trapped trauma from the body. He is the author of the book Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonv ...…
Austin's bright new life unravels in a night of ugly revelations and bloodshed.Episode releases Monday October 14th.By The Daily Wire.
The Nerdcast has a stacked show this week as we get Natasha Bertrand to take us inside two prank calls to Sen. Lindsey Graham that fly in the face of his recent comments on Turkey, the Kurds and Syria. Plus, Nancy Cook, Holly Otterbein and Daniel Strauss join guest host Charlie Mahtesian to chat about what's new in impeachment and why next week ...…
Next Sunday, October 20, we will vote on recommendations for members of the Nominating Committee, who will nominate candidates for 2020 Officers, Deacons, and Committees, as well as an addendum about the Nominating Process. In preparation for that vote, we are releasing this podcast, which presents a few different perspectives. We hope that you ...…
MORE Documents Implicate Joe Biden in Ukraine Scandal, Politician Says Joe Was Paid $900K By Burisma. A Ukrainian MP has issued a statement and released documents alleging that Joe Biden himself was paid $900,000 in exchange for consulting services by Burisma. The story, reported by Interfax, directly implicates Joe Biden and if true would pres ...…
Trump screws Kurds, NBA screws America, Matt Lauer screws everyone he can get his hands on. Plus Charlie Kirk joins us with news from the campus front lines.Date: 10-10-2019By The Daily Wire.
The two men with links to President Trump's personal lawyer were part of efforts to have Ukraine investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. The indictment deals with a separate matter.By NPR.
A lot of new information has come out as part of the Democratic impeachment inquiry. But all along the way the White House has stopped cooperating with the House and the State Department has blocked many of the inquiries key witnesses from testifying. What is the latest on that front? All that and more this week on Backroom Politics!…
Episodes discussed: 78 and 79Aw man. Aw jeez. Aw beans. That went exactly as we thought, and we're definitely not happy about it. The battle between the Akatsuki members and Asuma's squad heats up, and reaches its first conclusion, and a real big bummer of one. What are we talking about? Come find out!It's NARUSHOW!…
This month America's ridiculous trade policies are going to jack scotch prices up by 25%! Heaton calls in Reason's Eric Boehm and playwright/free market paladin Jeremey Kareken to sound the alarm over protectionism.By Andrew Heaton.
Ben Norton continues his discussion with Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil, who traveled to Syria to report on how the brutal regime-change war continues, now through economic siege, sanctions, and psychological warfare. PART 2 OF 2 (Recorded on September 21, 2019)By Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton.
The President fights back. Plus the mailbag!Date: 10-09-2019By The Daily Wire.
Impeachment BACKFIRES On Moderate Democrats BAD, Protests And Booing Erupts, People Cry "Coup." In a shocking turn protests have erupted outside the offices of moderate Democrats over their support for impeachment and even in front of one congressman who doesn't. They say he showing "impeachment behavior." In many districts Democrats won in 201 ...…
Camp Mariposa in Dayton, Ohio, is designed just for them. The program lets these children share their experiences, learn coping strategies and, most importantly, get to be kids.By NPR.
The panel is joined by special guest Rahim Rashidi, dubbed Mr. Kurd by President Trump, to talk about the presidents unexpected announcement to withdraw U.S. military forces out of Syria. What does this mean for the Syrian Kurds that have spent the past few years fighting alongside American soldiers? What will happen now that Turkey is ramping ...…
Austin's Hollywood success begins to go sour as he realizes he hasn't just lost his memory, he's also lost his courage, his integrity and his manhood.By The Daily Wire.
Austin suddenly finds himself a Hollywood success, awash in money, success and babes. But who's that mutant squirrel-woman peering in his window?By The Daily Wire.
Reuters' Jeff Mason and NBC News producer Kailani Koenig join Chuck Todd, moderator of Meet the Press, to talk about the president's next moves in the impeachment challenge. And Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie talks to Chuck about his new book, Mindf*ck. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
US Companies CAVE To China's Censorship Demands Over Hong Kong Protest, Blizzard And NBA Are Cowards. The big story trending today is that Blizzard, the company behind Hearthstone, has suspended a player and rescinded prize money over his support for the ongoing Hong Kong protests. This comes in the wake of the South Park episode mocking Americ ...…
In reacting to Trump's move in Syria, the right shows independence, while the left always takes the anti-Trump line.Date: 10-08-2019By The Daily Wire.
Steve and Cory talk about the proposed "take it or leave it" deal emanating from Number 10, as well as the fallout from Conservative Party Conference. Our theme tune is from Dave Depper and James Cram designed our logo.
In remote eastern Oregon, a serial crime is unfolding. Someone is killing purebred bulls. And they're doing it with a level of cruel precision that's frightening to both ranchers and law enforcement.By Anna King.
So much of the GOP refuses to recognize the danger of Donald Trump. Michael and Republican presidential candidate Mark Sanford discuss why. Plus, what's the biggest issue voters should focus on aside from the Tweeter-In-Chief? Mark Sanford has twice represented the First District of South Carolina in the U.S. Congress and served as the 115th Go ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren are joined by Heather Plett, a coach, facilitator and author of a powerful blog post that looks at the dynamics of parenting while you do your own healing work. Is it ever too late to start doing that work for yourself? This question and others will be answered when you tune in!…
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