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NTR Radio is a bi-weekly anime and otaku media podcast hosted by three anime fans with broad tastes and similar perspectives. Join Timeenforceranubis, kgods, and VZMk2 as they discuss the most pressing topics anime fans care about. This is -not- your average anime podcast!
In tegenstelling tot de gangbare wetten in de dramatische literatuur gaat Voskuil er van uit dat mensen niet veranderen, ze worden alleen erger dan wat ze al zijn. Tussen 2002 en 2006 maakten Krijn ter Braak en Peter te Nuyl van de 7 delen van het boek de langste doorlopende hoorspelserie uit de radiogeschiedenis, 475 afleveringen, ruim 110 uur, 192 acteurs. Dit is podcast deel 1 van 2.
The EY Podcast features experts from the world of business offering insights and analysis on a wide range of topics. From the latest CEO outlooks, to tax transformation, finance operations, economic trends and many more, the EY Podcast provides a comprehensive, cross industry view of the most topical issues impacting organisations and society, at your fingertips.
Market Vitals trading veterans Matt Davio @MissTrade and Robert Heffernan @HFRfromtheFloor bring their 60 plus years of experience trading everything from commodities and stocks to agricultural products and crypto. With an eye towards how popular trends show up in price discovery, they give an honest viewpoint from a profit and risk frame of reference. They also cover current topics from sports to music and many things pop culture inspired. At the end of the day your trading profitability de ...
Nowhere To Run is a Christian podcast talking about news, politics and the new world order with a Jesus centered perspective. Chris is a filmmaker and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. His videos have been viewed millions of times over the internet, and he continues to produce documentaries and short videos for educational purposes. He also produces a local television program abo ...
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$NG_F makes fertilizer? $NTR $MOS @hfrfromthefloor bonds telling a big story $ZB_F $2Y_F $10Y_F $CL_F bangs off $87 Denver RE crumbles YOY 31% sales as inventories double $HGX $IYR $XHB @amoslee Wows #inBend what a show and band performance last nightBy Market Vitals
@LennyDykstra shares warning shot as @MLB races heat up @hfrfromthefloor talks $BTCUSD weekly and shares grandpaisms $MSTR frothy @deanmartin is @Pirates $ZB_F Story can't be ignored if you trade Equities $DXY still leads this market $CMG overstuffed 🌯🌯By Market Vitals
$DXY holds all the power @aidanhutch97 makes @Lions great again "Billie Jean" @hfrfromthefloor says check your monthlies @elonmusk has mouths to feed $7billion more $TSLA sales $F makes EV's $LE spreads $CMG flying burritos @MarinersBy Market Vitals
$AAPL Iphone 14 pffffft , but Cars back on drawing board? Car play @hfrfromthefloor memorializes Motown Great and talks sector index spreading @CMEGroup $PFE makes everything on TV how's the price look? @andrewcuomo deleted elite ?s DOJ goods $LE $LBS $ES…
90% stocks over 15dma, 4th time in 2022 and More Indicators @hfrfromthefloor shares mixed signals in $ZB_F $ZN_F @CMEGroup comes w 6 new sector based index futures $XAF_F financials starting Fat @CFBPlayoff coaches poll, rich get richer even w NILs @NFLBy Market Vitals
RIP Vin Scully @KirkGibsonFdn still 2 of his best calls @hfrfromthefloor suggests $RY at risk w Adjustable Mortgages $ZN_F $ZB_F Paul Pelosi not guilty of DUI or Insider Trading $HKD $NVDA Mexican Street Corn Recipe $NQ_F 15% in 15 trading days annualize!By Market Vitals
@Padres winning @JuanSoto25_ solidifying NL champs vs @Yankees @hfrfromthefloor let market decide on Bug Burgers aka Beyond gross $BYND @BourdainFanClub driving trade ideas $MO $BROS $SBUX FAANG not much bite @ChedderFlow $ZB_F bangs off 146 down $3. $NQ_FBy Market Vitals
