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Around Nascar
A weekly show covering NASCAR
Revved Up!
Revved Up is your source for everything NASCAR! Bringing you driver interviews, recaps, previews, news from around the circuit and a unique perspective on the sport.Join Kyle Brandt with his sidekicks Mike Patrick and Kaliegh Shidler every Tuesday and Thursday night for new episodes.
Fast Lap Podcast is a fresh take on everything NASCAR. Jason and Garrett will bring you their thoughts on everything racing during the Summer of 2014.
Phat Guys on Fantasy
Fantasy Football News and Predictions from the guy who cant get off the couch on Sundays !!!
Turning Left
Racing podcast starring JP and super producer Ricky
A flyby recap of the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races through the lens of Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the No. 88 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports (NSCS) andowner of all JR Motorsports race teams (NNS). This program will include exclusive postrace reaction from Earnhardt Jr. and each of the JRM drivers.
In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete's Paranormal Chronicles. His sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy. December 12th, 1999 is the last day anyone remembers seeing Schwartz alive. These are the recordings of Pete's old radio show...TURN THE VOLUME UP AND THE LIGHTS DOWN
The Storytellers Project is a nationwide series of live, curated events from the USA TODAY NETWORK that helps connect communities to diverse audiences. This channel is dedicated to the Ventura Storytellers Project, featuring stories curated by project organizers at the Ventura County Star, which is based in Camarillo, California.
As one of the most watched documentary film series on public television, NATURE delivers the best in original natural history films to audiences nationwide. The InsideNATURE podcast picks up where the film series leaves off. We speak to filmmakers behind some of NATURE’s greatest films, track down updates on animal characters from past episodes, and go beyond the headlines to talk with experts on the frontline of wildlife research and conservation.
Podcast for Program: Not Fit to Rule the Planet: Oil Spill Disaster, Vets Organizing Against Recruiters, the Importance of Dreams, the Actors' Gang in Prisons and A Better World Is Possible In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Raymond Lotta digs into the Gulf Oil Spill and reveals how it is a capitalist oil spill in every conceivable way and points to how a socialist society would do things differently; Matthis Chiroux talks about a nationwide tour of resister vets and The World Can't W ...
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Series finale. Is Pete really dead? Detective Morgan and D.B. Cooper are on the case
A psychotic doctor known as The Specialist lures Pete into a deadly mind trap
The time has come! It's Ratbo's last stand in this brave and powerful instalment of PPC! Will Pete stop the evil wizard before it's too late or will he get eaten by mutant rats? Listen if you dare
After surviving a spooky encounter with a dark wizard, Pete hits the ground running...for mayor!
Ratbo strikes again and Pete goes undercover in this action-packed blockbuster!
In part one of the Halifax Tunnels Saga, a restaurant owner hires Pete to exterminate a gang of murderous rats Visit our official site for a free webcomic!
Newbury Park Author Wayne Jacobsen shares a tale of how a misunderstanding began and nearly ended a relationship during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Thousand Oaks resident Amanda Samoyloff shares her journey through the world of relationships during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Communications Specialist and former news reporter Kim Lamb Gregory revisits the unexpected loss of her husband and finding love again in the age of online dating.
Camarillo chaplain Linda Lowe shares her unique experience of being married to priest during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Reporter Wendy Leung shares the story of finding love in her polar opposite during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Dr. Adrienne Lara recalls her battle as a patient with stage 3 cancer during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
This February, we aired “The Last Rhino”, a film about the three remaining Northern White Rhinos; Sudan, an elderly male, his daughter Fatu, and his granddaughter Najin. Together, they are last living representatives of their kind. However, this dire situation hasn’t deterred a group of scientists from trying to rescue the Northern White. Using ...…
In our latest episode, NATURE executive producer Fred Kaufman speaks with BBC cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan. Gordon hosts the upcoming NATURE mini-series “Animals with Cameras”, which premieres on PBS three consecutive Wednesdays, starting on January 31st. If the name doesn’t give it away, “Animals with Cameras” employs state-of-the-a ...…
This October, an international team of scientists set out to save the vaquita, the most endangered whale in the world. This October, an international team of scientists set out to save the vaquita, the most endangered whale in the world. Recent estimates suggest that as few as 30 individuals remain in the Gulf of California, the slim body of wa ...…
D.B. Cooper's Christmas special is cut short when the Krampus comes to town!
In 2007, writer and falconer Helen Macdonald lost her father tragically to a heart attack. The two were close, and in order to find a way through her grief, she retreated to a childhood passion for falconry. Helen adopted goshawk, a notoriously difficult bird to tame, and over the course of many months, trained her to become an obedient hunter. ...…
While hosting a haunted VHS board game party, Pete unleashes his evil doppelganger, ETEP! Will Pete & friends escape their Night Fears? Be kind and rewind this action-packed season finale to find out!
