Best Mtggoldfish podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.
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With Richard away Seth and Crim discuss the 2019 Challenger Decks and a bunch of Modern tournaments.
MPL member and Spikes Academy professor Seth Manfield joins the crew to discuss sideboarding, organized play and the B&R announcement.
Seth and Richard break down the announcement of Modern Horizons and MagicFest LA.
The crew breaks down Mythic Championship Cleveland and debates a new mulligan rule being tested in Modern at Mythic Championship London in April.
The crew breaks down the #MTGWAR teaser trailer, discusses the upcoming Mythic Championship and the banning of Nexus of Fate on Magic Arena.
The crew breaks down Grand Prix Toronto and spend a while discussing their thought on Commander before answering fishmail.
Seth and Richard discuss the recently announced Mythic Invitational and the future of Grand Prix coverage.
The crew breaks down the first big tournament of Ravnica Allegiance Standard and discusses the lack of coverage from Grand Prix New Jersey.
With Crim away Richard and Seth break down the Krark-Clan Ironworks banning, a big Arena update and the low, low price of Standard on Magic Online.
The crew breaks down the full Ravnica Allegiance spoiler and discusses some product announcements.
The crew discusses a ton of sweet new Ravnica Allegiance cards and answer some fishmail!
The crew discusses a sweet counterspell reprint, grinding best-of-one on Arena and recaps 2018 in the Magic world.
Crim joins the crew to discuss some Ravnica Allegiance previews and the first big Magic Arena tournament!
Crim joins Seth and Richard to break down some surprisingly early Ravnica Allegiance spoilers and discuss recent changes to Magic Arena.
Seth and Richard discuss the big Magic Esport announcement and the future of Magic Online.
Seth and Richard celebrate episode 200 by looking to the past...and the future.
Seth and Richard discuss the full Ultimate Masters set, an artist boycott of MagicFests and a boring B&R update.
Seth and Richard are joined by a special guest, new Goldfish contributor Crim, to discuss their Magic origins and Ultimate Masters!
The crew breaks down all the happenings from Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica!
Seth and Richard discuss the surprise reveal of Ultimate Masters and the Ultimate Box Toppers promos.
Seth and Richard break down the hot new decks in Standard and Modern along with a new promo and a unique take on boosters.
Pro Tour mainstay and Spikes Academy professor Reid Duke joins the cast to talk organized play and Modern!
Seth and Richard discuss Golgari in Standard, the Mythic Edition debacle and Wizard's small steps into star building
With CVM on the road Seth and Richard discuss new judge promos, the rebranding of Grand Prix and the start of Guilds of Ravnica Standard.
The crew talks about their Guilds of Ravnica prerelease experience and MTG Arena's move from closed to open beta.
The crew breaks down all the week's news including Worlds, Guilds of Ravnica and Wizards selling Magic directly through Walmart, Target and Amazon.
A ton of spoilers from Guilds of Ravnica have been released! The crew goes over Vraska, the Guild Leaders, and some choice mythics and rares.
Is Assassin's Trophy the best removal ever printed? The crew discuss the latest Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers and the continued debate on Masterpieces.
The crew discuss the PAX previews for Guilds of Ravnica and the new Planeswalker Masterpieces.
The crew discuss the new supplemental product Game Night and Magic Hall of Fame voting.
Seth and Richard discuss fake cards, a boring B&R announcement and whether casting cards into Chalice of the Void is cheating.
The crew discuss the results of the latest Team Pro Tour including the Silver Showcase and controversial Nexus of Fate.
With the full Commander 2018 spoiler known and decklists released, Chris, Richard, and Seth discuss the new cards and reprint controversy. Also, Pro Tour 25th Anniversary is coming up and the crew make their predictions.
The crew discuss the four planeswalker commanders from Commander 2018, the latest tournament news, and a bunch of small topics including the Hasbro earnings report, Comic Con 2018, and the rising Nexus of Fate.
The crew discuss the first week of M19 Standard play, the new Commander 2018 deck themes, and the big M19 Magic Arena Beta update.
The crew discuss their M19 prerelease events, Grand Prix Sao Paulo and Ancient Stirrings, and the new San Diego Comic Con promos.
Seth and Richard discuss the latest B&R announcement, the controversial $150,000 Silver Showcase, and the latest M19 Arena updates.
Seth and Richard discuss the last batch of Core Set 2019 spoilers, the weekend's Standard Grand Prix action, and predict the next Banned and Restricted announcement.
Tomer joins Seth and Richard for a special podcast from Las Vegas covering Grand Prix Vegas and Core Set 2019 Spoilers.
The crew discuss the first batch of Core Set 2019 Spoilers, SCGCON's No Banned List Modern Open and Pauper Classic, and MTG Arena's latest update.
The crew discusses Pro Tour Dominaria and Chainwhirler Standard moving forward, and hottakes on the latest Magic Arena economy updates.
Predictions for Pro Tour Dominaria, some Eternal and Commander picks from Battlebond, and SCG stream quality.
Seth and Richard are joined by Chris VanMeter to discuss Guilds of Ravnica, Global Series, and the first batch of Battlebond Spoilers!
The crew discusses the first big Dominaria Standard tournament, the increasing cost of Grand Prix and the Commander Anthology 2 deck lists. Also, Fishmail!
Untapped multiplayer dual lands debut in Battlebond, a bunch of Commons from M19 are leaked, and Arena Drafts are a good way to build a collection.
Dominaria Standard is in full force and we go over the popular decks in the format, the new Arena gem economy and leagues, and is it okay to ghost Streamers?
Seth and Richard discuss the Dominaria pre-release, card stock quality, Arena codes and draft, and the latest Hasbro Q1 report.
Seth and Richard are joined by Todd Stevens to talk about Dominaria, Modern, the B&R, and Netdecking.
The crew discusses the current state of Standard and all the remaining Mythics from the Dominaria previews.
The crew discuss the latest Dominaria spoilers and the new casual format Brawl.
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