@billgates Soy Boobs vs $TSLA short @hfrfromthefloor says Take over @chicagobears Wins @chigrl says This $CSGI cycle is different than 08/09 $CL_F $NG_F $GC_F $ZS_F $ZC_F $ZW_FBy Market Vitals
In this episode of The EY CEO Outlook podcast, Jason Ward, MD of Dell Technologies Ireland, tells host Richard Curran about his personal and professional journey to the top of one of Ireland’s most significant companies, his priorities for the role, and how Dell is leading digital, IT, security, and workplace transformation. .......................…
Toughen up People 3 yos swept Chimneys in 1930s $BHP $TECK $VALE on sale in Coal space $NG_F hits new highs and rests @hfrfromthefloor every lie owes a debt to the truth $MRNA off 10% in a week $SIGA new highs small pox threats coming? $CMPS 2.5x alreadyBy Market Vitals
Big Week sets up in Earnings $GOOG $MSFT $AAPL $AMZN and Econ GDP & FOMC will Volatility $VIX move? @hfrfromthefloor @ChicagoBears @Lions Photofinish for most wins @NFL @nflcommish @algore w Clinton Crime syndicate pushing Climate BS narratives Devilish!By Market Vitals
O $SNAP earnings fail new lows down %90 from ATH $SIVB also misses badly whoosh covid lows coming @hfrfromthefloor shares @herbiehancock music selections and Food Ideas for the weekend, "Pot Roast Sliders" $TSLA $NFLX rallies running on empty @grillwithme…
@potus quickly recovers from cancer only to fall to the Vid @hfrfromthefloor quips cost 4 @Cubs games different for traders. Sri Lanka using "Fuel Passports" full @wef $CL_F $NG_F what's your poison $TSLA backed by @PeteButtigieg Let's go $900 $RBOB Market Vitals
$RUBUSD back en fuego. Elite bingo card rigged UK New name same @Wef Agenda @hfrfromthefloor salivating over Rubble Sell setups. @henrikstenson congrats on the @LIVGolfInv as @PGATOUR self destructs $NFLX can't get over highs $TSLA on deck $CL_F to 160 Market Vitals
@Greenpeace saves Beached @elonmusk beluga @hfrfromthefloor goes camping $CWH since we are all living in tents happily $6E_F round number bingo working. $AAPL $FB hiring slow downs, reason to buy! BIggest housing Starts in history $HGX @Fehertwit congrats…
@wef Bingo July Punch Card @TheOpen congrats @camsmith9 @LIVGolfInv next up. Existing Homes/Rental Listings Piling up $HGX $XHB $IYR @hfrfromthefloor rubs @DoubleWideCap the right way w @MangiaTV Shrimp Mojo $BAC flat post earnings $TSLA hits earnings Market Vitals
BRICS membership on fire @hfrfromthefloor who had Cameron Daily Double @TheOpen ? Inflation hits @benandjerrys , maybe @potus will awaken higher prices smaller sizes. $DXY $6E_F 120-180 possible for $USD PPI CPI Diet Plan it worksBy Market Vitals
In 2008, Mainstream Renewable Power was born out of a belief that renewable energy would become a mainstream asset class. At the time, renewable power was not as popular or investable as it is today, but the company founders had a vision that it would soon become ‘front and centre’ to how we live our lives, and backed themselves accordingly. Today,…
@NASAWebb can see inside $SPCE guts, it ain't pretty @hfrfromthefloor speaking of 'shrooms downgrades Pot stocks still with decades growing $MSOS @TigerWoods complains as benefactor of @PGA Ponzi Scheme Fertilizer falls as Sri Lanka fails organic $CF $SMG…
@drosssports shares "Bo Knows" 33 yo debut @hfrfromthefloor Liquid Sector Futures @CMEGroup China Bank Runs good for $DXY. Austin Housing Supply 3x's record $HGX $IYR $XHB Regional Banks earnings kick off. Summer Heat taking $TOL $DHI down @DjokerNole win…
@LIVGolfInv mile high parties like 1999 @hfrfromthefloor says 3 jobs worked for June numbers $CL_F $NG_F huge rallies Grains too $ZS_F $ZC_F INflation leveling off or are they? Recession will be over @ $2 a gallon not $5 Farmers of world Unite in Euro Land…