With the help of the TTG and a talking bumblebee, Pete prepares for the final showdown against the Scientology robot (w/special guest Chris Cogswell of The Mad Scientist Podcast)
Today (August 12th) is World Elephant Day and we thought there was no better time to take a look at the state of Africa’s elephants. To find out how they are doing we spoke with Mike Chase, conversation biologist and founder of the non-profit organization Elephants Without Borders. Starting in 2014, Mike lead the Great Elephant Census, a ground ...…
This episode of the InsideNATURE podcast is all about sloths; perhaps the strangest group of creatures evolution has ever produced. While other species get ahead by being the fastest, the biggest or the strongest, sloths do everything as slowly as possible, using the least amount of energy and remaining largely unnoticed. But don’t be deceived ...…
DOUBLE FEATURE! Act 1: Pete befriends an evil sex robot after his relationship with his girlfriend goes sour Act 2: A jaded, has-been paranormal investigator and his younger, talented protégé prepare to go on assignment together
Murder! Lust! Betrayal! Pete's B-Day bash is a bust when the bodies start to pile up. Whodunnit? All signs point to a mysterious painting
Pete is tormented by a demonic shapeshifting cat known as Mr. Whiskers a.k.a. Behemoth a.k.a. DEATH!
The vaquita is the smallest porpoise in the world and also the most endangered. Last year, a scientific survey determined there were about 30 vaquitas left in wild, down from the 60 or so found the previous year. With such low numbers, the species appears to be teetering on the edge of extinction, and scientists are now are developing a daring ...…
After a terribly awkward date with Beyonce, Pete runs into an old friend who has transformed into a cyborg
In this episode, we speak with filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo, producer of the recent NATURE film “Yosemite”. As the name suggests, Joe’s film is about Yosemite National Park, one of America’s oldest parks nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. The film features a diverse cast of animal characters including rabbit-like pikas, big ...…
In this episode, we speak with David Biello, environmental journalist and author of the book “The Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth’s Newest Age”. The book details the many ways human activity has altered our planet, often for the worse, and examines efforts to rollback those alterations, or at least lessen their impact. ...…
Pete discovers a secret comedy club for ghosts iTunes
While in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds, Pete Schwartz keeps dreaming about going down to the morgue *featuring special guest Rod Serling
Pete returns to the haunted house from the pilot episode, hoping to meet his long-lost Ghost Dad
What does it takes to make a 'spy creature' come alive? In this episode of the InsideNATURE podcast, we speak with animatronic designer John Nolan, who, along with his hardworking team, created the 30 plus robot spy creatures featured in upcoming NATURE mini-series Spy in the Wild (airing Feb 1st thru March 1st on PBS). The creatures range in s ...…
While having lunch with his friend Justin Trudeau, Pete’s consciousness begins to travel through time and space. Among the nightmare ruins of the year 2212, he meets a future Trudeau relative who sends him on a daring mission… *Recorded February 3rd, 1999
Pete & friends bravely visit Camp Crystal Skull, where serial-slasher Marty the Mangler lurks in the shadows... Rate/Review on iTunes
This time of year one animal species gets all of the attention--that hardy, sled-pulling athlete of the North, the reindeer. To find out more about these cold-loving creatures, and their wild counterparts, the caribou, we turned to Justina Ray, senior scientist and executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Society in Canada. She filled us ...…
Pete plays a cursed Nintendo game and gets trapped inside the hallucinatory RPG world of EarthBound support PPC with a rating/review on iTunes
Ray's ghost takes the form of a pigeon and haunts the ancient castle which Pete now calls home *co-written by Edgar Allan Poe iTunes
A Lovecraftian Space Odyssey Featuring special guests Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Jordan Boneparty of The Night Time Podcast! iTunes Stitcher
The new NATURE episode "My Congo" represents the first opportunity for cameraman Vianet D'juenget to film his native country and be in front of the camera rather than behind it. We spoke to him about his first experience presenting, conservation in the Republic of Congo and what he hopes to achieve with his monumental film. "My Congo" premieres ...…
Detective Schwartz is back to solve the mystery of the Jersey Devil *with special guest D.B. Cooper Support PPC with a rating & review on iTunes!
This episode is largely regarded as "the worst one", in which Pete quits PPC and starts his own reality show with disastrous results FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST JOHN WILLIAMS!
Pete explores the Ghost Town of Mieswell and comes face to face with pure evil Subscribe on iTunes
Pete must come to grips with his Ghost Dad revelation while fighting his way out of the Freemason Temple of the Templar iTunes
In this episode, we speak with Anne Johnson Prum, producer, cinematographer and founder of Cone Flower Studios. Anne has produced a number of films for NATURE including "Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air" in 2010 and the Emmy-nominated mini-series "Animal Homes". Her latest, "Super Hummingbirds" airs on PBS October 12 (Check local listings.)…
Season Finale. Pete sets out on a quest to find his father, but before his quest begins, he is kidnapped by the Freemasons and taken to the secret Temple of the Templar. Special introduction by: Noam Chomsky
Pete travels to Scotland to save Nessie from a monster hunter iTunes If you like PPC, try BLURRY PHOTOS! - the Dark Myths podcast of the month!
Detective Morgan comes to town, joining forces with Pete on a manhunt for Baxter Paul Jones, an actor/junkie turned vampire iTunes GooglePlayMusic
Pete tells the incredible story of his great uncle's obsession with psychiatrist Carl Jung iTunes GooglePlayMusic
Pete stumbles upon an alternate universe where David Lynch's Twin Peaks is a very real reality Narrated by David Lynch *Featuring special celebrity guest David Bowie iTunes GooglePlay
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