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The official RPG actual play podcast of the Legit Mules.
Talking Mule Deer is the official podcast of the Mule Deer Foundation and covers mule deer and black-tailed deer biology, hunting, and conservation issues.
Mule Bites
Mule Bites is the Stubborn Mule podcast. The Stubborn Mule is a blog exploring economics, science, politics, the environment and just about anything that can be subject to some objective analysis.
Ace Guthrie was originally released in 2012 as a noir style fiction show. Listened to in more than 30 countries, it followed a former CIA field officer now in charge of the undercover zombie devision. The new Ace Guthrie is re-recorded and remastered to deliver the same excitement and hilarity offered in its first run, but with new installments to come on a regular basis. To keep the charm, the first episode will be a word-for-word remake... but from then on, it's a brand new Ace.
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Episode 13 - Jason Matzinger – #ProjectMuleDeer Into High Country’s Jason Matzinger talks to Steve and Jodi about how he got into producing outdoor television – but more importantly, he talks about his three-year journey to produce #ProjectMuleDeer which will premiere on September 22, 2018. Jason tells us about his inspiration for #ProjectMuleD ...…
Episode 12 - Colorado Mule Deer – Marty Holmes and Andy Holland This week, Steve and Jodi talk about Colorado’s mule deer with Marty Holmes, MDF’s Colorado regional director, and Andy Holland, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s big game manager. Andy talks about how herd management planning and how that affects the limited license draw, while Marty ...…
This is NOT an episode of Ace Guthrie, but rather another separate story about the (fictional) origin of butter and, subsequently, the greatest invention in all of history.
Episode 11 - Founder of MDF - Emmett Burroughs On this episode of Talking Mule Deer we talk with Emmett Burroughs who founded the Mule Deer Foundation in 1988. At the time, Burroughs was producing wildlife videos; through interviews with state agencies he learned more about mule deer and black-tailed deer, and some of the challenges deer are fa ...…
With thundering hooves and a clash of lances, the Ravensburg tournament is joined!
Rutenfest is a time when most Ravensburgers gather with family and friends and joyfully and peacefully celebrate the spring. Our heroes are not most Ravensburgers.
No sooner do the heroes return from Faerie than they must grapple with an imminent threat to the mortal world.
At last the heroes reach the Sharpstones and face the Othudar.
The heroes make their way towards battle, traversing the oceans of Faerie aboard the Fashionable Frog, encountering various dangers along the way.
The heroes finally get a chance to argue their case and warn Faerie to the danger of the Othudar. The Fae notion of jurisprudence proves bizarre indeed...
Episode 10: Adam and Brenda Weatherby Steve and Jodi visit with Adam and Brenda Weatherby of of Weatherby, Inc - the American firearms company. Adam is the third generation Weatherby to run his family’s company, which was started by his grandfather, Roy, in the 1940’s. Adam talks a little bit about how Roy, a farmer from Kansas, started tinkeri ...…
The skeptical denizens of Faerie set the heroes to a series of perilous challenges.
The heroes begin their travels down the mysterious Everdawn River, and find themselves guests at a most peculiar inn. Then, one of the group must face a deadly challenge.
The heroes grapple with a troubling prophecy threatening the mortal world. But first, in Faerie, the Violet Prince must be dealt with.
An all new Ace! Make sure you check out my Patreon page so we can keep 'em comin!
Welcome to Ace Guthrie: Operation Flesh Mule! In the first episode, our protagonist, Ace, introduces you to the Chief and his small town crew in Nebraska as they hunt down a fluffy little fiend.
Episode 9 - Heartland Bowhunter’s Shawn Luchtel and Mike Hunsucker On today’s episode of Talking Mule Deer, Steve and Jodi talk to MDF partners Heartland Bowhunter. Shawn Luchtel and Mike Hunsucker let us know how they got their start archery hunting in Missouri but how the fever for hunting western mule deer and black-tailed deer took hold wit ...…
Episode 8 - MDF Habitat Stewardship Program (Stan Baker, MDF Habitat Stewardship Coordinator & Kevin Zieman, USFS) This episode of Talking Mule Deer focuses on habitat stewardship projects that the Mule Deer Foundation is involved in across the West. MDF’s Stan Baker, who helps coordinate these projects with federal land management agencies, di ...…
Episode 7 - Skullbound TV’s Jana Waller Today on Talking Mule Deer, we are talking to Jana Waller of Skullbound TV. Jana tells us about her days as a “tomboy” in Wisconsin and her start hunting with her dad, and how hunting has allowed her to connect with her dad and with many other people over the years. Her career life began in investments, b ...…
The heroes arrive in the realm of Faerie, and immediately find themselves in the midst of a siege. The Othudar tests Letta in a bid for freedom. In an effort to gain an advantage in this strange new environment, the group begins devising a particularly cruel joke.
While en route to the portal to Faerie, the Othudar subjects the heroes to the most harrowing--and personal--time jump yet.