Streaming music rules today $SPOT Mushroom induced listening $CMPS @hfrfromthefloor says @NASCAR Chicago race should include "Beef Stand" pitstops for racers & crew. No refining capacity no break in gas $VLO $PSX $MPC. Turkey Rare Earth Find $CME casino ks…
Zero IPO's 3 decade low $GS $MS $JPM @hfrfromthefloor quips Flintsone vitamins ready population for Adult Drug abuse $MRNA $PFE Cars not moving off lots $COF $MTB $PNC will be hurt on the lack of loans $ZW_F $ZC_F $ZS_F back into yearly value $NG_F $CL_F…
@calculatedrisk Housing at ATH in unaffordability @billmaher hard to find audience woke enuff for @CNN Jan 6 drama @hfrfromthefloor elites @JeffBezos @POTUS eating each other $CL_F Breaking hard like trust in Narratives $DXY thru the roof. Capital Flows Market Vitals
@LIVGolfInv goes live in PDX @PumpkinRidgeGC @DJohnsonPGA in contention moving day 2! @hfrfromthefloor dons Beer Can Vest for Tactical 4th of July celebs @PBR @BoneyardBeer beers for 4th BRICS start new IMF Rates crushed as $ZB_F to the moon $DXY $10y_F Market Vitals
Gaming 10% YOY growth, hockey sticks out $EA $SONY $ATVI $META @hfrfromthefloor provides fatty meat pregame solution for 4th. Nato expansion equals end of Ukraine conflict? $NQ_F $ES_F big rallies back to yesterday's highs @UCLAFootball @USC Join @bigten…
HBD Jack Harbaugh @UMichFootball Patriarch @hfrfromthefloor says earnings matter, no trophies for participation alone . @elmo pumps jabs while rest of the world says no to KIDS vaccines $BNTX $MRNA Local Car dealer has worst month ever $CVNA $CAR $KMX Market Vitals
Population collapse starts w Birth Rates @hfrfromthefloor shares exercise for @WhitlockJason China Hog Prices Rising equals $HEQ22 BBQ time. Tech Layoffs accelerating $GOOG $TSLA faster than EV @MacronInEnglish delivers wakeup call to @Potus $CL_F fireBy Market Vitals
@AndySwan asks what's up w/ birth rates in Germany? @hfrfromthefloor asks to be invited to @LIVGolfInv @LIVGolfComms WE are your biggest fans @PumpkinRidgeGC Coal burning hot in China $HCC $ARCH Birth Rates matter to $DKS @Avalanche Congrats @NHL Stanley…
Game 5 @NHL at Altitude, up work for @TBLightning @hfrfromthefloor quips Politics drives Policies $CL_F $HG_F $TNX $ZB_F matters @DavidBCollum points out Artery issues $LNC paying out double, stock halved @tastyworks $HD bounce will provide false Hope $HGXBy Market Vitals
“I became obsessed by the creativity of the business world” In this episode of The EY CEO Outlook podcast series, Deborah Kelleher tells host Richard Curran the story of her childhood love of music, her rise to the highest levels of musicianship and academia, and subsequent transition to business and leadership in the Royal Irish Academy of Music. …
Germany Vs USA $EWG TY @jedimarkus77 @hfrfromthefloor suggests $BRK.b is not "cheap" here. UK women stopped blood flows effects on $PG $ZS_F $ZW_F $ZC_F falling hard below key levels $RBOB has come off hard, but will that last? @Avalanche take controlBy Market Vitals
$VWAGY says will overtake $TSLA see $F $GM $TM @hfrfromthefloor poses what will $MO sell post cigs/vapes @BarackObama said in 08 Crude Tax Gimmick how about today @potus? @robertlufkinmd taught lies, now tells all $PFE $MRNA $BTNX Market Vitals
Diesel times $PSX $MRO $VLO @hfrfromthefloor says he has help for @chigrl with the Grasshoppers via @MangiaTV @TBLightning looked amazing. @MattFitz94 love his humble ways @usopengolf over @WillZalatoris my fave for the next 20 years!! @CWSOmaha contBy Market Vitals
@CWSOmaha grows game @hfrfromthefloor fact checks Media leanings @USATODAY @NPR ARE NOT centrist. Happy Fathers' Day $BRF.A & $KO Dads. If Real Estate was a salmon Run, its over $LBS_F @usopengolf has 2 amateurs in contention. Govie EV shun summit $TSLABy Market Vitals
