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Behind the Bars, Motorcycles Memories and MayhemSponsored by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, Barre, VermontMark and John's no holds barred podcast about motorcycles and the people who ride them. Some language may be explicit.
Loud Pipes!
We aim to bring you original content centered around motorcycles and the riding experience. Other topics may include news and events, recent rides, demo rides, and other motorcycle and automotive events in the Charlotte, NC area and the greater Southeast of the United States. We stream live during show recordings on Thursdays at 9pm ET. -
False Neutral
False Neutral is The Hooniverse Podcast Network's motorcycle-centric podcast. Eric, Garrett & Pete discuss buying, riding, and wrenching motorcycles.Starting in January of 2018, new episodes appear monthly.
The mission of Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz is to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to wrench on them. Over the years we have built up an amazing community through our free-to-all motorcycle garage. Our podcast consists of a rotating cast of characters sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences.
Wide Open Radio
Wide Open Radio-the nation's fastest growing all-motorcycle talk radio program. Hosts Courtney Lambert and Guests discuss important news in the motorcycle industry.
Wingman's Garage
'Welcome to Wingman's Garage, hosted by Chris "The Wingman", Daniel “The Track Rat" and Eeyore, and home of the often rambling, somewhat informative motorcycle podcast. Join us on our weekly podcasting adventures as we share our rides through country roads, city streets and the daily commute to share riding tips or maintenance tricks, and discuss new gear, trends, and of course, motorcycles.
The Ten Tenths Podcast is hosted by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robbie Vierhout. This podcast is intended to be a public forum where these three petrolheads with vastly differing automotive preference discuss their racing experiences, shame each other for poor automotive choices and generally have fun while talking about cars.
All about custom motorcycles, rallys, parts, Bourbon - check out the latest shenanigans on Pat Jansen's Motorcycle Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast
Rebel Role Model
Rebels by nature, role models by example. We interview everyday disruptors that become successful in a nontraditional way, and cover industries like startups, nontraditional entrepreneurs, technology, venture capital, social media influencers, business law, PR agencies, television personalities, fashion blogging, professional athletes, musicians, etc.
Two women who though the motorcycle podcast world lacked a certain opinion, ours. Join us every couple of weeks, or when our real lives allow us to talk about motorcycles
Join me every week for your dose of ideas, insights and inspiration to upgrade all areas of life! I'll be chatting with friends old and new who have incredible stories, experiences, lessons and strategies to share.
Semi true stories about motorcycles and misadventures
A discussion about motorcycles, music, adult beverages and exploring nature and road trips.
Over and done ex-detective Sam Allwayz recounts the story of the most astounding biker on Earth...
Interviews with innovators of the American West. Guests include ranchers, writers, athletes, artists, adventurers, conservationists, entrepreneurs—anyone who’s doing important work and has an interesting story to tell. Through informal yet substantive conversations, conservationist Ed Roberson introduces you to these fascinating characters, giving you a better understanding of their careers, influences, and outlooks, as well as a deeper appreciation for life in the American West.
CarStories is committed to bringing you the best interviews and automotive stories from celebrities, racers, enthusiasts and listeners around the globe with James McKeone.
A church in SE Portland here to help people Find Jesus, Build Community and Pursue Justice.
Free American Show
I am Clay Douglas, a well traveled Texan with 49 states and 7 countries under his belt. I have written for many magazines and done worldwide radio shows for many years.
Follow our never ending journey through the world of culture, tattoos, motorcycles, rat rods, racing, tuners, music, beers and dropping gears. We're not politically correct either, so if you're looking for some strawberry shortcake of a podcast, might look elsewhere. This brand Rebel Reaper Clothing Company stands for everything AGAINST THE NORM, in our own way, and we'd like to bring you along meeting other likeminded individuals, friends, family, company owners, shop owners, artists, music ...
CarsYeah podcast is a show hosted by Mark Greene. Mark is an incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and more. Let Mark take you on their journey, get under the hood, and provide some entrepreneurial inspiration. The show includes successes and failures, their incredible journey, plus the Last Lap where guests answer in quick blip-of-the-throttle answers. At the end there's ...
Convince Me
Each week a different guest from the comedy world tries to convince a couple of skeptics of get on board with their distinctive, sometimes downright unusual obsessions. Hosted by Ben Cassil and Thayer Frechette.
Girl on a Moto is a podcast for women by women, to empower one another in the motorcycle community. We strive to create content that informs and inspires, while also keeping it enjoyable and honest. We value our listeners and want to welcome them and connect them with a community regardless of who they are or what they Ride.
A weekly podcast where we share articles & tips relating to insurance!
