Best My Little Pony podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Exploring the life and work of J. R. R. Tolkien. Hosts Alan Sisto and Shawn E. Marchese welcome readers of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and the other works in the Middle-earth legendarium to tune in as they discuss favorite passages from the books and films that started the worldwide fantasy phenomenon.
This show will be dedicated to the collectors who love and cherish My Little Ponys. The fillies that hit the shelves back in the 80's whom have come back to be as popular as ever. We are My Little Pony Mommy's and Daddy's and we are proud of it. Your Hosts:Pandora Rose - Main Host, NichiTsukinoko - Co-Host #1, SummerBlade - Co-Host #2, and Topher(heftysmurf76) Co-Host #3. With special appearances by PonyBaby, Pony Husband, PonyBoyfriend and My Little Winnie. MLPArena and TradingPost Names: P ...
The MBS Show
The MBS Show is a podcast about Bronies who want to put a positive outlook on the Brony fandom. Hosted by Norman Sanzo,James Corck, Rolicious and Silver Quill, they will share their opinion on everything "Friendship is Magic" related and its fandom.
Are you an adult fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you enjoy browsing the memes on 4chan's /mlp/ board? Then come hang out with other like-minded anons as we talk ponies, fandom drama, and the latest shitposts. A random group of six anons is selected as hosts each week, ensuring only the highest quality banter for you. Together we can persevere as we hope that Celestia will hear our prayers and grant us eternal happiness in the welcoming forelegs of our waifus.
The Poz Button
Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between! Each episode, the Rotoscopers—Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith—have a hilarious in-depth discussion about and review an animated film. For more news, reviews and interviews and to join the discussion, check out!
Be The Serpent
A podcast by three red-headed fantasy authors talking about everything from academic mythology to dick jokes (and sometimes, both at once), as well as the role of fanfiction as an integral yet oft-overlooked part of the literary conversation and in the broader cultural context. It is, obviously, a podcast of extremely deep literary merit.
World's greatest Animation Podcast. Search RebelTaxi on Youtube
A Podfic Podcast
Cartoon Retrocast
Discussion of retro cartoons from the 80's and 90's
Beer Shark
Brisbane comics Jack Marsho and Josh Wessling sit down with Matt who doesn't do comedy but he's got some pretty good bits too. Check it out.Thanks to Ari Padilla for the logo and James Walmsley for the theme song.
When the game is over, when your players are gone, that’s when lessons are learned! A business approach to better RPG sessions.
Movie Mastery
The fellows from System Mastery and friends take to recording bad movies upon request!
The show offers a new outlook on news with the help of award-winning journalist Lynda Steele. We’ve got more than just your daily news updates. Steele will report on the biggest headlines of the day while offering conversational insight into the issues making waves in Metro Vancouver.
Fan Theory World
FTW explores the fan theories of a wide a variety of fandoms. Co-hosts Erik and James dive into their favorite theories, the prominent theories circulating the internet and even the weird ones.
Space Radio
Space Radio is your weekly guide to the universe, featuring the latest news in astronomy, physics, space travel, and discussions on the nature of science and the relationship between science and society. The best part: answers to your questions about space and time! Hosted by astrophysicist and "Agent to the Stars" Paul M. Sutter.
Growing Up Geeky
A father teaches his daughter about geeky things from the past, and she teaches him things about geeky things from today.
The Weekend Superheroes Podcast is kind of like an organized train wreck. It's a crass yet witty internet radio station starring some of the wackiest, nimble witted yinzers in Pittsburgh. Filled with unpredictable topic discussions, insane news stories and special celebrity guest appearances that will keep you coming back just to see what they come up with next. So if you're tired of the same old boring podcast, grab your favorite drink and strap in for ride you won't soon forget.
Nerdist's week-in-review featuring the hottest takes, the coolest stories, & the smartest opinions from host Jessica Chobot & Nerdist's top pop pundits. Subscribe for new episodes every what the Friday! It's real good, you guys.
Movie Babies
Two lifelong roommates and former amateur trailer makers review the latest and greatest in movie trailers. Armed with a celebrity guest, they typically spiral into humorous tangents about sexism, race, and trying not to be bad people. They answer the important questions like, “Does this trailer sell us on a trip to the theater?” and, “Can you Home Alone it?” Listen as they continue their ongoing quest to create the Movie Babies Cinematic Universe (MBCU) by connecting all movies together into ...
This is a channel for discussions about gentrification in Portland, Oregon and around the country. You'll find the Priced Out Podcast as well as trailers, deleted scenes and production extras from the feature documentary Priced Out. Gentrification is when wealthy (usually white) residents move back to the city center and massive corporations start to redevelop neighborhoods. Gentrification fixes things up but also raises rents. As that happens people across American are finding themselves PR ...
Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the second volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes. (Summary by Maria Therese)
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Is Bigfoot real? Sasquatch tracker Todd Standing discusses the evidence that proves the existence of this fascinating species. Listen now to the most compelling episode yet.
The Best: Congestion fee, Karen Wang stepping down over racist comments, & Yellow Vest protests
Health Series! There’s a store in Vancouver that offers a wide range of cannabis products. Of course they sell the typical grams of pot and accessories but they’re also geared to women, and sell products like patches that are designed to alleviate menstrual pain and soreness, and suppositories. Guest: Andrea Dobbs - Co-owner of Village Bloomery…
Steele the Show! This is a chance for a listener to say their piece about something they care about and today joined from the 630 CHED studio is Bernard Hancock- our favorite oil field worker. Bernard is fed up and annoyed with the #YellowVest protests that have been going on in Canada. He says that they’re unrepresentative of the people who ac ...…
The history of Yellow Vest protests. Guest: Eric Chapman - Lynda Steele Show Contributor
A new poll out from Angus Reid is out on whether lack of pipelines is a crisis in Canada. Western Canada says yes.. Quebec says no.. - millennials say no - boomers say yes.. Six in ten Canadians believe the lack of new pipeline capacity equals a ‘crisis’ for the oil and gas industry in this country. Two-thirds of Canadians (65%) believe oil and ...…
What’s going on in Surrey and beyond? From Janet: Opening with this: The anti-crime group "Wake Up Surrey" has told council, the city is short at least 350 police officers then throw to me Wake Up Surrey is calling for 350 new police officers in the city, citing increasing crime rates.. after council has voted specifically not to add any office ...…
Taking a look at the job market in BC. Today:Richmond is going on a hiring spree for police officers and firefighters. GUEST: Christian St Cyr Author, BC Labour Market Report
Vancouver City Council is considering a “congestion fee” to ride hailing services - if (or when) they ever become a reality.. A poll published through the Vancouver Sun poll has 80% opposed to the motion. People don’t buy vehicles to become Uber drivers - they use their own car - so how is that “adding” more vehicles? GUEST: Anita Huberman CEO ...…
People use a lot of different terms when referring to gentrification. What's the differences between revitalization, gentrification and a housing crisis? Why can't the government just compensate black and communities of color for year of housing discrimination? All this and more as Cornelius and Andru open up Season 2 of the #pricedout #podcast ...…
As you may have heard, there's been a slight rearrangement of episode topics, due to the fact that the audio of our original recording of Episode 26 (witches!) was haunted. Therefore, this week we're talking about, well, exactly what it says on the tin. In other words, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat. Our tentpoles this week are The Shape of Water, "And ...…
A former DEA agent has written a book about how notorious drug kingpin El Chapo trafficked drugs through Vancouver After a 15 year break, former NDP MP Svend Robinson is hoping to get back into public service Gillette has drawn a lot of attention - both good and bad for its latest ad campaign
Lynda hands out the Steele of Approval….Global News Reporter Robyn Crawford assisted in possibly saving a man's life today
Intrepid CKNW intern Jason took to the streets to find out what you think about the stigma of cannabis use
We have been talking about a scheduled trip to China by School District 43 trustees. The trip is still planned for March despite a high-profile diplomatic dispute between China and Canada. SD 43 includes the cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and the villages of Anmore and Belcarra. Guest: Brad West - Mayor of Port Coquitlam…
On this episode of FTW, Erik and James explore the fan created twists in M. Night Shyamalan Movie fan theories! Join them as they discuss theories such as The Village and the Sixth Sense tie into the Glass universe, Cassie Cook is one of Kevin Crumb’s personalities, and even that The Happening is a prequel to Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting… If you h ...…
Calls: what do you think about the Gillette commercial that everyone’s talking about?
Gillette has drawn a lot of attention - both good and bad for its latest ad campaign- urging men to take an active role in fighting toxic masculinity The aspirational ad urges men to take an active role in fighting toxic masculinity. Guest: Bill Pozzobon - Safeteen Facilitator and trainer
Guest: Adam Pankratz - Adjunct Professor with UBC Sauder School of Business - expert in all things Brexit
What is the history of Brexit and why is this vote in the House of Commons so important?
Svend Robinson has announced he is seeking election as MP in Burnaby North-Seymour His political career came to an end in 2004 when he admitted to stealing a ring from an auction house -- he plead guilty and was given a discharge. But he is ready to give it another go and he joins us now on the line. Guest: Svend Robinson - Longtime former NDP ...…
Guest: Richard Wolak - Writer/Editor of; co-host of the CKNW Original Podcast “Food, Glorious Food” at
Does the El Chapo revelation surprise you? Are the police ever going to get a handle on organized crime in Vancouver?