Real Estate Gasping $IYR $XHB @zerohedge Multi Units et al. @hfrfromthefloor says @BillGates Suckling Robotic Cloned Oinkers $LEZLEG spread highlighted @meatidea What gives? Click Track Music has no soul Go see @_Gravities on tour. GAzprom on/off needs oilBy Market Vitals
$BA takes off $CAT bulldozes IL for greener pastures in TX @hfrfromthefloor reminisces Chicago Transit Authority Zhou slams DETROIT @KidRock $SPOT below Covid lows interesting $CNYRUB favors Russian Commodities $CL_F @NHL Lord Stanley go @TBLightningBy Market Vitals
@caroljsroth @glennbeck 5 stages of economic grief @hfrfromthefloor hits the bingo w/ $DXY 105.3 No safety in $GC_F as windshield splatters $ETHUSD heading to 120 another 90% from here. @billgates short $TSLA @elonmusk turnaround fair play short $MSFTBy Market Vitals
@AOC when public servants fail to do their job . . @hfrfromthefloor time frame thoughts TY @LongTplexTrader $TNX $DXY thru the roof Bull markets somewhere. $ZB_F @calculatedrisk 30 year %6.13 today Night Night $XHB $IYR @saylorBy Market Vitals
Housewives of @LIVGolfInv next up vs @PGATOUR Bring on the drama I sales heading to new lows $BTCUSD $ETHUSD diver down $SPX $GC_F sold on bump $ZC_F $ZS_F $ZW_F big bets being spread all over the fields @potus agent 007By Market Vitals
@stoolpresidente when do you start Pillow Biting Reviews? @hfrfromthefloor says Golf Elites eating themselves, priceless @PhilMickelson @TheSergioGarcia @LIVGolfInv @b_dechambeau $GOLF $NKE $ELY NIL @DukeMBB head of Ops hired @MangiaTV free sponsor @PGA ?…
@LIVGolfInv odds on debut tourney, Who Cares about @RBCCanadianOpen @hfrfromthefloor forex $USDCHN on fire as $CNYRUB tanks @TBLightning wisdom/experience prevails. Only 2 countries with Int rates > inflation. Smoke em if you got em $MO @DoubleWideCap Market Vitals
@EpsilonTheory consider weight loss as alternative strat to covid vs N95. Its worked for me! @SallyMayweather shares Irish Paper "Children Death Rate" @hfrfromthefloor wonders why @WallStreetSilv $SI $GC $BTCUSD NFT's Pet Rocks are chased? $ZB_F $NQ_FBy Market Vitals
Its a Tequila Sunrise Golf Tour @DoubleWideCap @hfrfromthefloor wonders about the Food Plant Conspiratorial fires. $ZW_F $ZC_F off $ZS_F holding as Ukraine grows and exports, despite saber rattling. $NQ_F $ES_F $ZB_F Woodstock rebels now fully left sidedBy Market Vitals
Elites squabbling over Vacation Rentals, so 2022! @hfrfromthefloor orders last HOJO's #2 special, right side complete. @jpmorgan Dimon says "hurricane" special warning hard/soft? $NQ_F Sports replicating Market activity. No lead is safe @TBLightning $6E_FBy Market Vitals
Latest Sex Toy Craze $BA $CHD @hfrfromthefloor details monthly reviews $NQ_F $ES_F $BTCUSD $CRM $CL_F $RTY_F $NG_F @EdmontonOilers the "harlem globetrotters" of @NHL No Defense. Military going hungry $ZW_F $ZC_F $ZS_F Best Movie Soundtracks 4 KKK DouchesBy Market Vitals
$CL_F $120 trades, bullish to 170 next @hfrfromthefloor says we've only just begun $NG_F $XRT retail schmeeze $IYR Housing sooo good never goes down $TSLA boys having fun during last day of May. 2nd quarter ends in 30 days. $ES_F bullish short term $NQ_FBy Market Vitals
In this episode of the EY CFO Outlook podcast series, NTR plc CFO Marie Joyce tells host Vincent Wall the story of her rise through the ranks of companies including Arthur Anderson, Elan, and Irish Broadband, to her current role, securing a green future with NTR plc. Established in 1978 to build Ireland’s first toll bridge, NTR plc has been investi…
@andrewbostom @RebelNewsOnline @OzraeliAvi exposing @wef Ironic Jab reality $MRNA $PFE $AAWW @hfrfromthefloor says Rhode Island Blunts won't help $CGC @Avalanche hat trick & then collapse @StLouisBlues @IndyCar Housing Inventory Piling up $HGX $IYR $ITBBy Market Vitals
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