NoBraking creator James sits down and talks cars and bikes with automotive legends, icons, drivers, builders and some great friends.New weekly episodes go live every Wednesday and bonus episodes can be found on a Monday.Make sure to follow us and subscribe!NoBrakingcan be found onInstagramandFacebook
Zac Klassen
Come into my world. TOPICS: Acting, Film, Fitness, Diets, Producing, Movies, Relationships, Drama, Motivation, Motivational Stories, Exercise, Drugs, Life goals, Advice and experience
Your morning shot of what's new in the world of real estate investing. Daily real estate investment outlook from investor, syndicator, developer and author Victor Menasce. Weekday shows are 5 minutes of high energy, high impact awesomeness. The weekend edition consists of interview with notable guests including Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Helms, Chris Martenson, George Ross, Ed Griffin, Dr. Doug Duncan, and many more.
Not My President / Progressive Politics / Liberal Lifestyle / American Society and Culture / Health and Self-Help / She Persisted Feminism / Blue Collar Pride / Green Energy / Criminal Justice / Putin and Russia Hosted by Lisa Nolan
Sayspool Show
Knox and the Gingerbread man are two life long friends who want nothing more then to make you laugh and then offend you. we spend time talking about local and national issues and making fun of stupid people. some of our shows are national based shows while others focus on our local town
If you want the latest bike reviews, news, events and kit, check out fantastic new website features the latest bike launch reports as they happen; kit reviews; events; know-how and compelling blogs to enjoy every day. You’ll find a mixture of the best photography, great videos, and the hottest kit news before anyone else.
Subscribe to Secrest Wardle’s podcast pertaining to various areas of the law. Host contact information will be provided along with each podcast. Questions and/or comments from listeners are encouraged. Secrest Wardle is a law firm specializing in defense litigation and counsel for insurance, municipal, and commercial clients headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with additional offices in Grand Rapids and Lansing. For additional information, please visit, send an email to in ...
Random Thoughts
Robert Omoto documents his pursuit of stand-up comedy in Sacramento, California from performing in the middle of nowhere, to bombing on stage, plays clips from actual shows, and interviews other comedians. His constant over-analyzation and crazy life style, lead to ridiculous stories that could only happen to him.
Moto Rejects
Moto Rejects (2017-10-01T04:42:04.000Z)
Moto Japan
Automotive content with tips and tricks of riding in Japan. For the Japanese version, search for "もとじゃぱん ぽっどきゃすと".
What's the history of stop lights? What are some common myths about car dealerships? Join Scott and Ben as they take a closer look at all things automotive in CarStuff, a podcast by
Just two guys talking tech, Dennis and Darren are experienced hardware reviewers, gamers and overclockers bringing you some of the latest tech dirt in the hardware world.
Bi-weekly doses of inspiration from badass humans who got through tough times, leaning into wellness as an outlet. From top CEOs to average Joes, Hurdle brings you their stories, the lessons they learned, and hopefully gives you the push you need to live a healthier, happier, more motivated life.
India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 4 MILLION riders.Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.
Cleantech Talk
Matthew Klippenstein and Nicolas Zart, two globally recognized electric vehicle and clean energy experts, discuss the hottest news regarding Tesla, other electric vehicles, solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage.
In Retrospect
In Retrospect is a podcast looking at life's lessons through the clear lens of hindsight. Most episodes are interviews with my close friends and family, while others are my own thoughts as a husband, father of five, and ER physician. The intended audience is anyone from any background who wants to feel courage, comfort and camaraderie in this amazing journey called life!
Gnar Talk
Q&A podcast revolving around motorcycles and DIY culture, featuring a Harley certified mechanic.
Stephan Watson sits down with creative individuals in cosplay, costume design, prop making and more. Sharing origin stories and methods of creating costumes and effects.
Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon
Covering rider culture and the motorcycle industry.
“KickStand” is an on-line opinion radio/pod-cast which talks aboutgeneral and current motorcycle related topics, with an emphasison motorcycle-related topics in Australia (particularly Melbourne,Victoria) and Melbourne’s premier motorcycle communityMelbourne Street Riders.
Heels Down Magazine presents the Heels Down Happy Hour podcast. There's a whole lot of stuff happening in the horse world, and someone's got to keep you up to date. Who’s winning what? What weird rules are you probably going to violate at your next horse show? What does your favorite rider really think about white breeches? Don’t worry, that's what we're here for. Grab a drink. Welcome to Happy Hour.