Lynda opens the show! Hunting El Chapo was written by Andrew Hogan, a former agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and part of the investigative team that caught El Chapo Guzman. It turns out El Chapo was conducting business in Canada and in particular Vancouver. Guest: Christine Duhaime- Lawyer and Certified Financial Crime and Anti-Money ...…
Thanks to ALEX for supporting us on Patreon with a $100. READ Their Web Comic: PODCAST STREAM TIME: PM EST Sundays(Follow my Twitter for updates) Pizza Party Podcast greatest Animation Cartoon Podcast everSupport the Show: https://www.patreo ...…
BC man Robert Lloyd Schellenberg has had his drug smuggling sentence changed to a death sentence Talking to the author of "Blamed and Broken: The Mounties and the Death of Robert Dziekanski" BC trial lawyers claim ICBC is withdrawing settlement offers and drastically lowballing victims
Lynda hands out the Steele of Approval….Canadian Air Traffic controllers sending pizza to their American counterparts during the partial US government shut down. Kids of The Spirit, a Vancouver Pee Wee hockey team that had a video they made to help get their coach a kidney go viral got a special thanks from coach Gillis.…
The Vanhoover Conference was this weekend and Eric Chapman went! What Did he see and is he now a broney?
Calls: what do you make of the Coquitlam school trustees’ annually scheduled trip to China?
It seems like tensions with China are growing. Especially following a Chinese court on sentencing a Canadian man to death for drug smuggling. Are things going to keep getting worse and is all of this fallout from the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou? Guest: Patti Bacchus - Former Chair of the Vancouver School Board, education advocate an ...…
Whose side are you on in the “battle” of litigation for ICBC settlements?
Is this an attempt to fix ICBC or unfairly targeting injured people? Guest John Green - Lawyer- John Michael Green Law Corporation
The Coastal GasLink pipeline project is underway again but there is every indication that the peace is temporary. The Union of BC Indian Chiefs is very concerned about the way the RCMP handled the conflict: We strongly condemn the RCMP’s use of intimidation, harassment, and ongoing threats of forceful intervention and removal of the Wet’suwet’e ...…
Blamed and Broken: The Mounties and the Death of Robert Dziekanski is a look at the terrible death of Mr. Dziekanski and the many things that went wrong in both the tasering and the investigation that followed Guest: Curt Petrovich – Author & Journalist
Prime Minister Trudeau shuffled his cabinet this morning to account for the sudden resignation of Nova Scotia M-P Scott Brison from his post as Treasury Board president. Jody Wilson-Raybould is moving from Justice to Veterans Affairs and took the oath of office this morning at Rideau Hall. China situation and Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death ...…
Calls: what are your thoughts about Metro Vancouver school trustees going on a junket to China while relations are so terrible?
Lynda opens the show! A BC man has been sentenced to death for drug smuggling in China. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was detained in 2014 and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2016 on drug smuggling charges. But last month an appeals court agreed with prosecutors who said the sentence was too lenient. Is this because of Canada’s role in detaining ...…
And now back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest in movie trailers! Episode 48 we break down Glass right before its release and go head to head with Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Movie Babies are Retro! Sean & Devin go back to where it all began with episo ...…
Recorded on January122018In todays episode of The MBS Show Norman Sanzo does the show solo and tries to not flub his lines Join us as we talk and discuss about the MLP news of the week and more Its going to be an awesome episodeCreditsIntroOutro Music Title The MBS Show Theme Song Artist Andrew Mandopony Stein…
On this episode of RPGLL, we streamed session zero of our Drakkenland Campaign. The post RPG Lessons Learned 089 – Drakkenland Session Zero (Castles & Crusades) appeared first on Radio Free Cybertron.
The second half of “A Short Cut to Mushrooms” finds Frodo almost as scared of Farmer Maggot as he is of the Black Rider following him. His fears are quickly eased, however, and he finds a good friend in an unexpected place. We discuss the hospitality of hobbits (and their mistrust of outsiders), talk with our North Wing guest about the value of ...…
Now Hasbro has basically given license to several different companies to create these creations, so we will be going through them by company. Ok after a long track we have finally finished the smaller companies and made it to the big leagues, we will be covering single companies from here on out till the end of the Plushie line up. Tonight we w ...…
Today on Space Radio: Little tiny space bugs of doom, What about tardigrades in space?, What is the universe expanding into?, and more! Join the show recording every Thursday at 4pm ET by calling 888-581-0708. More info available at Support the show on Patreon. Follow on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube. Big than ...…
Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family The Women & Weed Summit in Vancouver is going on this weekend- an educational series that addresses women’s questions around cannabis education and consumption In light of the arrest of the Port Alberni couple that hogtied a m ...…
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