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Movement Church
Movement Church of Hilliard, Ohio exists to be a movement of people finding their way back to God.
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We should center our lives around what Jesus did on the cross.
Which Kingdom are you pursuing?
As followers of Jesus we are called to righteous living and that means to repair and act on what is broken.
Jesus has called us to leave everything, including our worldview, to follow Him.
We are called and commanded to care for creation.
We must take and make every opportunity to share the gospel.
We should be willing to leverage all we have so that people can know God.
It is impossible to follow Jesus alone.
Don’t become so comfortable with the scenery that you take your eyes off the assignment.
I still have doubts so I can’t be a Christian.
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father but through Him.
Love allows but ultimately defeats evil.
Creation and the miracles of the Bible are true and point us to God.
Don’t waste your life living in fear.
We stand against evil by living in resistance.We know how to resist by knowing God’s Word.
When you fight for something that is right, expect things to go wrong.
Good stuff isn’t found in temptations, it’s found in fighting against it.
God uses our obedience to echo forward in his plan.
Your current position in life has a purpose in Christ’s kingdom.
The way we handle conflict should reflect Christ to the world.
No one moment defines us, but every moment is shaping us.
Following Christ will seem foolish by the world’s standards.
You cannot be calibrated by someone else’s calling.
Week 3 of our series GeneroUS.
Cheerfully give what God has put in your heart, because it has impact and gives glory to God.
God wants your heart more than your money.
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else.
You have the decision to respond to Jesus, but it will require you to give up your self-sufficiency.
When Jesus is your response to events, peace is the outcome of your life.
I don’t control my life, but I control my response and the outcomes of my character and hope.
You can’t swim (and you’re drowning), so let Jesus swim for you.
Share the good news with everyone.
Leaders are servants who go above and beyond.
When God calls us, we can respond with reluctance and indifference or obedience and confidence.
Real leaders are qualified not by their credentials but by their character.
Living marriage in submission to Jesus first helps us set the tone.
God gives grace and our relationships should be full of it too.
If you don’t destroy immorality, it will destroy you.
Finding the right person is about being the right person.
God wants us to live by faith and depend on Him rather than _______.
Spiritual growth requires continual next steps of obedience to Jesus.
The church is God’s plan A to redeem the world. He has no plan B and you shouldn’t either.
Because you’re a new person, you’ve got a job to do!
Jesus came to repair, restore and redeem us.
Jesus came to show us what real love is.
Jesus came to us knowing we are skeptics.
Jesus came to us in our brokenness.
Finishing well means we don’t fight or flea, but lean in.
Reality check: Does the mirror show that you look like Jesus?
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