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Indonesian Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Truth About Muslims is now Muslims Christians and the Zombie Apocalypse!
Muslim StoryTellers
So what is Muslim Storytellers about? Well, storytelling has been trending for a while, to the point where it is now an established medium of communication of any event or story. Stories shows different, all perspectives of world event, small or big, local or international. My reason to make this happen was because of the narrative, taking back control of the Muslim narrative. The public needs to know about our stories. They are rich, diverse, and true. These will be stories that we hope Mus ...
English Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Throughout history, freethinkers have outraged the religious with their wacky ideas about the virtues of free speech, reason, and, of course, eating babies. Now, God is dying—and it's time to dispose of his remains. From the pits of Hell, Satan sends two puppets of the imperialist West and the Zionist Jews against God, Islam, and tiny kittens to bring you their propaganda and conspire for a new world order. This is Secular Jihadists for a Muslim Enlightenment—with Ali Rizvi and Armin Navabi.
Tamil Nadu Muslims
"தமிழக முஸ்லிம்கள் - தமிழகத்தில் வாழும் முஸ்லிம்களின் சமூக, பொருளாதார, கலாச்சார வாழ்க்கை நிலையை எமது சென்னை நிருபர் டி.என். கோபாலன் ஆராயும் பத்து பாக சிறப்புத் தொடர்."
A light-hearted weekly podcast hosted by everyday Muslims talking about everyday things. In addition to a weekly topic, this podcast will discuss news stories from around the world, share the life and times of a Muslim you need to know, explore real life conundrums, check out what is trending on social media and will provide some weekly recommendations for you to check out when you get a minute. Listen in for 100% halal fun with some everyday Muslims!
No-BS self-improvement for the modern Muslim man. Join your host Nabeel Azeez and his guests as they give you practical advice on how to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. We will help you dominate your environment and live the life of your dreams.
This Muslim Girl is an Arab American woman born in Yemen raised in the Central Valley of California sharing stories to empower women.
ms are confronted with, including being a Muslim teen in America, Muslim weddings, being Muslim while flying, and one of the most popular episodes, Culture vs. Islam.
Muslim Mores
Implementing the etiquette of the 'Alim (scholar of Islam).
Russian Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
MM Breakthroughs is a podcast series in which we share insights on how you can achieve breakthroughs in your life to unlock your spirituality, relationships and mindset. You will get practical steps towards living a truly extraordinary and fulfilling life in sha' Allah.
Urdu Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Muslim-Heroes-15-Muslim Spain By Yamin Khakwani
Developer Muslim
Podcast yang bahas seputar developer agar produktif, berkembang & peduli lingkungan sekitar. Mirip TPI, TV yang sebagian besar acaranya non pendidikan 😉🤷🏽‍♂️
Muslim Podcast Network is a collection of podcasts released daily, accommodating every day Muslim issues. Subscribe now and listen for free.
Muslim Chronicles
with Amsal
Muslim-Heroes-12-Musalman Fateh By Yasmin Khakwani
Contribution is a weekly podcast featuring guests from a variety of different backgrounds and perspectives in conversation with the host, award-winning author and public figure, Na’ima B. Robert. From artists to public speakers, from publishers to entrepreneurs, from religious teachers to political activists, every guest has an amazing story to tell and something unique to share with the audience.
Das Erfolgreich und Muslim - Radio ist der erste Podcast für deutschsprachige #Erfolgsmuslime, die nach Erfolg im Diesseits und Jenseits streben. Völlig egal, ob du Student, Schüler, Unternehmer Entrepreneur, , Azubi, Arbeiter, Vater, Mutter oder Kind bist. Du bekommst hier die Motivation, Inspiration und das Wissen, um deinen Alltag und deine Religion optimal zu verbinden um so den maximalen Erfolg für das Diesseits und Jenseits zu erzielen, sei es im Beruf, im Privatleben oder in der Famil ...