How can you tell if it's heartburn or a heart attack? What do you do if someone you love has a stoke? Dr. Troy Madsen, Emergency Department physician, answers these questions and more. He'll give you perspective and information to help you decide if it's really an emergency and what to do in those situations. From falls to the flu, Dr. Madsen will keep you informed about the common reasons why people end up in the ER so you can avoid a trip there yourself.
Ken Hill Coaching
Join Ken Hill as he takes you through the techniques, habits and processes that build national winning fundamentals for riding your motorcycle on the track or the street.
Stuff I Heard
Welcome to the Stuff I Heard podcast, where I talk about podcasts and life... Instagram: jtatpeekYouTube: stuffiheardpodcast@gmail.comLet's change the world by building our community! I'm inspired by Bert Kreischer, Joe Rogan, Cam Hanes, David Goggins, Casey Neistat, Dan Mace, KetoConnect.netCheck out my friends podcastsThe Old Red Truck - (my brother Alex)Organic Prases - Brandon HoeckelFranks Madhouse - Jamaal BaynesYoutube: rpeek (my Dad)Instagram: az__p ...
Adventure Travel and Outdoor Activities Research Journal
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show series
Pat speaks with Nima about how our interpretation of words and stories determines how we progress and communicate in this life, or fail to do so.
Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss, is from Memphis where the cars are fast, the pavement is dangerous, and street racing is a family affair. He’s the man on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws: Memphis. Back on October 15, they ran a special TV episode titled “The History of JJ,” which exposed a unique glimpse into his life and times. He ...…
Yesterday the new Ontario conservative government issued their first fiscal update. Of interest to real estate investors, The government is also eliminating rent control on new rental units to increase housing supply across the province, but says rent control will remain in place for current tenants. The new policy will be a reversal of sorts f ...…
In this Behind the Bars Podcast with Jeannine Condon, daughter of the famous Ken Condon, John and Mark gain a deeper understanding of how motorcycling is empowering and inspiring more women to ride. Jeannine speaks about the experience of training riders, both male and female, on the track and how those skills translate to street riding. She sh ...…
Jay Gillotti is the author of “Gulf 917”, a new book from Dalton Watson Fine Books that tells the story of the Porsche 917s raced by the John Wyer/Gulf Team in 1970 and 1971. Jay has contributed to several automotive books by other authors as well as the Porsche Club of America’s magazine, Panorama. He is an active member and writer for the Pac ...…
yes finally an uploadBy Knox and GBM.
On today's show we are continuing our series on Amazon and the implications of the company's seemingly unstoppable growth. Yesterday we looked at Long Island city, an area of the Queens borough of NYC. Today, we talking about how Amazon also announced that Northern Virginia would be the site of their technology hub expansion. Specifically, Crys ...…
So we’re TECHNICALLY not at 10 just yet, but Moody is back around for another fantastic episode. Now working for herself, Madame Moody has started taking her costuming to a whole new level. In this episode, we’ll hear how that adjustment has been, her recent experiences at New York Comic Con, more Cosplay Boyfriend, and TONS MORE!!! Madame Mood ...…
Tom Giertz is the CEO at 2ndCar, an online auction site, buy it now sales, a blog for track events, DIY tips, and lots of cool car stories. Along with his business partners Scott Furgiuele and Andy Ritt, Tom is a life-long automotive enthusiast who has turned his passion into a business. Tom’s father was racing a Fiat Abarth Monza at the Sebrin ...…
I know this is my podcast, and you have opinions... but this is my podcast. So take this with the understanding this is how I see things, and I invite you to think for yourselves. Have conversations with people who are different than you, people who think different than you.... explore what makes you uncomfortable and ask yourselves if you are ...…
This week we share tips from the Michigan DNR for safe hunting tips...
Michael Dweck is an American visual artist and filmmaker. Best known for his narrative photography, Dweck has moved into filmmaking with his feature-length film The Last Race premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The Last Race is an intimate portrait of a small-town stock car racetrack in Long Island, Riverhead Racew ...…
On today’s episode we are examining the larger implications of Amazons Second headquarters or HQ2 to the company's expansion plans. Last week Amazon announced that they plan to split their planned Technology hub expansion between two cities instead of one. Key to Amazon growth is access to talent. The 50,000 jobs that Amazon points to create ov ...…
Andrei Michailov is the Creative Director for the Romanian edition of Forbes magazine. He is also an accomplished automotive photographer who specializes in scale model car photography. He runs his own Creative Studio in Bucharest titled GB Media. GB stands for Good Business as his focus is on providing clients with great service from a great t ...…
A team of New York City law-enforcement officers swarmed a Manhattan condominium last month, issuing 27 notices of violations for illegal hotel use in one of the largest single crackdowns on short-term rentals.The raid was at the Atelier, a 46-story Midtown luxury tower located on 42nd street near Times Square. This may be a sign of what’s to c ...…
The topic of this month's episode was supposed to be the new bikes from EICMA, but Garrett followed through on his predicted purchase of not one but three Yamaha two-stroke twins. One will be a fairly mild, original looking Kenny Roberts Special. The other two, an RZ and an RD, will be wildly modified with monster motors. Between the three proj ...…
OMG The Gang is all here!!!! Isle of Man TT to be a reality TV Show? God I Hope Not Esport Grand Prix on MotoGP. Sykes to BMW Utah Motorsports Park Sells.