Before departing the mortal world for Faerie, the heroes settle scores and ensure no loose ends remain to threaten their allies in their absence.
Episode 6 Mule Deer Foundation Senior Field Staff On this episode of Talking Mule Deer, Jodi and Steve talk to a few of MDF’s field staff including Director of Field Operations Mike Laughter, and senior regional directors Randy Morrison (California and Eastern Nevada) and Marshall Johnson (North and South Dakota). These guys are the lead boots ...…
A visit to a friend turns unexpectedly perilous for Letta. The group sets out for Munich in pursuit of esoteric lore, and encounters an old enemy.
A mysterious intruder invades von Siegen's Ravensburg home, leaving behind an unusual companion. A magical component is developed in accordance with a set of very precise requirements.
Episode 5 - WAFWA Mule Deer Working Group Chair Jim Heffelfinger Jim Heffelfinger is the wildlife science coordinator with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, chair of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Group, and a renowned expert on western deer management. Jim describes how WAFWA developed the M ...…
The heroes are harried by an ancient creature and a mysterious cult as they journey home. In Ravensburg, the status quo is set ajumble.
Episode 4 - Bass Pro founder Johnny Morris This week, Steve and Jodi spend time with a conservation icon – Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO, Johnny Morris, and his son John Paul. We learn a little bit about Johnny’s upbringing in the outdoors thanks to his parents, the start of Bass Pro Shops, and the reason why supporting conservation is so impo ...…
Episode 3 - Secretary of Interior - The Honorable Ryan Zinke We were honored to have the opportunity to sit down with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke just minutes before he signed the historic Secretarial Order 3362 for big game corridors and winter range. We talk about the Secretary’s morning experience helping MDF with the urban deer tra ...…
Ladies of MDF – Episode 2 Today Jodi kicks Steve off the table to gather some of the ladies helping the Mule Deer Foundation to actively engage women and families in the outdoors. Julie Moretti, wife of MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti, talks about the Ladies Luncheon at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo. New Mexico MDF Regional Director C ...…
Episode 1 - MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti Our first episode of the official MDF Podcast, "Talking Mule Deer," features MDF President and CEO, Miles Moretti. Miles gives us an inside look at how the Mule Deer Foundation got its start 30 years ago and how it’s evolved. He also provides perspectives on how the organization has grown, and future ...…
44 - Queen ChristinaAn overture to the Queen of Sweden leads to a royal encounter, and obliges the heroes to dodge entanglement in the politics of the Tre Kronor. The Othudar serves notice that it has not failed to note to the actions of the group.
The heroes arrive in Stockholm and ponder a means of gaining access to the libraries of the Tre Kronor Castle. Various omens are encountered, including a ghostly visit from an old ally.
The journey to Sweden takes the group to the Baltic coast. A peaceful port town becomes suddenly and unexpectedly perilous as the Othudar demonstrates its power.
The group heads for Stockholm, in pursuit of the knowledge needed to banish the Othudar. While en route, some rodents of unusual size are encountered.
Episode which a very horrible cave is spelunked and several endings of varying finality are made. #DeltaGreenHasNoRetirementPlanMany thanks to the fine folks at
Episode which a mysterious hardass is met and the agents wet themselves a little, new mission parameters are assigned, and a shaman fills in some blanks. #DontSassAManWithAnUziMany thanks to the fine folks at
Episode which a mug is obtained, witnesses are interviewed, and something horrific is found in an old churchyard. #DrinkFromTheTopStupidMany thanks to the fine folks at
Episode which the sheer dimensions of the horror are calculated and an autopsy goes pear-shaped. #MistakesWereMadeMany thanks to the fine folks at
Episode which an 80-year-old teenager is encountered and a shocking discovery is made in a hole. #GMStillLearningTheSystemMany thanks to the fine folks at
Episode which characters are made. If character creation sessions aren't your bag, come back for Episode 1. #PickYourFirstVictimMany thanks to the fine folks at
The group secures the portal to Faerie, then sets off on the next leg of their journey. Raz's patron visits him in a dream.
In pursuit of the Banker of Fear, the group sets off for the Sundgau, where rumors of strangeness afoot seem quite founded.
Stockholm and the Sundgau. Both destinations offer reward, but both offer risk. Which path will the group choose?
In the aftermath of a shocking loss, the group tries to find a way forward. Raz contemplates a bargain with a powerful being. A new arrival appears in Ravensburg, committed to the destruction of the Othudar.
The heroes face their most dangerous foe to date... with tragic consequences.
The heroes stay overnight at a mysterious inn, and find the three sisters who run it to be much more than they initially seemed. A dire warning is conveyed. The formidable Castle at Sukoro is approached.
Prior to departing Vienna, the heroes are attacked by four strange men who don't die easily. While traveling through Hungary to the suspected lair of the vampire Count Both, they encounter a cozy inn in a bizarrely remote location.
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