Established in 1995The Muslim Community Radio is a multicultural and multilingual Islamic radio station. It broadcasts to the Sydney community in general while incorporating elements that target the Islamic community of Sydney. It first transmitted twenty-four hours a day during the month of Ramadan of 1995 and has continued to broadcast during every month of Ramadan and Dhul-hijja (Pilgrimage month). In addition, in 1997 Muslim Community Radio was broadcasting on every Friday of that year u ...
The not so Muslim, Muslim podcast.
The Rogue Muslim
A podcast for Muslims, by a Muslim, about Muslims. We're going rogue.
The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto engages Muslim youth by providing an inclusive space for them to foster a meaningful Muslim identity, enriched and supported by quality educational and counseling services.Our vision for a Muslim chaplaincy is to have an organization that facilitates quality educational, social, and spiritual services to support Muslim youth on a campus setting.We envision that a Muslim chaplaincy will have a very positive impact on the course of Islamic lea ...
One Foot In The Sink is a light hearted Muslim lifestyle podcast. What is a Muslim lifestyle? We believe it is living an inclusive life within the boundaries of Islam and pushing yourself to becoming a better human being and a Muslim. Of course, it involves enjoying the finer things in life too! Join Anees and Foz, every two weeks, as they talk to inspirational guests who share their motivational stories, have some banter, discuss Muslim lifestyle hacks and some funny stories! No politics or ...
My name is Abu Ibrahim Ismail and I'm an Islamic history nerd who goes deep into some of history's most entertaining and amazing stories as it relates to Islam and Muslims. You're going to hear Islamic history like you've never heard it before. From Prophet Noah to Queen Bilqis. From the Ottoman Empire to the Islamic Caliphate. If it's about Muslims and it happened in the past, Inshallah, you're going to get it here.
Muslim Gamers Podcast
Podcast by Muslim Gamers Podcast
Let Us Reason exists to reach Muslims for Christ by utilizing theology, apologetics, and evangelism while comparing and contrasting Christian and Muslim doctrines.The host of Let Us Reason is Al Fadi, former Muslim from Saudi Arabia and the founder of CIRA International: The Center for Islamic Research and Awareness.
Muslim-Heroes-05-Ghulam Sahaba By Yasmin Khakwani
Developer Muslim
Jurnal sederhana dari seorang developer muslim yang juga seorang ayah dari 1 anak gadis kecil.
You're tuning in to your weekly Podcast with AkhiTweet and Ameen giving you a critical analysis of all sorts of topics from the perspective of 2 Muslim guys. Check the episode title for each weeks focus of discussion! Be sure to subscribe to us both on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher to be hot on the heels of every upload! Leave us a great review if you're enjoying the show too! We're now taking episode questions and suggestions at You can follow @AkhiTweet on all the ...
Arabic Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
Malayalam Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
In conveying the message of Islam to a non-Muslim, it is usually not sufficient to highlight only the positive nature of Islam. Most non-Muslims are not convinced about the truth of Islam because there are a few questions about Islam at the back of their minds that remain unanswered. This book will help non-Muslims to discover and know more common questions about Islam in more depth.
What happens when a devout Muslim and a Evangelical Christian walk into a studio? Join Bob Prater and Emad Meerza as they discuss religion, news, politics, faith, belief and everything between
This is a new Muslim Evangelism Tool based upon our new DVD series. This series is designed to acquaint Christians with the ins and out of Islam.The only way out is through the Lord Jesus Christ (Isa-al-Masih to the Muslim).
Friday is considered a special and the leading day of the week in Islam (sayyed ul-ayyaam) on which Muslims should make every effort to attend congregational prayers to acquire spiritually uplifting messages from the teachings of the Ahl ul-Bayt (as). The Friday khutbah has an individual and a social component to it, both aspects necessary for the individual Muslim and the society in which he/she resides. In an effort to briefly touch on the pristine Islamic thoughts, Muslim Congress sends i ...
Simple Rules and Important Islamic Guidelines for New Muslims in all Aspects of Life
Muslim Film Club
A podcast where two American Muslim filmmakers talk about...movies.