Pat interviews Scott Riley of Causeway Living about what guides you toward your calling, in fitness, health and finding your true inner peace.
The dudes took an excursion to The Southern Drawl Motorcycle show in Rocky Mount NC. They met some cool new people and learned a lot about each other. Song of the Week Piranha Rama; Hungry Ghost.
Noah Alexander is the owner of Classic Car Studio who specialize in classic car restoration, sales, service and custom builds. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri the team at Classic Car Studio have the ability to handle all aspects of a project under one roof. You can also find Alexander and his Classic Car Studio team on the hit tv show Spee ...…
Listening to Kirsty Godso talk will ignite something awesome in you. Appropriate, since the Nike Master Trainer calls herself (and others who are willing to work hard to elevate the energy of everyone around them) a “pyro girl.” In episode 27 we talk about the #hurdlemoments she’s faced building her personal brand, including having to leave beh ...…
John Oates is one half of the best-selling duo of all time, Hall & Oates, as well as an accomplished solo artist. Since their formation in the early 70s, Daryl Hall & John Oates have recorded 21 albums, which have sold over 80 million units. They scored 10 number 1 records, over 20 Top-40 hits, and have toured the world for four decades. All th ...…
Today is another AMA episode "Ask Me Anything". Adam from Riverside asks “You mentioned on previous shows that you are vegan. You seem passionate about it. Would you help us understand your rationale?”That's a great question Adam. In truth, it wasn't a single decision. It was a series of small decisions made over several years. The net result o ...…
We bring to your our special once a year Dirtbag Challenge show. This event has moved to yet another location, this time in Oakland. The Misfits made their camp, fired up the grill, and fed hungry strangers once again. But not all were strangers. In fact, the Dirtbag has become like a reunion for many. We see old friends, and make new ones ever ...…
We take a rare form this week by looking at practical buying options and surprising values in the new car market place. #realjournalism We also take a look at the most Googled car manufacturers by country.By Michael, Adam and Robbie.
Darren Doyle is the General Manager at Agronosotros, the parent company of International Coffee Farms. They specialize in agricultural real estate development where they own a total of 16 farms between Panama and Belize. In this wide ranging conversation, Darren educated me on both coffee and chocolate production. This was a fun and fascinating ...…
It is absolutely harder to do anything versus doing nothing. I urge you to do something. Do something hard! Exert yourself and fail at times, and in the end you will be happier for the effort and the finished product. Energy and sacrifice defines each of us in value through my eyes. If you are a giver and a creator I admire you. If all you do i ...…
Episode #53: Andrew Job joins me today and we discuss random things in life, the Bible, acting and just some pointless stuff that you might find entertaining but most likely not. Andrew Job’s Instagram Episodes are available in Audio & Video Form. Follow me on Instagram http://w ...…
This week Kevin and Larry discuss AIM and wrap up that weekend. We get to hear about the attempted listener ride, Larry’s experience in Las Vegas, as well as, his demo rides. Special Thanks: A big thank you to Kenneth, Paul, Scott, Roger, Steven, Lloyd, Scott, Chad, Mathew, Dan, TC, Jorge, Randy, Shaun, James, Tyler, Tom, Paul, Jeff and Chuck. ...…
Keith Weinhold is the host of the Get Rich Education Podcast and is a contributor to the Forbes Council on Real Estate. His new book is "7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential". On today's show, we discuss two of the seven myths. Check it out.
In this episode the duo talk about fearmongering in the techtainment or techutainment space with dying RTX 2080 ti graphics cards and follow up with some of the hottest games of the fall season.