A discussion on mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality.
We want to offer a new narrative about the intersection of Muslims and Christians without making everyone feel like we are on the verge of a Zombie Apocalypse!
Tamil Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih
The Muslim Student Association at St. George's University conducts weekly Jummah prayer services every Friday in Grenada. This is a podcast of the weekly sermons given.
The Billion Dollar Muslim Podcast is a series of live audio recordings by Khuram Malik. These are often recordings of FB Live Audios that Khuram publishes to his FB page each week, or interviews he conducts with people on topics of Wealth, Business, Money and Spirituality.
Antar Muslim
Sheikh Antar Saîde Muslim set foot into this world in El Aâma, Egypt in 1936. He is a huge name in the world of Quran recitation and Ilm e Tajweed and this feat has been achieved and realized in spite of being visually handicapped by a stroke of illness at a very young age.Having successfully memorized the Quran at a tender age of 8, Shaykh Muslim got his education of the Quran from the Azhar school which set his foot firmly into the Islamic world of Quran Riwayat.Sheikh Muslim left for his ...
Interviews with Scholars of Islam about their New Books
Join Bassem Youssef, formerly an Egyptian satirical talk show host often called the "Jon Stewart of Egypt" who recently arrived in the United States, as he explores being an outsider in America figuring out what it means to belong.
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الحاجة سيناء شحيلي ضيفة هذه الحلقة من سلسلة برنامج ذكريات الحج الماضية حيث استضافتها الحاجة هنادي وحدثتنا فيها عن أجمل رحلة في حياتها قامت بها وهي رحلة الحج 14-8-2018
يمكنكم معاودة الاستماع الى برنامج خبر ووجهة نظر الذي اجرت فيه الحاجة فاتن الدنا مقابلة مع القائد الجديد لشرطة بانكستاون وضواحيها وهو الشخص الثالث الذي يعين في هذا المنصب في خلال الستة اشهر الماضية . وتكلم فيه عن اسباب هذا التبديل وعن الاجراءات التي ستتخذها الشرطة لتخفيض عدد الجرائم في مدينة بانكستاون وضواحيها بالاضافة الى مواضيع اخرى مهمة. You ...…
Join us as Hajje Mona Hwalla reveals the aura and merit in performing one of Haj's major rituals - The Pilgrims' Presence at Arafah, and its conditions and recommendations.
Allah promised the multiplication of rewards during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah due to their many merits. The ninth day in Dhul Hijjah is the best day of the year which is also known as “The Day of ^Arafah”. Among the rewardable practices that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised us to undertake is the “Udhiya” also known as “Qurb ...…
In this month’s Ask Us Anything episode, we take on your questions about whether Islam was spread by the sword, Pakistan’s recent election results, conservative vs liberal Muslims, the best versions/translations of the Quran for English speakers, the utility (or not) of comparing things to Nazism, the impending release of Anjem Choudary from pr ...…
Join us in a journey back in time and the beginning of the ^Udhiya ritual. Hajje Mona Hwalla reveals the miracle of Prophet Ibrahim with his son Isma^il and facts about the sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha; a practice fulfilled by Muslims around the world.
Tune in to episode 3 of 'Reconnecting in Dhul-Hijjah' on 92.1 fm as Nadia and Ola officially welcome the holy month and discuss the experience of Hajj.