Ken Kaplan, New England Motorcycle Museum located in Rockville, Connecticut is a very interesting guy. Having built a 70,000 square foot Motorcycle Museum from scratch, he is on a trajectory to have a one-of-a-kind museum. Mark was in his glory as Ken and Kenny expounded upon the spiritual nature of bikes and "motorcycles as art" The museum is ...…
Today we celebrate an artist mechanic, an internationally celebrated restorer, a boy next door, and an unassuming human being with a heart of gold. Gurmukh Singh Sahl is a master restorer, a collector and an antique lover who fell in love with the old world.Having earned his first Quail a prestigious international laurel of at the Pebble Beach ...…
William Howard is the Regional Director of the Ferrari Club of America and joined the National Board of the Ferrari Club of America in 2015. He is also an active member of the Classic Car Club of America. William was born in Hong Kong and moved with his family to Bellevue, Washington in 1993. His mother was an actress and his stepfather was a d ...…
On today’s show we’re going to look at the Cannabis industry.Before we jump in, many of my friends outside Canada have asked me if I’ve gone out and bought some weed yet. Sorry to disappoint you. The answer is no. It’s just something I’m not that interested in. In spite of that, the investment community is very interested in cannabis and On tod ...…
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? It’s 2018, so that is the question. This week, we’ve got a special guest on the the show who wants to help out all those helpless parents with pony-crazy kids and have no idea where to start. Plus winter is coming, and we’ve got some tips on how to stay warm. Thanks for tuning in...…
We are in the early stages of planning for a roundtable style series that allows anyone to call in and join the conversation. More details to follow in the next few episodes as we work out the details. Thanks to Brother Bacon for joining us for this episode and be sure to checkout all the fun over at the MotoNobodies podcast. TOPICS: EICMA 2018 ...…
Today, Matt, owner of Rebel Reaper talks about the direction of the future of RR and the direction we are taking the podcast - that’ll help make a difference and change for everyone. We feel it’s a good move and will help people relevant to what we know best.
(11-07-2018) - Randy returns from SEMA in Las Vegas with the REAL story of what happened to car customizer Gene Winfield, how is fall in Finland didn't "Finnish" him off because....he's really "Superman!" (Okay, maybe I made up the Superman part, but he's one tough dude)....and what impressed our previous Talking About Cars podcast guests at SE ...…
Chris and Kevin are back this week while Larry is still on the other side of the pond. We discuss our riding, other happenings and get into the news. Mail Call: Email from Sandra News: Indian FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S Cardo partners with JBL IMS bringing back Adventure Out! Harley has what appears to be a good 3rd quarter. Recalls: Yamaha Super T ...…
John Mills is a long time SCCA race car driver and a championship GT3 racer who has held lap records at the Mid-Ohio Sportscar course and Grattan Raceway. John is a seasoned fabricator, which allows him to design and build his own race cars specializing in custom roll cages, which he builds for other racers as well. In 2008, John suffered a tra ...…
Today is another "Ask Me Anything" episode. Karla asks "Many syndicators require investors to be “accredited “ .Can you share a few ways to become accredited using real estate investments? I.e . Buying SFH, etc."That's a great question, and has a legal component to it. I'm not an attorney and can't give legal advice. So please consult an attorn ...…
Yesterday was election day. Did you vote? Many did. I did. Be part of the change and vote, and if you don't get your way, fall in line and try again next time. United we stand! Become a supporter of this podcast:
It’s time to talk props, foam, and SKYRIM!!! This week’s guest is the fabulous “Chanstill”. She has been a prop maker/cosplayer that I’ve had the great fortune to get to know. And someone that I obtain immense motivation from. Her work with foam. Cracked Brain Podcast RSS Chanstill Cracked Brain https://www. ...…
This week we discuss tips from an article by on preparing your home for winter. visit us online at!
Jack Roush Jr. was born in Michigan in 1973 to Jack (Sr.) and Pauline in a household that lived and breathed racing. As a young adult he watched his father build their family company into a multifaceted performance empire. Jack Roush Jr. did not want to follow the exact same path as his famous father, longtime NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team owne ...…
Preston Calvert is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Preston is also a racer who competes in GT and GTS classes and is a Medical Adviser to the Pirelli World Challenge. He currently drives a 2018 Panoz Avezzano GT4, a 2018 Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup car, a 2010 Chevrolet Corvette SCCA GT2, an ...…
Last month RealPage paid a $3.3M settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegedly failing to take adequate care during criminal background checks for potential tenants. Earlier this year, Ascenda paid $1.1M in a class action lawsuit for failing to get proper consent during employment background checks. Property owners and property ma ...…
An iconic international award making Biker Radio Rodcast the first Indian podcast to be conferred with a Whickers, a felicitation beyond our wildest expectations.We're chuffed, to say the least. This award is a celebration of motorcycling in India. OF the Rider, FOR the Rider and Hosted by a duo who're...well...Listen Connect Ride On...…
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