مشاعر رائعة وذكريات جميلة حدثتنا عنها الحاجة غادة شاهين التي كانت خلال رحلتها الى الديار المقدسة وكان ذلك خلال اللقاء الذي أجرته الحاجة هنادي معها ضمن البرنامج الصباحي عبر أثير إذاعة الجالية الإسلامية 8-8-2018
TW: Sexual Violence, Gender-Based Violence, Poverty, Abuse, Spiritual, Economic, Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Abuse, Systems of Violence. Hi Everyone :)This week I have Zena on from Sakeenah Homes - A Muslim women's shelter in Canada.We discuss: - Why we need Muslim women's shelters - Ways to make shelter's more inclusive for Muslim wome ...…
حديث ممتع ومؤثر أجرته الحاجة هنادي مع الحاجة نجوى بوزيد والحاجة فاطمة عبد الرحمن تحدثتا فيه عن ذكريات رحلة الحج التي قامتا بها منذ سنوات ضمن البرنامج الصباحي 7-8-2018
We discuss what we've been up to during our time off, and blast through all of your emails and messages! Be sure to subscribe to us both on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher to be hot on the heels of every upload! Leave us a great review if you're enjoying the show too! We're now taking episode questions and suggestions at ...…
I caught up with Julio Alejandro from Aeternity Blockchain to discuss the coming of the third economic revolution and how the Blockchain was likely to be the major catalyst to drive this, and what this means for business and entrepreneurship
English Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
Russian Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
Tamil Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
Arabic Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
Malayalam Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
Urdu Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 10th 2018 (audio)
The Journey of a LifetimeAllah , the Exalted, Said: وَلِلّهِ عَلَى النَّاسِ حِجُّ الْبَيْتِ مَنِ اسْتَطَاعَ إِلَيْهِ سَبِيلاًThis Ayah means: [Allah obligated people, who are able, to perform Pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah].As the Hajj season has commenced, the truthful righteous believers started to feel in their hearts the blessings of this seas ...…
Fulfilling the deeds of Hajj brings many great benefits to the pilgrims and if only Muslims realise the significance of these benefits they would certainly rush to perform Hajj. The great meanings of brotherhood and equity amongst Muslims appear in its best image, during pilgrimage. After having removed all their decorated and worldly clothes t ...…
حوار ممتع ومشوق مع الحاجة أم احمد قلاوون كان ضمن البرنامج الصباحي مع الحاجة هنادي حدثتنا فيه عن رحلتها الى الحج قبل أربعين سنة
الحديث عن الاشاعرة والماتريدية مع فضيلة الشيخ سليم علوان الحسيني أمين عام دار الفتوى في استراليا خلال استضافته في برنامج مجالس الخير الذي تقدمه الحاجة هنادي على الهواء مباشرة عبر أثير إذاعة الجالية الإسامية
Matt Dillahunty is an atheist activist and true pioneer of the current movement. Raised as a Southern Baptist, Matt became an atheist after studying to become a minister. From the early days of his widely popular show, The Atheist Experience, to his recent Pangburn event with Jordan Peterson, Matt has proven to be one of the most articulate and ...…
Nadia and Ola give insight into what took place at the 'Racism Stops With Me Exhibition' held by the Muslim Women's Welfare of Australia on the 28th of July.
Nadia and Ola bringing the latest on the disastrous earthquake which hit the Indonesian island of Lombok on the 5th of August 2018.
Episode 2 of 'Reconnecting in Dhul Hijjah' on 2mfm with Nadia and Ola, delivered The Journey of Hajj - Then And Now. This episode focused on the contrasting experiences of travelling to Hajj in the past versus the present(before and after the advent of modern travel and technology).
عن عذاب جهنم حدثنا فضيلة الشيخ إبراهيم الشافعي حفظه الله حدثنا في برنامج مجالس الخير الذي تقدمه الحاجة هنادي 26-7-2018
المقابلة التي اجرتها الحاجة هنادي مع الحاجة ام ربيع شاهين في 31-7-2918 عن ذكريات الحج الجميلة
Mohammed Faris is an international coach, author, speaker and the founder of Productive Muslim. Productive Muslim is a popular lifestyle blog which Mohammed started in 2007 to explore the question, “Can Islam teach us productivity?” Today, Mohammed dedicates himself to deliver productivity resources and training aligned with Islamic ethics. He ...…
THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE RAMADHAN SERIES!!Join us this Ramadhan as we follow the journey's of Muslim folks around the world as they experience Ramadhan this year.This is the FINAL CHECK-INPlease share to hear reflections on this month, and to hear non-Islamophobic insights of/from Muslims around the world.A big thanks to all the folks that took ...…
[ENGLISH STARTS AT 15:34]To perform Hajj means to go to the Ka^bah at a particular time with the intention to perform there the specific known actions which Allah ordered to be done in performing this worship.The scholars hold the consensus that performing Hajj is an obligation on the Muslim who is able, free, and accountable. Allah said in Sur ...…
English Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 03rd 2018 (audio)
Tamil Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 03rd 2018 (audio)
Arabic Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 03rd 2018 (audio)
Malayalam Translation of Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 03rd 2018 (audio)
Urdu Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on August 03rd 2018 (audio)
كان ضيف حلقة برنامج مجالس الخير لهذا اليوم الشيخ الازهري أحمد باه رئيس الجمعية الإفريقية حدثنا فيها عن الصبر وانواعه. 26-07-2018
In the first episode of 'Reconnecting in Dhul-Hijjah' , Nadia and Ola gave an overview of Hajj and its integrals as well as discussed some tips and suggestions to help pilgrims-to-be prepare for their trip of a lifetime.
There's a wonderful magic in connecting to people with the heart, especially in business, but the secret can only be discovered by those that dare to be vulnerable.
In many countries—especially Muslim-majority countries—atheists live in mortal danger. Thirteen of these countries—Afghanistan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen—officially punish atheism with death. This grim reality led the Center for Inquiry (CFI) to start ...…
How was the Soviet Union able to avoid issues of religious and national conflict with its large and diverse Islamic population? In his new book, Soviet and Muslim: The Institutionalization of Islam in Central Asia (Oxford University Press, 2017), Eren Tasar argues that the Soviet Union was successful in building its relationship...…
Sheila Nevins was the longtime President of HBO Documentary films. She has worked on productions that have been recognized with 35 News and Documentary Emmy Awards, 42 Peabody Awards, and 26 Academy Awards. Sheila has also won 32 individual Primetime Emmy Awards, more than any other person. Sheila talks to Bassem about being an outsider both in ...…
Masih Alinejad is the Iranian journalist and activist who founded #MyStealthyFreedom, inviting women in Iran—where the Islamic headscarf (hijab) is mandatory—to post pictures of themselves without it. The project went viral, and is making international headlines today more than ever. Masih's riveting book, The Wind in My Hair: My Fight for Free ...…
Urdu Friday Sermon delivered by Khalifatul Masih on July 27th 2018 (audio)
Sermon Manners and Etiquettes at the Mosque - ءاداب المساجدFriday Sermon for Sheikh Ibrahim El-Shafieخطبة الجمعة لفضيلة الشيخ إبراهيم الشافعيThe Prophet peace be upon him said: “The best places on earth are the mosques”.They are the most beloved places to Allah as they are built for the believers to perform acts of worship therein. At mosques, ...…
The Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia (MWWA) along with Multicultural NSW is hosting an upcoming exhibition entitled ‘Racism Stops with me’. The formal exhibition has been put in place to showcase the talents and contributions that young Muslim Australians and Muslim Australians more generally, have brought to Australia to make it the land of ...…
What effect your marital status has on your entrepreneurial life.
What do the social worlds of teenage Muslim American boys look like? What issues do they grapple with and how do they think about issues that arise in their everyday lives? In his new book Keeping it Halal: The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teenage Boys (Princeton University Press, 2017), John O’Brien answers...…
Jason Ross is a comedian and writer best known for his work on “The Daily Show” and “The President Show.” Kendrick Sampson is a comedian and actor who has been on shows like “How to Get Away with Murder” and “The Flash.” Guy Branum is a comedian, actor, writer and producer best known for “Talk Show The Game Show” and “Chelsea Lately.” Bassem an ...…
As Hajj is around the corner, we decided to rebroadcast our previous episode with Sayfullah Nasir to inspire you on your own Hajj journey. In July 2017, a group of 8 British Muslims embarked on a journey of a lifetime by cycling from London to Madinah to perform the Hajj. Cycling over 3,500 kilometers, across 8 countries and 3 continents, they ...…
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